Lara and Christina Ch. 01


"What are you waiting for? I don't have all day to wait for you. Get changed."

Christina blushed and realised that she was in an adult world now and could see all the other members of staff had obviously got changed here in this room. Their clothes hung on the various hooks dotted around the room and she knew she was going to have to do the same if she was to become a member of the staff here.

Slowly undoing her school tie, she pulled it from the collar of her white school blouse and hung it on an empty hook. Daring a quick glance at the other woman standing no more than a couple of feet away, she began to open the buttons on her blouse. Moving down from the top, she could her cheeks burning red as she pulled the blouse from her skirt and slipped it off her shoulders.

Lara watched, mesmerised, as the girl did as she was told. She had always been submissive in nature herself and she felt a strange tingle between her legs at suddenly being the one who gave the orders. The fact that the young girl hanging up her school blouse had the most gorgeous small breasts only excited her even more. Christina's plain, white bra was obviously made for school but Lara thought it was one of the sexiest things she had ever seen.

Christina's red cheeks only started to calm down a little as she pulled her uniform top over her head and covered herself up once again. Her pleasure was short lived, however, as she realised she would now have to remove her school skirt. Blushing bright red once more, she reached round and opened the button on her waistband. No longer wanting to even think about the woman standing beside her, she wiggled her hips from side to side as the tight skirt slid down her legs and fell to the floor.

Lara couldn't tear her eyes from the girl's plain white knickers as she turned around to hide her embarrassment and bent down to pull on her uniform trousers. Just for a moment the plain white cotton was stretched across the schoolgirl's firm bottom and it took all her strength not to reach out and grab those delicious looking cheeks. She could feel herself soaking her own knickers even more than she had earlier and marvelled at the effect this young girl was having on her. She had secretly lusted after some of her colleagues here in the changing room before, never even admitting to herself that it was the other girls who were turning her on.; but no-one had ever aroused her like this beautiful girl and she was almost sorry that Christina now turned to face her fully clothed.

For the rest of the day, Christina followed her mentor around the nursing home like a lapdog, trying her best to please the older woman but fearing that she was continually falling short of Lara's high standards. By the time it came to go home, she was exhausted and even more embarrassed than she had been in the changing room. Some of the elderly male patients seemed to realise immediately that she was new and tried every trick in the book to get the chance to grab her bottom or look down her top. She had never realised it would be so hard to work here but she had more trial to face; she had to return to the changing room.

Following Lara in once again she was dismayed to see the room was full of grown women in various stages of undress. She could feel herself turning red, even more so when the room turned quiet and the other women turned to face her. After a long moment the rest of the staff resumed their conversations, albeit slightly muted, and Christina could still feel their eyes upon her.

Taking her lead from Lara, just as she had done all day, she began to get changed, keeping her head down but daring to look across at her newest friend. She had sought the older woman's approval all day and, without admitting it to herself, had looked forward to this moment when she would maybe catch a glimpse of Lara in just her bra and knickers.

Lara was used to this environment and thought nothing of changing in front of the other girls. This new girl, however, had stirred feelings in her that she had rarely felt before and they seemed to be stirring most in her moist pussy. Added to this, she knew Mr Sanderson still held her knickers and wondered how she could change from her uniform trousers into her jeans without Christina noticing. Deciding that the only way was to do it as quick as possible and hope that the girl was too busy changing into her own modest clothes to look at her.

Christina, however, did notice; and she wasn't the only one. There were gasps of astonishment around the room as Lara's bare bottom and pussy were exposed. Her face burned bright red but she forced herself to ignore the stares and pull her jeans on to cover her most private parts.

Christina only had a very brief glimpse but the older woman's gorgeous bottom and sweet pussy started feelings between her legs that she had only ever dreamed about. Other girls at school had boasted about how great it was when their boyfriends touched them between their legs but Christina was a good girl and had never allowed anyone to touch her there.

