tagChain StoriesLaresa's World Ch. 08: Dolph

Laresa's World Ch. 08: Dolph


Laresa sighed. She had been resting comfortably but now something was occurring outside the ring. She wouldn't know exactly what until she was summoned forth to meet her new master. All she ever received were impressions and right now she had the impression that two people were haggling over the price of the ring, her ring.

She sighed again. She often got the impression that her ring found its way to people who needed her. In situations like this, where her very existence could be bartered from one person to another, she felt as if something had gone wrong. Some person in need had lost their opportunity, either selling it off for a pittance or losing it to theft or, worse, death, before they could discover her powers. Those who came to own the ring by buying it often ended up proving to be some of her most depressing masters. Not all, certainly, but most of the worst, qualified.

Money and the ring exchanged hands. Laresa could already tell that her new owner knew he'd virtually stolen the ring, for what he, or 'she' Laresa realized, had paid for it. If the master was knowingly cheating people, the situation was even worse. Unfortunately, the worst masters also tended to be the most careful about the rules. She leaned back and waited.

The wait ended up being considerably longer than she'd expected. Usually masters ended up discovering her within minutes of finding the ring. She waited at least half an hour before she finally began to feel the pull, signifying she was, at last, being called from her captivity. Even before her body formed she received her first impression of her master and the room about them.

They were in a well appointed bathroom. Velvet cushions lay on a soft couch in the corner and the stalls were all meticulously cleaned. A man, her new master, leaned against the wall. One of his knees jutted forward as an expensive loafer lifted, to lay flat against the wall. He worse a light gray, business suit. By the style, Laresa was already guessing she once more found herself late in the Twentieth Century, the Eighties or Nineties.

"Laresa I presume?"

Laresa's mouth was open, prepared to acknowledge her master as customary, when he called her by name. No one had ever known of her before she introduced herself, yet this man knew her name! She stumbled, answering his question. "Uh, yes master. I am Laresa."

"Good. Then I didn't pay a small fortune for a piece of junk after all." His attention turned fully back to her. She felt his surge of lust, one that frequently accompanied men seeing her for the first time. This man held himself in incredible control, the lust suddenly forced away as his mind began to ponder her true value to him.

She studied him as he considered and prioritized his wishes. He could be a handsome man, he was tall enough at around six feet. He was physically fit without being overweighted with muscle. Likely he spent a few days a week in a health club or at some similar activity. Racquetball would be his 'power sport,' rather than golf. His dark hair pressed unnaturally against his scalp, slicked back with some oily substance that seemed to have hardened into a solid shell.

"First, please tell me your rules. I want to make sure I have all of them right."

Laresa had no idea how this man seemed to know so much about her but she smiled and launched into her well known litany. "I cannot bring anyone back from the dead, although I can heal virtually any wound. I cannot change the emotions of others, although I can change memories." His fingers flicked up as he counted off her rules, nodding with each. Failure to understand how he knew frustrated her so she decided to abbreviate her usually helpful list. "I cannot change major historical events." She stopped, withholding the most important rule out of curiosity.

Her Master looked at his three raised fingers before his penetrating gaze fell on her. "Did you neglect one or has the rule about lying to you changed?"

Laresa shuddered. She had hoped that his information had been incomplete. Without knowing the last rule she stood much more of a chance of escaping this very unnerving man. He knew the rules already and was likely to hold fast to them, keeping her in his service for many years. "No, master. That is still a rule. If you tell a lie to me then my ring and I will disappear through time and space."

He was smirking, confident, now, in his knowledge of her. "Good. My name is Randolph Winston Carpenter the Fourth. My friends call me Dolph, but you will continue to call me master." Dolph moved to the door and out into the hallway. A moment before the door closed she saw his finger motioning for her to follow, forcing her to hurry after. The two wandered down the decadently appointed corridor and stopped before a door at the end. Dolph flipped through a ring of keys, attached to his belt by a solid gold chain, and unlocked the door.

