tagBDSMLara Meets her Mistress

Lara Meets her Mistress


Part 1

Lara was bored. She hadn't been fucked, really fucked, in a very long time and her pussy was aching to be sore. She still made love with her husband and it was nice but, she had started to realise, she needed something more. No-one had taken her to that special place where only something new, something different, could take her and she longed to find out what it would be. She had had a taste only last week and she wondered if she had the nerve to go through with it.

She had been at the gym and had just finished her exercise programme. She liked the gym; she liked pushing her body to see how far she could go; she liked the camaraderie of the other women as they too toned their soft bodies; most of all, however, she liked the showers afterwards where she could peel off her sweaty clothes and watch the other women doing the same, secretly enjoying the many different naked bodies around her, secretly wondering if anyone was enjoying the sight of hers.

She had stripped off as usual and was bending over to retrieve her towel and shampoo when she suddenly felt a smack across her naked bottom. She was so shocked she almost fell forward into her locker. When she recovered and looked around, there was no-one there except her instructor making her own naked way to the communal showers. Lara couldn't believe that the tall statuesque blonde would have struck her so blatantly, so viciously, and wondered if one of her friends had done it and was now hiding from her.

Deciding she would have to investigate later, she picked up her towel and made her way to the showers. The gym had been busy today and the only spare one was next to her instructor, so she hung up her towel and made her way to the other woman's side. Maria cast a sideways look at her pupil, looking down on her disdainfully. Lara was a beautiful woman but she always felt inferior when she compared herself to Maria. Whereas she was the typical Latin-type beauty, dark and very sensual, Maria looked more Scandinavian, tall, blonde and very beautiful. The only thing was, she knew just how beautiful she was and looked down on the other women as being beneath her.

As the two women stood naked under the running water, Lara couldn't help but sneak a closer look at Maria's sexy body and wondered what it would be like to make love to another woman so different from herself. As if she could hear Lara's thoughts, the tall woman turned and sneered at her pupil.

"Did you enjoy that little pat on your arse, Lara?"

So it had been her. The thought of this incredible woman touching her made Lara go weak at the knees, made her face blush, made her pussy moisten. Unable to form any words, so taken aback was she, Lara simply hung her head and nodded. The other woman laughed out loud at her.

"I knew it. You're a slut, aren't you, Lara? A submissive slut just waiting to be punished." Lara was glad that the showers were so powerful, so noisy, that none of the other women could hear this conversation but, even so, she was very embarrassed.

"What? No, I'm not a slut. I'm a respectable married woman. You just surprised me." She looked around but none of the other women seemed to be listening; her cheeks still reddened in shame.

"Don't lie to me, slut. Follow me."

With that, Maria turned off her shower and, turning without even looking again at Lara, walked back to the changing room. Lara didn't know what came over her but for some reason she did as she was told and hurried after her instructor. As she came through the door, Maria was standing there, facing her, waiting. Without another word, she grabbed Lara by the hair and forced her down on to her knees. She found herself staring at the woman's bald pussy, her very wet lips, her already visible clit.

"Lick my cunt, slut," was all she said. No other instruction; no "please"; she simply expected to be obeyed.

Lara tried to struggle, to free herself, but Maria's grip on her hair was too tight, too strong and she suddenly wondered what would happen if anyone else came out of the showers. Realising there was only one way out of this, she leaned forward and ran her tongue along the length of the other woman's dripping slit and, Lara realised when she tasted Maria's juices, it wasn't dripping because she had just had a shower.

Once again the tall woman laughed at her. "See; nothing but a slut. If you ever have the nerve to accept the punishment you deserve, call me. You can get my number from the front desk."

With that, she released her victim and walked away to her own locker at the other side of the large changing room. Just then the door from the showers opened and some other women that Lara knew slightly came through, looking quizzically at the woman on her knees in front of her locker, but said nothing. Even now, a week later, when Lara thought about the incident she could feel her juices soaking her knickers once again.

