tagNonConsent/ReluctanceLara Takes Sara to the Cinema

Lara Takes Sara to the Cinema


Sara was worried. The schoolgirl had hardly slept at all last night, remembering every detail of what had what Mrs Lane had done to her and even, unbelievably, what she had done to Mrs Lane. When Lara, the school doctor and Mrs Lane, the Headmistress, had shown her the secretly recorded film of her "playing with her tits" she didn't think she had any choice but to do as they said. Letting both women play with her body was one thing; to think that she had then mad the Headmistress cum with her own tongue and fingers was unbelievable.

Yet, even now, she knew that her knickers were wet; not the regulation navy blue ones that all her classmates would be wearing but a tiny pink thong that her mother had bought her last weekend. She could feel the soft lace press against her newly shaved pussy and there was nothing she could to stop her juices from soaking the crotch.

She shifted uncomfortably on the hard wooden chair outside the Headmistress's office and knew that her summons there would have nothing to do with school or homework. What else could these two women want of her, she wondered. Then a niggling thought came to the forefront of her mind -- she had not made Lara cum yet.

Beth Lane was also worried. She was the upright Headmistress of a very respectable girls' school. The fact that she had always used her position to satisfy her urges with the top year girls did not worry her; they were all over eighteen and she made sure she had something to blackmail them with should they ever threaten to tell their parents or anyone else what she made them do.

But this was different. Lara was insisting that they take their abuse of Sara to a new level. She wanted to fuck the girl in a public place and she assured the Headmistress she knew just the right place, somewhere they would not be disturbed unless they wanted to be. Mrs Lane had tried to refuse but it seemed as if the school doctor was now in charge.

Lara had made Mrs Lane cum so many times last night that eventually the Headmistress had said yes to her request just to allow her throbbing pussy and aching arsehole some time to recover. The older woman knew she should have tried once more to dissuade Lara from her plan but she knew that her big, cotton knickers were once more soaking as the doctor went over her plan one final time.

Lara wasn't worried at all. She knew this plan would work. She knew because Sara would not be the first girl she had taken to their destination but it would be the first time she had taken a co-conspirator with her. She was looking forward to seeing how Mrs Lane, the so-called pillar of their community would react. She knew how Sara would react; the young girl would be terrified but Lara knew there was so much for her to enjoy today and, right at the very centre of it, would be Lara herself.

She had taken great delight in setting up Sara for Mrs Lane to use but now it was her turn and she couldn't wait. She had taken a long time this morning deciding which pair of knickers she should wear and even though about not wearing any at all. She knew, however, that her knickers would come in handy later on and had decided on the smallest white thong she possessed. It was actually her second smallest pair as she had already soaked through her first pair as she thought about her plan on the way into school this morning.

Sara looked up nervously as the Headmistresses' door opened and Mrs Lane ordered her to come in. Sara stood up and walked into the large office and was not surprised to see Lara sitting there waiting. She was smiling, which only served to make Sara even more nervous and more wet between her legs.

Mrs Lane sat back down behind her desk and instructed the schoolgirl to sit down opposite her. Sara knew she had little choice but, when Lara took her hand and held it in her lap, she trembled in fear. She had always liked the school doctor but now she knew her as her chief tormentor and was terrified at what wicked plan she had concocted for today.

"Sara, you must accept that the film we have of you acting like a slut in the doctor's office is very serious indeed. You went some way to making amend last night but there is still so much that we require from you before we decide not to show the film to your mother."

At the mention of her beloved mother, Sara nearly cried. Before last weekend she had never thought of her mother in any kind of sexual manner but, now that her mother's lust had been awoken, she seemed to fill the girl's nightmares as much as the two women with her now. What was worse was that Sara blamed herself. If she had kept her experiences in the doctor's office to herself then her mother would still be the same decent woman who had raised her alone. Instead Sara knew she was acting like some kind of sex maniac and was now firmly ensconced with her new girlfriend. Even so, she never wanted anyone to know about what had happened to her and what she had done to Mrs Lane last night.

"Please, miss, please don't tell my mother. You know I'll do anything you want but please don't tell her."

