tagNonConsent/ReluctanceLara Goes Back To School Again Ch. 03

Lara Goes Back To School Again Ch. 03


Sara sat once more on the train, only this time she was returning to school after the most bewildering weekend of her entire eighteen years. She had looked to her mother for reassurance that what had happened to her in the school doctor's office was normal and that she shouldn't be worried about it. Her mother, however, seemed to relish the details of her daughter's experience as they had seemed to reawaken the older woman's long lost desire. And now she was on the way back to school not knowing what to expect from her next arranged visit to the doctor.

As she relaxed back into her seat she looked across the carriage to see the same man who had been staring at her on her last journey. He was smiling at her, just as he had been then, but his smile unsettled her and made her squirm in her seat. He seemed to be able to look deep into her most secret thoughts but, after this weekend, she couldn't even admit them to herself.

After she had shown her mother what the doctor had taught her, the older woman had suggested they go shopping. Sara didn't think she could even walk, her legs were so weak after yet another huge orgasm, but she would have done anything to get her naked mother off her bed and out of her bedroom. So shopping they went.

It wasn't a shopping trip like she had ever experienced before. Her mother took her straight to a lingerie boutique and insisted that she choose and try on some new underwear. She explained to Sara that she was a woman now and the big navy knickers that she wore to school were no longer suitable for her beautiful daughter.

Sara's face burned with embarrassment as her mother described to the shop assistant exactly what she wanted for her daughter and the young woman quickly gathered a selection of the skimpiest thongs and knickers that Sara had ever seen. She picked up one piece that looked no more than a few strings of material tied together with a tiny piece of cotton to cover her pussy.

"You must try that one on, Sara," her mother urged and the shop assistant led the young girl through to the changing area. Sara had never been so embarrassed as her mother and the assistant, a girl of her own age, stood outside the cubicle while she changed. She could hear them talking about her body and how good she would look in the tiny pink thong. Slipping off her jeans, she slid her white knickers down her slender legs and noticed in shock that they were wet again. She couldn't understand how this could have happened. She hadn't touched herself since her mother had left her bedroom and the only emotion she had felt since entering this shop was embarrassment.

She hid her wet knickers in the pocket of her jeans and tried on the new thong her mother had suggested. Sara couldn't believe that she could ever wear anything like this. Apart from anything else, the dark curly hair covering her private place, her "pussy", was far too wild to be contained by such a tiny garment. She left it on but stuck her head out from behind the curtain to explain to her mother; seeing the other girl still there, however, she simply muttered something about it not being suitable.

"Nonsense, Sara; let me see." And with that her mother pulled back the curtain, exposing her daughter to herself and to the smiling shop assistant.

"Oh, I see what you mean. You will have to shave your pussy when we get home but, don't worry, I'll show you how to do that. In fact, we can do it together," she smiled to her daughter and to the shop assistant who was hoping she would get an invitation to the mutual shaving event.

"Now turn around and let me see how it fits at the back."

Sara's face burned bright red as she tuned around and felt the other two women staring at her gorgeous young bottom. She knew that the back strap of the thong had slipped between her cheeks because she could feel it rubbing her dirtiest hole but she nearly jumped when she felt her mother slide her finger under the strap and pull it out.

"It looks great, Sara. Don't you agree, miss?"

The young assistant could only nod in agreement, totally mesmerised by the sight of the schoolgirl's beautiful arse. "I have got to have a taste of that," she thought. She had never been attracted to girls before but this young girl was doing things to her pussy that she had never even imagined and that was just from looking. She squeezed her thighs together, hoping that no-one would notice, as she became aware of a very urgent need to touch herself.

"Perhaps your daughter would like to try another colour," she suggested helpfully and quickly produced a white thong from the shop display that, if anything, looked even smaller to Sara. The poor girl didn't know where to look or what to do as the other girl knelt in front of her and reached up to lower the pink thong. She practically had to peel it off Sara's wet cunt and smiled to herself as she breathed in the unmistakeable aroma of a young girl's arousal.

