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Lara Croft...The Untold Stories



The safari was two weeks out of Kenyatta...the first part of the journey made by Land Rover and the last a walk through jungle so thick that they were lucky to make a mile a day. The line of porters snaked along behind, twenty men in all carrying the supplies that would be needed to get the expedition into the area where the tomb of Kinchassa was supposed to be found. The air in the lush greenery was humid and still...sweat stained everyone's clothing dark.

Lara Croft took a handkerchief out of the back pocket of her shorts and wiped her brow. She checked the compass she wore round her neck on a lanyard to make sure that they were still headed due north. She wore a sleeveless black tee shirt, camo shorts, black ankle high boots, around her hips was slung a canvas belt that held up her twin holstered .357 magnum Desert Eagle automatics.


Lara turned around. The Head Porter's name was Shames. He was an imposing specimen...6'8" and 280 pounds, wearing just a loin cloth. Sweat glistened on his naked torso, making his black skin gleam like polished ebony. A scar ran from the crown of his shaven head down across his eyebrow and then midway across his right cheek. "What is it?"

Shames hesitated for a moment as his eyes took in the sight of the white woman's full breasts straining against the soaked tee shirt she wore, her large nipples obvious through the thin cloth. "The men worry about the direction that we're headed. You've turned north."

"We are indeed headed north." Lara said. "Is that a problem?"

"That is the direction of the jungle of the Golden Ape. I told you before we left Nairobi the men will not go there."

"They shan't have to enter it. They will wait while I enter."

"They do not want to go anywhere near it. It is cursed place." His eyes lingered on those large teats poking through the cotton tee shirt. What would it be like to take those in your mouth and suckle them, he thought. Would she moan if you ran your tongue around those tips? He felt his cock stir beneath his loin cloth.

"Tell them that I will double their pay."

Shames licked his dry lips. "I don't think they will do it."

Lara felt his gaze on her breasts, her eyes behind her round sunglasses following his. She knew that with no bra on in the stifling heat and her shirt soaked through that her large breasts were probably on the minds of more than one of the native porters. She glanced down at Shames' loin cloth and noted that it was tenting out just slightly. If he was as well endowed there as he was everywhere else she was sure that he'd be hung like a bull. "I'm sure you could talk them into it..." Lara let her voice grow husky. She knew how to use her sexuality as a tool. "I know that someone like you isn't afraid of some silly curse."

"I will try..."

Lara patted his thick forearm, letting her breast briefly press against the big man's elbow as she brushed past him. "Thank you, Shames."

Two days passed as the expedition went deeper and deeper into the dense jungle. The porter's sense of nervousness increased with each mile they finished. As they made camp for the night, Shames went to Lara Croft's tent.

"The men will go no further," he said.

Lara looked up at the big African from her cot. She had stripped out of all her sweaty clothing and was wearing just panties and a clingy tank top. "I need them to get me one day's march closer, Shames. They'll do it if you ask them..."

Shames shook his head. "I agree with them..."

Lara felt his eyes on her nearly naked body. "Perhaps we could reach an arrangement?" She smiled knowingly. "You convince the men to go one more days march...and I'll show you what you want to see."

Shames felt his cock start to fill with hot blood. Her cotton panties were so thin he could actually make out the line of her pussy lips. Her big nipples jutted out from her top. "And what is it I want to see?"

Lara took the bottom of her top and slowly pulled it upwards. "These."

When the woman's heavy breasts came into view, Shames stared speechlessly. Her dark nipples looked like ripe raspberries almost bursting with juice. He felt his erection pushing out his loincloth. "They are more perfect than I imagined," he said.

Lara's eyes were riveted by the tenting on his narrow loin cloth. "Guess what I want to see, Shames?" She licked her lower lip. Reached out and lifted the loin cloth. As she did the swollen cock beneath sprang out at her. She took it in her long slender fingers and squeezed it, running her thumb over the broad head. She leaned her head forward.