Both of them finished getting ready and made their way out. As soon as the door closed behind them the other girls started talking very excitedly. They had all seen Lara getting changed in the morning because they all loved to secretly watch their colleague strip down to her underwear. They were full of lust for her gorgeous body and, even though Lara was totally unaware of the effect she had on them, they looked forward every morning to see which of her tiny thongs would be caressing her pussy so tightly.

Lara made her way to her car and was surprised that Christina followed her to the care park. As she unlocked the door she looked quizzically at the younger girl standing on the other side.

"Uncle said you would drive me home," stammered the hesitant girl.

Lara threw her bag into the back seat of the car in a rage. She knew she had no choice but to do as the poor girl had suggested and turned on the ignition while Christina got in beside her. The younger girl could see that her new colleague was angry again but had no idea why so didn't attempt to make conversation other than to give directions to her lavish home.

As they drove up the drive way, Lara marveled at the size of the house and presumed the girl must still be living with her parents but, even so, it was very impressive. As she stopped outside the massive front door, Christina gathered all her courage and leaned over to plant a small kiss on Lara's cheek. Before the older woman could react, she was out the door and skipping up the steps to the grand house.

"See you tomorrow, Lara. Thank you."

Lara couldn't trust herself to speak. She spun the car round, her face burning, the imprint of those soft lips imprinted on her cheek and in her mind. Between her legs was tingling too and she knew that her jeans would have to go straight into the wash when she got home.

The next day passed uneventfully. Neither of them mentioned the kiss, but both of them cast secret glances towards their colleague in the changing room at the beginning and end of the shift. Christina couldn't have noticed but Lara had been watching the girl all day and her knickers were soaking. No girl had ever turned her on as much as this young schoolgirl but she constantly reminded herself that this was the owner's niece; she was out of bounds, except in Lara's vivid dreams.

Each day for the rest of the week, Lara drove the younger girl home and each night Christina rewarded her with a peck on the cheek. Lara knew she couldn't keep home with soaking knickers every day like this and vowed to do something about it. Her husband was taking their daughters to the cinema this evening and she decided that tonight was the night to see how far she could push this young girl.

When it drew close to finishing work, Lara found them some extra work to do and so, by the time they had made their way to the changing room, all the other girls had already left. Christina was still nervous about changing in front of her new friend but found that it was a lot easier now that it was just the two of them. She had stripped off her uniform and, daring to take a quick look at the older woman, she got the shock of her young life.

Lara had also stripped off her uniform but she had also removed her white bra and stood there in only her tiny knickers, facing her young colleague, her eyes bright with lust and anticipation. Gathering every ounce of her courage, she walked towards Christina and, taking her by the shoulders, pushed her down on to the wooden bench, sitting down beside her.

"I don't want you to be frightened, Christina, but I think you know that I like you and I want to get to know you better. Is that ok?"

The girl was trembling beside her but smiled at the older woman.

"I'm not frightened," she said. "You make me feel very safe and happy."

"Good. Let's just relax then and you can tell me more about yourself. Do you have a boyfriend?" Lara needed to know just how innocent this girl was and stroked her long, long black hair, doing everything she could to help the girl to relax. She was desperate to ask if Christina had a girlfriend but knew she had to go slowly.

The young girl blushed sweetly and turned to face her older friend, very aware of the fact that Lara was still topless and she had to force herself to drag her eyes from those magnificent breasts.

"I do think about boys, of course I do and I did go out with one for a while but it didn't work out. All he wanted to do was grope me and make me do things I didn't want to do so I stopped seeing him. I did kiss another girl once but there was nothing in it. We were just having a laugh. But, Lara, it did feel nice when her soft lips touched mine and I've never forgotten it. Is there something wrong with me?"

Lara answered by tightening her arm around the trembling girl's shoulders and kissed her cheek. As her eyes were naturally facing down, Christina was once more feasting on the sight of Lara's gorgeous breasts and found herself drawn towards them. She could feel Lara's heart beating quickly as she took one of the other woman's nipples in her mouth and suckled at it like a baby. She wasn't sure if what she was doing was right but, when she heard a soft moan escaping from the other woman's lips, she thought she should continue.