Mary watched as her daughter silently suffered this new humiliation as the shop assistant slid the pink thong down her smooth legs, and then replaced it with the white one. She wondered if the assistant was paying too much attention to her daughter's private places as she pulled the new thong up then proceeded to run her hands along it to smooth out any unnoticeable creases.

Sara squirmed with embarrassment once again but, even worse, she could feel those strange feelings between her legs again. She had already soaked her own knickers as well as the pink thong, which she was sure the other girl had noticed. Now she could feel her juices soaking a third pair and she knew she had to get out of that shop. She looked pleadingly at her mother who finally took mercy on her and turned to the assistant.

"Thank you, miss. We'll take both pairs. Sara, you had better keep those ones on as I can't see your own knickers anywhere and you've soaked the first pair."

Sara practically ran from the shop as she thought her mother was going to pay the bill, desperate to get back home and hide her shame from the rest of the world. Her mother, however, had other ideas. After a few moments, the young assistant appeared at the door and asked Sara to come back in.

She followed the other girl, Sue, back into the shop and back to the changing area. What she saw nearly caused her to turn around and run back out. He mother was posing in front of the full length mirror wearing nothing but a tiny black thong. Sara could see the back strap between her mother's bottom cheeks but only just. Mary turned when she heard the girl's return and smiled to them.

"What do you think, Sara? Do you like it?"

Sara was lost for words. Her mother was standing there in front of her daughter and a stranger, her large breasts swaying as she moved, her tiny thong barely covering her private place. The summer dress that she had been wearing was hanging on a hook and Sara realised that her mother had not been wearing any underwear, no bra, no knickers, nothing but her linen dress. The woman didn't wait for her daughter's reply but turned once more to the assistant.

"Sue, do you think I could try on a pink one? I'd like to have one the same colour as my daughter's."

Sue ran back to the pile of knickers she had collected earlier and grabbed the first pink one she could find. Handing it back to the older woman, Mary took it with a smile.

"Perhaps you could help me change the same way you helped Sara earlier."

Sue was now the one who was smiling as she knelt down in front of her customer, her face inches from the older woman's pussy. As she peeled Mary's thong from her sodden cunt she could smell another woman's arousal for the second time in less than an hour. This time it was too much and, as the black thong slid down Mary's legs, as Sue noticed the damp spot on the small crotch, as Mary rested her hands on the top of Sue's head, the young girl couldn't help but lean forward and kiss the older woman's pussy.

Mary sighed with delight while Sara gasped in shock. As her mother pulled the shop assistant's mouth to her eager hole, Sara felt as if she had entered some sort of twilight zone. She was standing in the middle of a shop watching a girl the same age as herself licking her mother's private place – and her mother was loving it.

"Oh, God, yes! Don't stop, Sue, don't stop!"

Sue had no intention of stopping as she ran her wet tongue along the length of this sexy woman's hairy slit. Running her hands up the backs of Mary's legs, she grabbed her customer's arse and pulled her closer. Mary purred in absolute pleasure as all the years of self denial fell away. She ground her pussy harder against the young girl's tongue and felt Sue's nose rubbing against her ever sensitive clit. When the young girl began to circle her arsehole with one finger, Mary let it all go.

"Oh God! Oh God! OH GOD!" she screamed.

Sara couldn't take any more of this as she watched her own mother behaving like the worst kind of woman. She saw her forcing Sue's tongue deeper and deeper into her private place and wanted to run away. Only the juices flowing from herself and the weakness in her legs prevented her.

"Mother! What are you doing?" she cried.

"Enjoying all that this young girl has to offer, Sara," her mother replied when she regained the power of speech. "I think you should let her do the same for you."

"What? No! That's disgusting! I can't let another girl kiss me there."

"She can do much more than just kiss you, believe me. Now come over here and do as you are told."

Sara had never disobeyed her mother in her life but she hesitated now. She was afraid of what her mother wanted her to do and of what Sue obviously wanted to do to her. The shop assistant turned round to face the schoolgirl. Still on her knees, she crawled over to Sara and held the young girl by the hips.

