tagNonConsent/ReluctanceLara and the Headmaster Ch. 02

Lara and the Headmaster Ch. 02


Chapter 1

Lara approached her uncle's door nervously. Normally when she came home for the weekend from her boarding school she was greeted kindly by her aunt and uncle who had been looking after her since her parents had divorced. Today, however, after being used, abused and humiliated by her Headmaster and his staff, she feared what her older relatives' reaction would be. She had brought a letter and a small package with her, given to her by the Headmaster, and all she knew of their contents was that she was to be punished some more.

Her aunt opened the door to her and wrapped her arms around the young eighteen year old, as she always did. The older woman noticed a change in her niece and asked her if anything was wrong. Lara simply thrust the two packages into her aunt's hand and ran to her bedroom. She threw herself on the bed and wept new tears of shame as she remembered what the teaching staff had done to her innocent body. Even worse she knew that very soon her aunt and uncle would no all about it too.

No-one came to her door for the next few hours, even though she heard her uncle come in after work. She did hear both of their voices talking but tried not to think about what they must be discussing. Eventually, her aunt called her down to dinner and she was forced to go down to the dinning room for their regular Friday evening meal. It was usually a very pleasant meal as her two older relatives listened to all her tales from school. Today, however, she dreaded it and kept her head bowed as she walked in to face them. She hadn't even changed out of her school uniform.

Her meal was waiting for her on the table as were her aunt and uncle, sitting as usual at either end of the table. Lara took her place between them, still not daring to look either of them in the eye. Her uncle said "Grace" then both he and his wife began their meal. When Lara thought that she had better do so too, her uncle finally addressed her.

"Your Headmaster has sent your aunt and me a very unsettling letter, Lara, as you are aware. What do you have to say about all this?"

Lara turned finally to her gentle uncle and her tears began again.

"Please, uncle, you have to believe me. This all started when a gust of wind blew my skirt up and exposed my knickers to some of the teachers. I am still a good girl uncle. I never wanted any of this to happen."

"Yes, the Headmaster wrote in his letter that this was your feeble explanation but really, Lara, this didn't start with a gust of wind. This started when you decided to go against the wishes of your aunt and me and decided to wear a short skirt and equally short knickers? Is this true? Are you still wearing what the Headmaster says you have been wearing?"

Lara's head bowed once more and she chocked back a sob as she knew she was in trouble once again. Even though the Headmaster had torn her white thong from her in his office the other day, she was now wearing an equally tiny pink one that she knew was also against regulations.

"Stand up please, Lara."

The young girl pushed back her chair and stood up. She realised that her skirt barely reached below the level of the dinning table and blushed red.

"So this is the offending skirt. Well I can see why the headmaster objected to it. Now, what about your knickers? Are you wearing the regulation navy blue ones now?"

Lara's face burned even brighter. "No, uncle."

"So you have still not learned your lesson. Very well, Lara, lift your skirt."

His niece just looked at him in horror and pleaded, "Please, uncle, please don't make me do this in front of you and auntie. I will go to my room and change them now."

"It's too late for that now, Lara. You should have learned your lesson at school. Do not make me come over there and do it for you, girl. Do as you have been told."

The poor girl hesitantly lifted her short skirt and revealed her pretty pink knickers to her uncle and aunt. The older woman nearly choked on her food while her husband's face became even more enraged.

"Turn around and bend over," he commanded.

This time Lara could not hide her cries but did as she was instructed. Her skirt was still covering her bottom but she heard her aunt's chair being pushed back and the woman waling round the table to stand by her niece's side. Lara shuddered when she felt her skirt being raised and thrown over her back, exposing her round bottom which still had a large pink stain on each cheek where the Headmaster and his secretary had spanked her. Her face was even more red than her bottom, however, as she knew her aunt and uncle were staring at the strap running between her cheeks, the only thing covering her dirty hole.

"Take that offending article off immediately, Lara. How dare you wear something like that in my house?"

Lara, the tears now flowing freely, reached behind her and did as she was told. She felt her thong pulling out from between her cheeks and the gusset peeling from her pussy, her pussy that she now realised was wet as were her knickers. Standing up, she turned around to face her aunt and uncle, holding the tiny pink thong in her hand.

