tagNonConsent/ReluctanceLara and Christina Ch. 05

Lara and Christina Ch. 05


James Sanderson looked down at Lara as she knelt at his feet. He hadn't been sure she would turn up but, now she was here, he was going to put her to good use. He had ordered her to appear at his home to provide some very special entertainment at his son's eighteenth birthday party but, as soon as she had knocked on his door, he had shown her into his study. The guests were all in the garden, enjoying the barbecue, so he wanted to make sure Lara knew exactly what was required of her. He had enough incriminating evidence to blackmail her for life, especially the photos of her fucking him in her own home, in her own bed, but he wanted her to understand that today was going to be even more humiliating for her.

He slowly spread his legs apart and leaned back on the big leather chair that sat behind his desk. She knew that she had to give him a blowjob but, more than that, she knew she had to do it as if she were enjoying it. Her hands rested on his knees for a moment before sliding up his thighs to finally rub the bulge in the front of his shorts. She tried to smile, tried to convince him that she would be a willing cocksucker, just as he had commanded. She pulled down his zip, slipped her small hand into the gap and pulled out his already hard cock. He was going to enjoy this.

Lara couldn't believe she was once again in this position, kneeling in front of her boss, the man who owned the nursing home in which she worked, a job she was desperate to hold on to. She never should have seduced his niece. She never should have driven Christina home and fucked her in her own bed. She never should have allowed Mr Sanderson to come to her home and to fuck her there. But she had. She had done all these things and now she had to pay the price.

She pulled his cock towards her waiting mouth, kissed the tip, and again. Kiss followed kiss followed kiss before she could sense his impatience and she began to swirl her wet tongue around the head of this evil man's cock. She slid her lips over the head before she felt him raising his hips, indicating all too well that he wanted her to remove his shorts. As her hands were busy removing the shorts, he took the opportunity to reach down and squeeze her gorgeous breasts, murmuring his pleasure that she had come without a bra under her summer dress, just as he had instructed. Pinching her sensitive nipples just once, he sat back down on his cold leather chair and ordered her to continue.

Before she had a chance to take his cock back in her hand, he held it himself and proceeded to wipe it across her face. She could feel the smears of his pre-cum rubbing along her cheeks as she knelt there smiling, with tears in her eyes. Finally pushing against her soft lips he handed over his cock to his employee, his slave, his sex toy, and urged her to continue.

She slid her lips down its hard length, feeling it as it slid over her tongue and pressed against the inside of her cheeks. He tasted like all men, sweaty, salty, and she knew that if she closed her eyes she could imagine she was sucking her husband's cock as she had done many times before. But closing her eyes was not allowed. He wanted her to look directly into his eyes while she sucked his cock, while she pleasured him with her mouth, while she submitted herself to him and humiliated herself as instructed.

Looking up, she began to move her head up and down, his cock moving deeper and deeper into her mouth. She knew what she wanted, she knew he wanted entry to her throat but she had to build up to it; she had to take her time. Each time she slid up, all the way until only the head was within her lips, she used her tongue to tease him, to keep him happy, to make sure he was enjoying himself, to try anything to prevent the moment she knew was inevitably coming when he would grab her head and force himself in.

But for all her efforts, for all he was enjoying the best blowjob he had had in a long time, he wanted more. Taking a firm grip on her dark curly hair, he forced himself to the back of her mouth, to the entrance to her throat and impaled her on his fat cock. She could feel his hair tickle her nose as her airway was blocked off and she began to panic just before he released her and pulled back a little.

Allowing her a brief respite only, he grabbed her again, pushed again and felt her throat tighten around his cock. Holding it there for a few seconds, he pulled back, allowing another breath. She tried to breathe in through her nose as much as possible as he became more and more impatient with her need to breathe, intent only in his own pleasure. As the tears streamed down her face, he issued another command.

"Lick my balls, slut."

