Laresa's World Ch. 15: Aaron


"It is nothing," Laresa said absently, still lost in her thoughts.

"I think not," Runtu disagreed. "Your spirit is troubled. I see dark humors all about you." Reaching up and unclasping a pendant from around her neck, she handed it to Laresa, "Take this. You cannot properly serve our Lord while you are surrounded by darkness. This is blessed of the gods, and will aid you."

Laresa was surprised to find magic in the item. She looked curiously at Runtu, and received a knowing smile in return. "My goddess is not displeased with me for serving the god who walks among us; else her gifts would lose their power. Please, wear it so that your spirit may be mended and you may serve our Lord without the dark humors."

Sensing that she was going to have no end of argument if she did not agree, Laresa simply clasped the pendant about her neck, and almost immediately, her eyes widened. She felt a wave of calm wash over her, not stealing away her troubled thoughts, but dulling them to such an extent that they did not consume her.

"Thank you." Laresa did not know what else to say. With her mind calm and clear, she felt that perhaps she might be able to sort out her thoughts and feelings.

Runtu nodded, and then went to her own cushions to bed down for the night. Soon Laresa was the only one awake in the temple, sorting through her thoughts and trying to ignore the sounds of Aaron's loud snores.


Aaron stirred, his brides already awake and bathed, as he ordered them to be each day. Laresa startled out of her thoughts, panic gripping her when she thought that Aaron might demand the pendant that was allowing her to order her thoughts. She quickly hid the magical jewelry in a remote niche of the temple, where none would likely discover it. Her feelings of unease returned, but Laresa decided it was worth it not to potentially lose the calming effects of the charm permanently.

Aaron summoned Nathifa as soon as he shook the sleep from his eyes, and almost immediately dismissed Laresa to her ring. He chose four brides to attend him, who quickly undressed him and removed their own garments. They accompanied him to the bath and luxuriously washed him, moving with him to the shallow water of the steps leading in to the steaming pool thereafter, for the second half of the morning ritual.

Slippery skin and tongues roamed all over Aaron's body, as he laid sighing and groaning in contentment. Never given the honor of striking out on his own by the Society, he reveled in the power he held here, in this time and place. Here, he was no apprentice — he was a god.

Nathifa caught his eye, striking in her native dress that Aaron had ordered to be nearly translucent. He knew it made her uncomfortable, and that made her tractable. Unlike Laresa, she showed absolutely no signs of even contemplating rebellion against him. Today, the dark-haired genie did not appear to be as uneasy as before. Looks like she's getting a bit too accustomed to the things that normally bother her. I suppose I'll have to do something about that.

Nathifa was deep in thought, attempting to gain some sort of control over her emotions. Laresa had attempted to offer friendship and comfort to the obviously distressed genie every time they were together, and despite Nathifa's attempts to remain distant, those overtures were having an impact. Laresa's initial comment about her beauty, and the arousal present with those words, had caused Nathifa to shut down at first, but the genuine attempts to befriend her slowly ate away at the fear and revulsion.

The red-haired genie's first Master had been a woman, and a cruel one. Nathifa had served her for decades, enduring all manner of torments from whips, candle wax, blades... Each session of torture ended with hours of lapping the woman to uncountable orgasms. Despite the pain and cruelty, Nathifa found that each time her tongue touched her Mistress, she felt arousal, and she ached to be touched as well. That need was always denied. For decades, Nathifa endured unsatisfied, before someone finally stole her bracelet. She knew her second Master for only a short time, and then came the centuries of sleep.

"Nathifa, attend me."

Aaron's command broke her reverie, causing her breath to catch in her chest. She turned to him, finding him surrounded by the dark, wet forms of his brides kissing and caressing his body. Nathifa acknowledged the command and approached, removing her clothing when he ordered her to do so at the edge of the bathing pool.

Aaron pushed his brides aside, but not too far, staring lustfully at the genie. He had considered this many times before, but now seemed the appropriate time, as a reminder of her place. His cock throbbed in anticipation, already swollen by the touches of his brides. He gestured impatiently, ordering Nathifa to enter the water and kneel before him.

