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Lara Croft and the Druids


Please Note the Actual name for this story is LARA CROFT AND THE DRUIDS OF STONEHENGE, but it appears my title was too long, but hey what you gonna do? INYOTEF ;)


Disclaimer: I do not own the character Lara Croft or the Tomb Raider franchise from which the character is taken. This fanfic was written for the entertainment of those who read it. Characters in this story are taken from the Tomb Raider Legend & Underworld video games by Crystal Dynamics and Eidos Interactive (now Square Enix).

The unnaturally cold air caused her breath to turn into steam as she ran as fast as she could through the thick lush grass, pushing her aching limbs. Her mind flashing with a million images at once, as if someone had put on a slideshow right in front of her eyes.

Flash after flash caused her head to throb, as she saw herself sprawled out on the stone table being used by those sadistic bastards.

Lara Croft pushed her body harder, she could hear the noise behind her, the barking of the bloodhounds cashing after her; they had her scent. She had to get away, had to run faster, she would not let the murderous cult catch her; that knowledge wasn't worth it.

Another flash, she saw the tall hooded man in the maroon robe pushing his hard cock into her flashing before her eyes; it caused her to stumble...

"NO!" Lara yelled loosing her footing and falling off the edge of the cliff...


...Two weeks earlier...

...The University of Cambridge, England...

There was the usual hustle and bustle of the students moving around campus contributing to the lively atmosphere of collage life.

Alistair Fletcher moved up and down the lecture hall as he continued his lesson...

..."And thus there is very little we know about the druids. Celts, Gaul's, these..." "These, priestly men were a part of that ancient folk. Some even entertain the belief that all of the learned class made up a conglomerate, the benchmark of collective knowledge; that this group made up a conspiritorious hierarchy of druides, of course such speculations, are, well, are just, speculations."

There was a hand from near the back, a fair girl from Manchester...

"Abigail, yes, your question please?" Alistair asked her.

"Mr. Fletcher, if these speculations you speak of were true, it would mean that there is a whole lot about the history of the Celtics and the Gaul's we know nothing about."

Alistair removed his transition spectacles and cleaned it with a cloth, then put it back on and looked at the class. He paused, dramatically as only he could, before speaking again...

"Our class is meant to stick to the black and white of the text book I'm afraid, Abigail."

A boy in the front row interrupted him, "but Mr. Fletcher, you go gallivanting around the world with Lara Croft."

"Actually, Bradley is it?"

The boy nodded.

"Yes Bradley, Lara, Ms Croft, goes on her expeditions by herself, I merely assist her with research. Anyway, how has my involvement with Ms Croft had any relevance to our discussion?"

"Because", Bradley interjected, "everyone knows that Lara Croft's expeditions do not stick to the text books."

Alistair smiled, "good point..."

"The fact is that there have been rumors of certain scrolls that were hidden by these Druids..."

Abigail interrupted, "Mr. Fletcher, the speculations I heard were of an entire book that held secretes of the ancient cultures of the druids, secretes that if sought after saw the one's seeking ending up as a human sacrifice..."

Bradley confirmed, "The 'book of the Forgotten Lost'."

Alistair stared at Bradley then at Abigail.

"Thank you everyone that is it for today, come Monday Professor Wentworth will be continuing after his leave of absence."

There was a grumble as the students shuffled out of the auditorium. Alistair headed to the door and waited.

"Abigail and Bradley, I was wondering if I could have a quick word."

The two students followed him to his desk.

"Perhaps you two would be interested in having a meeting with Ms Croft and myself, I believe she would be most interested in hearing what your thoughts are on the fabled Forgotten Lost."

"Why would she want to talk to us?" Bradley asked.

"Well Bradley as you put it; she doesn't follow the text book..."

"You and Abigail her are the brightest students in the class, and your minds aren't as narrowed as your stodgy bastard professors."

Abigail was surprised, but Bradley who found the comment quite amusing chuckled.

"So how about it, would you like to meet Lara Croft?"


Abigail's eyes were all over the place. She came from a wealthy family, but that didn't compare to this in the least. The home was enormous, the upper crust of aristocratic English society.

On Alistair's invitation, she had come to this little charity benefit at Croft Manor to have a private audience with the young countess. There seemed to be a million people around all dressed in the most expensive tuxedos and night gowns, added to that was plenty of hired help serving expensive drinks and cocktail wieners.

One of there servers walked up to her, he was an elderly man, and from what she could tell by his posture, he was a very proper gentleman. He smiled as he approached her.

"Ms. Abigail Heart I presume?"

"Yes", Abigail answered coyly.

"My name is Winston madam, I am lady Crofts butler, please would you be so kind as to follow me, Lady Croft is expecting you."

Abigail hadn't heard someone speak this politely or properly in...