Lara's heart was indeed beating fast and her pussy was wetter than it had ever been. She reluctantly prised her new lover's mouth from her throbbing nipple kissed her on the lips, kissed her hard and with more passion than she had felt for a very long time. Christina's mouth opened instinctively, her tongue eager to enter the mouth of her new teacher. She wrapped her arms around the older woman and pulled her close to her, close and tight.

Lara kissed her again, this time forcing her hand between their soft bodies and squeezing the younger girl's pert breasts inside her plain white bra. Her nipples were so hard, begging to be sucked and pinched but Lara knew it was too soon. She was desperate to free the girl's breasts, desperate to take those nipples in her own mouth but she was desperate to do so much to this girl that she had to control herself.

She felt Christina trembling as she kissed her again before releasing the young girl's breasts and running her fingers down her back. Looking the younger girl straight in the eye, she ran her fingers along the top of her white knickers, round to the front, before slowly easing them inside. She was finding it almost impossible not to rush but she could see the fear in the young girl's eyes.

Christina was breathing more and more quickly now as the older woman played with her unshaven hairs and she could feel a strange dampness between her thighs. She moaned as her legs instinctively opened a little wider and Lara took this opportunity to slide one finger between the young girl's wet lips. She gasped as her body responded to the unfamiliar but very, very welcome intrusion. She arched her back beneath the expert fingers of her colleague, her eyes rolling up as Lara continued her internal massage.

Knowing that she now had the girl exactly where she wanted her, she began to brush her virginal clit with her thumb. Christina stared at her as new waves of pleasure watched over her and her body shuddered in new found ecstasy. There was no struggle as the older woman continued to work her finger inside her, her insistent thumb massaging the girl's clit in a circular motion.

Lara's plan was constantly changing in her mind as she continued to tease the young girl, bringing her ever closer to orgasm. It would have been so easy to finish her off right there and then, but she wanted to stay in control, wanted to keep Christina on the edge, never quite getting there so that she'd beg for more. When she looked like she could take no more of the delicious torment Lara stopped.

"Please don't stop, Lara! That was amazing. It felt like something really big was about to happen."

"It will, Christina, it will. But not now, not here. Come to my home now and I will show you just how good it can be with another woman. Will you do this?"

The poor girl had no choice as Lara continued to stroke her clit and would have agreed to anything she was asked.

"Ok, OK, I'll come. Can we go now? Right now?"

And with that Lara pulled her finger from the girl's hungry pussy and smiled to herself. Turning back to her clothes, she licked her finger clean and savoured the sweet taste of the girl's juices for the first, but certainly not the last time.

Part 3

Lara drove home faster than she ever had. All the way there she struggled to keep her eyes on the road rather than the slender legs of the girl sitting beside her. Her short skirt had ridden up as she sat down in the car and Lara couldn't help but reach out, keeping one hand on the wheel, and rubbing her hand higher and higher up the schoolgirl's smooth thigh. When they stopped for a moment at some traffic lights, Lara took her chance and moved her hand further up, up under the girl's skirt and ever closer to her waiting pussy.

For Christina was waiting. She had never known feelings like this before; she knew her knickers were wet but for some reason this seemed to be ok. She knew her nipples were bigger and more sensitive than she had ever known and she longed for Lara to reach over and lick them, to suck them, to do anything she wanted with them.

As Lara's hand moved higher, the girl opened her legs as wide as the car seat would allow, sliding forward to give the older woman even greater access. Lara's finger had just begun to stroke the young girl's soaking knickers when the lights changed to green and she had to hurriedly return her hand and her concentration to driving. Christina moaned in frustration, once more teased to the very edge of pleasure but never being allowed to take that final step. Lara was frustrated too but she smiled inwardly as she knew she had the young girl exactly where she wanted her and she thoroughly intended to take her places Christina had never even dreamed of.

