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Lara's Misadventures


My first muse has inspired a new story...

You will find some forms of:

and some forms of nonconsent/reluctance.


Lara stepped out of the steaming hot shower with a spring in her step. Today was going to be the day. After a week of abstinence, today would be an extra special day of love making. She stood naked in front of her full length mirror admiring her own sleek figure. She liked what she saw as she pulled her long wet hair into a tight bun.

As she raised her arms above her head, her breasts swayed gently with the motion. It felt nice to start the day already so wet and excited. The week long of self-denial had driven her sexual desire up to a level that she could not believe. At 30, Lara felt like a teenager discovering lust and longing for the first time.

It's amazing how much you think about something when you cannot have it. Lara's thoughts had been filled with sex almost constantly since she had moved back into her parents' house for the week long sex diet.

The young woman felt naughty as her hands gently caressed her damp skin. She had shaven herself completely clean for the first time in years and the cool breeze coming from the A/C was caressing her exposed skin in the most delectable way. Her fingers reached her moist labia and she fought hard not to let them linger too long. She really did not want to reach an orgasm before meeting up with Jim, her long time boyfriend, who was waiting for her in their apartment. Their relation had been in a slump lately and the small break was an attempt to heal their broken relationship.

Lara reached into the icy cold water of the bathroom sink where she had left her surgical steel Ben Wa balls to cool. She had never used any before but during her week of self-restraint an erotic story that she had read online had intrigued her as to the possibilities that they could add to her sex life and had compelled her to make an impulse purchase online. She stared at one of the cold balls pensively. She then lifted her right leg onto the toilet seat to open herself up as much as possible. She brought the cold ball down and pressed it into her over excited sex.

"Ooh!" The sensation of cold and hot caught her off guard. The ball passed her lips and began filling her heated vulva. "Ooooh!" The ball was moving within her and was already starting to roll down towards her wet entrance.

Lara clamped down to prevent the ball from coming out. She was fit and in good shape but she had to concentrate on muscles that she usually never really thought about. She swiftly grabbed the second ball and inserted it quickly before bringing down her leg. "Aw yeah!" The swift action almost causing her to orgasm in her small bathroom.

She then tried walking timidly and realized that the balls were rocking and rolling with each of her steps. In her current state of arousal, she would have to walk very slowly to make sure that the balls would not bring her to a powerful climax. They filled her and kneaded her intimate flesh deliciously. She could not believe that some women actually kept these in for several hours a day. Lara decided to remove the balls for the time being and spread her legs widely to let them slip out into her hand. There was no way that she would be able to finish getting dressed and out of the house on time with these things driving her insane with desire with every move.

She walked into her bedroom and stared at the summer dress that she had laid out on her bed. It was a sleeveless cotton summer dress that buttoned-down the front. It was tight fitted down to the waistline and flared out loosely as it came down just above her knees. The dress had small yellow flowers and small white polka dots on a light fuchsia background. She decided that she would stay naked a bit longer. She reached for her roman sandals and began lacing them up her calves one after the other. She then walked towards her dresser to grab a pair of panties but then decided against it. She would be "flying commando" she thought. She had always wanted to do so but had always chickened out. "Would Jim enjoy the surprise?" she asked herself. Whatever the case, she was not taking too many risks, she would be going from the house to the apartment without any stops in between. It would be a small thrill but nothing too risky.

Lara finished dressing up. The house was quiet and she was sure that everyone was still asleep as she got into her small car. It was sitting at the top of the driveway by the back entrance of the house in a very secluded spot. A naughty thought came to mind and she pulled out the Ben Wa balls from her purse. She wanted to be hot and steamy for her Jimmy, the balls had worked so wonderfully earlier, "why not try them now?" she thought. If she was seated in the car maybe they would not come out of her so easily.

Lara trussed up her dress past her hips and brought her legs up on the car seat. "What a lewd display!" she thought as she opened her legs to insert the spheres into her hungry pussy. The insertion was as pleasant as it had been earlier and she fought really hard to restrain herself from masturbating and releasing some of the pent-up desire that was bottled within her.

