Laresa's World Ch. 10: James


He asked, "So I only got one wish left, then?"

Laresa grinned and rolled her eyes slightly, "Those stories cause me no end of irritation. Your wish is my command until you no longer possess the ring, or you break the rules."

"Well, if I can make all the wishes I want, I wish this cave was warm and we had some real food to eat."

The cave warmed instantly to the perfect temperature through Laresa's power, and she then searched James' mind for what he defined as real food. A moment later, she manifested a table full of steaming platters before James, and several bowls in a circle near the dogs.

The dogs hesitated for a few moments, but the scent of cooked meat soon drew them to the bowls. James shrugged off his coat, hat, and gloves, sighing contently in the warm air. "It'll be nice to sleep warm and dry," he said sitting down at the table and picking up a spoon. Noticing a foaming mug off to one side of his plate, he put down the spoon and took it up instead. His eyes opened wide after the first taste of the beer. "This is the best brew I've ever tasted."

"Thank you, Master," Laresa replied with another bow.

Wincing a bit, he said, "Just call me James. I don't even consider myself a Master to them dogs."

"As you wish, James."

Picking up his spoon again, James dug hungrily into the food before him. It had been days since he'd had a real meal.

* * * * *

After eating, he wished for a pipe and tobacco, and then for his clothes and coat to be like brand new. Next, he wished for his sled to be impervious to the common failings. He considered several big wishes, of course. He had a genie at his disposal and could have wished for riches, fame, and glory.

Seeing that Laresa appeared happy to grant his small requests, he just kept making those instead of risking bigger wishes. For some reason, his stomach knotted up thinking about a big wish possibly bringing a frown to her face — or even just taking away her smile. It had been a very long time since any woman smiled at him, let alone one so beautiful. Her smile seemed genuine too, not just a front that women put up to find out what you were worth.

In time, the hard drive through the storm, and the trips hauling the bodies of the perished Musher and his team took their toll. James let out a great yawn, realizing he could barely keep his eyes open. A quick wish for a bed, and it was done.

James awoke in the cave, lying in a bed bigger and softer than anything he'd ever seen. Curled up around him were seven dogs, all still dozing contently.

Looking around, James didn't see the genie anywhere. If it were not for the bed, and the warmth of the cave despite no fire burning, he would have assumed it was all a dream. Dimly remembering that she had said he summoned her from the ring, he pulled it from beneath the covers and rubbed it. When nothing happened, he said, "Laresa?"

Swirling puffs of smoke congealed into the genie at the foot of the bed, "You called, James?"

He climbed out of the bed, unsuccessfully trying not to disturb his dogs, and stretched the kinks out of his muscles. "I half thought I'd dreamed the whole thing, that's all."

James was dressed in only his long underwear — his hairy, muscled chest bare. Laresa grinned, thinking the man looked a little bit like a bear with so much dark hair on his body. While she had never really considered such a man particularly attractive, there was something powerful and primal about the sight of him. She felt heat rush into her cheeks — and her sex — when she glanced down for a moment, seeing the large bulge of his manhood.

Pulling her eyes away quickly, she said, "I understand, James. Many do not trust their senses when I come to them."

James was tearing his eyes away from the swell of Laresa's breasts, barely contained in the short vest that covered them, at the same moment. He thought, Lord, that woman is beautiful. Makes me want to wish for her to be in that bed with me.

Again, Laresa felt a tingle between her thighs upon hearing his thoughts. In truth, she hoped he would wish for her to be in the bed with him. His moral conviction not to command her to do so only caused her to desire it even more.

Shaking the thoughts out of his head, because they were causing his cock to throb almost painfully, James said, "You know, I was just thinking... Could you send that fellow and his team somewhere where somebody who knows him could bury him right?"

Laresa responded, "Of course, James, if that is your wish."

Grunting and pulling on his shirt, he said, "Do that then. They should get a proper burial, and this cave is going to start smelling soon with it being so warm if they're still back there."

Closing her eyes for a moment, Laresa fulfilled his wish, locating kin of the man and implanting a suggestion in their minds that they should go looking for him in the place where she placed him, near where they lived. "It is done."