...Well, ever.

Either way she followed the old man through the crowd and up the staircase and to the right into a large hall with all manner of decorative medieval armor. They passed a number of oak double doors and when they came to the fourth one on the left Winston stopped in front of it.

"Through here madam, there is a anther door within that leads into the study, Lady Croft and the young man, master Bradley Devlin are already inside."

Abigail smiled again and walked into the inner-room, Winston shutting the door behind her. She walked to the second door knocking softly on it, "Hallo?"

She put her ear to the door to hear if anyone was really inside. Not hearing anything she took the gold plated handle and opened the door. She stepped into the lavish study with its expensive rosewood tables, desks and bookstands, and its leather upholstered wingbacks. She heard the leather sofa squeaking and when she looked over she saw Bradley rocking back and forth.

The back of the sofa was to her so she couldn't see what was happening, but on the arm she saw Lara Croft's face pushed against it and her jaw grit tightly.

Abigail stood there awestruck as she watched Bradley groan as he moved obviously banging the hell out of Lady Croft.

"Oh god", Abigail said, louder than she intended to.

Lara Croft looked over at the petite little brunette girl that stood gawking at her. She was an attractive young woman with a pert C cupped size breasts pushed up in the emerald green night dress she wore, the entire ensemble hugging her hour glass frame nicely.

It seemed Bradley was lost in pleasure, not even noticing Abigail had entered the room, still thrusting away at Lara's slick and soaked sex. He groaned as Lara pulled her waist forward to get up, his rock hard cock sliding out of her shaven pussy.

Lara wore an elegant black, braless Christen Dior nightgown with a split that ran up the right leg. Right now the dress was shuffled up her waist exposing her nakedness. Her lace lack satin panties lay over the top of the sofa, and her open toed sandals were on the floor.

Lara looked up at Abigail smiling, there was a glow to her face from the layer of perspiration, and her long flowing brown hair that had once been sprayed down, was now a bit disheveled.

"You must be Abigail", Lara said, as if her being caught shagging Abigail's young classmate was no big deal. Bradley meanwhile had gone pale when he finally noticed Abby standing there, here eyes glued to his dangling ding dong.

Lara noticed as well and smiled again, "we got so bored waiting for you and Alistair to arrive we decided to amuse ourselves."

Lara sat back down on the seat and gripped Brad's thick cock and started jerking it again when she noticed it was beginning to soften. She opened her mouth and sucked on his dick as she pumped her fist over it. When he was fully erect again she pushed him down so that he sat against the arm and mounted him.

"Ahh", she breathed as she felt him glide into her burning sex again and started thrusting her hips up and down. Brad for his part had no objections, the Lady of Croft Manor was the hottest woman he had ever met and she was as randy as a bitch in heat.

Abby just stood there not believing what she was witnessing as she watched Lara Croft ride Brad. She couldn't help herself, she moved around the seat to see how Lara's firm round ass rippled as her wet pussy ran up and down Brad's length.

Lara through her head back as she thrust harder, her pussy gripping around Bradley's cock as it was welcomed deeper into her warm pussy. Droplets of sweat were running down her ample chest as she moved, Brad's eyes fixed on her large round breasts as it bounced in front of him.

Bradley started groaning as Lara fucked him faster, driving her pussy over his throbbing cock he was going to cum any second and he wasn't sure if she'd want him to ejaculate his sperm inside her.

He didn't need to worry, Lara felt the urgency with which he was throbbing and got off his cock, she took the reddened shaft and pumped it rapidly.

Not able to contain herself any longer, Abby came closer, bent down and swallowed Brad's cock while Lara masturbated him.

"Fuck", Brad groaned louder, as Abby sucked him hard, he watched her cheeks hollow as she bobbed her head faster. He shook, jerked than ripped, spraying huge globs of cum into his classmate's mouth.

Abby moaned as the thick milky seed splattered into her mouth. She swallowed the entire load looking straight up at Brad. Lara pulled her head away and went adown to lick the boys impressive member clean.

The trio quickly fixed themselves as they heard someone enter the outer room.

Alistair walked into the room, a curious look on his face as he looked at Lara, Bradley and Abigail.

"Well, sorry I'm late everyone, I had to have a chat with Professor Worth of Cambridge University, but I'm sure we can get started."

"Indeed", Lara nodded, she still looked a bit unsettled, "Well, I suppose I have to explain the reason we're all here."

She turned to the Harvard students, "Alistair says you both know quite a bit about the fabled Forgotten Lost..."

"But what if I were to tell you, it is not a fable, that the book actually exists."

Brad and Abby looked at each other then at Lara and Alistair.

"What I want to do is give you both the opportunity to prove this to the world, I want you two to compare research with Alistair and help me find the book."

"Hold on", Bradley interrupted, "how do we even know where to start?"