The poor girl was close to tears but Lara simply smiled to herself; the first part of her plan had just fallen into place.

"Very well, Sara; I'm pleased that you recognise the depth of the trouble you are in and the remorse you have shown so far means that today you will receive a reward. The doctor and I are going to take you on a trip to the cinema. Obviously this is not something that you should share with your classmates or they would want to know the whole story. So tonight, once everyone else is in bed, we will wake you and take you to a late night screening at a very exclusive cinema. You may go."

Sara got up from the chair uncertainly; she was even more confused than ever. She looked to the doctor for an explanation but Lara just smiled at her. The girl realised that the doctor had not said a single word the whole time she was there but she still suspected that it was Lara who was the instigator of whatever was going to happen to her tonight. And what did Mrs Lane mean by "a very exclusive cinema"?

A few hours later Sara was sitting on the edge of her bed. She knew all her friends would be sleeping by now and she wished she was too. She still didn't know where she was going or what was going to happen to her but she suspected she wasn't going to be watching a film. Mrs Lane's mention of an exclusive cinema should have filled her with anticipation at the prospect of a special treat. Instead it filled her with terror, the unknown being even worse for she now knew what these two women were capable of doing.

When they walked into her bedroom they didn't even bother to knock. If Sara had any doubts that they could make her do anything they want, they were dismissed immediately by Mrs Lane's first words.

"Lift your skirt, Sara. We want to see if your knickers are suitable for this outing."

Sara blushed bright red as her hands slowly drew the short school skirt up her young thighs and presented the front of her tiny thong to these horrible women. As Lara knelt down in front of the schoolgirl and ran one finger down the front of Sara's crotch, the poor girl couldn't have been any more humiliated; she knew the school doctor would be able to see the damp spot. She had already changed her knickers twice this evening but she couldn't stop her young pussy from leaking as the anticipation of her next ordeal built to a peak.

"These will be just fine," said Lara, embarrassing the girl even more by taking a deep sniff at her knickers. "I think she's more than ready."

They walked through the school in the dark until they reached the staff entrance. Sara had never been through this door and hoped she never would again because, the more she thought about it, the more she was sure the Headmistress and the doctor were going to use her again tonight. They were going to touch her and kiss her and lick her and make her have all those feelings that she knew were wrong.

Mrs Lane led the way to her car and opened the driver's door. Lara held open the passenger door and allowed their victim to climb into the back seat. As she did so, Lara could see Sara's short skirt riding up her smooth thighs and licked her lips in anticipation of the night ahead.

As she sat in the back with the schoolgirl, Mrs Lane started the car and drove slowly through the open school gates. She took hold of Sara's hand, noticing that her palms were damp as the poor girl worried about her fate. She opened her legs wide and manoeuvred the girl until she was perched on the edge of the back seat between the doctor's outstretched legs.

Lara had no intention of hurting the innocent girl; in fact she could easily fall in love with this young beauty. She leaned forward, lifted Sara's hair and gently kissed her neck. Sara gasped at the soft touch of the doctor's lips but was more concerned with the hands she felt sliding down towards her vulnerable hips. She pulled Sara back against her and, twisting the girl's head slightly, she kissed her on the lips.

As she forced her tongue into her captive's reluctant mouth, she slid her hand up Sara's, feeling the girl trembling beneath her touch. As she explored the young girl's mouth with her insistent tongue, her hands eagerly explored the young body beneath them. Finally she pulled away from Sara's hot mouth but held onto her and whispered, "You are going to love what I have planned for you."

Sara doubted that she would ever enjoy anything that the doctor had planned but she kept her thoughts to herself and sat back down beside Lara. Just as she did so, the Headmistress pulled in to a concealed entrance and Sara found herself in a part of town she did not know. Following the older women out of the car, she watched as Mrs Lane bought the tickets and entered the dark cinema. It took a while for them to get used to the darkness, but as her eyes grew accustomed to it, Sara saw the cinema was nearly empty and so they sat down in a row by themselves. It was only then that Sara dared to look at the screen.

