tagNonConsent/ReluctanceLara Goes to Confession

Lara Goes to Confession


Lara sat on the back pew of the small local church, nervously waiting her turn for confession. She had always found these weekly visits to tell her sins to the old priest nothing more than a routine her mother insisted on. Today, however, she had something new to confess and she wasn't even sure she could find the words to tell the holy man in the confessional.

When everyone else had left and the church was quieter than she had ever known it, she hesitatingly opened the door to the old fashioned type of confessional. She barely had room to kneel down and face the grill behind which she could make out the outline of the waiting priest. Lara crossed herself and began.

"Bless me, Father, for I have sinned. It is one week since my last confession."

The old priest smiled when he heard the voice of the young girl for he knew exactly who it was. He had watched the girl grow up over the last eighteen years and now she was the most beautiful girl in the village. He looked forward to seeing her at mass each Sunday, especially when she wore her summer dress with the low neckline, showing off her gorgeous breasts to the full. He may have been a celibate priest but he could still appreciate a sexy woman and this was just what Lara had grown into.

Lara began to tell him the usual weekly tales of imagined sins; imagined because he knew she was a good, innocent girl who never did, or confessed, anything which he considered to be a sin. He knew that she was only coming here each week to keep her saintly mother happy but he wasn't complaining as he looked forward to hearing her sweet voice and, if he was quick, he would be out of his side of the confessional and be able to walk past her as she knelt to say her penance, giving him yet another view of her stunning breasts. At the very least, he would be able to watch her as she walked out of the church, her sexy arse swinging behind her.

"There's something else, Father," whispered the anxious girl.

"Oh?" answered the surprised priest, shaken out of his thoughts of what he would have liked to have done with this young beauty if he hadn't taken his vow of celibacy. "Just take your time, my child. There is nothing you can't tell me within the secret of the confessional."

"Well, Father, it's about my boyfriend."

At this the priest sat upright. He had never imagined Lara to have a boyfriend and he had no idea who this boy could be. Perhaps it was someone from the town she had met while going to school.

"Yes, my child?" he managed to say, wondering what the girl was going to say next.

"Well, he wants to take photos of me with his new digital camera. Is that ok, Father?"

The priest relaxed and smiled. "Of course its ok, my child. This is not a sin; it is perfectly normal for a boy to want to photograph his girlfriend. Now, as a penance for your other sins say three "Hail Marys" and make a good act of contrition."

The priest listened as Lara went through the ritual of saying the words and, hearing that she promised to sin no more, he blessed her. He waited until she was finished, heard her open the door, then lingered just a minute to allow her time to get down on her knees in the pew opposite. As he opened his door he tried not to appear in too much of a rush and was rewarded when he saw the girl wearing one of her low-cut dresses and, as he walked by the praying girl, he looked down to feast once more on her beautiful tits as his cock stirred deep within his long black cassock.

Chapter 2

"Bless me, Father, for I have sinned. It is one week since my last confession."

The priest smiled to himself in the semi-darkness of the confessional box. He had been looking forward all week to this young girl returning. The weather had been warm and all the girls were wearing their summer dresses or shorts and T-shirts. It made it so much easier for a voyeur and pervert like him to catch a glimpse of uncovered female flesh.

"Confess your sins, my child."

Lara rattled off the usual litany of tiny offences then stopped.

"Is that all, my child."

"Yes, Father. I've been too busy with my boyfriend this week to really have time to commit any sins. I've let him take lots of photos of me, just like you said."

"And did you have fun doing that?"

"Yes, Father, but it was embarrassing when I took off my clothes."

The priest nearly fell off his hard wooden chair in shock. Collecting himself, he asked the girl, "When you did what?"