She was almost glad of the respite as his cock slid out of her mouth and she filled her lungs with fresh air. He didn't do it for her benefit, however, and pushed her head further down, making sure she knew exactly what was expected of her. Still holding on to his cock, her tongue came out, licking round one testicle then the other. He moaned in sheer delight as she trembled in her shame. No-one had ever done this for him before and he began to wonder just how far he could push this whore kneeling at his feet.

Pulling her back up by her hair, he ordered her to return to his cock and she did so instantly, afraid to displease him in any way. Once again, she began to bob up and down on his hard dick. Once again, he began to force himself down her tight throat and he knew he was very close to cumming. His breathing was getting faster now, she heard the change and she knew too that her mouth was about to be filled by something else. Or so she thought.

The head of his cock swelled even more, a tell-tale sign that she knew well, and suddenly his first shoot covered her tongue. But now he pulled her off; now he wanted something different. Lara didn't know what was expected of her but just knelt there as he took control. He slapped her hand away from his cock and took hold of it himself, jerking on it just as she had been doing, only now it was pointing at her face.

The next spurt still hit her mouth, until he changed position and began to paint her chin, her eyes, her nose, delighted to see her face bearing his cum as a mark of her humiliation and servitude. As he felt his spurts get weaker, he pushed her head even further down so he could shoot some of his white spunk over her dark hair. Finally, to show that he could do anything he wanted to her, he wiped his dripping cock across her cheeks and smiled down at the submissive woman.

Lara knew she must look a mess, she was sure her make up must be ruined but, most of all, she knew she could not raise her hands to clean her face until he gave her permission to do so. Instead he pulled his shorts back on and took her by the arm.

"Let's meet the other guests."

Dragging her out of his office, he held her tightly and led her through the house to the back garden where the barbecue was in full swing. As they walked through the louvre doors, everyone turned to greet them, their smiles of welcome very quickly replaced by gasps of shock and disgust as they saw the mess on Lara's face. No-one had any doubt what it was that was sticking to her hair and dripping from her face; no-one had any doubt that she had just given her employer a blowjob; no-one had any doubt that only a slut would have appeared in public like this without first cleaning her face.

"This is for you, Philip," he said to his son, handing over the poor woman like some sort of plaything. "Your very own sex toy to do whatever you want with. Happy Birthday!"

"Thanks, Dad. This is amazing."

"Looks like you've already used the little slut, dear," said Mrs Sanderson as she cuddled up next to her husband. "Was she any good?"

"Oh, she's very good but you'll be able to see her in action soon. First, there's one more thing I have to do."

Lara was trembling. She had never been so humiliated; standing in front of this group of strangers with cum dripping from her chin, listening to her employer and his wife discussing her like she wasn't even there and terrified at the thought of what was about to happen next. What did he mean he had "one more thing to do?"

James Sanderson walked round his sexy toy and stood behind her, running his hands up and down the length of her thin summer dress. Before she knew what was happening, before she had a chance to stop him, he reached round, grabbed the two sides of her dress and tore it apart. The buttons flew everywhere and Lara tried in vain to stop the guests from having a very clear view of her almost naked body.

She had never felt so exposed before, never in front of so many people and never with them all cheering as they feasted on the sight of her amazing breasts, men and women alike. She could feel her nipples stiffening as James Sanderson ripped the remains of her dress down her body, leaving her standing there in just her tiny thong and her high heels.

So embarrassed was she that she was almost unaware that her arms had been pulled back and her wrists were being tied together. As she was led towards the swimming pool, she feared that they were going to throw her in and wondered how she would survive with her arms bound. Instead, she felt herself being turned around and then pushed down by her shoulders until she found herself sitting on the wooden diving board. As she was lowered on to her back, she realised she was totally helpless as her own weight trapped her arms beneath her.

"The birthday boy gets to go first," announced Mr Sanderson and Lara realised that this had all been planned in advance. They all knew she was coming to this party and they all knew why. Had they even known before she seduced Christina? Had Christina just been a plant to enable them to blackmail her? These thoughts ran through her mind but she was suddenly brought back to reality when Philip approached her.