"Give it to me," ordered her uncle.

Lara walked over and surrendered her favourite thong to her angry uncle. She stood there and watched in disbelief as he brought it to his face and inhaled, deeply.

"I told you she was a slut, auntie, just like the Headmaster said; and here is the proof. Give this to your aunt, girl."

Lara did as she was told and walked to the other end of the table. Again, she looked at her aunt in disbelief as the woman brought the thong to her mouth and licked her niece's juices from the crotch.

"Yes, uncle, you are right. She is a slut. What are we going to do about it?"

"Sit down, Lara. Since you are determined to act like a slut, according to the Headmaster, then you will dress like one. Open your blouse."

The young girl had just sat down and looked pleadingly at her uncle but she could tell from his face that he was in no mood for any arguments so she started to do what she was told. Undoing her strip school tie, she slipped it from under the collar of her white blouse and dropped it to the floor. Starting at the top, she slowly opened the buttons on her blouse and, pulling it out of her skirt and open, she exposed her young breasts in her matching pink bra. She looked at her uncle, begging him for mercy with her eyes, but after a nod from him, she pulled her large breasts out of the bra cups and presented them to her older relatives. She heard her aunt gasp as the other woman watched her niece's nipples grow and saw her uncle lick his lips. Her face burning red, she now sat at the dinner table with her tits out and her pussy bare.

"Now we are going to finish our dinner and then we will all watch the DVD the Headmaster has sent. He says it will explain everything. Then we can decide what to do with our disgraceful niece. Eat up, Lara, our dinner is getting cold."

The poor girl did as she was told, so embarrassed to have her breasts exposed to her aunt and uncle while her now bare bottom rubbed on the dinning room chair, feeling it's soft material rubbing against her private places. She tried to concentrate on eating her meal but all she could think about was the DVD her uncle had mentioned. She had no idea what could be on it.

Chapter 2

The meal had finally finished and Lara now sat in the living room, alone on the couch. Her aunt and uncle sat on the two armchairs at either end of Lara and all three of them were facing the TV. Her uncle pressed "PLAY" on the remote control as Lara held a cushion in front of her, knowing that nothing good was going to come from this. She had come to the conclusion that they were about to watch a recording of the Headmaster speaking directly to her aunt and uncle but still feared what he might say.

When the DVD started to play the scene was indeed the Headmaster's office. Lara watched as the door opened and saw that it was she herself who was walking in At first she thought that maybe her aunt and uncle would see that she had been forced to take part in all of the horrible things that had happened to her in this room and that, even if she had cum over and over again, it wasn't because she wanted to; it was her body betraying her true wishes and betraying everything about the way she had been brought up.

This dream was soon shattered, however, as the picture on the screen changed to the sight of her bent over the Headmaster's desk and both he and Miss Jones, his brutal secretary, fondling Lara's upturned bottom. The secret camera seemed to linger on the luscious cheeks of the young girl's arse before the two adults started to spank their pupil, making her bottom turn as red as her face.

Watching this, Lara could only blush again at the memory but smiled nervously at her aunt and uncle as they both got up from their armchairs and sat beside their niece on the couch. However, that smile was wiped away when they both leaned over and began sucking on her large nipples. Holding each breast in their hands they, circle the young girl's engorged buds with their wet tongues. Lara couldn't believe this was happening to her again and was very aware she could feel her pussy getting wet between her tightly squeezing thighs. She threw her head back in shame but her relatives took this as a sign of her enjoying their attentions.

On screen the picture changed to the point when Lara was held across the desk by Miss Jones while Miss Black, the French teacher, was behind her, licking her young cunt. Lara felt ashamed all over again at the memory and the horror of her aunt and uncle watching this example of her debauchery. She tried to drag her eyes from the screen and noticed her aunt getting off the couch and kneeling in front of her. When the older women took hold of her knees and tried to prise them apart, Lara realised what she was going to do.

"Oh no, auntie, please. Please don't do this. Please."

