Lara Goes Back To School Again Ch. 01


"Now, I am going to show you how to examine yourself."

Sara couldn't imagine how this could get any worse but as soon as the doctor touched her sensitive pussy she realised it was only just beginning. Lara very gently ran her finger the length of the young girl's wet slit, the gentleness only making it even more excruciatingly tormenting. Sara couldn't believe that her body was responding once more; she couldn't believe that she was responding in this way at all. Somewhere deep in her mind she could hear her mother's voice telling her that these feelings were wrong but the poor girl didn't know any way to stop them or any way to stop the doctor.

As Lara's finger slipped through the young girl's outer defences, Sara squealed aloud. She lifted her head and looked down the length of her young body to see the lady doctor's long finger sliding in and out of her own body. She collapsed back on to the desk, instinctively squeezing her thighs together. Lara smiled at the girl's attempts to protect her innocence, simply using her other hand to force her legs apart. Her finger circled in the schoolgirl's pussy and then she realised the girl was opening up. Slowly withdrawing her first finger, she replaced it with two, forcing their way into Sara's tight cunt. Sara squealed again but, when the doctor hooked her fingers up, she hit a spot that the schoolgirl didn't even know existed and those strange new sensations washed over her again. Sara writhed under the ministrations of the doctor, cumming again and again, even if she didn't know that's what she was doing.

"Now, Sara, it is time for you to show me you know how to do that yourself. I want you to sit back on the chair and I will sit on mine. We will face each other and all you have to do is exactly what I have just done to you. To make it easier for you to remember, I will do it too so that you can follow my lead."

The doctor helped the bewildered girl to slide off her desk and allowed her to slump into the same chair she had sat in earlier when she was still dressed and had never had an orgasm. Now she was sitting on the same chair, naked and still trembling from the life-changing sensations that had washed over in young body in quick succession. As she watched the doctor wheel her own chair from the other side of her desk, she thought that things could not get any stranger. That was until the doctor opened her white coat.

Sara was instantly brought back to her senses as she watched the older woman unbutton her long coat and reveal that she had nothing on beneath it but her lacy white bra and matching white thong. Sara watched in disbelief as the doctor shrugged her coat off her shoulders and let it drop to the floor. Immediately it was followed by her pretty bra and Sara saw that, although the woman was much older than her, her large breasts were still firm with no droop at all.

As the older woman stood in front of her own chair, she looked Sara in the eye and slowly lowered her tiny thong. Sara couldn't help but stare as the older woman revealed her bald pussy. The young girl had never even seen another woman's naked body before and now, stood in front of her, was the beautiful doctor with her shaved cunt. Sara didn't understand why she was once again thinking about her own mother and wondering if her private place was shaved too.

"Now just do exactly as I do, Sara. You are about to learn some wonderful lessons."

Lara sat down and smiled at the schoolgirl. Her fingers began to play with her hard nipples as she spread her legs, leaning back in her chair and hooking her right leg over the arm, giving Sara a very good view of another woman's aroused pussy. The doctor slowly moved the fingers of her right hand down her fit body and started stroking her moist cunt while her left hand continued to tease her own nipples.

Sara felt her own new found arousal brushing away her shyness. Hesitantly at first her hands also reached up to her breasts, gently fondly her young body. She stared at the doctor opposite her and her eyes were met with equal longing by the older woman. She felt as if her whole body was on fire, inside and out, as a film of sweat formed over her flawless body

Lara watched the young girl's body come alive as she continued to move her fingers round and round her sensitive nipples. They were very stiff and longer than she could remember them ever being. Sara was amazed at the sight and wondered why she had never been aware of other women's breasts before. This doctor sitting opposite her was beautiful and, she now realised, very sexy. But just as she was getting used to staring at Lara's breasts, the older woman moved her left hand down to join her right one as she smiled at Sara again; her hands moved up and down the inside of her thighs together before resting on her open, wet pussy.

