tagBDSMLara, Her Husband, and the Waitress

Lara, Her Husband, and the Waitress


Lara's cheeks were burning red. Her face was blushing from being in this position and her arse was crimson after the spanking her husband had just delivered. Tied, spread-eagled to the four-poster bed, she knew her weekend of humiliation had just begun. They had left their two daughters with her mother and driven to this exclusive country house hotel where the bell-boy had escorted them to the biggest suite in the hotel, one removed from the other guest rooms to offer additional privacy to their more demanding guests. It suited her husband down to the ground as he had promised her to "treat her good and treat her bad" all weekend and he didn't want any unforeseen interruptions. She wasn't sure if it was the "good" or the "bad" that she was looking forward to more.

She was thirty-five, a mother of two girls, and the chances for her to adopt her submissive nature had been very limited recently. Now, however, as she tried to hide her embarrassed face between the soft pillows of the largest bed she had ever seen, she knew that her desire to be treated well by her husband/master had been overtaken by her burning desire to be treated badly.

After the bell boy had left her husband had poured them both a glass of champagne then simply sat back in one of the deep armchairs in the suite and ordered her to strip. She felt very self conscious as she took a long drink from her champagne flute and began to open the open the buttons of her white, silk blouse. As she moved down the buttons and her white lace bra came more and more into view her husband shifted in his seat as she could see his erection already causing a bulge in the front of his trousers.

Pulling the blouse out of her cream coloured linen skirt, she slipped it off her shoulders and dropped it to the carpet where she stood. With only her small bra covering her large breasts, Lara could feel her face starting to get red as her nipples poked through the thin lace and her husband stared at them with real hunger in his eyes.

Reaching round behind herself, she undid the single button on the waistband of her skirt, lowered the zip then wiggled her hips to push it down her smooth legs. Standing there in her bra, matching white thong and stockings, she began to step out of her high heeled shoes when she was told to keep them on. Twirling his finger, her husband ordered her to turn around so that he could savour the sight of her tiny thong pulled deep between the round cheeks of her gorgeous arse. Lara could never understand what he saw that aroused him so much in her bottom but he loved to touch her, kiss her and lick her there. She shuddered at the thought that maybe this weekend would be the time when he finally took her anal virginity. Turning back round to face him, she was met with what she hoped was a pretend angry look on his face.

"I thought I told you to wear black."

They both knew that he hadn't but he was going to use this as his excuse to spank her. Pulling her by the wrist, he threw her on to the bed and ordered her to lie face down. Doing as she was told, she felt him take her right arm and tie it to the one of the four wooden posts at each corner of the bed with a silk scarf. This was followed by her right leg being tied in the same manner before he moved round to her left side and completed her bondage.

She knew what was coming next; he had spanked her before but only in a playful manner. This time she knew it was going to be different. He had promised her a "real" spanking, real enough to turn her arse bright red and make it difficult to sit down. She trembled in fear and anticipation while she waited for the first slap on her shapely bum but he wasn't quite ready yet. She looked around to see him getting something out of his case which he had insisted on packing himself.

He came back to the bedside and reached over her head. Before she knew it, Lara had been blindfolded with some sort of velvet mask which cut out her vision entirely. Next she felt him pressing something into her mouth, something soft but which filled her mouth entirely. He leaned down and whispered in her ear that it was the knickers she had worn yesterday which he had retrieved from their laundry basket without her knowledge. She gagged at the thought of her own used panties in her mouth yet, at the same time, became aware of a taste which she had only ever tasted before when she licked her fingers after masturbating. She had only ever done so under his instructions and found it even more humiliating to taste her own pussy juices in this position. Just as she thought it couldn't get any worse, the spanking began.


Lara's whole body jerked off the bed at the pain and shock.


This time on her other cheek.


Lara tried to cry out but her mouth was well stuffed with her dirty knickers and her lack of vision seemed to intensify every thing else that she was feeling.


She didn't think she could take much more of this.


How could she tell him to stop, yell out her "safe" word, bound and gagged as she was?