So now as she lay naked on her own bed at home, toying with her vibrator, toying with her pussy, she looked again at the phone number she had been given by the receptionist at the gym and wondered if she had the nerve to call Maria. As her vibrator slipped down from her clit, slid between her pussy lips and entered her she wondered how far the other woman would take her, how far she wanted to be taken, and how amazing it would be to taste Maria's pussy again. The thought of her own submission on the floor of the changing room, the memory of the fear she had felt as Maria tightened the grip on her hair, the thought of how she had been forced to lick another woman in a public place was enough to make her cum again. The vibrator was now plunging in and out of her pussy as she arched her back and screamed "Maria!" while her orgasm washed over her.

Before she could change her mind, before her orgasm had totally subsided, before she had even pulled the vibrator from her pussy, she reached across to the bedside table and picked up the phone. Maria answered after a few moments and listened to Lara stumble through a request to meet. She was instructed to present herself in the restaurant of a nearby hotel the following evening and to book a room. She was to arrive with a totally shaven pussy and she was not allowed to touch herself until they met.

Throughout the next day Lara's pussy tingled and dripped into her knickers but, other than running her fingers along her dripping slit after shaving, she did as she was told and refrained from making herself cum. The build up of her anticipation was nearly enough to make herself cum, even without touching herself and, by the time she took her seat in the restaurant, she was desperate for someone, anyone, to touch her.

For over an hour she waited and, just as she was about to give up on Maria, in she walked. Dresses in a smart, tight --fitting business suit, she looked every inch the successful sexy woman that she knew she was. Lara could only stare at her and wonder what she had let herself in for.

Maria ordered for them both without even looking at the menu, without even asking Lara what she wanted. Ignoring her throughout the meal, other than to enquire if she had shaved her pussy as instructed, Maria finished her meal and asked Lara what room she was in. Rising from the table, even though Lara had not finished eating, Maria strode out of the restaurant and Lara knew she was expected to follow her. Quickly signing for their meal, charging it to her room, she hurried after her gym instructor and wondered what lessons she would be learning this afternoon.

As they got into the lift, Maria simply stood at the back and waited for Lara to press the button. As soon as the doors closed over, the taller woman grabbed Lara's hair from behind and forced her down on to her knees in the lift. Saying nothing, she simply stood there with Lara kneeling at her feet, like some sort of pet. Lara was grateful that no other guests seemed to be around at that point to witness her humiliation but, as the lift reached her floor and the doors slid open, they were faced with an elderly couple who seemed shocked to see the beautiful woman on her knees. Maria smiled to them and explained that her slave had been bad and was being punished so she was only allowed to crawl in public today.

As the mystified couple stood back to allow Maria to exit the lift, dragging Lara by her thick, dark hair, they didn't even notice the lift doors closing and leaving without them, so intrigued were they by what they were seeing. Lara, meanwhile, was burning with embarrassment as she followed her new mistress to her room and presented the other woman with the card to open the door. She had never been so ashamed in her whole life but she knew her knickers had never been so wet, at least not in a very, very long time.

No sooner had the door closed behind them when Maria pulled her to her feet and ordered her to strip. She couldn't tear off her clothes quickly enough; she kicked off her shoes then removed her blouse and skirt before she suddenly seemed to realise she was standing in a strange hotel room in just her underwear, waiting for the attention of a woman she hardly knew, waiting to be told she was worthy of the woman's attention, waiting to be satisfied in the way she craved more than anything else.

Before she knew what was happening, Maria grabbed her and, practically lifting her off her feet, threw her on to the large king-sized bed. Automatically, she started to struggle and to cry out but Maria straddled her, kneeling across her chest, and held her down. As if from nowhere, Maria produced two silk scarves from within her suit jacket and secured her hands to the bedposts. Climbing off her, she knelt over the frightened woman and began to pull down her soaking white thong. The more Lara struggled, the more Maria just smiled and, after sliding the tiny thong down Lara's smooth legs, she stuffed it into her open mouth, stifling her cries and making her more terrified than before. She was now bound and gagged in a room with another woman and no-one knew she was there. Before she could think of anything else, she became aware of a familiar taste of pussy in her mouth as she realised just how wet her knickers were. She could taste her juices and, since the knickers were soaked in them, she could feel those same juices running down her throat. What had she let herself in for?