"The Druids Bradley", Alistair said, we find the druids, and we find the book.

"Lord Halphet Forlan", Abby said.

"The Count of Cholet?" Lara asked.

"He has connections to the ancestry of a supposed gualish druidic cult, the only man with such linage."

"It's a start", Lara said starting to pace the room, "Alistair, I want you to let the students know everthing you dug up on the probability of the Forgotten Lost's existence, and have Zip track down Count Forlan..."

"Forlan's a recluse" Abby said, "He only ever leaves his mansion for a major boxing event, it's his only passion."

"Carter 'the slugger' Jones, is defending the world heavy weight title in Budapest this Saturday", Brad commented.

"Alright, Alistair..."

"I know, have Zip check if Forlan will be at the fight."

Lara smiled at him then looked to Brad and Abby, "Bradley I want you to join Alistair."

She watched as Bradley and Alistair left the room then turned to Abigail smiling wickedly.

"I'm afraid that poor boy is rather inexperienced when it comes to thoroughly pleasing a woman, I don't suppose you could help scratch my itch?"


"Oh god.".. a tremmering moan escaped Lara's lips, as Abby's knowing hands made her writher in pleasure.

She had lian back down on the sofa and peeled her panties to one side so that the young girl could help relieve her unfulfilled sexual desire.

Abby watched as Lara grew wetter and wetter as she continued to run her finger in and out of her warming sex. Lara started thrashing about on the couch as she grew more and more excited. Abby lowered her head, catching Lara's clitoris with her lips sucking on it softly before nibbling on it. Lara's hips jerked into her, and she yelped. Abby quickly inserted a second finger and followed through driving it into Lara's soaking pussy faster and faster, watching Lady Croft moan some of the most delectable cursings as her pussy started to tense.

"Hahh", Abby whined in shock as a pair of hands gripped her thighs and pull her waist down. A shiver shot up her spine as her pussy made contact with cool lips, a tongue feeling like a smooth warmth darting into her sex. She looked down to see Brad between her legs lapping away at her thin little slit. She continued to work at pleasuring Lara who was oh so close to release.

Feeling Lara's pussy start to tighten Abby removed her finger, and wrapped her hands around her thighs, burying her head on Lara's pussy, and pressing her tongue as far in as possible, licking and sucking inside her.

"Oh god, omigod.. ogogdogodogod", Lara moaned as she was brought to the edge of desire.

Abby was starting to find it difficult to eat Lara out as she too started moaning with Brad working magic between her own legs. Her muffled moans increasing as his tongue alternated between darting inside her tight pussy and lapping over her clit.

It was when Brad left her thighs to spread her pussy lips open that she bit down on Lara's clit. Both women gave a strained yell; Abby at the surprise of Brad's fingers pulling her nether-lips apart. Lara at the sheer exhilaration of the climax that shot through her system sending her body into tingling sparks.

Abby raised her head from between Lara's legs, her mouth glistening with the sweet clear excretions of the Lady's sex. She bit back the pleasure as Brad continued to lap the insides of her cunt, her own climax building quickly.

Unable to think or move, Abby found herself grinding her hips into Brad's face, caught in the complete rapture this sexual encounter.

She bit her full bottom lip as her nibbled and bit at her swollen clit, his fingers dipping inside her pussy as he spread them as wide as her extra tight girth would allow.

"Mmmmnnn.. Ohh, fuck", Abby could no longer hold back, the shivers running through her body starting to spread into an all enveloping urge for more. She looked into Lara's fluttering eyes, as she drove her hips down faster, raking her aching pussy over Brad's face. Brad shoved three fingers into Abby's cunt and bit down on her clit, welcoming her to the feeling of sweet surrender.

Abby gripped the Lara's inner thighs, and pinched her eyes close as she came, the muscles in her legs and thighs tightening, as her body shot into shuddering spasms. She bit her lip as she felt her cum trail down her thighs.

She opened her eyes slowly as she tried to breathe, feeling Brad's tongue lapping her clean increasing the pleasure. Bradley got up from between her legs, and as he stood Abby saw his cock visibly twitch in needed attention.

Lara noticed too and got up pulling her dress down and heading for the door...

"I'll give you two some privacy shall I?" she winked.


Lara came into the tech-room where Zip was busy as usual on his computers, "Any news?" she asked leaning on the back of his chair.

"That chick was right; Halphet Forlan and his bodyguard Luscious will be at the boxing match."

"So it's on to Budapest then", Lara said...

"Do be a dear and make the arrangements Zip."

"Already done, your private jet will be fuelled for the journey."

"Thank you..."

"The book of the Forgotten Lost, no doubt something that holds so much secretes brings with it deathly hollows..."

"Oh well", she smiled...

"I'm just a sucker for danger."


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