Nathifa did as commanded, trembling under the hungry stares of her Master, and his four brides. The women were all apprehensive at first, but desire for other women was well awake within them all now that Aaron had ordered them to engage each other frequently, and his wish to lessen their inhibitions.

Aaron ran his fingers through her hair, watching the red emerge in the light as he let the strands fall from his fingers again and again. He smiled then, the expression full of lecherous desire, and gripped her hair, pulling her down to his manhood.

She choked slightly as he pulled her down over his cock, the girth stretching her lips uncomfortably and the tip hitting the back of her throat. Aaron chuckled and pulled on her hair, silently instructing her to slide her lips back over his flesh before shoving her back down hard again.

Over and over again, she gagged as he invaded her throat, and she fought to keep her cheeks hollowed as he ordered her. Despite the rough treatment, Nathifa felt betrayed by her own body when she felt wetness gathering between her legs that had nothing to do with the water in which she knelt.

With a gasping scream, Aaron pulled her down harder than before, nestling her nose in the kinky hairs at the root of his shaft and spewing his bitter seed down her throat. She coughed and gagged, desperately fighting the urge of her stomach to rebel, forced to use her powers to prevent it from happening. She swallowed, the thick cream coating her throat as it slid into her belly.

She coughed again as he pulled her mouth off his shaft, wincing from his languid chuckle as she did so. "Restore my stamina, immediately," he ordered her.

Nathifa reached out with her power, and his slowly softening member reversed its course, swelling back to full erection within moments. He pushed the genie back and rose to his feet. He then turned to the remainder of his brides who were hard at work making a sacred beer, called chicha, in a remote corner of the temple set aside for the activity, and magicked by his Djinn to dissipate the smells associated with the brewing.

"Come, my brides, attend me, in all your unclad glory."

The women approached, quickly shedding their garments, and either slipping into the pool or lounging around it. Aaron smiled and said, "Now pleasure each other for my amusement."

With laughs and giggles, the women obeyed, their bodies intertwining, and sounds of pleasure rapidly filling the air. The sounds assaulted the trembling Nathifa, who stood with the water lapping against her labia, which tingled against her will.

Aaron moved in behind Nathifa, a little growl of anticipation escaping him, and pushed her forward to where he had lain while she satisfied him orally only moments before. He then forced her down to her hands and knees, her face only inches away from one of his brides enthusiastically lapping the moist folds of another, and the wet skin of others brushing up against her body within the pool. Soft female flesh filled her vision everywhere, and the sounds of their pleasure echoed in her head.

He grasped her hips with his left hand, guiding his cock to rest against her nether lips, gripped her other hip, and thrust. Nathifa let out a loud gasp of surprise as his thick cock invaded her depths, far larger than her one other male Master.

Aaron grunted in satisfaction, finding he slipped easily into her wet canal. He had half expected her to be dry, and he was pleasantly surprised to find abundant wetness coated his rapidly thrusting cock. He dug his fingers into her hips, adding additional speed and power, delighting in the feeling of her walls wrapping around him, just as tight as the grip of his virgin brides.

At first, twinges of pain pierced Nathifa, as his cock stretched her lips wide, and the tip bumped up against her cervix with every powerful thrust. Steadily, she noticed little tingles of pleasure spreading through her body. Those sensations arose from her nipples, where they scraped against the stone as they swung from the rocking of her body, and from her depths, where a delightful itch was also building inside her.

Aaron grunted and smiled, noticing his reluctant genie was pushing her hips back at him ever so slightly with his every thrust, and the continuing flow of creamy juices sheathing his cock every time he pulled free of her clinging depths. Small sounds of pleasure also started to emerge from her, merging with the louder sounds of his brides nearing, or achieving orgasm.

As her pleasure mounted, Nathifa completely forgot about all the women around her, and about the pains of her past. She knew only the building bliss within her, growing ever nearer to a release she had given others, but never experienced for herself.

Aaron let out a loud scream, slamming his cock home into Nathifa, his seed erupting inside her. Nathifa let out a moan of surprised pleasure, never having felt a man reach his peak inside her when she was so close. Always before, it had caused her to feel unclean, but now it only seemed to increase her pleasure. A second moan escaped her only a moment later, however, when he remained buried inside her, the only stimulation she received the slow pulsing of his manhood. She was so close, and tears welled up in her eyes when she realized that he was going to let her fires cool, that he was not going to give her that blessed release.