Laresa was impressed. Often, she had been asked to create such wealth and splendor for previous masters. Dolph maintained a corner office with an outstanding view of New York City. Bedecking the walls were various paintings and statues, all expensive trophies, declaring his station. In one corner, by the door, stood a meticulous and fully stocked bar. The glasses adorning the shelf behind it were Waterford crystal, and the alcohol was almost entirely imported from around the globe. Against another wall, sat a complete, "L" shaped, leather livingroom set. The final two walls consisted of panoramic windows from floor to ceiling. In the center of the room sat a giant desk, devoid of any personality and clear of work.

Dolph moved over to the bar and poured himself a scotch before moving to the leather couch, facing the door. He looked her up and down leering. She felt the lust blossom in him once more, and once again he repressed it, although less successfully this time. "One thing I'm not clear on. Can everyone else see you or not?"

Laresa wasn't sure which answer would please him more so she simply told the unadulterated truth. "Normally I remain hidden from all but my master. I can, if you desire, make myself visible to all."

He waved her off. "That's quite all right. I'll make sure to tell you when I want you visible." Dolph settled comfortably. Seeing his position, knees spread wide, she knew one request he would soon be making. Sensing his thoughts, however, provided her the knowledge that he had another wish first. "You know what 'd like? I'd like all of one Preston J. Thornton's money, assets and properties."

Laresa was shocked. "Master? I can easily bring you any amount of money you wish. It need not come from a specific person!" She refused to treat him as she had some of her other masters. If he wanted something of her he had to specifically wish for it.. Of course the masters who's desires she anticipated would never have requested such a directed, and cruel, wish.

Dolph was on his feet, his eyes ablaze. "Do you always second guess your masters like this?" A finger pointed at her emphasizing his point while the rest of the hand held his glass. The liquid inside sloshed in time with his gestures. "I'll find a suitably humiliating punishment for you later." His eyes cooled suddenly, taking on an icy demeanor. She had known his type throughout the ages. In monarchies he would have been a member of the court, scheming to overthrow all rivals of equal rank, and even some of his betters. Dolph was likely a lawyer, stock broker or some other financialist, given the era.

Dolph walked over to his desk and leaned against it, after punching a few buttons on a bulky keyboard. "Laresa, babe," he turned his attention back to her, "this is the Eighties. It's not really about the money. If it was I could simply sell some bonds or skim some from a valid account. No," he shook his head, "this is a game. It's win or die and money's only one of many guides as to how successful a person is. It's about power. In this case Thornton's got some political clout to back up his money, so a deal I've been working on for months is about to go south. It won't, quite, bankrupt me but it will certainly hurt."

"Unfortunately for him, I've always believed more in another kind of power. I don't trust politicians, too fickle. I only trust one kind of power, the power of knowledge. My knowledge has lead me to you. So, Laresa, sweet-tits, I wish for Mr. Thornton's political allies to desert him, now."

Her shoulders sagged, not simply from the incredibly demeaning nickname, but because there was no way to avoid it now. Not only had he spoken it aloud but he had used the two word commandment. Dejected, she felt her magic take effect and nodded a confirmation to her master. "See? Was that so hard?" It had been. Perhaps it wasn't a strain on her magic, but she preferred to avoid hurting people whenever possible.

Dolph, meanwhile was busy checking something on his computer when the phone rang. "Yup," he answered. "Okay, thanks for the heads up." He hung up the phone and walked back over to the couch. He unbuttoned his jacket and tossed it negligently on the couch against the wall. He further proceeded to undo his belt, the button and zipper on his pants and let them fall to the floor. His silk boxers quickly followed.

As he sat on the couch, once more facing the door, Laresa watched his cock as it bounced in time to his pulse. She stood by the door, awaiting the specific command for what she knew he desired. As she watched him she thought what a shame it was that such perfect packaging held such a diseased soul. Looking at those dexterous, well manicured, fingers and the hard shaft, she knew he could truly please a woman. Unfortunately he would never bother, seeing in them nothing but a vehicle to his gratification.

"Well?" Dolph grabbed his cock and stroked it slowly, determined to keep it rock hard. "What are you waiting for?" He glared at her. "Must I say it every time? Fine. I wish you were naked." Without a thought her magic swirled within her and her clothes simply vanished. His tempo quickened slightly, seeing her full glory. "I thought there were masters who never once had to say 'I wish'?"