Before she had time to consider her answer, Maria was leaning over her again, opening the clasp of her front fastening bra and freeing Lara's gorgeous breasts to her hungry gaze. Lara knew she had nice breasts but she couldn't believe how hard her nipples were.

"You're obviously enjoying this, bitch. Look how big your nipples are."

As Lara could do nothing but stare up at her captor, Maria lowered her warm mouth to her left breast and sucked the nipple into her mouth. Her other hand, meanwhile, was squeezing Lara's right breast, pinching her engorged nipple hard enough to make the poor woman wince. This combination of pleasure and pain continued for some time as Maria alternated between licking, sucking and pinching each nipple in turn. Lara could do nothing but lie there, writhing in pain, writhing in lust. Her pussy felt as if it was about to explode and she cried at the hunger she felt between her legs.

Just when she thought she might cum through the pain and pleasure being meted out to her nipples alone, it stopped. Lara moaned into her knickers-gag and looked up pleadingly at her mistress. Each time she saw the look fear mixed with desire in the eyes of her new slave, Maria simply laughed at her. She knew, however, just how close Lara was to cumming and she wanted to see just how close to the brink she could take her.

Climbing off the bed, she produced two more scarves and proceeded to tie Lara's legs to the bottom of the bed and looked down, pleased, at her spread-eagled new toy. She bent over and dipped her finger into Lara's dripping pussy, her finger quickly becoming coated in the other woman's juices.

"So, do you still deny you are a slut? Look at you; you're lying there, naked, tied to a bed in front of another woman, a stranger, your hands and feet tied to the bed, your mouth stuffed with your own knickers, and your cunt couldn't be wetter. Who else but a slut could be getting off on this?"

Lara shook her head, trying to deny in her own mind the truth of these words, trying to deny that she was a slut, trying to deny that she was anything but a respectable married woman; trying and failing. She had never felt so ashamed of her actions; she had never felt so afraid of what was happening to her and of what was about to happen; but she could not deny either that she had never felt so aroused, so alive, so wet.

"Now its the time for me to mix some pain with your pleasure, my little slut."

Lara looked into the eyes of her new mistress, her whole body and mind filled with a sense of anticipation, fear and lust. She watched as Maria reached into the inside pocket of her jacket and withdrew something that heightened all of these feelings as the woman above produced round clamps that she knew immediately were destined for her engorged nipples. She shook her head in desperation, scared of the coming pain, scared that the other woman might take pity on her and stop.

She needn't have worried about that. Maria leaned forward and began to suck on her slave's right nipple, making it harder, longer, as she pulled it upwards with her soft lips. She smiled down on the frightened woman as she applied just a little pressure on to her sensitive nipple with her teeth before she moved her mouth over to the left one and repeated her actions. Keeping one finger between Lara's pussy lips, she could tell how excited the gorgeous bound woman on the bed beneath her was.

As she looked down with pride at her toy's erect nipples she attached first one, then the other clamp as Lara's eyes shot wide with the pain when the two clamps closed tightly down. Even though her mouth was gagged, her moans still escaped and Maria laughed at her once more.

"We've only just begun," she promised.

Once again Maria tested Lara's reaction by checking the flow of juices from her pussy and was delighted to feel her slave's cunt still soaking wet. She could tell that the smaller woman was enjoying her new experience, even if she didn't know it yet. Her mind and her words may have denied she was feeling any pleasure but her pussy could not deny it; her pussy was entering new worlds of sensations she had never even imagined. The sounds coming from her mouth were now moans of a different kind and Maria knew it was time to move on to the next stage.

"Are you ready for more, slut? Are you ready to see what else I have to offer you?"

Lara shook her head violently from side to side; she couldn't take any more but still she was surprised, disappointed almost, when Maria began to untie the scarves securing her to the bed.