On it, the huge figures of three naked women were writhing together on a four-poster bed. Sara had never seen anything like it in any of her sheltered eighteen years and she just sat there, staring. She could see that one of the three on the screen was younger than the others, about the same age as Sara herself, and she seemed to be the focus of the other two women's attentions. The girl on the screen was tied to the four posters at the four corners of the bed, her arms and legs stretched to their very limits.

She appeared to be resisting the attentions of the older women as one of them sucked on her engorged nipples while the other lapped at her pussy. Sara couldn't believe how familiar it was to the scene in her bedroom last night and she could feel her own pussy leaking into her knickers once more.

Sara was sitting between Mrs Lane and Lara and they too were enjoying the action on the screen but Lara had more adventurous plans yet. She pulled Sara's face to look at her and kissed her again, even more passionately than in the car. As her body turned to meet Lara's kiss, the young girl felt her bottom rise of the seat and immediately she felt Mrs Lane's old hands slide over her round cheeks and squeeze them forcefully.

Lara used the opportunity of Sara's distraction to slowly begin to undo her school tie, open the buttons on her school blouse from top to bottom then pull it free from her school skirt. Sara knew this was all wrong and tried to break free but the women were ready for her. Mrs Lane grabbed her arms while Lara stood up and used her own school tie to bind Sara's limbs behind her back.

"Please, doctor, please don't do this. Someone will see us. Please I'm a good girl; I don't want you to do this."

Lara simply chose to ignore the girl's pleas and, resuming her kissing, her mouth began to move over Sara's neck and downwards. Easing her prisoner's school blouse off her shoulders, Lara was rewarded with another view of the schoolgirl's beautiful tits, encased in her pink lacy bra. Wanting to savour every minute of this adventure, Lara simply kissed her way across Sara's bare flesh until she could no longer resist those succulent breasts.

Sara was breathing deeply in fear and anticipation. Mrs Lane was keeping an eager eye open for any men who might try to join their very public threesome. And Lara could do nothing but stare and admire her young patient's stunning breasts. She had seen the poor girl naked a couple of times now and so wanted to stretch out their outing for as long as possible. She began to run her tongue over the lace covering Sara's breasts and gently closed her teeth over the hardening nipples. As they poked through the thin lace, Lara knew her own knickers were as wet as her young lover's and squeezed her thighs together to try to hold back her determined urge to force Sara between her legs and lick her to the orgasm she had been waiting for.

All Sara could do was cry and wonder why all this was happening to her. She had always been a good girl and now, here she was, sitting in a cinema she knew didn't show the latest blockbusters, her blouse open and pulled back, her hands bound with her school tie, her school doctor biting her nipples and her Headmistress keeping lookout. She had to try once more.

"Please, doctor, please let me go. Mrs Lane, please. I promise I'll be a good girl."

But Mrs Lane had other things in mind. She eased Sara's blouse down her arms, adding to the restriction on her hands, then eagerly released the clasp of the young girl's lacy bra while Lara pulled down the cups of her bra, away from her generous breasts. Once more the doctor marvelled at the schoolgirl's beautiful tits as they stood proud & erect on her chest. Lara ran her tongue up from the bottom of one breast and slowly took her prize, Sara's nipple, into her mouth as Mrs Lane looked on

As the schoolgirl's nipple became fully erect under the doctor's tongue, and as Sara began to feel those unwelcome, incredible sensations between her legs, Lara sucked and teased that nipple for several minutes, sometimes sucking the poor girl's whole breast deep into her mouth. As the older woman then transferred her attentions to the other breast, Sara became aware of her hands slowly moving up her right thigh.

As the doctor's hand slid all the way up Sara's trembling legs, she reached the warmth of her captive's tiny knickers. Unable to wait any longer before tasting the beautiful girl once more, she released the poor girl's wet nipples and started to slowly kiss her way down her body. She could hear the involuntary gasps from Sara and worried just for a moment that they were making too much noise, but although the few men in the darkened cinema were paying more attention to the action in the seats than the action on the screen, Mrs Lane was giving them her most stern Headmistress's glare and they seemed content to watch Sara's seduction from a distance.