"There have been. I liked them, I do not like you."

Dolph laughed freely. "Sugar-lips," he stared longingly at the very region he named her for, "I don't care if you like me. Just so long as you obey me." He reigned himself in, slowing the tempo of his caress. "Now will you continue to insist I say the words every time I want something or will you be a good little piece of ass and do as you're told?"

Laresa nodded. She was quickly growing to despise the man. However she began to form plans to make her life more interesting and her time with him shorter. Unfortunately, all of her plans were contingent on his inattention. If she required him to think about each wish, enough even to simply add the two words, he was much more likely to phrase them precisely.

"Good, now that that's settled, I want you visible. I'm trusting you are, now, and I'm betting I'll know soon enough anyway. Now, get your ass over here." The response to his verbal freedom already was proving her decision. There were a number of ways she could have twisted his words to fulfill his wishes by the strictest meanings, but she would save that for later. What he was likely to do now would merely be embarrassing to a human. She had been through far worse, and found little embarrassment in responding to the desires of her masters.

"Kneel." She did, placing her hands comfortably on her thighs. "Now, I'm going to want you to blow me, and I want you to keep sucking me off until I tell you to make me come. But," the one word stopped her from leaning forward to begin his request, "I want to retain enough of my faculties throughout to carry on in intelligent conversation. Do you understand?" She nodded. "Then explain it in your own words please."

"You wish for me to please you with my mouth. I am to bring you to the point of climax and hold you there, feeling all of the sensations without inhibiting your reason. Finally, when you request it, I am to let you orgasm."

"Very good. You do have a way with words for a mouthy broad. Now, put that hot mouth of yours to something useful for a change."

He released his cock, his arms stretching along the back of the couch, as he relaxed backwards. She sensed he did not want her to leave the spot she knelt in so she leaned far forward. Despite the potent cologne he practically drenched himself in, she could smell the bitter-sweet musk of the sheen of sweat covering his balls and shaft. He wanted her to play some, and she would, if only to lull him into an undeserved state of confidence.

She brought her tongue forward first. She cringed, tasting the bitterness of his earlier exercise, as her tongue began to circle his bulging sack. "Oh yeah." Her tongue looped inward slightly preparing to trace the base of his shaft when she stopped in surprise. Her tongue retreated instinctively as she looked up at him accusingly. This was his desire, but it was by no means a need, as most masters had felt it. He wished to prove his power over her. He wanted her to clean off the remnants of both his, and some unknown woman's, cum as she, painfully, brought him back around.

His eyes hardened momentarily before lightening to laughter. "That's right. You're not the first woman today to satisfy me. In fact you won't even be the third. And I made sure not to clean myself after a single one of them, just in case you decided to be resistant." Her eyes burned into him but he simply laughed in response. "Well?"

Determined now to do nothing more than the absolute minimum of what he required she leaned forward. As she opened her mouth she placed her hands on the ground for added balance. Quickly she brought her mouth down around him. As she sank deeper she was forced to lift herself slightly. "God! Yeah." She plunged her mouth to his base when another taste joined that of dry lust. She fought not to gag. Her tongue tried, instinctively, to flee the foul taste covering him.

"I neglected to mention I didn't do them all in their pussies." She knew the neglect had been intentional but it was still not a lie. Without thinking she began to pull away. A single hand clutched her hair and pushed her back down. Unprepared for the sudden action, and near gagging already, she began to choke. He tried to laugh between gasps. He pushed her farther, forcing his length uncomfortably a slight ways down her throat. The hard intruder began to pulse against the tight confines of her mouth. The bastard was literally getting off on forcing her head. She hurriedly sent a spark of magic to the base of his Vas Deferens to keep his climax at bay - both for her own sake and because he had commanded it.

The hand let go. Her head rebounded free as she gasped for breath. She quickly cast a spell, preventing her need to breath. "Stop that. While you are visible you must show all symptoms of being a human woman." The spell released and she gulped in another deep breath. "Good, now keep me here until I tell you.

