tagNonConsent/ReluctanceLara and the Headmaster

Lara and the Headmaster


Chapter 1

Lara stood nervously outside the Headmaster's door. She didn't know what she had done now. She was a good girl but recently it seemed as if she was always getting into trouble for one thing or another. Ever since she had turned eighteen she had been in more trouble than in all of her previous seventeen years. She chapped the door lightly and waited.

The door was opened by Miss Jones, the Headmaster's very strict secretary. Lara was even more terrified now as Miss Jones glared at her. The older woman had a reputation for not allowing anyone to see the Headmaster without a very good reason. The only good thing was that Lara had been ordered to come to the office so she knew the Headmaster was waiting to see her.

Miss Jones told Lara to wait in the outer office and the young girl slowly and carefully sat down on the low couch opposite the secretary's desk. Lara knew her skirt was shorter than the regulation school uniform and that her knickers were much smaller than the big navy ones she was supposed to wear. She knew it didn't make her a slut; she just liked tiny knickers.

Miss Jones sat down at her desk, seeming to stare right through the pupil who sat in front of her. Miss Jones was indeed staring at Lara but she was really trying to catch a glimpse of the girl's knickers. It had been reported to the Headmaster that Lara was seen walking through the school yard last week when a sudden gust of wind had blown her short skirt up and shown off her tiny white thong to some of the other teachers. Miss Jones had missed that show but she was looking forward to what the Headmaster had planned for the young girl this afternoon.

Lara was becoming more and more nervous under the continued scrutiny of Miss Jones and shifted uncomfortably in her seat. She wished she had worn a longer skirt but, again, wearing a short skirt didn't mean she was a bad girl or that she wanted to do the things the boys were always asking her to do. Just because her breasts were bigger than any of the other girls, it didn't mean she was going to show them off to anyone who asked.

Finally, the intercom on Miss Jones desk buzzed and the secretary answered it.

"Yes, Headmaster, I'll bring her in."

Standing up, Miss Jones glared at Lara and walked over to the office door. Opening the door, the secretary stepped back and indicated that Lara should go in. The young schoolgirl struggled to her feet trying to keep her legs together but Miss Jones finally did get a brief glimpse of Lara's smooth thighs all the way up to the tiny piece of white between her legs.

Walking in, trying to assure herself that she had done nothing wrong and so couldn't be in any trouble, she still kept her head down, scared to look at the towering figure of her Headmaster as he stood in front of his desk. Lara heard Miss Jones close the door and, looking round, saw that the secretary had joined them in the office and she suddenly felt trapped between these two older, powerful adults.

"Lara you have been accused of acting like a slut by showing off your knickers to some of the teachers. What do you have to say?"

The poor girl couldn't possibly imagine anything worse than showing off her knickers to anyone, least of all her teachers. She had no idea what her angry Headmaster was talking about and stood there dumb with shock. Her face turned bright red as she stood there, mystified.

"Nothing to say for yourself, Lara? Very well. Miss Jones, please ask Mr Henderson to come in."

Lara looked round when she heard Miss Jones open the door and there stood Mr Henderson, the smelly History teacher. How he had known to be there at that time she had no idea. All the girls hated him as he always seemed to be pressing himself against them or trying to look down their blouses. Lara tried to hold her breath as the sweaty, older man came in and stood beside her. Lara nearly jumped out of her skin when she felt the creepy teacher put his hand on her bottom and give it a firm squeeze. Trying to inch away from him she looked to her Headmaster, appealing to him with her eyes.

"Tell me what you saw, Mr Henderson?"

"It's like I told you, sir. This girl was walking towards the staff room and saw some of the teachers at the window. She knew what she was doing when she lifted that ridiculously short skirt as high as it would go and showed off her even more ridiculous knickers. Old Miss Harris nearly had a heart attack, she was so shocked. "

"Thank you, Mr Henderson. You may go. Now, Lara, what do you have to say?"

"I'm sorry, sir, I didn't. The wind blew my skirt up but I tried to pull it down as soon as I could. I'm really sorry. I didn't mean to upset anyone."

"Do you admit that you were wearing the wrong knickers?"