Lara cried into her mask, just as it was removed from her eyes.

Her husband looked down on his wife's punished arse and revelled in the sight of her bright red cheeks. He had wanted to do that for so long, not to hurt her or punish her but simply because he thought it would be so exciting. And it was; he felt his fat, erect cock throbbing in his trousers and knew it would need some release very soon. What he hadn't expected was to see his beautiful wife just as aroused. He could see the crotch of her white thong had a very obvious damp patch and he peeled it from her slightly to allow his fingers in, running them along her very wet slit.

Lara was shocked. Her bottom hurt so much yet she couldn't deny that, when her husband had touched her pussy, her juices were flowing. She had never known her body to betray her in this way. It was unthinkable to believe that she was turned on by the spanking she had just received yet, as her husband continued to play with her pussy, it continued to respond.

Just when she was starting to forget about the pain in her bottom and enjoy what her husband was doing with his skillfull fingers, he stopped. Lara moaned in frustration but, in her position, that was all she could do. She tried to lift her head and turn around to see what he was going to do next but couldn't find him. Instead she heard him on the phone ordering some more champagne from room service. Expecting him to release her before it was delivered she relaxed and lay her head down.

After a few moments, when he still hadn't untied her, she raised her head again to look for him. Sitting on the big armchair again, he was relaxing, finishing his drink, smiling at his bound wife. Then it struck her; he was going to allow someone else, a stranger, into their suite and allow them to see her tied to the bed.

"Please, no," she begged. "You can't let anyone else see me like this; it would be too embarrassing. Please untie me."

Her husband just smiled back at her and then someone knocked at the door. He got up to answer it and Lara tried to bury her face in the pillows. How could he let anyone else see her like this? She was mortified. There she lay, spread-eagled, tied to the bedposts, in her underwear, her punished bottom cheeks all too obvious for anyone to see. She sobbed into the pillows but could still feel her knickers getting even more wet.

"Just take it over to the bed," she heard her husband say and wished the bed would swallow her. The next thing she heard was a gasp and it was obviously from a girl.

"Put the tray down between my wife's legs," the girl was instructed.

"Do you like what you see?"

"I've never seen another woman's bottom, sir. It's so red."

"That's because I've just spanked her. Have you ever been spanked, Cathleen?" he asked, seeing her name on her badge.

"Not since I was a little girl and I had done something bad, sir," said the girl, unable to tear her eyes away from Lara's punished cheeks. The girl was also amazed by Lara's tiny thong and the way it disappeared between her cheeks.

"How old are you, Cathleen?"

"I've just turned eighteen, sir. This is my first job since leaving school." "And would you like to be spanked, Cathleen?"

"No, I mean, it looks very sore, sir."

"Well, I suppose it is but it can also be very nice. Can you see how wet my wife's knickers are?" He reached over to Lara and pulled her thong out from between her cheeks, turning the crotch inside out to show the young girl how turned on she had been. Lara again plunged her bright red face between the pillows at the shame of a young eighteen year old girl inspecting her knickers.

"Do you ever get wet like this, Cathleen?"

Now the young Irish girl was embarrassed too. "Well, yes sir, sometimes. I suppose I do," she said quietly.

"Would you like to be spanked and let your pussy juices run like my wife's?"

"Oh, sir. I really don't think I should. I've always been a good girl. But...."


"Maybe if you could do it to me gently," she hesitatingly suggested.

"I'm sure I could, Cathleen. Why don't you go and finish your work and then come back her at the end of your shift?"

"Oh, all right then, sir. I'll be back soon. But you promise to be gentle?"

Lara's husband smiled sweetly at the young girl as he showed her to the door then came back to his prone wife. Untying her, she nearly leapt of the bed in anger.

"How could you do that to me? How could you let someone else, let alone a young girl like that, see me in that position? And what did you mean by inviting her back here?"

"Relax. Lara. I promised you I would fullfill all your fantasies this weekend and I think you're about to discover a few more that you didn't even know you had."