She moved forward once more and began pumping her head up and down. Her spit dripped from her mouth, her hand catching it and spreading it across the hard form. With her lips sealed sight and gliding along the fresh trail the taste diminished greatly. "God, this is amazing and frustrating all at once!" She had kept masters from climax before, always to their great delight. She continued to bob her head and hand in time with the pulse of the seed he could not release, all the while wishing he hadn't thought of the bonus.

Laresa heard the door open behind her. "You fucking. . ." It was obvious someone had stormed in intending to ream out Dolph for something. Unfortunately whoever it was had not been expecting the scene he had meticulously set. The door began to close.

"Preston!" This was the real reason he had requested the restrictions. He had wanted to gloat in the most primitive fashion possible. The pleasure heightening effects were previously unknown bonuses. "Come in Preston. You had something to say?"

"No, uh, I can see you're busy. I'll come back later." Preston's defeat echoed in his voice.

"Nonsense. I just bought her services today and am putting her through her paces, but otherwise she's safe to talk in front of." He was pulsing in her mouth again. She double checked her magic as she continued to slide up and down his cock. It was still fully intact, but the added combination of an audience and gloating seemed to further excite him.

Dolph leaned forward and whispered to her. "Raise your ass so he can see it clearly." Obedient as ever, she did. She felt the draft of the air-conditioning glide between her legs, sending chills across her, very exposed, lust. Preston's primal instinct would view her bright pink folds, shuddering slightly in the cold air, and be driven to fuck her. Dolph had ensured optimum negotiating standpoint for himself and nothing but embarrassment for the other two present.

"Sit, and tell me what you came in here to." She felt, rather than saw, Dolph motion towards the adjoining couch.

Preston sat heavily. A flick of her eyes and she could barely see the much smaller man. He was watching her intently. His envious gaze shifted constantly from her lust, to her swinging breasts, to her pumping mouth, and back again. After a few circuits, his eyes finally moved to Dolph, clear that he wouldn't finish any time soon. After all he's too lucid. Laresa could already predict the rest of the scene as Dolph had scripted it.

"Dammit Dolph! I don't know how you did it but you pulled my people out from under me!"

Dolph's voice was ice cold, an ironic counterpoint to the hot shaft burying itself in her mouth as his hips began to thrust in his excitement. "First, that's Mister Carpenter to you."

"You're not a partner yet Dolph."

Dolph seemed to ignore the comment. "Second, your dogs were about to dig up my bone." All three pointedly ignored the underlying innuendo. Laresa was struggling to breath through her nose as he forced his way into her. His hand once more found it's way, gently for the moment, to her hair.

"We're supposed to be on the same side here. If they were about to cut into you then what you were doing was illegal! That's bad for the company."

"Look, we're not allies. You and I are both going for partner here. And even if we weren't it's every man for himself." Dolph grinned. "You wanted to know how I did it? Why not? You'll find out soon enough. I pinned the blame on you. The only thing that's been keeping the FBI on track, and away from you, were your political connections. Once I found a way to get rid of them it was easy."

Laresa could see the other man turn pale. "The FBI? Jesus. I'm ruined!" A single tear escaped to roll down his cheek.

Dolph was laughing almost maniacally. His fist clenched, pulling at her hair painfully and wrenching her head back. His cock pulsed so wildly she was afraid either her spell, or the bounds of his flesh, would fail and cause a mess. Laresa barely heard him say "now" beneath his laughter. Without a thought she released the spell blocking him.

Dolph screamed his release. As Preston sobbed, Dolph ripped at her hair in his exuberance, burying himself deeper than he had yet. She felt his explosion as he shot himself down her wind-pipe. She began to choke but he continued to clutch her head and thrust himself as deep as he could, over and over. Distracted, Laresa barely noticed Preston flee the room. Fighting for air she began to struggle, but he simply grew bigger. On and on, his eruption seemed endless.

She was crying, limp in his grip, when he finally pulled her free. He tossed her to the floor as he stood. She lay on her side, curled in on herself, as she hacked and coughed. Laresa was glad for her magical nature, as fiercely as she ever had been before. A human woman could easily have died. Even Laresa had a difficult time clearing enough of the viscous sludge in order to simply breath. Of course it wouldn't normally have been a problem had it not been for his directive that her body react as a human when she was visible. He had not yet instructed her to return to the ring or her invisibility.

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