tagChain StoriesLaresa's World Ch. 03: Alex

Laresa's World Ch. 03: Alex


Tuxedo buttons flew in all directions as the sides of cloth they once held together had been violently yanked apart. The strip of fabric that had recently been tied into the perfect bowtie followed. No article of clothing was safe from the prying hands of Mrs. Laresa Gabriel as she tore off her husband's fine garments. Her own beautiful dress lay several steps behind the impassioned couple; where Alexander, 45th President of the United States, leader of the free world, and now, victor over the war on hunger, had torn it from his wife's body moments before.

Together they teased and disrobed each other until both were completely naked; which is when 46-year-old Alex tossed his much better looking, but vastly older wife onto their bed.

"We did it. We made a difference that will last." It was the last verbal pat on the back he would give them for at least an hour. As thrilled as he was with their accomplishments, Alex had little mind for anything other then the beauty before him, and bringing her delirious amounts of pleasure. He knelt before the bed, running his hands up her smooth, milky thighs and watching in awe as they parted. He never tired of this woman, and might well be the first President to have actually been completely faithful. His kisses heated the genies' flesh, while his fashionable beard, complete with flecks of grey, tickled and poked.

Soon his lips and tongue worked their way ever higher until he could lick his way over her swollen lips. Her fingers flew to part the silky folds and grant him access; his lips immediately seized her clit and teased it.

"Oh yes Alex!" Her head tossed back, crashing into the pillows as she enjoyed the actions of her husband, and master's mouth. So many nights had he loved her, but none were as good as when together, they had accomplished something good for the world. In those moments he had always chosen to thank her in the most intimate of ways. Judging from the passion he had now, tonight would be the most amazing yet. Laresa thought back to the wonders this man had done for her body, and the events he had thanked her for; saving the Red Wood Forest from logging, his election to Governor, providing a functional healthcare system that was later adopted by all 51 states, election to President, ending the war on terror, and now providing food for all the World's people with an international organization that worked.

Her focus was brought sharply back to the moment, when her beloved husband pressed another finger deep inside her. Her moans filled the air as her back arched. Suddenly, like a burst damn, she flooded her lover as the orgasm ripped down her spine. She squirmed and squealed in delight as Alex kept on licking and sucking at his wife's sex. He had to struggle when her deceptively delicate looking legs clamped around his head, but he pressed on, bringing several more eruptions from her twitching body.

Two hours later, as they both lay exhausted from their extended lovemaking, Alex rolled over to face his cherished bride. "My dear Laresa, I owe you so much, the whole world owes you. You've provided everything I could dream of, everything I could think to give. You've given me endless nights of passion, and countless hours of entertaining stories of your past. You've answered all but one thing to my complete satisfaction. Where did such an amazing being like you come from? I know you can't lie to me, so I know you don't know, but I think I can give that to you. To us."

"I've always been curious myself, I told you that, but if I do not know, then who else can possibly answer?" As soon as she asked, she recognized the look in his pale blue eyes that she'd come to know well. He'd thought things through and come to the next wish to command of her. He'd always been careful, methodical even, about his wishes. He wanted them to last through time, and benefit as many as possible. She loved him for that, for the truly good man he couldn't help but be. She had come to know so few men of true nobility over the eons, and far fewer still that she had been blessed to call Master.

"Laresa, my love, I want you to take us back to witness how you came to be. I do not want to interfere or be seen, only to watch and learn."

"Your wish is my command, Master." Her soft words echoed in his mind, her loving emphasis on the only time she was permitted to call him Master.

Their bedroom faded away, the walls disappearing to provide a view to some remote, ancient desert. A tribe, the Jinn, worked their way through the heat from the blazing sun above. Alex and Laresa remained in their bed watching, unaffected by the cruel environment that those they watched suffered. Specifically they watched a man they recognized as the leader, give instructions on where to set camp. A young woman watched him to ensure he was too busy to catch her flirting with a boy that seemed about her age. It took Alexander only a moment to realize that the girl they spied on was Laresa.

"Seems you had a crush, anyone I should be jealous of?" He teased.

"I don't remember him at all, but from the look on my face, it seems I did rather like him," her voice was still soft, but it had lost the melodious tones that he loved. He looked up to see the wrinkled brow as she watched her young self dance around a boy she may have loved, but could not remember.

The view faded again, and as the world melted around them, the scene that formed was that of several of the ancient Jinn tribe, elders from the looks of it, including the leader from the image before, discussed their fate around a small campfire. Times where hard, and only getting worse. They decided it was time for another sacrifice to the gods. They discussed several options, deciding what material possessions might best appease. A large Amber gem was donated from one man, his most cherished item. Another gave several golden nuggets. The tribe's chief hung his head in sorrow, but swore his daughter to the sacrifice, as the thing he most cherished in the world.

The view shifted suddenly, now a remote mountaintop, where the young, human Laresa lay bound to a large rough wooden altar. Tears streamed from the girls eyes as her father kissed her forehead, then placed the amber gem on the damp spot his lips left. His own eyes held back the unshed tears as he turned away, and motioned for the boy, the same she had been dancing with, to place the torch he carried into the pile of wood and grass beneath her. Chanting began, as others danced around Laresa's burning body, none seeming to pay any attention to the screams that came from the blaze and echoed through the valleys.

The Jinn had asked their gods for the power to save them, and many times over had been answered. Sadly none realized that the people and items that sacrificed were forever bound together with all the power and intent they poured into their ritual. Centuries later, when the gold and amber were found mysteriously locked together, a ring was forged of them combined materials, and Laresa, the Djinn came forth as wisps of smoke, coalescing into the same woman that now lay with Alexander.

The couple on the bed watched the Jinn tribe fade into the forgotten recesses of history, later to be referred to as spirits of flame and wind in the desert. But the Djinn, their unknown creations became slaves to whoever possessed the material part of those original sacrifices.

"My God Laresa, he left you there. He gave you up for the hope of better weather." Disgust rolled through Alex, his bed and wife now safely back in their room in the White House. He saw the tears streaming down her face, and tugged her even closer to him. "I'm so sorry, I should never have wished you to see that."

They held each other through the night, Alex trying to comfort his love, and hating himself for wishing this pain upon her.

Author's note: The Jinn were noted to be creatures of 'subtle fire' in Islamic texts, but pre-Semitic lore places them as spirits of the desert of an ancient and forgotten people. I took a bit of liberty with this idea and ran with it, giving the Jinn a face, and how the Djinn, as the west as come to know the Genie came to be. It was my hope to be respectful to all existing lore of the Jinn, but also to create something new. Hope you enjoyed!

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