Lara hung her head, her face burning with shame. She knew she couldn't deny it.


"Yes, sir," she mumbled.

"And are you still wearing the wrong knickers?"

Lara couldn't lift her head; she simply nodded.

"Let me see."

At this the young girl's head did lift suddenly.

"What, sir?"

"You seem to like lifting your skirt, girl. Well, lift your skirt now and show me your knickers. I will decide how much to punish you when I see what you are wearing."

Lara looked round to Miss Jones for help but the fierce secretary stood there with folded arms.

"If you don't do it of your own accord, I will do it for you," threatened the older woman.

Lara tried, unsuccessfully, to choke back a sob but reached down and lifted the hem of her skirt. As she closed her eyes and drew it up, she could feel the air on her bare thighs and could feel the weight of her Headmaster's stare on her tiny knickers.

"Turn around and let Miss Jones see those."

Keeping her eyes firmly closed and her skirt in the air, Lara swivelled round to face the secretary. When no-one said anything, she dared to open here eyes, only to see Miss Jones kneeling before her, sniffing at her knickers. Lara dropped her skirt in fright and instinctively took a step back. Bumping into the firm, muscular body of her Headmaster, she spun round again, looking up into his angry face.

"Bend over, girl."

"What, sir?"

"I said, bend over. I have to see if those shocking knickers look as bad on your arse as they do on your cunt."

Lara had never been spoken to like this before. Her aunt and uncle had been looking after her ever since her parents had divorced and they were very strict. She had to buy her own knickers and shorten her own skirts or she would have looked like something out of the nineteenth century. No one had ever shouted at her or threatened to punish her. Now she was hearing words from her Headmaster that she had always been taught were very bad.

When she hesitated a moment too long, she felt herself being pushed from behind by Miss Jones and fell into the Headmaster's strong arms. He held on to her tightly as Miss Jones came up behind her and pulled down her short skirt with one almighty tug. Lara cried once more when she felt her bottom exposed to the grinning secretary. Spinning her round, the Headmaster pushed her back to his secretary and had his first look at the young girl's beautiful arse, the two round cheeks separated by the tiny middle piece of her white thong. In a rage, he grabbed the offending garment and ripped it off. Lara spun round once more in shock, her private place naked to a man for the first time ever. She tried to hide the dark, curly hair between her legs with her hands but she knew she was in serious trouble this time.

"In all my years as a Headmaster I have never seen anything so disgusting. You will be severely punished for this, girl. Bend over my desk."

"What, sir?"

"Don't make it any worse, girl. Bend over."

Lara shuffled forward, crying, as much from her shame as her fear. She stood there, naked from the waist down apart from her knee-high white socks and her shoes, and bent over. Taking a deep breath, she bent forward, holding on to the front of the Headmaster's desk. She was very aware that her naked bottom was pointing straight at the older man and woman. She sobbed again, not knowing that her nightmare had only just begun.

Standing on either side of the young girl, he Headmaster and his secretary looked across Lara's semi prostrate body and grinned malevolently. Running his hand over Lara's round arse, he encouraged Miss Jones to do the same. Lara trembled as she felt these two authority figures playing with her bottom; it was so embarrassing but she couldn't deny that what they were doing to her felt strangely nice. All of that changed in an instant.

Her Headmaster brought his big, strong hand down firmly on Lara's exposed arse and she cried out in pain. When Miss Jones did the same on her other cheek, it was no less painful. Slap after slap after slap rained down on the terrified girl's smooth arse until her skin turned pink then red.

Lara had kept her legs straight when she had first bent over but, as the blows continued, she felt her knees buckle and her private place was now pressing firmly against the desk. Still the Headmaster and Miss Jones continued the punishment but now Lara could feel something else beginning to course through her starting between her legs.

She had never felt anything like this before. It was like butterflies in her stomach only better, nicer and more intense. Just as it was getting really good the spanking stopped and Lara almost regretted it. However, as she was pulled by her long dark hair back into an upright position, she could see that her Headmaster and secretary looked even angrier. And she was still very aware that her private parts were showing to both the Headmaster and Miss Jones.

"Look at her, Headmaster. Her pussy is dripping. I think she would have cum if we hadn't stopped when we did."