"I promise you will like it, Sara" whispered the shop girl, desperate to taste the schoolgirl's juices. She had already had the mother; now she wanted the daughter. As her mother took a few steps to be by her side, Sara saw the other girl's hands reach for the button at the front of her jeans. As she tried in vain to pull Sue's hands away, her mother grabbed her own hands and turned her round to face her.

"Now, Sara, you know I would never let anyone hurt you so you must trust me and let Sue take off your jeans."

The shop girl was wasting no time and, as mother and daughter struggled with each other, she lowered the zip at the front of Sara's tight jeans and tugged them down over her young hips. Sara gasped aloud when she looked down to see her knickers once more on view and tried to kick at the other girl. Sue just laughed at the schoolgirl's efforts to escape as her jeans were pulled down to her ankles, causing her to stumble. She fell to the floor on her arse and Sue took full advantage by pulling her denims off her feet.

Mary could see that she was going to have to restrain her daughter but she convinced herself it was for Sara's own good. She took her daughter by the shoulders and pushed her back so that the young girl was lying prone on the floor. Climbing on top of her, she knelt across her daughter's chest, her knees at either side of Sara's head. The poor girl was struggling with the idea of what her mother wanted her to do, with her mother's hairy private place only inches from her mouth and with the fact that Sue was pulling her tiny knickers down her smooth legs so that her own private place was once again naked.

"Please, mother, please don't do this. Please! I don't want this!"

"You don't know what you are missing, Sara. Wait until you feel Sue's wet tongue slide along your pussy and then tell me whether you want it or not."

"No, mother, I'll never want it. Please let me go. Please get off me."

Mary knew that her beloved daughter would never be able to understand what was happening unless she forced her to submit so she turned her head round and nodded her consent to the shop assistant. Sue didn't need to be told twice and she dived between the schoolgirl's legs.

Sara's whole body jerked as she felt the woman's tongue lick her young pussy, sliding along her dripping slit, but she wasn't about to give in as easily as her mother had. She kicked with her legs and Sue soon realised that she would need some more help.

Following the assistant's instructions, Mary turned round so that her legs were still holding her daughter's shoulders down but her head was now facing Sara's feet and she could hold down the schoolgirl's legs. Sara struggled as much as she could but, once her mother had changed position, she realised she was staring straight at her mother's tightest hole. She couldn't believe her own mother's bum hole was inches from her mouth and she stopped struggling, afraid her face would accidentally touch her mother's big, round bottom.

Sue looked Mary straight in the eye and, after a nod from the older woman, she returned to her task. How could she have ever known that coming to work today would lead to her licking out the delicious pussies of a mother and daughter she had never met before? Maybe the daughter was a bit reluctant but that was only because she didn't understand what was happening. Once Sue had worked her magic on the young girl she would be coming back for more, time and again, guaranteed. She lowered her head and brought her tongue to Sara's wet pussy. Not wanting to terrify the schoolgirl any more than she already was, Sue licked her virgin cunt softly, slowly, her wet tongue running delicately over Sara's sensitive lips.

"Please, mother, please. I don't want this. Please tell her to leave me alone. Don't let her do this."

Looking right into her mother's arse, the poor girl tried to reason with her. She was terrified and confused; she knew that what the shop assistant was doing with her tongue was causing her body to react in the same way it had when the doctor had licked her. She could feel the juices running out of her, dripping down between her bottom cheeks pooling on the floor beneath her. She was so embarrassed to be in this position but, worst of all, every time she opened her eyes she was looking at her mother's bum.

Sue continued to lick her just as the doctor had done at school and Sara knew she wouldn't be able to stop her body from behaving in the same way it had then, the same way her mother had earlier. She realised now that when she started to moan, just as she was doing now, her body was about to erupt. When her mother raised her legs and sat back, almost pulling her daughter's bottom off the floor, Sue began to lick down to the schoolgirl's dirtiest hole and Sara knew she could control herself no longer.