"Well," she replied, hesitatingly, as she heard the change in the priest's voice, "I knew it was all right because you told me so. I thought it a bit strange but, after taking a few pictures of me in my dress, he asked me to get into funny positions like bending over and looking back at him or bending forward. I really thought my breasts were going to fall out of my dress when he took that one. They're quite big, Father, my breasts, that is. I'm sure you won't have noticed being a holy man like you are but I think I've got the biggest ones in class and the boys are always teasing me about them -- some of the girls do too but I don't listen to them. My boyfriend says they are just jealous but when he climbed on to a chair so that he and his camera were looking down at me and I was worried he would be able to see my breasts down my dress; he assured me, that it was all very artistic and that I wasn't to worry.

"So that was ok but then he asked me if he could take some photos of me in my bedroom. He said he wanted to be able to look at them and imagine I was going to bed or just getting up in the morning. I kicked off my shoes and lay down on the bed but he said it wasn't quite right, artistically, and that I should really have my pyjamas on.

"I really wasn't sure about that, especially as mother was out, but he said he would look away while I changed so I thought that would be ok. I opened the zip on the back of my dress and pulled it off, letting it fall to the floor. As I stepped out of it, I looked back to make sure he wasn't peeking but he was simply sitting on the edge of the bed, looking in the mirror. I wondered what he could see that was so interesting but I thought I had better get my pyjamas on as quickly as possible.

"I kept my bra and knickers on because they are quite small, Father, and I didn't think they would show under my pyjama jacket and trousers. They have red trousers and a stripy jacket so I was well covered up when I said, "Ready" to him. He turned around with a lovely smile on his face and I knew then that I was falling in love.

"I lay on the bed with my head on the pillow but he asked me to shake my head so that my hair was all messed up as if I had just woken up. Well, my hair is really thick and long like you know, Father, so it doesn't take much for it to look messy. Anyway, he seemed to like that.

"After he took a few more photos from different angles he asked me to open my jacket. Now I really wasn't sure about that, Father, but he pointed out I still had my bra on so it's not as if he would be seeing anything more than he would if I was wearing my bikini. I suppose he was right but it was still embarrassing showing my bra to a boy for the first time and I couldn't understand how he knew I still had my bra on anyway.

"At least it was a nice one, white with a small flower design but I think my face was probably as red as my trousers at that point. He was very sweet, though, and didn't say anything to embarrass me but then he pointed out that my nipples were showing through my bra.

"And they were, Father. I'd never know them to get so big and sensitive before but I could almost see them growing before our two sets of eyes because he was staring at them too. He was very nice then too because he suggested I might want to take my bra off in case it was rubbing against my nipples.

"I was very scared about that but he is older than me, Father, so I thought he was probably right. I couldn't think of anything else that might have made them so big. Trust it to happen to me just when my new boyfriend was taking my photos. Anyway, he pretended not to notice and just kept on taking my photos but when my breasts were bare I covered them with my hands, although my small hands didn't cover much more than my nipple area. I could feel my nipples throbbing under my palms and the heat coming from them must have matched the heat from my blushing cheeks.

"As I rolled about the bed he took various photos of me topless but I kept my hands over my breasts, Father, so please don't worry about that. When he finished and I was lying on my back he suggested I take off my red pyjama trousers as I had already taken off my jacket and he wanted to have a photo of me as if I was getting ready for bed. I know it seems strange but I could understand what he was saying and I knew that he loved me too, so I dropped my hands from my breasts and, lifting my hips, I slipped my trousers down my legs. He continued to take photos but he promised he wasn't taking any of my bare breasts; instead he was just following my trousers on their way down.

"As I lay there in only my tiny knickers with my hands back over my vulnerable nipples, he asked me to get into different positions on my front, on my side and on my back. I was a bit worried about lying on my front as there was only the thin strap of my thong covering the middle of my bottom but he seemed to like that too. After a few moments he pointed out that my knickers were wet. When I reached down between my legs I realised he was right, my panties were soaking. I was so embarrassed; I had felt a funny feeling between my legs when I was taking up the different positions on the bed that he asked me to but I didn't think that I had wet myself. He didn't seem to mind, though, and he just suggested that I should take them off and he could take a photo to make him think of me as I would sleep in the middle of the summer -- totally nude. I don't, Father, but it made sense what he was saying and I really wanted to get rid of my wet knickers so I slid them down my legs and dropped them on the floor. Before I had a chance to cover the thick bush of dark curly hair between my legs, he had taken some more photos but, again, insisted they were just for artistic purposes. And he took my knickers too, promising to wash them and return them to me so that mother wouldn't find them in my laundry.