Another naughty idea arose. Could she drive all the way to the apartment butt naked with her dress hike-up to her waist? She would certainly try.

Just as she was about to start the engine to roll backwards down the driveway the kitchen door flew open.

"WAIT!" shouted Bobby, her diminutive half brother.

Lara barely had time to lower her dress as he opened the passenger door.

"Where are you going?" he asked.

"I have a full day planned with Jim." She answered.

"Oh no!" cried out Bobby in despair.

Lara had always had a soft spot for her "little" brother. At 18, he was 12 years her junior but she still thought of him as the little boy that she had been raised with. He had only been 6 years old when she had left the house for college and for some reason she still thought of him as the little boy he had been back then. Nature had not helped in the matter; at 5'2" he stood four inches below her. Bobby was a gangly, shy, nerdy and awkward young man and his every day struggles had made the big sister overly protective of him.

"Tell me, what is the matter?" asked Lara concerned.

In a panic Bobby started telling the story as if his life depended on it. He was in a hurry to get going and spoke erratically trying to spew out all the info at the same time.

"I still don't know how to drive," he reminded her.

Mom and dad had to go out of town at the last minute for a family emergency.

"Nothing too serious," he reassured Lara.

However, they were not here to bring him to the comic book convention that he had been planning for months. His tickets were all paid up and had cost him a small fortune, he could not be reimbursed at this point in time and, even if he could, he would not want to.

"Please Lara!" he begged of his sister.

Lara could not refuse his pleading eyes. It had always been a weakness of hers and she knew how important this event was to her little man. "I guess I will have to go one more day without sex," she thought to herself.

"Ok buddy. Give me a minute to go get changed and I will spend the whole day with you," said Lara with a big smile.

"No! No! No!" replied Bobby still in distress "...we have to get going right away... we are already late... Please! Lara! Please!"

"Ok! Ok! I get it!" Lara replied half heartedly.

Bobby finally gave her his best smile and for a moment she forgot the predicament she was in.

That moment lasted but a second.

As Lara pressed on the clutch to start her engine, the Ben Wa balls started moving within her reminding her of the incandescent desire that was still burning. She took a deep breath and hoped that Bobby would not notice. The car was already hot and her A/C had died years ago. A bead of sweat began forming on her forehead, the ball stroked her wet vagina as she released the clutch to put the car into reverse.

"Oh boy!" she despaired silently. This was going to be a very interesting drive.

Lara fought to keep her breathing calm and steady. She was staring at the road praying for long uninterrupted stretches without traffic. Every movement of her legs were creating a ripple that would stimulate her most intimate flesh. Each roll fanned her flame and she could not recall a time when she had felt such a powerful build up within the depths of her sweltering folds. She was now feeling as if lava was flowing within her veins, within her hot sex.

But Bobby was there, seating just next to her. Her arousal felt wicked and mischievous. She was embarrassed but the more she tried to concentrate on trying to get a grip on herself the more excited she seemed to get.

"Bobby!" she thought. "It's little Bobby... snap out of it!" she was shouting and screaming at herself.

Lara glanced to the side to see if he had caught onto her. She breathed a small sigh of relief. Bobby was so focused on the program of the convention that he was completely oblivious to her torment. He had not noticed her flushed cheeks or flushed neck. He was deep in thought as the car weaved through the sleepy, empty streets of the quiet town.

"Lara!?" Bobby asked.

"Yes, what's up?" she asked welcoming the distraction. Maybe a conversation would get her mind off the balls massaging her vulva.

"Is it ok if I put my costume on in the car?" he asks sheepishly.

"Sure buddy," she answered with an affectionate smile.

Bobby had always been very shy. So timid, in fact, that she could not recall the last time she had seen him topless. He avoided the pool and the beach at all cost so she knew how much of an effort the change of costume represented for him.