Sara felt her own hands following the movements of the older woman down her innocent body. A moan involuntarily escaped her mouth as her finger slid along her moist lips. Her juices were flowing freely and, as Lara's finger began to circle her clit, she too moaned with her increasing sexual excitement. Sara felt compelled to follow the visual instructions of the doctor and both quickly found a common rhythm of masturbation and watching. Sara didn't understand, yet, what she was doing but found herself wondering again if her mother examined herself in this way and why she had never told her daughter how good it felt to be a woman.

Lara felt more aroused than she had been for years, turned on by watching this young girl follow her unspoken instructions, by the sight of the schoolgirl's juices flowing down her fingers and by her own quickening wanking. Her fingers parted her wet pussy lips and slid into our cunt, and Sara's did exactly the same. The schoolgirl couldn't help herself as she closed her eyes momentarily to delight in the new feeling of her own finger entering her pussy. She had never known a woman could do this for herself and wondered again why her mother had made such a big deal about being examined by a doctor. She couldn't imagine ever talking to her mother about it – it would be just too embarrassing – but wondered why she had never heard her mother moaning in the way this sexy woman opposite her was now doing.

Lara had always loved to play with her own body but never before had she enjoyed it so much as now, sitting in her office, in front of an eighteen year old schoolgirl and watching the girl mirroring her own actions. She let a second finger glide easily into her pussy and watched as Sara did the same with a bit more difficulty, her pussy much tighter than the older woman's.

They were both moaning now as they plunged their two fingers in and out of their wet pussies, the younger girl following the rhythm of the more experienced doctor. Lara brought her left hand back to her play with her tits and nipples; Sara did the same. Lara fucked herself with the fingers of her right hand; Sara did the same. Lara used her right thumb to play with her throbbing clit; Sara did the same and nearly came as she touched her sensitive button for the first time ever. Their breathing got faster, their moaning louder, their fingers moving faster and faster, the sweat running off their hot bodies.

Lara saw a shiver go through the schoolgirl's young body as a loud cry escaped her mouth and then her eyes closed automatically and she was over taken by a huge orgasm that caused her to almost fall off the chair. Sara had closed her eyes instinctively but they shot open once more as the older woman began to cum just as explosively and just as noisily, her whole body trembling as her fingers plunged deeper and deeper into her sodden cunt.

As they both recovered, their fingers still trapped in their throbbing pussies, Sara watched as the doctor smiled at her. Slowly withdrawing her fingers, she opened her lips and put her hand to her mouth, sucking her own pussy juices from it. Sara couldn't believe she was meant to do the same but the older woman sat and waited until she did just that.

As if in a trance, the young schoolgirl brought her fingers to her mouth and sucked them between her lips. Slowly she just did what came to her instinctively and started to wrap her tongue around her finger, savouring her own taste and her own smell. She was surprised to find she liked the taste but still felt very embarrassed licking her fingers in front of another woman.

Lara eventually smiled, instructing the girl to get dressed and Sara was glad her examination was over. She couldn't deny that she had felt wonderful when her feelings washed over her body but it was still very embarrassing to react like that in front of a doctor. What if it had been a male doctor? She couldn't imagine a male doctor teaching her to examine herself in the same way, however. She wondered, as she got dressed, whether she would be able to speak to her mother about all of this. She also wondered where her knickers had gone as she couldn't find them anywhere.

Pulling on her skirt and hoping she could get back to her room before anyone noticed her lack of underwear, she stood in front of the doctor's desk. Lara had put on her white coat again and was sitting at her desk once more, once more the respectable doctor at the girls' boarding school. Respectable that is, apart from the pussy juices sliding out of her cunt on to her chair and the pair of Sara's knickers in her coat pocket that she was keeping for later.

"That will do for today, Sara, but I will need to see you at the same time next week."

Sara's heart sank at these words but she would have been much more worried if she had known what went on in the doctor's office after she left. As soon as she had closed the door, the Headmistress emerged from behind the screen.

"Did you get it all?" asked Lara.

"Oh yes," smiled the Headmistress with an evil grin. "Young Sara put on quite a show today and I've got it all on film. Next week can't come quickly enough."

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