Her uncle was angry at her protest, however, and slapped his niece on the thigh while biting down on her tender nipple. Lara yelped and involuntarily opened her legs just a little. It was enough for her aunt to shuffle forward between the schoolgirl's legs and position herself where she wanted to be. Once more the older woman lifted her niece's skirt and exposed the wonderful site of the dark, curly hair covering the young girl's pussy. Licking her lips, she bent down, pulled Lara's arse nearer to the front of the couch and started to taste her niece.

Lara could only cry in shame once more but her uncle, alternating between his niece's pussy being licked on the screen to the same thing happening here in front of him, pulled down the zip on the front of his trousers, reached in and pulled out his erect cock. Lara cried even more as her uncle took her hand and wrapped it around his fat prick, placing his own hand over hers, and moving it up and down. It felt hard yet smooth but Lara couldn't think about that; all she could think about was the fact she was sitting in her relative's living room pulling her uncle's cock while her aunt was feasting on her pussy juices.

Worse even than all of that was the fact that Lara knew she was going to cum. She could feel the beginnings of her orgasm deep within her then quickly overcome her, just as her aunt stuck two fingers up her cunt, just as Miss Black made her cum on the screen. She lost sight of the TV at that moment as she shut her eyes and bit her bottom lip, trying vainly to stop her older relatives from watching her cum in front of them. As her body, writhed beneath her aunt's tongue, however, it was very clear to both of them exactly what was happening to their niece.

When Lara finally opened her eyes again she saw that her aunt had moved back on to the couch beside her. Her own hand was still wrapped around her uncle's fat cock and his hand still covered hers. They were still moving in unison up and down, up and down but now the older man was urging her on, faster and faster. When the screen changed once more to show old Mr Harris wrapping her tits around his old cock, her uncle's eyes nearly popped out. When the old teacher started to cum over the schoolgirl's breasts, Lara's uncle knew exactly what he wanted to do. He stood up and knelt on the couch beside his niece, taking his throbbing cock in his own hand and pointed it straight at her tits. After just a few more quick tugs, Lara watched horrified as her uncle began to shoot his cum on to her breasts. Some of it hit her face, some her hair, but most landed on her waiting tits.

Lara began to sob freely at the humiliation of a man, any man, cumming on her but she had no time to think about that as, for the first time ever, her mouth was filled with cock as her uncle pushed his spent dick between her open lips and she tasted his salty cum. Her aunt was not to be left out either as she bent down over her niece to lap up her husband's seed from the girl's young body.

Chapter 3

When her aunt and uncle finally seemed satisfied, Lara looked down her body through her tears. Her blouse was fully open, her tiny pink bra was useless as all it was doing was pushing her large cum-stained breasts further up and out; her skirt was around her waist, her legs and her young pussy open wide. Lara couldn't believe the people that were doing this to her were the older relatives that her parents had trusted her to. Yet, even now, they were once again watching her continued abuse on the TV. As all three took in the sight of caring Miss Andrews stick a well-developed carrot up the girl's bottom, her uncle turned to her.

"I think you have become very selfish at this boarding school, Lara, as well as becoming a slut. Your aunt has made you cum but you have done nothing for her. I think it's time that was put right. Lie on the floor please."

Although her uncle was right that her aunt had made her cum on her fingers and tongue, Lara hadn't wanted it to happen and was quite certain her uncle wasn't asking her to do the same thing to her aunt, especially as she was now lying on her back in front of the TV. She had tried to rearrange her clothes as she got down on to the floor, pulling down her short skirt and drawing her blouse over her breasts. Her uncle was not going to allow that, however, as he simply flipped her skirt back up over her stomach, revealing her hairy cunt and pulling open her white school blouse.

Lara looked to her aunt, questioningly; she was sure the older woman wasn't going to rescue her but might help her to understand what was expected of her now. In answer, the gentle woman who had before today always seemed to Lara to be prim and proper, stepped over her niece's prone body and pulled apart her long wrap around skirt. Lara looked up and saw close up for the first time another woman's private place. She had seen some of the other girls in the showers at school but she had never been interested in looking too closely. Now her own aunt was lowering her self on to Lara's face, with no knickers to impede her, and landed her bald pussy on the girl's mouth.