Sara couldn't believe this was happening to her once more. It was even more embarrassing because of where they were and she was sure the men could see her young breasts and could see what the school doctor was doing to her. They couldn't see her red cheeks but she was sure they could her hear her moans of pleasure. Except they weren't moans of pleasure; she hated what was happening to her but she couldn't control the way her body reacted to the doctor's mouth and tongue. She knew she couldn't escape as her hands were still tied behind her back and now her breasts were naked for anyone to see.

Lara decided it was time to move things on before the men in the cinema approached any further. She got down on her knees in front of their prisoner and spread her reluctant legs, Mrs Lane pulling one of Sara's slender thighs close to her. Tenderly the school doctor licked along the top edge of her patient's knickers. Although she was struggling in her mind, Sara's body was doing the very opposite as she eased her legs apart. Moving in even closer, Lara could smell the warm, enticing scent of the schoolgirl's sweet pussy from behind her soaking knickers.

Mrs Lane decided to intervene at this point and lifted both of Sara's her legs on to the shoulders of her accomplice as Lara licked her lips then opened her mouth. Sara felt that same mouth clamp on to her knickers and the doctor's tongue push the cotton crotch of her knickers into the fold of her lips. She could hold it back no more as her crotch became soaked with her juices and the schoolgirl arched up off the cinema seat as yet another orgasm ripped through her young body. She knew she was in a public place but she couldn't help screaming aloud as this still surprising and still unwelcome sensation overcame everything else. As she came, Lara gripped her hips so she could keep her lips in place as her tongue started to push the cotton knickers ever deeper into the folds of Sara's tight pussy. The poor girl was only just recovering when she felt the school doctor peel her ruined underwear from her cunt and, forcing her to lift her hips to ease their removal, slipped them off her feet before handing them to Mrs Lane.

Mrs Lane had felt excluded from the action so far but she knew her role was to protect the lovers from the men nearby and she had many years experience of controlling her pupils and her staff so she could do this easily with just a flash of a stern look. But now she was delighted that Lara was letting her join in. Taking the prize handed to her, she first sniffed Sara's dripping thong then, unable to control herself, she brought it to her mouth and sucked their victim's juices from the cotton material.

Sara was humiliated at the sight before her. Her Headmistress was sucking her knickers in a public cinema and there were men watching her. She felt very defenceless now that her pussy was as naked as her breasts and her hands were still tied behind her back. Could it get any worse? She shuddered when she realised the answer was probably yes.

Just for a moment she thought she was about to be reprieved when Mrs Lane stood up. Unfortunately for Sara, the Headmistress was only replacing Lara between her legs as the school doctor once more sat down on the seat beside her. Without any warning, Mrs Lane took a long, slow lick up the schoolgirl's pussy, this time tasting her juices at their source.

Sara was trembling in embarrassment and lust and watched as a couple of men used Mrs Lane's preoccupation with her pussy to move closer to the scene of her humiliation. They didn't get too close, however, before Mrs Lane stood up again and lifted Sara to her feet beside her. She hadn't noticed that Lara had pulled her skirt up and had removed her own knickers, once more handing them to the Headmistress. This was an unexpected bonus for the older woman and, after inhaling deeply her colleague's musky scent, she pushed the tiny white thong into her pocket for later use.

Manoeuvring Sara into position between Lara's outstretched legs, Mrs Lane took her pupil by the shoulders and pushed her down. Sara found herself staring at the school doctor's bald pussy only inches from her face. She knew what she was expected to do but she just couldn't do it; not here, not like this, not in a public place, not to the doctor, she just couldn't. "Please, Headmistress, please don't make me do this. Let's go back to the school and I'll do anything you want. Please, Mrs Lane, you know I've always been a good girl; please don't make me do this."

But once again her words fell on deaf ears as her Headmistress untied her hands then grabbed her by the back of her head and pushed her forward. All the while, Lara was already playing with herself. She had opened her blouse and peeled her tiny white bra off her large tits. Very soon she had one hand on her breasts and one between her slender, toned legs as she began to moan softly in pleasure and anticipation. It was just at that moment that Mrs Lane pushed Sara forward and released her hands.

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