Lara started concentrating on the road again to give Bobby the privacy that she knew he needed. As she reached an intersection, she turned her head right to check for oncoming traffic. She had not meant to peek, but what she saw left her breathless.

Beneath his geeky, nerdy shirt, a shirt that he always wore with a pocket protector, within his small frame, laid hidden the body of a Greek god. Bobby had diligently followed the teachings of his hero, Bruce Lee, and through years of disciplined work his diminutive frame had become a true work of art.

That sight drove the furnace between her legs into overdrive. She had never considered her younger brother as a sexual being until that very moment. But this unexpected surprise had her transfixed with lust and desire. "How could it be?... Little Bobby!" she screamed inwardly.

It could not be. "Nah!" she reasoned. Lara could not understand the feelings that had just surged through her. She chalked it up to her previous state of arousal as she tried to cajole and reassure her beating heart. It was Jimmy that she wanted not her little Bobby. Right!?

"We're here!" interrupted Bobby excitedly.

The parking lot of the convention center was a mess. Hundreds of cars, if not more, were being directed left and right by a throng of people wearing bright orange safety vests.

"Oh man!" complained Bobby alarmed by the long lines.

"Do you want me to drop you off at the entrance?" offered Lara. That question was not a pure selfless act of charity. Lara needed to remove the darn Ben Wa balls that were constantly driving her arousal up. There was no way that she could get out of the car with Bobby by her side with these darn things inside her.

After she dropped him off, she became desperate. The traffic was bad and she constantly needed to shift in and out of gear with her manual transmission. The spheres where in constant motion within her as they moved up and down her tight over-heated moist canal. It was maddening. She was being driven to the cusp of ecstasy but she knew that she would not be able to reach the sweet, sweet release that she longed for.

"An empty spot! Yay!" she exclaimed out loud as she pulled into the empty parking space.

She looked around from side to side. A sea of men and women was making its way towards the huge convention building. Her small car was not the ideal spot for what she needed to do but she tried any way.

Discreetly, she passed her thin feminine hand into the opening of her dress in the gap between two buttons. "Ooh!" it felt so good to the touch. The hot liquid juices of her arousal had oozed passed her labia and had been dripping down her thighs. She could not recall a time when her thighs had been so sticky with her need to explode with sexual bliss.

"Ooh!" she gently pressed her index into her sopping vagina. "Oops!" her finger was pushing the balls further in. It filled her more but that was not the desired result... or was it?

Lara had never masturbated in public before and the situation was exciting, unnerving and embarrassing at the same time. Her heart was pounding in her chest, she stopped breathing as the tension built up inside her. The need was flooding the gates and was threatening to burst them wide open. "Almost there!" she thought but the metal spheres kept on moving further away from her. In an instant, panic set in. Lara's excitement shifted to frustration. Tears welled up in her eyes as she realized that the balls would not come out this way.

"BANG!" a noise startled the blond and edged down her excitement. She looked around in a panic and realized that the crowd was now even thicker than it had been before. Someone's prop toy gun had bumped into her small car.

The car was just too small. Lara knew instinctively that she would not be able to stretch out in her seat to let the balls roll out of her. To make the matter worst she had lodged them so far up her vagina that she was not exactly sure how or when they would come down. She needed to stand up and she dreaded the idea of having to walk to the nearest public restroom to deal with this debasing matter. The thought of driving back home and come back crossed her mind but leaving her little brother by himself seemed unconceivable. No, she needed to stay here.

She stepped out of the car cautiously and she slowly got to her feet. "Phew!" Lara was relieved. Apparently, the balls were a bit stuck in place and did not start rolling down right away. She felt filled but it was not unpleasant, almost like wearing a tampon. If she walked slowly she would be able to make it to a bathroom without too much difficulty.

"Again!" Her relief was short lived. "Unbelievable!" she had just locked herself out of her car. Her purse was laid out on the passenger seat almost taunting and nagging her. Her keys, her cell phone, her money, how was she going to get in touch with Bobby? The only thing that she had with her was the convention entrance pass that Bobby had strung around her neck as he had leapt out of the car. It was a small consolation but at least she'd be able to spend the day with him before shelling out some dough for the locksmith. She'd worry about that at a later time.