"You are right, Miss Jones. I think this only proves what Miss Black said. She is a slut after all. Are you a slut, Lara?"

"No, no, sir. I am a good girl. I've never done anything bad."

"Well, we'll soon find out the truth. Bring Miss Black in please, Miss Jones. You, girl, go and stand in the corner with your hands behind your head."

Lara couldn't believe that this was happening to her. She really was a good girl, purely innocent and had never been treated like this in her life before. Her face burned in shame just as her bottom burned in pain from her spanking as she heard the door open again and then heard the Headmaster address her French teacher. Once again she wondered how Miss Black had known when to appear at the office door and wondered what her French teacher would think when she saw Lara standing there with her hands on her head and her spanked, naked bottom showing. The Headmaster's words, however, made her worry about something else entirely.

"Miss Black," he addressed the youngest member of staff. "Is this the girl who tried to seduce you?"

The young French teacher was only too willing to do what Miss Jones had suggested to her earlier at the promise of being involved in Lara's punishment. She quickly confirmed to her Headmaster that this was indeed the pupil who had offered to "eat her cunt and make her cum with her tongue".

Lara turned round in shock at these words. She liked Miss Black and always tried her very best in her French class. Little did she know that Miss Black liked her too and had been waiting for an opportunity to get inside this young girl's knickers. Now the opportunity had presented itself to her and she was not going to let it slip from her grasp.

"Have you anything to say in your defence, Lara? Your teacher has said that you are not just a slut but some sort of perverted lesbian who wants to have sexual liaisons with another woman. Is this true? Do you like to eat other women's cunts? Do you like them to eat your hairy pussy? Well?"

Lara's head was spinning; what was happening to her? She didn't understand any of this. She didn't understand a word Miss Black had said. Why was she saying these things? She didn't understand what the Headmaster was asking her. Even the very thought of them made the young girl blush. Unable to find the words to defend herself, she simply pleaded to her Headmaster.

"Please, sir, I didn't say those things. I don't do any of those things. I don't know what they mean. Please, sir, you've got to believe me."

"So you think I should take the word of a girl who likes to wear tiny white knickers instead of the school navy ones and, even worse, likes to show them off to her teachers? Well I don't think so. It is time you were taught a lesson. Bring her back to my desk, Miss Jones."

The secretary was only too glad to lead Lara back to her boss's big wooden desk and push Lara forward on to the top of it. However, before the schoolgirl could even think about trying to get up, Miss Jones came round to the other side of the desk and, taking Lara by the hand, pulled her forward. Lara squealed as she felt someone take her right leg and tie it to the leg of the desk. Looking round she saw the Headmaster now taking her left leg and doing the same with it. With her poor body exposed like this, Lara knew that not only would her naked bottom would be exposed but her private place between her legs would be visible to anyone behind her. And that's exactly where Miss Black was now.

"Why don't you show us exactly what this girl promised to do to you, Miss Black?" suggested the Headmaster.

The young French teacher practically dived between Lara's outstretched legs and got into position. The schoolgirl could still only guess at what was going to befall her next but when she felt the soft, wet tongue of Miss Black reach out and touch her own wet slit she nearly died from shock. She shivered as that tongue ran all the way along her most private place, somewhere no-one had ever touched, never mind lick with their tongue. She sobbed in humiliation.

Lara struggled to free herself but with her legs tied and Miss Jones keeping a tight grip on her arms she was powerless to resist the insistent tongue of her French teacher. The more Miss Black licked her, the more Lara squirmed; but the wetter she got, the more she realised it wasn't just Miss Black's tongue that was making her wet. Her own – what had the Headmaster called it? – her own "cunt" was leaking too and she knew that those strange, wonderful feelings were starting again. How could her own body possibly betray her like this when she was having to endure such awful things being done to her?

Miss Black seemed to know just how Lara was feeling because, just when the young girl didn't think she could take anymore, she reached under Lara and started to rub her clit. Lara didn't even know what her clit was but she knew it wanted her French teacher to rub it harder now. And that's exactly what the young teacher did, rubbing Lara's clit while her tongue continued to lap up the pussy juices pouring from her favourite pupil.