Shames moaned deep in his throat as he watched the luscious lips of the English lady make contact with the swollen helmet of his thick phallus. Lara Croft stuck out her pink tongue and slowly lapped at the wide knob. A bead of pre-cum leaked from the tip and she used her tongue to flick it into her open mouth. She smiled up at him from the cot.

"Promise you won't tell the others..." Lara whispered.

"I promise...I promise..."

She opened her mouth and took him inside, her dark eyes looking up at him as she started suck at his cock, her cheeks hollowing slightly as she did so, her lips locked around the girth of his shaft as she started to bob her head up and down on him. Her long, elegant fingers cupped his dangling scrotum...lifting the egg sized testicles and squeezing them gently.

"Oh...ma'am..." Shames gasped. His knees shook. His eyes glazed over. She swirled her tongue around his half buried prick and the sensation sent him over the edge. He felt his hot semen burst out of his pulsing cock, a thick jet of his cream that made Lara Croft's cheeks puff out, before she gulped greedily, swallowing his seed. He grasped the tent pole to keep from falling over. Lara kept sucking gently until his erection slowly lost its stiffness. When it was soft she let the head slip out from her lips, a bead of pearly white cum clinging to her lower lip as she backed away.

"That was quite yummy, Shames..." Lara said, licking her lips. She got to her feet. "Next time I think I'll let you fuck my breasts." She cupped those heavy mounds for him. "Would you like that?"

He nodded dumbly.

She smiled knowingly. "And after that...who knows..." She ran a finger along his heavily muscled stomach. "I've never had a big black cock inside of me before. I think it might be a treat. Keep up your good work with the men and we will see..."

Shames nodded eagerly. "Yes, ma'am...I will...I will..."

Shortly after noon the following day Lara stepped dozen yards off the faint trail they were following and dropped her shorts and panties to pee. As the porters made their way past just out of sight through the dense jungle foliage, she squatted and pissed a golden stream onto the ground beneath her bare ass.

A mosquito bit her hard on the neck and Lara slapped at the thing. When she did a tiny dart fell from her neck and she looked at it curiously...as her eyesight clouded over and the ground rushed up at her face. Drugged, she thought to herself. She gave a little sigh as she lost consciousness.

Lara turned her head, blinking her eyes to clear the lingering effects of the drug from her foggy mind. She lifted her chin up from the large block of polished wood she was draped across. That was when she realized that she had been totally stripped of every bit of her clothing. "Oh, my..." she murmured to herself.

A large drum started to slowly bang somewhere inside of the huge cavern and a low chant came from all around her. She realized that there were yellow eyes gleaming in the darkness. Dozens of pairs.

Lara saw a small figure emerge from the shadows. A boy she thought but then realized that the boy had facial hair and the features of a much older man. The man was a pygmy...not more than four feet tall. It wasn't his small stature that made Lara's jaw drop however, it was the enormous swollen member that jutted out of his crotch as he danced around her. His cock had to be a foot long and was as thick as a soda can. It bobbed up and down as he moved...a black battering ram that made her heart pound. She turned her head to watch him as he moved only to lose sight of him as he slid behind the altar. When the scratchy surface of his tongue made contact with her slightly open labia, Lara's eyes opened wide with surprise. She bit down on her lower lip as he began to lick and suck at her pussy. She felt herself start to grow wet. She moaned softly. She felt fingers probe her puckered pink anus and winced. When one pushed up inside of her tight sphincter she grimaced. "You dirty bugger..." she hissed at her unseen attacker. "Don't you dare..."

His only response was to push another finger up into her tight cunt, while his tongue found her prominent clitoris and started to flick back and forth against the little bud. He worked his fingers in and out of her tight holes.

"Oh...my...God!" Lara arched her back and went rigid. The orgasm when it hit her ripped through her loins so quickly that she couldn't contain it. She bucked atop the smooth alter, embarrassed by the audible squishing noises coming from her sopping wet pussy. When she felt the velvety soft tip of the pygmy's huge cock replace the finger that had been in her cunt she knew what was coming next. She was about to be mounted by the little man and his elephant prick as all those watching eyes observed.