Standing over her, he opened the button and zip on his shorts and pulled out his cock, obviously proud of the fact that it was already hard and not in the least inhibited at exposing himself in front of all these people. He began masturbating furiously, showing none of the finesse that his father had shown before, but Lara knew the result was going to be the same.

As he let out an almighty roar, his cum erupted from his cock and landed across her face. Once again, it felt as if her whole face was being covered, her forehead, nose, her mouth, her chin, even her eyes were coated with his thick spunk. Just like his father, he removed the few remaining drops by wiping his softening cock across her face and stepped back. If she thought that particular ordeal was now over, she was badly mistaken.

She struggled to open her eyes and decided it wasn't the best idea as she saw another man approach, one of the guests, and saw too that his cock was already out and he was already tugging at it. Almost as soon as he got to her side, he let go and began to cover her face even more. He didn't last long but someone seemed to take pity on their victim and wiped the increasing amount of cum covering her eyes. Lara almost wished they had left her blinded.

As soon as she could see again, she realised she was now surrounded by the rest of the men, and a few of the women. All the men had their cocks out, either wanking themselves or letting the women do it for them. The one thing they had in common was that all their cocks were pointing directly at her, some pointing at her face once again and some hovering over her gorgeous tits.

When she felt, rather than saw the first splash of cum on her breasts, it seemed to act like a trigger for the rest of them and very soon she was covered in more cum than she had ever imagined possible. Lara had learned by now and kept her eyes tightly shut, praying for this nightmare to end. The only place that was still dressed was her pussy but she hoped that no-one noticed that her tiny knickers were also soaking; only they were being soaked from within, they were being soaked by her. She would have cried in humiliation if she dared to open her mouth but she knew that her body was ready to betray her once more and there was nothing she could do about it.

When she heard the sounds of zips being refastened and the men around her shuffling away, very pleased with themselves, she lay there and wondered if anyone would come to her aid. After a few moments, she did feel two hands lift her by the shoulders, almost gently, and help her into a sitting position. A soft towel was wiped across her face and she blinked open her eyes and looked at the last person she expected to see.

"Hello, Lara; surprised to see me?" asked Christina, smiling. "I wouldn't have missed this party for the world but, don't worry, a few of us are going indoors now and you're coming too. I think we both know that your pussy is aching for some attention."

With that the younger girl undid the rope around her wrists and helped her frightened colleague to her feet. Lara wasn't sure if her Christina's appearance was a good thing or not but she knew she had no choice other than to follow the girl back into the house, glad at least to escape the leering glances of the other guests.

She could feel the weight of their stares while she tried to act as if it was normal to be walking through her employer's garden wearing just a pair of high heels and a tiny thong. She could feel the back strap of her thong wedged tightly between the round cheeks of her gorgeous bottom. And she could feel her face burning with shame while her pussy leaked with lust.

Christina led her in to a large sitting room where, waiting for her, were Mr Sanderson, his wife and their son, Philip. All three turned to stare at her as she entered and Lara was shocked to hear Christina lock the door behind them. It was her employer's wife who spoke first.

"So this is the slut who seduced our innocent niece, is it? Well, slut, you have done wrong, and you need to be punished."

Lara shuddered at these words. She knew only too well now what it was to be punished by this woman's husband and her thong could not hide the marks of the spanking she received only yesterday. However, she meekly allowed Christina to lead her to where her aunt sat upright in a hard backed chair and pushed her down over Mrs Sanderson's lap.

Lara knew what was coming but she was still shocked when she felt the other woman's soft hand on her upturned bottom and realised it was her who was going to deliver the punishment. She lay there motionless as the older woman stroked her cheeks. Somehow it felt even more degrading to be spanked by another woman, an older woman, and in full view of her employer, his son and his niece. Her degradation increased, however, when the other woman, pulled the strap from between her cheeks and tugged her thong down to her knees. Now it wasn't only her bottom that was exposed but her pussy too. She didn't even want to think about the fact that the woman could probably see her tightest hole as well.