Glancing back into the alcove, James saw that the man and dogs were indeed gone, along with the man's kit. "His sled should be there too."

"You considered that when you made the wish, James. I have done exactly that. I can see your desires in your mind and fulfill your true wishes, not just those that you voice when you make the wish."

James paused in pulling on his pants, looking up at her, "You can see into my head?"

Sensing his thoughts, Laresa knew exactly why he was asking the question. Her body screamed at her that it had been too long since more than her fingers had touched her heat, "Yes, James, and I am not offended that you desire me."

Clearing his throat nervously, James pulled on his pants and muttered, "You're just a beautiful woman, and I haven't been with anyone in a long time."

Heat spiking within her loins, Laresa's melodious voice had a hint of husky desire when she replied, "You need not command me to share the bed with you. I enjoy pleasing my Masters; I have few other joys in my servitude."

James stood unmoving, his fingers on the ties that would tighten the pants about his waist. "You'd lie with a man like me? Ain't it just because I wish it?"

"Not if you wish me to act upon those desires only through my own free will," Laresa replied.

"Okay, I don't want you bedding me just because I want it."

Walking slowly toward him, need growing stronger within her every second, Laresa softly said, "My body burns for you, James."

Still standing in the same position, his fingers still holding the ties of his pants, James glanced over at the bed, covered in still-dozing dogs. "My dogs — I don't think I'd like them watching."

Laresa manifested another, identical bed, opposite James from the first, "Your companions will sleep, if you wish," She said as she reached him.

The sight of her body — so sparsely covered, and so close — overwhelmed James' inhibitions. He caught just a hint of musky desire coming from her, mingled with a faintly sweet, almost fruity scent as well. Her hands covered his and moved them away, her thumbs hooking in the waistband of his pants at the same time and pulling them down.

As his pants fell to his ankles, Laresa's clothing simply vanished. One moment, she wore the odd, revealing costume, the next her body was bare to him in all its glory. While Laresa pulled down on the long underwear he wore, James reached out to cup her firm breasts in his hands, feeling the pale, pink tips pressing against his palms.

Laresa pulled down the woolen covering to reveal his cock. Wrapping her hand around it, she found her fingertips wouldn't even touch around his girth. Her thighs clamped tightly together, her intimate muscles contracting from the jolt of anticipation rising up from her tingling sex.

Moving his hands from her breasts, James slid them down beneath her perfect bottom and lifted her easily into his arms. Her arms wrapped around his neck, while her legs curled around his back. He could feel the damp, hot touch of her pussy against his chest as he carried her. A pair of steps brought him to the bed, where he lay her down. His breathing quickened as she parted her legs wide, revealing her moist folds, framed by silvery blonde curls.

Leaning over her on the bed, James pressed the tip of his throbbing organ against her nether lips, slipping between them into the wet recesses beyond. He groaned in delight, feeling her squeezing him in her velvety soft heat, as he sank into her depths.

Laresa emitted a warbling cry of bliss as his thick cock filled her, pressing hard against her walls. When the heavy orbs beneath his organ settled against her, she sucked in a quick breath and let out a sharp scream of pleasure. The scream turned into a gasp as his cock retreated from her depths, sliding with hot friction in preparation to thrust inside her again.

James grasped her thighs to give him leverage, pushing back inside her with a quick thrust. Her breasts jiggled hypnotically as he drove his member into her virgin-tight embrace. Already he could feel the tightening in his balls that signaled building release.

She raised her head up to watch his manhood withdraw from her, revealing a glistening sheen of her wetness coating the wonderful cock that felt so good deep inside her. Laresa moaned as he thrust the wide shaft back into her. Her head fell back to the bed as he withdrew and pushed back inside her with even more strength and speed than before.

Squeezed so tight, intoxicated by her sweetly-musky scent, and enraptured with the sight of her breasts bouncing under the power of his thrusts, James knew he was not going to resist the seed boiling up for release much longer. "Want you to get yours, but I don't think I'll last," he grunted.

Laresa released her power even as she yelped out again in pleasure. She then said, in broken moans, "Your wish — my wish — is granted, James." Clenching her teeth tight against a hot wave of rapture for a moment, she then continued, "We shall reach our peaks together."