"Now, Lara, since you are a slut I will presume that you know what to do with another woman's pussy. Is that right?"

Lara tried to answer but her mouth was covered by her aunt and she was reduced to shaking her head.

"What? You expect me to believe that you have never made one of your classmates cum with your tongue?"

Again Lara shook her head, even more forcefully.

"And no other woman has ever made you cum before today?"

Lara was a good girl and she knew she had to tell the truth. She knew that she had cum in the Headmaster's office and she knew she had been made to do so by Miss Black and by Miss Jones. Her face turned red and her aunt could feel the heat from her niece's cheeks pressed against her smooth thighs.

"I see," said her uncle. "So you allow other women to make you cum but don nothing to return the favour. Well from now on, if your aunt makes you cum, you will do the same to her in return."

As Lara looked up, keeping her mouth firmly closed, she could feel the wetness from her auntie's pussy moistening her lips. She couldn't believe that she was expected to open her mouth and stick her tongue into her aunt but that was exactly what it seemed was required. When the older woman complained to her husband that nothing was happening, her uncle instructed her to do to her aunt what he was going to do to her.

Lying down between his niece's open legs, her parted her tight lips with his fingers and took a moment to enjoy this beautiful sight of the young slut below him. As he lowered himself further until his tongue was ready to taste his niece, he lifted his eyes slightly to marvel at the sight of her bountiful tits, large nipples and his wife's big fat arse. He thought life couldn't get any better at that moment but then he ran his tongue up one side of the girl's slit and down the other. As Lara trembled at the touch of his wet tongue, he moved it to where he wanted it to be and licked all the way up her wet cunt.

When his wife complained once again that Lara was still not opening her mouth, he reached up and grabbed his niece's engorged nipples and pinched them tight. When Lara opened her mouth to scream in pain, her aunt pushed herself even more forcefully against her niece and Lara had no choice but to taste her aunt. The older woman always kept her cunt shaved and smooth and Lara was unhindered by the kind of thick curly rug her uncle was dealing with. Realising that the only way she would ever end this ordeal was to do as she was instructed, she tentatively reached out her tongue and tasted a woman for the first time. She wasn't disgusted by the taste but her humiliation crept over her once more when she heard her screen self cumming again.

Once more she could feel the beginnings of her real orgasm beginning as her uncle continued to practically devour her pussy. It was a very long time since he had tasted one so sweet and he wanted to savour every drop that poured from her. As if that wasn't bad enough, Lara suddenly realised that her aunt was going to cum too. The older woman was playing with her clit while Lara's tongue mimicked what her uncle was doing with his and she knew that soon her aunt's juices would be pouring into her open mouth. How could this have ever happened to her? The question was lost, however, as her aunt did cum on the tongue of her young niece.

"Yes, Lara! Yes! That's it! I'm cumming, you little cunt muncher. I'm cumming!"

With that Lara came too, this time on the tongue of her uncle and, with her aunt orgasming on her own mouth, it seemed to last even longer than ever before. Her whole body quaked, just as her aunt's did above her. Lara was only glad that at least her red face was hidden by the long skirt her aunt had dropped over her.

Chapter 4

When Lara opened her eyes, she realised that her aunt had left the room. Her uncle was sitting on the couch, naked, playing with his hard cock watching the Headmaster and other male teachers fuck his niece on the office desk. Noticing his niece wake up and trying to cover herself, he addressed her without taking his eyes from the screen for more than a few seconds.

"It's a bit late to be covering yourself now, Lara; you've already allowed all these men to fuck you. How many were there? Five? Six?"

Lara honestly couldn't answer the question because she had tried to block out what the men were doing to her and had lost count of each time she had been penetrated. After a while, one cock felt very much like the last one and she had been lost in her own reluctant orgasms. Her uncle had noticed this too.

"Don't try to tell me you didn't enjoy it, Lara. You came just as much as they did. Didn't you?"

"I couldn't help myself, uncle. Please believe me. All these men were doing these things to me but I didn't want them to. I know it doesn't look like it on the DVD but it must have been edited out. All of this was against my will. I've always been a good girl. I'm still a good girl."

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