tagMatureLar and Van

Lar and Van


Lar wanted Van very much... but Lar was never the man for approaching women, especially beautiful ones who were more than twenty years younger than he. So, he said nothing. Day after day, he ached for her, wanted her to know how he felt, but Lar was always the one to pile his feelings deep within the caverns of his mind... and keep them there, under lock and key. Sometimes when days were very slow, he even fantasized about her and what he would do if... Van could unlock those feelings for him. Of course, there was the day when her eyes met his for a brief moment, it had seemed something was there... but of course, he had shirked it off.

Today would be no different, Lar thought as he drove to his daughters place. Van shared an apartment with his daughter... which made it all the more harder on him. Van was not only younger, but his daughter's friend! Lar frowned as he thought to himself ... hmph. Girls tell each other everything, don't they? Especially, if it has to do with men. Yeah, especially if the man is your friend's dad. Yep, Lacey would know instantly of his primal urges... Oh Jeez, that is not something your daughter should know! He shirked it all off again, as his car approached the street to his daughter's house. Soon he had arrived. He was going to fix a few things for them. He thought to himself smiling. Girls can't fix much of anything... they need a strong handy man around... He thought this again, as he walked up to the door. Lar rang the doorbell.

To his surprise... the door opened, and there was Van smiling up at him! "Oh hi, she said opening the door. She wore a short T-shirt, barely covering her navel and some cutoff tight jeans. As Lar walked in, Van told him that Lacey was still at work.

"She won't be in for a couple of hours." Van continued.

"Well, I can still fix the sink, can't I?" Lar replied, smiling.

"Sure... Van grinned back. Won't stop you there." He followed her into the kitchen, as she showed him what was in need of repair. Lar could see the cleavage of her ass as her jeans rode up into them. He slowly closed his eyes, sighing... then went under the sink to check things. He was a little uncomfortable... could feel some part of him steadily growing harder, getting erect. He started to talk.

"Boy, you two musta realllly got something stuck in here. It's kinda hard to see what it is. He felt her near him as a hand passed him the flashlight... the hardness grew.

"Yup, he heard her voice reply. It's stuck in there pretty hard." As the object in the pipe became clearer, he laid the flashlight down and Van reached for it. As she did, she ran her arm against his thigh. He felt something oozing from his cock. He was pretty sure it was precum! Damn! he thought to himself. He quickly slid from underneath the sink.

"Uh, maybe I better take a rest from under there, Lar spoke quickly. Got anything to drink?" Van ran to the fridge and bent over, reaching far back into the bottom rack. Again, he his eyes followed the curvature of her ass, as the jeans went up into her cleavage. He thought he could see something...

"Here! Lar suddenly heard Van's voice saying. There were a couple of cokes in the back, want one?" Lar smiled reaching out to take the cool drink, trying not to show his hand, now almost trembling! He sat back and took a swig, and Van opened her drink and took a long swallow. She looked at him, and Lar sat back and smiled . He was speechless. So, he filled his mouth with drink and tried to relax. God, she's beautiful... he thought. Especially her ass, if I could...

"It sure looks great doesn't it, Mr. Ellis?" He heard Van speaking again. Seemed like his cock was making him hard of hearing he again thought to himself...

"Ummm... what looks great?" Lar said taking another sip of his drink.

" Why, my ass of course." Van giggled. At this point Lar had almost spat out his drink, but swallowed and sat down the can, looking at her in awe. "Why surely you know, Van continued, I've been noticing you looking at it whenever you got the chance. Lar was still at a loss for words... what to say...

"Mr. Ellis... Lar... I feel I know you so well... I've even... well, I guess I can tell you, but you must promise not to tell Lacey. If she were here..." Van said cautiously. She leaned against the chair he sat in. Promise not to tell?" Lar, almost afraid at what Van might reveal, and yet strangely delighted... nodded. "I guess I can tell you... Van continued, I've been having... thoughts about you for a long time Lar. Strange thoughts. It's just that when Lacey was here, I knew they were very bad thoughts... and when she wasn't well, it would totally get me off, the thought of you and me...you, well... Van was almost blushing, You with your cock up my pussy and me riding you like we were in the Texas state rodeo, she giggled... and then you licking my pussy and me making God knows what kind of sounds. Oh please Lar... I mean Mr. Ellis... well, Lacey won't be home for hours and well... I was wondering... she finished in a very small pleading voice, her head down. Could you fuck me up the ass... just once?"

Lar sat, his eyes almost glassy, his cock hard. Van bent down and looked at him... whispered to him. "Oh, please Lar... I know you want it, and I want you... she rubbed his now aching, crotch. I know it wouldn't be too much to ask." Lar looked down at Van on her knees, her breast swelled at him like some pleasure goddess of yore. She laid her head on his knee whispering "Spank my ass like it was the best thing in the world for me... like I deserved it... I do." There was silence for a few seconds, and his right hand found her silken hair and began to stroke it. His left hand pondered at his crotch...stroking his hard bulge. He then took a quick glance over at the clock.

"I'm a man that doesn't like to be forced into things... I like to do things, when I want to...but dammit, you need to be fucked... and I guess I'm the man for the job!" Van smiled at him, and quickly led him back to her bedroom. Removing the T-shirt and jeans after which she was completely naked, she jumped into the bed. Lar had suspected there was nothing under the jeans. He removed his shoes and pants, then sat on the bed, removing his shirt. Almost instantly, as he removed his shorts, Van's hands ran all over him! His swollen cock ran with precum, and Lar was almost embarrassed for her to know... he wanted this as much as she. Van looked at his cock and then into his eyes... and put her lips around his cock.

Lars eyes softly closed, as she gave him the licking he had wanted since first confronting her. His eyes still closed he lay down into the deep pillows and relished this moment. His cock now standing straight up, he felt something very hot and moist covering it. Van had climbed onto him for the ride! Her firm round breast hanging into his face, she pumped herself on him and he pushed back with equally harder thrusts... her eyes closed and she moaned and whined. Lar felt he was totally in charge as Van almost passed out and fell backwards. He crawled over her to continue pumping into her until she came verrrry loudly. Lar wanted to let go, but he continued thrusting.

He bent down, sucking on her bulbous breast, relishing the moment and moaning himself at how delicious they were. He continued to thrust and felt her arms gripping his back, pulling him closer. Then he crawled down...she was his now! Now he would prove it... He confronted her pussy... moist and wet from the good fucking he had given her. It had a small beard started... but that was nothing to him...he licked at it a little, then sucked on it, then gave it a deep lick running his tongue inside her pussy and winding up on the clit. Van moaned fiercely as if delirious... her legs opened wider.

Lar nibbled around the opening of her pussy and then licked inside 'til he saw Van's thighs shaking! She screamed after a few seconds... he saw a fresh flow of cum leaving her pussy and sopped it up with his tongue. "Good pussy" he thought to himself. After licking her dry, and flipping Van on her belly, he crawled back over her and slowly inserted himself, then continued to bang her brains out! Finally, he came with that guttural sound that was familiar to him... his hot juices running down into that ass he'd been looking at all night. He looked down at her and smiled. She turned her head to him, barely conscious and smiled. Lar picked up her left thigh and smacked her ass cheek. She grunted , then he went leaned in closer to her, and stroked her cheek. Van kissed him, and spoke...

"I just had to know what it felt like to be with you... wanted so much to know. She smiled, looking up at him. That was the best fuck ever, Lar... Van sighed. She played with Lar's moustache...could you fix something of mine, next week? she brushed his hair back saying, you seem to be great at fixing just about... anything." Lar smiled, kissing her neck, and then looking down at Van, he said "We'll see."

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