"Finally, I lay there, totally naked and I don't think I've ever been so embarrassed in my whole life. My boyfriend could see my breasts and my private place and I thought I would die of shame but he was very sweet and didn't make a big thing of it. He moved me around the bed again and seemed to take a lot of photos of me lying on my front. He even asked me to pull my knees up and when he stood behind me with his camera and I was sure he would be able to see my bottom hole between my cheeks; but he said I have a "gorgeous arse" and that I should be proud of it. I know that's a bad word, Father, but that's what he calls it.

"When he was finished taking my photos he simply kissed me on the lips and said goodnight. It's ok to let my boyfriend kiss me, isn't it, Father?"

"You are a wicked, dirty girl. How dare you show off your naked body to a man? Yes it is ok to let your boyfriend kiss you but to allow him to photograph your naked body is nothing short of being perverted. For your penance you must say five "Our Fathers" and five "Hail Marys". Now make a good act of contrition."

The priest couldn't believe the girl had been so naive but, when he passed her saying her penance in the church pew, he knew he was no longer the only one lusting after her young, sexy body. Lara, on the other hand, was totally confused and very embarrassed. She thought the old priest had said it would be ok to have some photos taken but now she he was saying she had done something dirty. Her boyfriend was so nice to her, though; not like the boys in her class, always whispering dirty things to her. She didn't know what to think and when the old priest walked past her she hung her head in shame.

Chapter 3

"Bless me, Father, for I have sinned. It's been one week since my last confession."

Lara was nervous today as she had new things to tell the priest about her boyfriend and she wasn't sure she would be able to find the words without feeling very embarrassed. The priest was also wondering what today's confession would bring and whether the girl had allowed herself to be used again.

"Confess your sins, my child."

Lara practically repeated what she had confessed last week which wasn't unusual thought the priest as she said the same things almost every week. He almost hesitated to ask but he knew that he was desperate to know if the girl had lost any more of her innocence in the last seven days.

"And have you kept your clothes on with your boyfriend this week, Lara, as I told you?"

"Yes, Father, even when he was kissing me; although it might have been easier to have taken my knickers off when he was kissing me on my private place."

"Oh my God," thought the enraged priest. "What is she talking about now?" He managed to control himself in time to ask, "What do you mean, my child?"

"Well, after you told me I had to keep my clothes on, Father, I told my boyfriend that and he said he didn't mind as long as he was still allowed to kiss me which you said he could. Isn't that right, Father?"

"Yes, my child," managed the old man.

"So we were lying on the couch in mother's living room when he started to kiss me. He kissed my lips very gently; he kissed my eyelids, my forehead, my ears and back to my mouth. It felt really nice, Father, when he was kissing my mouth and then his tongue started to lick my lower lip in between kisses. That felt strange but good at the same time and I realised my lips were opening without me even thinking about it. His tongue kept going right into my mouth and began to touch my own tongue.

"I didn't know what to do at that point so I just did what he did and he seemed to like it too. After a while he started to kiss my neck and down towards my breasts. I had this dress on, Father, so he was able to kiss a lot of them and as he did so I felt him sliding my dress off my breasts, revealing my bra again.

"I tried to protest, Father, I really did but he said we weren't doing anything wrong as my dress was still on, which I suppose it was. This time I had on a tiny pink bra and he kissed all around it before slipping the cups off my breasts too. I suppose he thought that it was ok too because my bra was still fastened behind my back but I really wasn't sure. It was very embarrassing to know he wasn't just photographing my bare breast but kissing them too.

"When he started to kiss my nipples, though, I couldn't believe the feelings running through my body. And they weren't just in my nipples, Father, although they were getting big and hot again; no, I could feel those funny things in my private place again and I wondered if my new pink knickers were going to get wet too.