He could feel the urgency of his climax recede slightly as she spoke, his hard organ still thrusting hard and fast into her. It only retreated slightly; leaving him perched on the edge of ultimate ecstasy, even as he parted his knees wider and slammed his cock home with all the strength he could muster.

The tip of his manhood drove into her cervix, drawing a sharp yelp from Laresa. The slight sting only heightened her arousal, causing her clit to throb powerfully. "Take me, James. Take me to my peak, and fill me."

James' blood rushed noisily through his ears as he held tightly to Laresa's thighs, pounding his cock inside her to the hilt. He felt the boiling pressure building once again, and saw Laresa's beautiful features tighten. Her eyes popped wide open, he felt her walls squeeze even tighter about him, and her scream overwhelmed the sound of his loudly beating heart as she came.

Laresa screamed in ecstasy, her hips rising up toward him, as the rush of heat flooded her body. A rosy glow infused her face and breasts, her creamy juices flowing from deep inside her in a torrent. The tingling itch in her throbbing clit sent chills through her, warring with the hot pleasure permeating her, and raising goose bumps on her flushed skin. The initial shock of her climax was only beginning to ebb when she felt the first hot burst of his seed erupt into her depths. Immediately, her body reacted with an even more powerful burst of orgasmic energy, rolling her eyes up in her head and deafening her to the sounds of her own loud screams.

James let out a loud growling scream, the jolt of his release causing his entire body to jerk. The delightful itch of his release tingled throughout his pulsing shaft, the throbbing head, and tight balls. His seed erupted from him in a long spurt, coating Laresa's womb and mingling with her own creamy juices to enfold his cock in their heat. The next pulse was just as powerful, overfilling Laresa's tight sheathe and dribbling out around him. A third jolt of pleasure followed, and then he pulsed, oozing the remainder of his semen into her rhythmically contracting depths.

James pulled from her with a growl, unable to endure her contracting waves of ecstacy any longer. Thick ropes of his semen and her juices trailed from his retreating cock when he jerked it free.

Laresa yelped and then screamed as a touch of cold air replaced the press of his hot body against her. She could feel his seed flowing from her in a hot river, running down her tingling lips to pool on the bed below. Reaching down, she massaged the sticky cream into her folds, shuddering from the continuing shocks of orgasmic delight shooting through her.

Laresa lay, panting for breath, listening to James gasp for air as well. She moaned contently, feeling the heat of her climax still lingering in her loins, and his cream still flowing from her with each contraction of her intimate muscles. They both enjoyed the aftermath of their orgasms for a time, and then Laresa rolled over to press her body against his hairy back.

He rolled over with a satisfied moan, guiding Laresa to lay her head on his chest. Laresa moaned as well, unable to resist letting her hand drift down to his half-hard organ and caress it. She felt him throb beneath her fingers, and knew from the touch and his thoughts that blood was rushing into his manhood once more.

Gasping in surprise, Laresa's fires rose again. She moved down his body, gripping his shaft in her hand and engulfing his glans between her lips. Her senses reeled from the taste of his seed and her bittersweet juices coating it. His member soon swelled between her lips, growing harder by the moment.

James stroked her white-blonde hair as Laresa's head bobbed over his lap, her hot mouth engulfing him and drawing blood into his cock once again. Every inch of him vanished into her mouth, the tip penetrating her throat, where her swallows massaged it.

Few women could have hoped to swallow James' long, thick cock, but Laresa had certain advantages. She would never choke, nor would her lips or jaw ache from being parted so wide by his girth. Her tongue curled around him, in ways no mortal woman could have possibly done, enhancing his pleasure even more. Laresa wanted to feel him erupt in her mouth, but her sex screamed otherwise, demanding attention from his hard cock.

Laresa released him with a final slow suck, immediately turning and rising up to her hands and knees. Looking back over her shoulder, and flipping her silvery hair out of her face, Laresa's voice was thick with passion when she said, "Please, take me again, James."

In mere moments, he mounted her and tightly grasped her hips, filling her full to her deepest depths once again.