When they finally arrived at Lara's home it was Christina who bounded out of the car and ran to the front door. Lara took her time, enjoying the effect she was having on her new friend. Even more, she was enjoying the sight of Christina's short skirt riding high as she ran to the door, affording the older woman another glimpse of her tight bottom cheeks.

Lara had to fight back the desire to take her young colleague straight to bed but she wanted to keep Christina on edge and make her wait as long as possible for her sexual baptism. She only had tonight to set Christina on the road to submissive discovery but she knew that this was a road she wanted to travel every step with the girl now standing facing her; facing her with a mixture of anticipation and fear in her eyes.

Now that Christina was here, here in Lara's home, she suddenly felt very apprehensive. Her knickers were still wet and she still ached to be kissed and touched by the woman facing her but she just didn't know what she was supposed to do next. Fortunately, Lara seemed to know exactly what to do and took the girl by the hand, leading her into the living room.

Lara went into the kitchen, poured them both a large glass of chilled white wine and returned to the other room, handing one of the glasses to her young guest. Christina obviously not used to alcohol, took a large gulp then started to cough and splutter as the wine caught her at the back of her throat. She smiled innocently at her hostess before regaining her composure and took another sip of her wine to show she was more sophisticated than her behaviour so far had suggested. Encouraging her to sip some more, Lara sat down on the sofa next to the young girl and put an arm around her.

"Christina, did you like what we did today?"

The poor girl blushed in all her naivety, bit her bottom lip, and nodded.

"Have you ever done anything like that before?"

Poor Christina seemed to blush even redder as she shook her head.

"I know I said I'd kissed a girl before but it really was just a brush of our lips and we both felt very foolish about it afterward. What you did to me today was amazing, wonderful. When can we do it again?"

"Patience, Christina; there's no rush. In fact, you will enjoy it even more if we take our time. Are you telling me you've never touched yourself like that before?"

"No, never. I know that other girls at school have but I was always too afraid that I would be caught by mother."

"So, I presume you've never eaten anyone's pussy before?"

Christina could feel the heat from her burning cheeks as she became more embarrassed than she ever thought possible. Just hearing the word "pussy" had her squirming; the thought of ever doing such a thing or, even worse, someone doing it to her was something she couldn't even imagine. At least, that was until Lara's next question.

"Would you like me to eat your pussy, Christina?"

The poor young girl's head was in a whirl. She longed to be touched by her beautiful new friend but everything was moving so fast. She had never known feelings like this before and wondered if what she was doing was very, very bad. The wine was starting to make her head spin and her pussy was yearning for attention; all she could do was nod her head.

Lara didn't wait for her to change her mind but got down in front of the young girl and, placing her hands gently on her knees, pushed her smooth thighs apart. Moving forward, she slid her hands up the girl's legs, pushing her skirt higher, until, finally, her target was revealed. Lara wrapped her hands around her new lover's bottom and pulled her forward, watching as the girl's knickers were pulled even more tightly against her moist slit.

She felt the girl shudder as she ran one finger up and down the outline of her wet pussy lips before sliding that same finger under the soaking crotch and pulled it to the side. Both women gasped as Christina's pussy was revealed for the first time and Lara took a moment to enjoy the beautiful sight. She inhaled the schoolgirl's youthful aroma that was even more intoxicating than her wine. Dipping her head forward, she stuck out her tongue and gently ran it up the length of her sensitive slit before gently easing her lips apart and dipping her tongue inside her, finally tasting what she had been longing to taste for so long.

Christina had never cum before but she knew that what had almost happened today in the changing room was very close to happening again and she instinctively pushed her hips further forward to feel more of Lara's wet tongue enter her. Her body was beginning to tremble. She was close. She knew it; Lara knew it.

And that's when the older woman stopped.

"Oh no, Lara, please don't stop. Please, don't. I can't wait any more."

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