She knew she wasn't enjoying herself, it was just her body betraying her but Sue continued to devour her dripping pussy and tight arsehole. As Sara began to open up, the shop assistant slid her finger into the young girl's eager cunt. Mary had been the first woman she had ever eaten and now Sara was only the second. She wondered if her own pussy would get this juicy if another woman licked her or whether Sara had inherited that from her mother.

She couldn't push her tongue deep enough into Sara's greedy pussy and she didn't want to go too deep with her finger, so she pushed her mouth hard against the young girl and tried to drink as much of her sweet juices as she possibly could. When Sara's moans became more urgent, she moved up to the girl's swollen clit, sucking it between her hot lips and flicking it with her tongue.

Sara could hold herself back no longer as her orgasm exploded deep within her and seemed to take over her whole body. Mary struggled to hold on to her daughter's legs but revelled in the sight of the pretty shop girl eating Sara's pussy. She knew she wanted more from Sue but that could wait until they got home.

And home is where they had gone, thought Sara. Her face blushing at the memory, she recalled how the three women had hurriedly dressed and left the shop. Sara was amazed that they hadn't been caught but Sue explained she had put up the "CLOSED" sign after Sara had first tried on her new knickers.

The shop assistant had spent the whole weekend with them, most of the time in Mary's bed. They had tried to include her in their "games" but Sara had insisted she be left alone. The only thing they had forced her to do was to join them in the bathroom when they had shaved each other's pussies bald. Sara knew she couldn't struggle too much as she didn't want to be cut "down there" but her freshly shaved cunt lips were now pressing against her new thong and she was sure she was getting wet again, here, on the train back to school, with the strange man smiling at her and her appointment with the doctor still to come.


While Sara was dreading seeing the doctor again, at that very moment there were two women at the school looking forward to seeing her. Lara and the Headmistress, Beth Lane, had spent most of the weekend reviewing the film that Beth had made of Sara while she was hiding behind the screen in Lara's office. Lara already knew of Mrs Lane's particular fetishes when she was employed by the school. She herself had been spanked across the Headmistress's desk not long before she had taken up her post at the school. Now, however, as she saw Mrs Lane drooling over the recording of young Sara, she thought she might push things a bit further and see how far the stricter older woman was ready to go.

Mrs Lane always dressed very conservatively and today was no exception but Lara suspected that beneath the thick tweed skirts and high necked blouses there was a sexy woman waiting to be released. They had decided to do one last edit of the film before they used it to blackmail Sara into becoming their own personal sex toy and had stopped at the part where Lara was kneeling behind the young girl and "examining" her tits.

Lara could already feel her pussy moistening as she watched herself on the screen, gliding her hands over Sara's young breasts and pushing her pink bra off as Sara sat facing the hidden camera. She could see that the schoolgirl was trembling but was more interested in the girl's lovely nipples. She knew Sara's breasts weren't as big as her own but, for an eighteen year old girl, they were impressive.

Lara dragged her eyes away from the girl on the screen and watched the woman beside her. She could see that Mrs Lane was transfixed even though she had seen this scene many times before and quietly asked the Headmistress if she was enjoying the film. Mrs Lane simply smiled back at her.

"She has lovely tits; don't you think so, Lara?"

"Yes, she does, Headmistress. They must be just about the biggest ones in her class but we will find that out for sure when we "examine" the other girls. Did you like it when I pulled on her nipples?" she asked innocently.

Mrs Lane simply nodded as she watched the scene unfold on the screen. Lara could see her squeezing her thighs together and smiled to herself. Now might be the time to push the older woman.

"Would you like to play with her tits, Beth?"

Normally Mrs Lane would have rebuked the doctor for her informality but the thought of running her hands over young Sara's round tits and playing with her nipples forced all other thoughts from her mind. All thoughts except her true goal of being able to swirl her wet tongue over Sara's big nipples and suck on her tits. She simply smiled back at the doctor and nodded.

"Well, it won't be too long now, Headmistress; Sara will be back today and we can continue her examination before you produce her film. After all, I still have to take her temperature and I think you're going to like that bit."

Mrs Lane look quizzically at the doctor but Lara would say no more. They had to finish their editing before Sara came back and then the fun would really begin.

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