* * * * *

Laresa lay with her head on James' powerful chest, still aglow from the uncountable numbers of orgasms he had given her. The bed was clean of their sticky juices, magically cleansed by her powers.

"I really wish I didn't have to get up to get dressed," James muttered absently.

Laresa smiled and sat up, clothing both his body and hers once again, in the blink of an eye. "As you wish, James."

James sat up and said, "Much as I hate to, I need to go outside and answer the call." Laresa nodded and smiled sweetly, lying back on the bed with her silvery hair fanned out around her.

Watching him exit the cave, Laresa shivered and wrapped her arms around her body. The power of his lovemaking was incredible, something she had not experienced often, even in all her years of servitude. She reluctantly rose from the bed and caused it to vanish, hoping that she would need to summon the bed again soon.

James returned to the inside of the cave, quickly shedding his outer garments due to the heat. "This storm isn't letting up. I just thought about something, there are some sick folk over in Nome, and there are teams taking them medicine. Can you make sure that they get through?"

Laresa concentrated for a moment, sensing the world around her. "This is an event I cannot change, as it will be remembered for many years to come. Fear not, the medicine shall reach those in need without my intervention. It is for that reason that all remember this heroic serum run."

Nodding his head in approval, James said, "I know a couple of those men. They're good men, with good dogs. If anybody can get those supplies through, it's them. Wake my team up, if you will. I wouldn't want them feeling odd for sleeping so long."

Laresa awakened the dogs, and they immediately started to stretch. She turned to James, a bit overwhelmed by the deep connection between the man and his animal companions, and said, "I can feel your love for these animals, and they for you. It is most unusual, much stronger than any bond I have felt between man and beast before."

Apogee bounded over to James, who scratched the dog's ears. "These dogs are better company than most men, and worth a lot more trust. I get along with them better than I do most of the folk I meet. We all like being outdoors, away from towns and other people."

Several of the other dogs on his team were now likewise approaching to greet him. "Make me some good food for them. I don't want to spoil them with too much meat, but the best feed there is will work."

Laresa manifested a sack filled with baked cakes similar to a sailor's hardtack, fulfilling the wish. The dogs started to dance in excitement, eager to eat.

Addie, however, sat on the bed, sniffing the air. Laresa plainly felt the sense of disapproval coming from the animal, and when Addie turned to jump off the bed on the side opposite James, Laresa knew why. Addie could smell the scent of their lovemaking, which hung thick in the air of the cave — shattering an illusion the animal had carried through all her days on James' team.

Laresa used her power to clear the scent from the air, but the damage was already done.

Continuing to greet his dogs as he set out food for them, James didn't notice Addie sitting in a darkened corner at first. Once he had finished filling all the bowls, her absence stood out. "Addie-girl, come on, feeding time."

The dog turned and walked toward James and the rest of the team, her head hanging low. James sensed something was wrong as soon as he saw her. "What's the matter, Addie? Come here, girl. Are you hurt?" James asked with deep concern in his voice.

Ashamed at revealing her unbecoming thoughts, Addie raised her head and walked resolutely toward her bowl. James was not persuaded by the change in posture that she was okay, and watched her carefully, looking for any sign of a limp or other injury. When it was obvious that she was unhurt, he knelt down and looked in her eyes. Seeing nothing there, except for the hints of pain Addie could not mask, he said, "Let me have a look at your tongue, girl."

Addie opened her mouth at his prompting, and James sighed upon seeing no evidence of sickness. "What's wrong, Addie-girl? I wish you could tell me, because I know something is wrong."

It is of no moment, Revered Pack Leader, Addie said to him.

James started, realizing that Addie had not spoken, but she had. Faint sounds and her body language conveyed her thoughts to him, as clearly as if she had actually spoken the formal-sounding words. It dawned on him then what he had said immediately before hearing the dog speak. He turned to Laresa and saw a smile on her face.

"As you wished, James."

James asked, "Can she... Can they understand me?"

"Imperfectly, as much of the language of dogs is not spoken, but conveyed through body movements. You lack a tail and the ability to move your ears in the manner that is necessary to fully speak their language," Laresa replied. "They do understand much of what you say, recognizing many of your human words and being accustomed to your body language, however."

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