"Please don't do this. I'm sorry for what happened with Christina. I promise it will never happen again. My bottom is still too sore from being spanked yesterday."

"You need to be punished for a lot more than that, slut. My husband told me how you tried to seduce him yesterday and how he had to punish you. However, if you really don't want me to spank your arse, I could always beat your pussy instead."

Lara cringed at the thought of this evil woman slapping her pussy. She would never be able to endure such pain or such humiliation. She wanted someone, anyone, to rescue her from this living nightmare but she knew she had no choice; she would have to subject her poor bottom to even more pain. She hung her head down, her long hair cascading over her face, hiding her red cheeks, hiding her tear filled eyes.

"Very well then; I'll begin," said Mrs Sanderson, taking the poor woman's acquiescence as a sign of true submission. She was looking forward to this. Their victim's arse cheeks were indeed still red from yesterday's spanking but they were about to get a whole lot worse.

She took a deep breath, raised her hand and brought it down, hard, on Lara's right cheek, and she watched in delight as the poor woman's flesh wobbled beneath the weight of her hand. Lara screamed and her whole body jerked but she did not get up. She lay there, across Mrs Sanderson's lap as the pain and humiliation coursed through her, the sounds of her tormentor's slaps filling the room. She wasn't sure what was worse, the stinging of her cheeks, the shame of her bottom being abused in such a public manner or the fact that her pussy was leaking copious juices which were soaking her thong.

She had lost count how many blows had rained down on her punished cheeks but, just when she knew she was either going to cum or to pass out, the punishment stopped and she was pushed off Mrs Sanderson's lap. Landing on her deep red-coloured cheeks, she screamed again and wondered what new hell they had planned for her. She didn't have long to wait before she found out.

When she dared to raise her eyes, she saw the woman glaring down at her. Looking round the room, hoping in vain for some support, she was more shocked than ever when she saw Mr Sanderson and his son with their cocks out and slowly masturbating. Even worse was the fact that Christina was now lying back in a deep armchair, her skirt around her waist, her knickers pulled to one side and her fingers slowly stroking her wet slit.

"It seems I'm the only one in this room you haven't pleasured yet, you whore. Time to rectify that, I think. Get on your knees and come here."

Lara now knew what was coming next. She was going to have to lick this woman's pussy. She was going to have to lick her pussy while the others sat and watched. She was going to have to lick her pussy while the others masturbated at the same time. She was going to have to listen to them all cumming as her own pussy ached for attention and her own mind screamed in despair.

Knowing by now the submissiveness that was expected of her, she got on to her hands and knees and crawled the few steps towards her latest tormentor. Mrs Sanderson sat there, waiting, waiting for Lara to do everything from her lowly position. As she reached the other woman, she looked up, pleading with her eyes but was met by a cold stare and a firm instruction to continue.

She placed her hands on the woman's legs and pushed her short skirt up her smooth thighs. At any other moment Lara might have been excited to be in this position. She had long ago realised that she loved licking a woman's pussy as much as she loved sucking a man's cock but not like this; not in front of an audience, not being forced to do whatever she was instructed, not when there was no pleasure for her.

As the woman's skirt bunched around her waist, her knickers were revealed and Lara noticed she wore a small thong similar to her own. The thought reminded her that her own was still around her knees and, in this position, Mr Sanderson and the two younger viewers would have a very clear sight of her pussy lips between her thighs as well as her dirtiest hole between her red cheeks.

Shuddering at the thought of this new humiliation, she looked once more at the woman on whose legs her hands rested. Knowing there was nothing else to do, she slipped her fingers under the elastic around the legs and peeled away the thong that seemed to be glued to the other woman's dripping slit. Lara could smell her, could smell her arousal, and wondered if anyone else could smell hers too.

Mrs Sanderson seemed to be getting impatient by that point and raised her legs on to Lara's shoulders, one on either side. As her calves slid down her captive's back, she pulled the poor woman forward, gripped her hair and commanded her to hurry up. Lara tried one last plea.

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