Lara at Work


Lara had had a busy morning at work. One of her colleagues in the elderly residential home was off sick and that left the young eighteen year old to care for eight residents alone with Matron. She was an older woman of about fifty but was very lazy and had left Lara to do most of the work herself. While Lara had served the residents their lunch, Matron was secretly getting drunk in her office.

Now the residents had finished having their lunch and were gathering in the day-room for some relaxation. Most of them were able to walk there themselves and Lara had just wheeled the last of the wheelchair-bound patients into the room. He was an ex-sailor who was paralysed from the waist down after an accident many years ago onboard ship. As Lara put the brakes on his wheel chair he whispered something to her. Not hearing him at first she bent forward to get closer to him.

That is when he grabbed her. Although his legs were useless he had developed his upper body strength over the years and now he used that strength to hold the young girl tight to his chest.

"We're going to have some fun this afternoon, Lara, and you are going to be the star attraction. Look."

He turned her round, keeping his strong arms wrapped around her. Now she practically sat in his lap while she faced the other residents, men and women. These were people she had cared for over the summer months as she prepared to go to university but now they were gathering around with lust in their eyes. Lara didn't know what they were up to; she was a good girl and always did what she was told. She knew nothing about sex and became upset when the elderly men rubbed her bottom or grabbed her breasts when she was helping them to dress, getting them in and out of the bath or helping them on and off the toilet.

"Now, Lara, I hope you are not going to scream or cry out. If you do we will have to silence you but we hope you won't make us do that. We are going to play a game where each of us will be granted a wish and each wish will be related to you. Do you understand?"

Lara didn't understand anything; all she wanted to do was care for these elderly residents but they seemed to have other plans for her.

"Let me go," she struggled.

"I'm sorry, Lara, I can't do that. I see we will have to silence you. Betty, can you help please?"

Betty was a large lady of sixty-five. Lara watched in disbelief as this lady she had helped to dress this morning pulled up her long summer dress and revealed her big black knickers. She pulled them down her thick legs, showing her hairy pussy to everyone in the room and stepped out of them. Picking them up off the floor, she walked over to where Lara was being held.

"Open wide, dear," she instructed Lara. When the young girl clamped her mouth tightly shut and shook her head Betty pinched her nose until Lara had to open her mouth to breathe. As soon as she did so Betty stuffed her big, dirty knickers into Lara's reluctant mouth. She couldn't help but taste the piss stains on the crotch of Betty's knickers as well as something else which she didn't want to think about.

"Now, Lara, it is time for our first wish. Tom, what would you like?"

"I want to see her tits," said Tom, a man who had been a resident in the home for many years and was nearly eighty years old.

"Of course," replied the old sailor, holding Lara by the arms. Betty again approached the young girl, grabbed hold of her uniform top and pulled down the zip. Everyone was staring at Lara's large breasts, covered by her small white bra. While everyone else stared Betty grabbed Lara's bra and pulled it down, revealing the girl's tits to all the residents. They continued to stare while old Tom smiled delightedly. It had been a long time since he had seen such a beautiful pair of tits. Lara struggled in vain, her head thrashing from side to side, her face burning red with shame.

"Your turn, Mary. What is your wish?"

"I want to see her cunt?" said Mary, a foul-mouthed woman who swore and cursed at all the staff in the room and even at some of the residents and their families.

"OK, Mary, but I think Betty will need some help with your request. Why don't you give her a hand."

Mary moved her wheelchair over to where Lara was held and grabbed her by one of her ankles. Betty took Lara's other leg and stretched it in the opposite direction. Lara still tried to stop this but she was no match for these elderly tormentors and looked down to see Betty's hand open her trousers, slide them over her struggling legs, over her feet and off. Slowly moving her old hands back up the young girl's smooth legs, Betty reached up and pulled down Lara's tiny knickers.

"Look," she said, holding up the white thong like a prize, showing it to all the others. "And the crotch is wet; this young slut is enjoying this. Aren't you, Lara?"

Lara shook her head forcefully from side to side. She had never been so frightened, so humiliated, yet there was another feeling running through her that she didn't understand. She had never felt anything like this before but it seemed to be running from her private place between her legs up to her breasts and back again.

"I can see her cunt, I can see her cunt" chanted Mary as the sailor wrapped one of his muscular arms around both of Lara's and started to slide his finger up and down her wet slit. Lara struggled with all her might but there was nothing she could do -- he was too strong for her and within a few minutes all the residents were looking at the curly hair between her legs. She cried in shame but none of the elderly men or women even seemed to notice; all they were interested in was the young girl held on the sailor's lap, her large tits sticking out, her nipples enlarged and her hairy cunt dripping.

"Now, Ben, what is your wish?"

Ben was someone that Lara had always liked; he had always seemed like such a gentleman and had always been very polite to her. Now he approached her with a look of menace in his eyes. He pulled something from his trousers and switched it on. Lara heard the sound of Ben's electric razor and looked down in disbelief as the old man lifted it to her pussy and started to shave. She cried in shame as the curls fell from between her legs and the tears fell down her face as he bent down and continued to shave all the way round to her dirty hole. Lara couldn't believe this was happening as she looked down for the first time and saw her bald pussy. It looked so different and felt so sensitive when Ben patted her with his rough hand once he had finished.