Her eyes went wide as the man behind her started to push up into her, the sheer girth of that stiff prick like nothing she'd ever felt. The hard shaft was hot inside of her wet sheath, going deeper inch by grudging inch. She heard him grunt with effort behind her, his rough fingers digging into her waist as he strained to get all of his cock up inside of her. "Oh...stop...please stop...I can't take anymore..." she panted.

He ignored her entreaties pushing until he was buried inside of Lara's plump pussy lips right up to the root of his impressive tool. He hesitated for just a few seconds and then started to fuck her with the smallest of strokes, chanting something in a tongue that Lara had never heard before.

"Oh..." Lara croaked plaintively as the thick shaft of his swollen phallus rubbed against her already excited clitoris. She could feel his oversized testicles slapping against her puckered pink ass hole each time he bottomed out inside of her. Her heavy breasts swayed and jiggled with each stroke, the big gum drop nipples pebbled nicely in the chill of the cave. "Oh...sweet lord..." she gasped as the tiny man mounted her like a prize bull. It was without question the biggest cock she'd ever had inside of her cunt and it was doing things to her that no man had ever done before. The tendons in her long slender neck strained as she lifted her head and actually snorted...a second orgasm ripping through her loins. The big cock kept plunging in and out of her juicy pink gash as Lara writhed atop the polished wood alter. The little man's endurance was breathtaking. It was like being fucked by a piston driven machine. Lara arched her back and groaned loudly. Her heavy breasts jiggled in small circles as he held her hips and gave her one long thrust after another.

As her eyes became adjusted to the dimness of the cave Lara began to make out details of her surroundings. On the rock wall just in front of her were pictographs done in vivid colors of red, yellow and blue. They were a series of depictions of women bent over the very same wooden block as she now found herself tied to. In the first, the woman was being taken from behind by one pygmy. In the second she was also being taken orally by another. In the third she was mounted by yet another little man from behind...the picture showing him squatting above and thrusting a huge prick into the anus of the helpless woman. Lara moaned with distress as she realized that what was happening to her now was just the beginning.

When the next pygmy stepped from the shadows to stand in front of her, Lara could only shake her head at the sight of his swollen cock standing proudly in front of him. He grinned at her, his white teeth gleaming against black skin. She tried to turn her head away but he gripped the sides of her head and turned her back. The head of his penis brushed her lips. Another hard thrust from the big cock behind her made Lara gasp with feeling and as she did the cock at her mouth pushed between her gaped lips and into her warmth. She started to breathe through her nostrils as the big prick was making it hard to breathe normally. He held her ears and started to slowly fuck her face, his hips pushing deeper into her. Lara fought not to gag as the tiny man's cock pushed up against the back of her throat.

The two of them started to move together, rocking her back and forth with their big swollen poles as Lara writhed atop the polished wooden altar. The friction of that huge cock penetrating her tight pussy was sending her towards yet another orgasm and from the taste of semen leaking from the cock in her mouth Lara guessed that the pygmy getting his cock fellated was not far behind. Lara started to suck at the man's slowly moving penis. He groaned happily, his big grin getting even wider.

When the third pygmy emerged from hiding, Lara tensed with fear. She knew only too well what the next step was going to be. When he leapt up onto the altar and straddled her sprawled body she prepared herself for what was to come. She felt his fingers push into her puckered pink anus, smearing something slippery to prep her for his cock.