"He kept running his wet tongue round and round my nipples before he started sucking them into his mouth, one at a time. I knew now my knickers were wet because I could feel them against my private place and they felt quite sticky. It was really embarrassing, Father, because I didn't want him to think I was always wetting my knickers and I knew I was blushing again.

"Anyway, I was glad when he stopped because I thought that would stop me getting any more wet and maybe he wouldn't notice but then he began kissing down over my tummy. As his kisses trailed down my legs he slowly slid my dress up my thighs and knelt down between them. I'm afraid to say, Father, that it felt really nice when he kissed the smooth skin on the inside of my legs, very close to my wet knickers. I didn't want him to keep doing it, Father, but I didn't know how to stop him either. I knew you would be angry even though I was still trying to be a good girl.

"When he touched the wet part of my knickers, Father, I really thought I was going to wet myself as the feelings got really strong. He began stroking up and down my wet slit and kissing my "pussy" through my knickers. I know that's not a nice word, Father, but that's what he calls it. I really wanted him to stop as he was making my pretty pink knickers almost see-through as they got more and more wet but when he hooked his finger inside them and pulled them to the side I was even more embarrassed.

"Now he was staring at my hairy pussy and it was only inches away from it. He said it was so beautiful he had to kiss it and, before I could stop him, he did. I'm rally sorry, Father, but he didn't stop there; he began running his soft tongue up and down my slit from bottom to top. Up and down, up and down, Father. I couldn't stop him no matter how much I wanted to because now my body was out of control and the strange sensations that I had felt earlier were rushing through my whole body. I was writhing beneath his tongue, my thighs clamped tight against his head as he probed deeper and deeper.

"When he moved up to the top of my pussy one final time I thought he might stop there but instead started to flick at that strange little button there. I was way beyond having any control over what was happening now but, when he pushed a finger into my pussy, it was as if an electric shock was running through my body. He just kept flicking with his tongue and pushing his finger in and out, over and over again. Flicking and probing. Faster and faster. Until finally, Father, I think I blacked out for a moment as the feelings just overcame me entirely.

"When I opened my eyes again, he was sucking the finger that had been inside me and I was so embarrassed that he could taste my wetness. I was lying there on my mother's couch, my large breasts hanging out, my nipples wet from his tongue, my knickers pulled aside and they, along with my pussy, were dripping wet.

"He leaned down and kissed me on the mouth once more. There was a strange musky taste from his tongue as he pushed it between my lips and, I'm sorry, Father, but I suppose that was the taste of my pussy because that's where his tongue had been. I think I know what you're going to say, Father, but I was only letting him kiss me like you said."

"You evil, disgusting girl. When a good girl is kissed by her boyfriend it is on the cheeks or maybe the mouth if they are engaged. What you have just told me is the most disgraceful thing I have ever heard. You will say ten "Our Fathers" and ten "Hail Marys" as your penance and you had better make sure your act of contrition is a very good one.

Lara started saying the words with tears in her eyes, once again promising to sin no more. Once again she was in trouble when she thought she had only been doing what she was allowed to do. When she had finished she dared to ask her confessor one last question.

"Is it ok if I kiss my boyfriend back, Father?"

"Yes, of course it is but no more of this sinful behaviour. Get out of my sight and sin no more."

Lara rushed from the confessional, the door closing quietly behind her. The priest was in no rush to move this week, however, as he had cum in his trousers, the first time he had cum in years, and he hadn't even touched himself. He would have to wait until the girl had said her penance and left before he could venture out. He didn't want her to see any telltale signs of his "accident" or, worse still, to smell his cum on him. He was sure, though, that she wouldn't know what it was she was smelling but he realised that nothing was certain with this young girl any more.

Lara knelt in the pew, feeling very humiliated. She had tried to be a good girl and had tried to do what the old priest had told her but now she would have to go back and tell her boyfriend that he wasn't allowed to kiss her like that any more. She wondered why the priest wasn't coming out of the confessional today. Maybe he was too angry with her and didn't want to look at a bad girl. This thought made her cry again and feel her shame even more deeply.

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