Chapter 2

When they heard the knock at the door about an hour later, Lara's husband went to answer it. Lara herself was kneeling by his armchair, dressed only in her stockings, shoes and long, silk dressing gown. He hadn't asked her to kneel by his side; her bottom was just too sore to sit down. She looked up and saw Cathleen for the first time. Her husband hadn't told her how beautiful she was. Taller than Lara herself, she had long red hair and gorgeous green eyes. She wore a fitted white blouse which, Lara was surprised to notice, showed off her small breasts very well. Lara was surprised because she had never looked at another woman in that way before and wondered why she was doing so now.

Her husband sat down in the armchair again and Lara handed him his glass of champagne. She herself and already had a few drinks as she thought she was going to need them to get through whatever he came up with next. The nervous girl stood in front of the married couple and awaited her fate.

"Do you have a boyfriend, Cathleen?" asked Lara's husband.

"Yes, sir," nodded the pretty girl.

"And have you had sex with him yet?"

"No, sir," she answered immediately. "We have done "stuff" and he has been pushing me into sleeping with him but I'm afraid of doing that because my older sister told me it is very sore the first time."

"I see. And what "stuff" have you done with him?"

The girl hung her head so that Lara and her husband could barely hear her mumble. "I let him put his thing in my mouth."

"You mean you sucked his cock?"

"Yes, sir," answered the embarrassed girl. Lara could understand how humiliating it was for the girl to be asked the questions but she could also feel her own pussy reacting involuntarily to Cathleen's answers. What on earth was happening to her? She had never been turned on like this before and she didn't understand how it could be happening now, to a thirty five year old mother.

"Say it."

"I sucked his cock, sir," said the girl, almost in tears.

"And did he cum in your mouth, Cathleen?"

"Yes, sir. I didn't want him to but he held on to my head and kept his "cock" down my throat. I could hardly breathe but he said it was the best blowjob he had ever had so I suppose I did something right.

"Indeed you did, Cathleen, but we are going to take you a step further today. I will spank you the way you need to be spanked but first you must agree to do everything else I tell you; is that understood?"

Cathleen looked nervously at Lara for and when the older woman nodded to her the girl gave her assent.

"Very good. Since we know that you can pleasure a man with your mouth, it is time to see if you are as good with a woman. Lara, lie down on the bed and open your legs. Cathleen is going to eat your cunt."

Lara turned to him and simply stared in disbelief. No way was she going to allow this young girl to put her tongue anywhere on her, not her pussy or anywhere else. Cathleen, in turn didn't understand either. She had forced herself to come back to this couple's suite because her sister had told her that it could be fun when your boyfriend spanks you. She had been nervous before she had knocked on their door and even more nervous when the man had made her agree to do what he asked but she wasn't a lesbian; she wasn't going to touch another woman.

"Are you refusing your very first instruction, Cathleen? In that case I will have to spank you for your disobedience. Lift up your skirt."

Lara breathed a sigh of relief as she realised that he was just using the girl's refusal as his excuse to spank her, just he had used the colour of her underwear to spank her earlier. She relaxed a little but wondered how she was going to respond to seeing this beautiful girl lifting her skirt, showing off her underwear before bending over her husband's knee. How was she going to feel watching him spank another woman? Would the girl be as aroused as she was? Would her husband be as brutal as he had been with her?

Cathleen was wearing the straight black skirt that was part of her simple uniform here in the hotel. It fell to just below her knees and, as she started to raise it, she could feel the eyes of this married couple watching her and watching her skirt as it slowly rose up her young legs. As the bottom of her skirt reached her thighs, the girl wondered if she could go any further but, taking a deep breath, she told herself to stop acting like the baby that her sister always accused her of being. She felt her skirt reach the point of no return when she realised that if she went any further they would be able to see her knickers.

Lara squirmed as she knelt on the floor watching this young girl pull her skirt up her long legs. As the girl's face became redder with every inch her skirt moved up, Lara found herself longing to see how far the girl would go. Would she really show her and her husband her panties? What would they be like? Would they be wet like Lara's had been before her husband removed them? She couldn't believe these thoughts were running through her mind but she couldn't deny them either and, now that she wasn't wearing any knickers, her pussy was free to leak the more aroused she became.