Her eyes widened as the last pygmy started to push his bulbous cock head into the rubbery ring of her ass. It felt like he was trying to stuff a telephone pole up her tight virgin hole. When it popped inside she nearly fainted. The thing went deeper and deeper until she was sure it was going to come out her throat it was so buried. The sensation of those two massive black cocks inside of her body was like nothing she'd ever experienced. Lara felt herself climax yet again, helpless as the three of them used her mouth, cunny and ass. The beating drums started to go faster and the pygmies responded by increasing the speed with which they were fucking her. Lara could only surrender herself to the plunging cocks, her loins aching and throbbing as they had their way with her helpless body. The drums pounded and the blood roared in her ears as she came again and again. The drumbeats reached a crazy crescendo and Lara felt the cock in her mouth pulse wildly and then she was swallowing the huge quantity of hot semen that the squat little man shot down her throat. At the same time the two behind her deposited their own loads of hot cum...one deep in her womb and the other deep inside of her ass. All three cocks pulled from her sweat soaked body as the drums went silent and the only sounds were Lara's ragged breathing. Cum leaked from the corner of her mouth and ran down her thighs from both her pussy and her ass. She lay across the heavy block of polished wood...totally spent from all the times she'd been made to cum, her luscious body limp with exhaustion. She closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep.

Tombu the Tracker found the English woman's naked body deep in the bowels of the cave. His torch light flickering on her pale white buttocks and the darkness of her pussy hair between those open legs. It was obvious that she had been used sexually by the pygmies, the dried semen on her chin and inner thighs. As he looked at her luscious flesh he felt his own cock start to swell beneath his loin cloth. He'd been told by Shames about the wonders of fucking the Englishwoman. He came closer, squatting down behind the sprawled woman. With his finger he parted her meaty lips and slowly pushed up inside of her warmth. As he did, Lara mewled softly and spread her legs apart for him.

Shames was right, Tombu thought. This was a woman who could not get enough cock to satisfy her. He stood up, lifting his loin cloth and steering his stiff prick to the hole that he'd just fingered. With a slow thrust he impaled that black haired pussy with his cock. It was so wet and warm that for just a moment he stayed motionless enjoying the feeling. The Englishwoman's cunt gripped his penis, and she moaned softly. Tombu smiled. 'My first white woman,' he thought. And what a woman it was. He took Lara Croft by her hips and started to work his cock in and out of her.

Lara awoke from her exhausted sleep to the aching need in her once again aroused snatch. She gasped as the cock inside her pulled out and then glided back up into her tight slit. She arched her back and came, her body jerking spastically. When it had passed she looked over her shoulder to where she assumed she would see another of the pygmies having his way with her. Instead it was the elderly tracker Tombu, grinning at her as he fucked her upturned pussy.

"Bloody hell..." Lara exclaimed. "I'm getting used by every dick in the country." He thrust his rock hard cock deep and ground his pelvis against her heart shaped ass cheeks. "Hurry up, Tombu..." she hissed. "Before those little buggers come back for more..."

Tombu gave her some quick, short strokes and then shot his seed deep in that juicy fold. The memory of what Shames said the Englishwoman did with her mouth flashed through the elderly tracker's mind and he pulled his dripping cock out of her pussy and slid quickly around to where the woman's mouth was. Lara was starting to say something before she noticed what he was doing and before she could react his cock was between her lips and filling her mouth. Tombu fucked away, grinning from ear to ear as he sawed away at Lara Croft's pretty mouth.

That dirty old bastard, Lara thought as she was forced to suck Tombu's cock. He was holding her head as he had her fellate his prick. She could taste her own juices mixed with the man's cum. How many cocks is it now that I've sucked since I started this damned expedition? Lara wondered to herself. The things I do for treasure...

Tombu pulled out from the aristocratic Englishwoman's mouth, a string of white semen going from the tip of his cock to her pouting lower lip. He grinned, showing his toothless smile. Lara flicked out her tongue and licked up the tendril. Tombu patted her sweating forehead and motioned that they should go.

"Wham...bam...thank you Ma'am" Lara said sarcastically as she stood up from the alter she'd been used on for so many hours, her muscles aching. She spotted her clothing laying against the wall and remarkably her holstered guns. Grabbing them all she followed Tombu down the dim corridor, her bare feet padding against the cool stones.


Hopefully you enjoy Lady Croft's adventures. If you have comments, criticisms or suggestions feel free to let me know. Thanks

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