Lara didn't know how much longer she could take this "punishment" but when her new feelings burst over like a dam she was washed away from everything else and her whole body trembled in shame as she felt her juices flowing uncontrollably.

Chapter 2

Lara couldn't believe what had just happened to her. She lay on her Headmaster's desk, no longer struggling but weeping in shame and frustration. She knew what had happened to her. She knew from listening to her classmates and their tales of what their boyfriends did to them, what her French teacher had just done to her. She wept that the first orgasm of her young life should come on the tongue of another woman while the Headmaster's secretary helped to pin her to his desk.

At that point, however, Miss Jones released her arms and moved round the desk to untie her legs. As Lara hesitantly stood upright once more there was no sign of Miss Black. She had obviously taken all she wanted from her young pupil and then left her on the desk with a tear stained face and a juice slicked pussy.

Lara was reluctant to look at her Headmaster, trying once again to hide the thick rug of curly black hair between her legs. The thought that the first man to see her naked pussy was her Headmaster filled her with shame all over again and she could feel her tears start once more.

"Now, Lara, we have another teacher who has an accusation against you. Bring him in, Miss Jones."

The hateful secretary once more opened the office door to let in another teacher who was willing to participate in Lara's humiliation. Lara dared to look and gasped in shock as the oldest teacher in the school shuffled in. Mr Harris was seen as a joke among the pupils. He was so old that they all thought he should have retired years ago. He was in fact only sixty five but looked so much older.

"Mr Harris, can you repeat what you told me earlier about what this girl said to you?" asked the Headmaster.

Mr Harris looked Lara up and down, very slowly, staring at her pussy but making her even more embarrassed when he gazed hungrily at her large breasts. Miss Jones was holding the schoolgirl tightly by the arms so that Lara could neither flee nor cover her self. If she could she thought she would try to cover her breast even though they were still clothed as Mr Harris seemed to be devouring them with his eyes while licking his lips.

"Mr Harris?" prompted the Headmaster.

The old man tore his gaze from the young girl and answered his superior. "She said she would wrap her tits around my old cock and make me shoot my cum all over them."

Lara cried out in shock once more, hardly able to believe her ears. How could he say such a thing? She had never even heard the other girls talking about doing that. What kind of sick mind would think about doing that to a young girl? She looked to her Headmaster, scarcely believing that even he, even today, would believe such a thing.

"Well, Lara, what do you have to say this time? Do you like men playing with your tits? Are you in the habit of letting them put their cocks between them and masturbating them with your breasts? Do you like men cumming on your tits and perhaps your face too?"

Lara's face burned as never before. How could he even think she would do such a thing? Never in her wildest dreams could she have thought about something so disgusting. She kept telling herself that she was a good girl and that this was all so unfair. She hadn't done anything wrong. Unfortunately the headmaster took her silence as an admission of guilt and nodded to Miss Jones.

"Since you want show off your tits, Lara, that is exactly what you will do now," and with that Miss Jones released the girl's arms and, reaching round, tore open Lara's white school blouse. The buttons flew all round the room but no-one was watching them. All eyes were firmly fixed on her gorgeous tits, encased in her small white bra. As Lara tried to shield herself from their lusty gaze, Miss Jones again pulled her arms down to her sides while the Headmaster took one step forward to tear off the poor girl's bra, her last piece of protective clothing.

Lara could not move as Mr Harris came forward and took both of her tender breasts in his old hands. He fondled them, caressed them, then took her nipples between his fingers and tugged on them. Involuntarily, they were stretched until they were bigger than Lara had ever known and she had known them to grow big before. Seemingly satisfied with his handiwork, the old man leant forward and ran his disgusting tongue all round Lara's engorged nipples then straightened up and nodded to the Headmaster.

He in turn nodded to Miss Jones, then suddenly reached down and lifted Lara by the legs, lowering the shocked girl to the floor with the aid of his secretary. Even now, Lara didn't believe they would really do to her the things Mr Harris had said but as the Headmaster and Miss Jones held her spread-eagled on the floor she raised her head to see Mr Harris opening his trousers and pulling out his limp cock. It looked old and shrivelled but Lara was still afraid of what he might do with it.

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