When Cathleen finally wriggled her hips and pulled her skirt over them the couple in front of her feasted on the sight of the girl's white cotton knickers showing through her black tights. She had never been more embarrassed in her life. Her boyfriend had seen her knickers before so it was no great surprise to see that this older man enjoyed the view but Cathleen was shocked to see his wife stare just as openly and she became uncomfortable under the older woman's steady gaze.

When her husband beckoned the young girl to come over to them, Lara shuffled out of her way and was rewarded with the sight of their young plaything bending over her husband's lap, pushing her bottom almost into Lara's face. As the girl steeled herself for her first real spanking, Lara's husband took a grip of the waistband of her tights and roughly pulled them down to her knees. The girl sobbed in fear, anticipation and embarrassment when he then took hold of her big cotton knickers and pulled them down too. Lara was trying hard not to stare but less than a foot from her face were the round cheeks of this eighteen year old girl and she had the sudden urge to reach out and kiss them, one after the other. She was stopped by the sight of her husband's big hand gently caressing the young girl's cheeks and Lara didn't know if she was more aroused than jealous. She had never dreamed she would see him touch another woman but that's exactly what he was doing -- and he seemed to be enjoying it. Just as she thought Cathleen might be enjoying it too, her husband raised his hand and brought it down with an almighty SLAP on the young girl's bum.

Cathleen screamed at the suddenness of the strike and at the pain that rushed from her bottom.


"Are you ready to lick my wife's pussy?"

"No," whimpered Cathleen, her head shaking in defiance.


"Are you ready to taste my wife's juices?"

"No, please, I can't," cried the girl, for which Lara was very glad.


"Are you ready to stick your tongue inside her?"

This time Cathleen could only shake her head, biting her bottom lip and wondering how her sister could ever have enjoyed this.


"Are you ready to eat my wife's cunt, Cathleen?"

"Yes," she screamed. She couldn't take any more.


"I said yes, yes, YES!"

"I know. I just thought six was a nice round number for your first spanking. Well since Lara is naked under her dressing gown, I think you should be naked too. Take off your clothes, Cathleen."

The poor girl was too shaken to even think about what she was doing and simply began to undress. Lara watched in disbelief as this beautiful eighteen year old girl stripped in front of them both, wondering what her husband really intended because she couldn't allow herself to think he meant for the girl to touch her, his wife of ten years, the mother of his children; he couldn't really think she was going to go along with what he had just said.

Cathleen had opened her tight blouse and Lara could see the young girl's white, lacy bra. It was similar to her own but a number of sizes smaller. Lara was almost proud of the fact that, although the girl's breasts were round and pert, they were much smaller than her own and she almost unconsciously straightened up to push her large breasts out from the confines of her dressing gown. Her husband, however, seemed transfixed by Cathleen removing her bra and freeing her breasts to the hungry gaze of a man for the first time ever.

Next to go was her tight, black skirt and Cathleen had to hold her breath as she slid it down over her poor bottom. Once it was around her ankles she simply stepped out of it and stood there in her black work shoes with her tights and knickers around her knees. At a nod from Lara's husband she soon removed them too and now stood as naked as the day she was born in a hotel room before two strangers.

"Lara, remove your dressing gown and lie on the bed."

Even now Lara couldn't believe that her husband was going to go through with it. She lay on her back, her head on the pillows and watched as he calmly retied her arms and legs to the bedposts. It was even more embarrassing to let the girl see her like this as now she could see Lara's breasts and pussy but at least now the girl was naked too.

"Cathleen, get on to the bed between my wife's legs."

The bed was more than big enough to allow the young Irish girl to kneel down between Lara's outstretched legs. She still didn't believe that the man would want her to lick his wife but she would play along with it and see how far he would go. She certainly didn't want him to spank her sore bottom again but she felt way out of her depth at this point. Her sexual experience was limited to say the least and she was very quickly regretting agreeing to do anything this strange man asked of her.

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