As she slowly sat up, Maria also sat on the side of the bed but once again grabbed Lara by her hair and pulled her over her lap. As she settled her captive so that Lara's bottom was resting on her thighs, she could feel the moisture from the poor woman's pussy brush across her naked skin as her short skirt had risen up when she sat down.

"Time for your first real spanking, slut."

Lara shuddered at the thought. She had been playfully spanked in the past by her husband but she realised that this was going to be quite different. As if reading her mind, and as if she had to remind Lara who was in charge here, Maria reached below the woman on her lap and pulled on each of the clamps, enjoying the muffled screams from her toy as fresh pain shot through both of the woman's stretched, already painful nipples. Maria wondered for a moment if Lara had reached the point where the pain was merging with the pleasure but she didn't wait to find out.

She began to spank Lara's upturned bottom and the poor woman was quite surprised by the lightness of the first blows. She was even more surprised when Maria stopped after every two or three slaps and stroked her reddening cheeks. However, before long Maria began to slowly increase the speed and the force she was using and smiled as she watched Lara squirm on her lap, causing her pussy to rub against her tormentor's smooth thigh even more forcefully. She smiled even more when she noticed her victim's hips begin to rise to meet her hand. She wondered if she could push Lara a little further on their first date.

Her hand was starting to sting a little from the prolonged spanking so she wrapped her right leg around Lara's left one and pulled her closer to her body. Lara didn't realise that her legs were now open but she realised as soon as the first slap landed on her needy pussy. Maria's thighs were now soaked from the juices pouring from her slave and when she reached down once more, released the nipple clamps at the same time as she delivered the first slap to Lara's engorged clit, the poor woman was tipped right over the edge.

Her pussy didn't just cum, her whole body erupted and she would have fallen off Maria's lap if the stronger woman had not had such a tight grip on her. The fact that that grip was on her pussy and on her tits caused further tremors throughout Lara's body and she was lost in somewhere far away. She had never cum like this before; she never wanted to cum like this again yet she never wanted this feeling to end.

As she slowly recovered, Maria lay her back on the bed, strong enough to lift the exhausted woman off her lap and position on her face where she wants her. Lara is barely aware that her mistress is reapplying the scarves to her wrists and ankles, so weak from her orgasm she couldn't have stopped her even if she wanted to. As her mind returns, she realises she is spread-eagled once more, only this time her arse is on view, her arse hole is exposed, and her pussy is clearly visible between her outstretched legs. She also realised at that point that Maria had removed her thong-gag at some point and now she was free to speak.

"Maria, I have to go now, my husband will be home soon."

In answer she received a harsh slap on both her upturned cheeks and Maria almost laughed as she watched the flesh of the other woman's arse wobble beneath the force of her blows.

"You go home when I say you go home, slut, a not a moment sooner. I am your Mistress now and you will refer to me as such. Do you understand?"

"What? No, Maria, no. I have to go. Please release me."

This time the beating to her already punished bottom was swift and vicious. Lara shrieked beneath the sudden onslaught and struggled to escape the blows raining down on her but there was nowhere for her to go. Only when Maria began to feel her hand stinging again did she stop. "Well, slave, do you understand now?"

Lara understood only too well. She had put herself in this position and now there was nothing she could do about it. She was at the mercy of this cruel woman and the tears ran down her face as she feared what else the woman would do to her.

"Yes, Mistress, I understand."

"That's better, slave. Now relax; I've been looking forward to taking you for a long time."

Lara tensed as she felt the other woman climb on to the bed between her legs and crouch over her. She could feel the other woman's breath on her and shuddered as Maria's tongue reached out and began to trail up and down her naked spine. Lara knew the other woman must be tasting her salty sweat and was still able to feel embarrassed at such an intimate touch. Up and down the wet tongue travels, a little lower on each journey so that Lara could feel her body preparing to respond, preparing to betray her again, preparing to leak even more juices from between her legs.

Too scared to say anything, Lara could feel the heat building in her pussy and could feel the soft tongue of her Mistress as it continued to tease her. She knew her pussy would respond to this kind of loving but she knew also that if her Mistress was offering her pleasure now, there was pain to follow.

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