"Margaret, it's your turn now. What do you want?"

Margaret was a small, kindly woman who Lara hoped would allow her to be set free but, instead, the older woman said, with a grin, "I want to see her totally naked."

Lara had never been naked in front of anyone since she had been a small child and hated the idea of it happening here at her work. Between them, however, the sailor, Ben, Mary, Tom and Betty managed to strip her naked and then dropped her on to the floor. Lara thought, just for a second that she was going to be able to escape but then Betty sat down on her stomach and Lara realised she was going nowhere. Apart from all the humiliation she had endured so far, Lara realised that she had not had the time to go to the toilet all morning and, with Betty pressing on her bladder with her big, fat arse, the younger girl really need to pee.

There were two residents left and Lara looked up to see them both standing at her head. They were twins who didn't really need to be in the home but had both had so many incontinence problems that they had decided to move in and be taken care of. Now in their early sixties, they were both relatively fit and quite attractive. Elizabeth was the one who always took control and whatever she said her twin sister, Jill, always carried out. Lara didn't know how she could be any more humiliated than lying on the floor on front of the residents, totally naked and with fat Betty sitting on her. She was, however, totally shocked when the twins started to undress each other and very soon Lara was looking up at the naked bodies of two elderly but beautiful women, their tits slightly sagging but not by much. They had trim bodies and didn't look to have any extra fat on their bottoms either, Lara noticed, when both of the women did a twirl in front of everyone else and paraded their naked bodies for all to see.

"I guess we don't have to ask what you girls want to do next. We'll all just sit back and enjoy the show."

Elizabeth moved until she had one foot at either side of Lara's head allowing the young girl to look straight up to the older woman's dripping pussy. The only thing was Lara wasn't sure if it was dripping because the older woman needed to pee too. Then she lowered herself on to Lara's face and ordered her to, "Lick my pussy, bitch."

Lara didn't know what to do. Her head was trapped by the older woman's knees and her mouth was sitting immediately below the woman's hairy, wet pussy but Lara couldn't imagine reaching out with her tongue and tasting another woman's private parts. Still in shock, she felt Betty get up off her and thought that this might be her chance to escape, even with Elizabeth kneeling on her face but then she felt someone between her legs and holding on to her thighs. She tried to look around Elizabeth but the older woman looked down and instructed her, "Just do to me what Jill does to you." Lara didn't understand what she meant until she felt a soft, wet tongue run up her private place and send a shiver right through her body. She could only imagine that it was Jill's tongue that was making her wetter than she had ever been and looked up to see Elizabeth pull apart her pussy lips and say, "Now, lick me."

Lara still couldn't believe that she was being asked to do this even though what Jill was doing to her felt so good. She hesitated but when Elizabeth reached behind her and pinched the young girl's nipples, Lara knew that she had to do what she was told. Tentatively she opened her innocent mouth and reached out with her tongue. When she touched the older woman's hairy slit Elizabeth let out a moan and sank further onto Lara's mouth. As Jill probed deeper and deeper into Lara's pussy, so the young girl did the same to Elizabeth's. As Jill stroked one finger up and down Lara's slit, so the young girl freed one of her hands and stroked Elizabeth's wet cunt. As Jill flicked Lara's clit with her thumb so Lara did the same to Elizabeth until the older woman started to buck harder and faster on the face of the younger girl.

"Yes! Yes! That's it! Do it! Lick me! Fuck Me! I'm cummmming!" screamed Elizabeth. And Lara would have screamed out in orgasm too if her mouth hadn't been filled with the older woman's cunt and juices.

As they both came back down from their orgasms, Lara remembered where she was and what she was doing. She had just cum for the first time in her young life on the floor of her work place. She had just cum in front of eight elderly people and she had just made another woman cum with her tongue and her fingers. She didn't think it could get any worse. But it could!

As Elizabeth recovered from her orgasm she made no move to raise herself from Lara's face; instead she looked down on the young girl's cum covered face and asked, "Are you ready for this?"

Lara was again at a loss as to what she meant and was about to ask when she was suddenly met with Elizabeth's piss flowing from her pussy and covering Lara's face and long, curly hair. It seemed to flow forever and Lara had no escape as Elizabeth refused to move from her face. When she felt Jill's hand press against her own belly she realised that she was going to pee too and very soon felt her own piss poured out between her pussy lips, covering Jill's face and leaving a pool on the floor. Once she was finished, she was so ashamed she simply closed her eyes and hoped never to see this place again but when she opened her eyes she was faced with even more humiliation.

All the women had lifted their skirts and removed their knickers. All the men had opened the zips on their trousers and were wanking their cocks. As the women started to piss on the young girl, the men all seemed to cum together and shot their spunk over her face, tits and cunt.

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