She slowly made her way to the main building and got in line.

Suddenly, a bigger sense of dread overtook her. What exactly was Bobby's costume like? For the life of her she could not recall what he was wearing. It was a full body suit with a mask. That's all she remembered. Panic thoroughly set in as she finally stepped into the vast main room of the convention center. Her only clue to recognize him would be his small size but would that be enough? She felt as if she was looking for the proverbial "needle in a haystack" and she did not know where to start.

How long had she been there? She did not know but it felt like an eternity. She wandered from booth to booth hoping to find her little brother.

The gathering in itself was not so bad and eventually she let herself get amused by the impressive display and by the artistic and imaginative skills that the participants were showing off.

The entertainment, the fatigue, and the constant motion around her distracted her and she slowly got into the game. The costumes were amazing and she was surprised by the variety of genres. The convention was intended for kids and adults alike with some rooms reserved exclusively for audiences 18 and older. There was everything you could imagine from Sci-fi, Fantasy, Japanese anime, action and super hero comics, to more historical subjects such as Roman or Medieval reproductions.

Lara's curiosity was roused by a wooden pillory sitting in a corner of the room in the adult section of the Medieval room. It was built on a large wheeled platform so it could be moved around. Convention goers were playfully taking turns in line to play and be photographed with their heads and hands passing through the holes of the boards. A young assistant was helping the crowds open and close the hinged wooden boards. Lara got in line too and waited her turn. The device reminded her of an old fantasy of hers and her waning sexual arousal got kick started in an instant.

A demonstration of juggling artists and dancers started attracting the crowd away from the pillory. Lara saw the crowd thin out and took advantage of the situation to get in position. She placed her head and one of her hands in the hole but the assistant was missing. So, she took it upon herself to lower the heavy upper board in place.

"Click!" went the lock. Just as vivid images of her fantasies came to mind, Lara looked up to find herself in the dark.

Unbeknownst to Lara, the young assistant had closed off and drawn a curtain around the attraction. The young woman had not noticed Lara stepping behind her as the curtain was brought down around the display and Lara now stood isolated in the dark in the most awkward of positions.

"Help! Help!" she shouted to no avail. The thick drape, the music and the ambient noises were covering the sound of her voice. Lara was truly trapped in the medieval device.

All of a sudden, a loud drumroll went over the speakers as the room went silent.

"Ladies and Gentlemen!" went the MC in dramatic fashion. There was a short pause.

"You cannot have a medieval festival without some old good fashion humiliation! May we direct your attention to the corner of the room. The show is about to start!"

A pang of fear grasped at Lara's throat.

Before she could realize what was going on the curtains were drawn open and a bright spotlight focused in on her. It blinded her. The masses gathered and became this big unknown monster with a thousand eyes staring at her.

"Bang! Bang! Bang!" a steady menacing drum beat was now orchestrating the proceedings.

She could not believe what was happening.

"No! Please! No!" she wanted to shout. Alas, no sound would escape her mouth.

A group of four scrawny men dressed with black cloaks and black pointy hoodies approached as Lara's beautiful brown eyes shot open like saucers. They were each holding wooden paddles and loomed over her menacingly.

She tried backing away from them but the pillory would not bulge as big rubber stops were holding the wheels of the platform in place.

The four men looked at each other perplexed for an instant. The young woman did not look like the actress they had hired. She was not even wearing the historically accurate ensemble that they had designed. What were they supposed to do?

"Bang! Bang! Bang!" the rhythmic cadence kept on beating.

"Let's do it!" whispered one of the men to his companions.

They all nodded in agreement and went back to their choreographed reenactment.

They removed the rubber stops and started pulling the pillory closer to the gathered assembly.

Lara was being dragged as the contraption pulled her forward like some animal.

Once in the center of the stage the men presented the pillory and poor Lara to the crowd.

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