Aaron leaned down over her, panting for breath, and whispered into her ear, "This was but a reminder of your place. Serve me well and without hesitation, Nathifa."

"Please, Master," she sobbed under her breath.

He chuckled and pulled free of her with a gasp, drawing a quavering moan of disappointment from Nathifa as the action momentarily stoked her fires again. "One of my brides could finish the job for you," Aaron suggested.

The sounds of the women reaching orgasm all around her, and the scent of aroused female flesh assaulted Nathifa again upon hearing those words, and she shook her head violently in denial of his suggestion.

Aaron simply laughed, kneeling down to wash their mingled wetness from his quickly shrinking member, and then ordered his brides to rise and dress him. Nathifa was left on her hands and knees, her sex throbbing achingly as her fires cooled. She hung her head, and then collapsed down into the water, sobbing quietly into her folded arms on the edge of the pool.


Laresa emerged from her ring standing next to Aaron and Nathifa, overlooking a village. Glancing at Aaron, she saw his features twisted in anger.

"These people refuse to accept my godhood, and offer their wives and daughters to me. You will open their minds to me, Laresa, and make me invulnerable to harm from their weapons and any other attack they can muster, from this day forth. We will teach them the folly of questioning their god."

Her Master's words and tone startled Laresa slightly. She wondered if perhaps the man did not truly believe he was a god. "Yes, Master," she acknowledged as she brought her power to bear.

"Master, I must rest," Nathifa said weakly, and indeed the Djinn looked wan.

"Go," he said absently, waving his hand, and Nathifa vanished into her bracelet.

"Come," Aaron growled at Laresa, and then approached the village.

Men with spears leveled them in Aaron's direction as he approached, calling for him to stop. Aaron snarled and thought to Laresa, You will give me the power to hurl lightning at will, with no harm to myself, from this day forth.

Laresa tasted bile as she granted the wish, and then again, as Aaron leveled his hand at the two men and called forth the power she had just granted him. A moment later, Aaron stepped over the two charred and twitching men, walking toward the center of the village where the people stood in dumbfounded silence.

Augment my voice, Aaron commanded her mentally.

When Laresa informed him it was done, he shouted to the cowering villagers, "Bow down before your god, and prepare to be judged for doubting my divinity!" He emphasized the statement by flailing lightning about him, setting fires and filling the air with the crackle of electricity.

The people fell to their bellies, prostrating themselves in fear before the terrible figure of Aaron staring at them all with burning eyes and angry blue arcs of electricity dancing about his hands. "All untouched females will now come to me, that I may choose those who will join with me as my brides."

The women arose fearfully, but one man restrained a beautiful young woman at his side. His thoughts were clear to Aaron, and Laresa's Master growled in anger.

Aaron pointed at the man and shouted, "You seek to hide your daughter from me? You who defied my commandments and ordered your women to remain here?"

The man arose defiantly, keeping his daughter from arising, "The gods frown upon your commandments, else they would have sent a sign of their displeasure."

"The gods walk amongst you, and I am displeased." Aaron shouted, and then lashed out with his electrical onslaught, sending the headman of the village sprawling back.

"Hold him to the ground, your god commands you! The untouched females will gather here."

Men scrambled to take their headman's arms and legs, pinning him to the ground, before they too fell victim to Aaron's lightning. The women who were yet virgins moved quickly to the position he had indicated, as Aaron moved to stand above the man's weeping daughter, ordering her to rise. She did so, sobs shaking her beautiful body, and he pushed her over to where her father lay slowly recovering from his shock.

Aaron tore the woman's clothing from her body, smiling lustfully at her bare body, and then jerked her into a position where she stood straddling her father's head. Get her wet, Aaron mentally ordered Laresa.

He growled a moment later when a layer of dripping water coated the woman's body. Cursing himself for giving the genie an opening to twist his wish, he instructed Laresa, Get her juices flowing so I can get my cock in her, bitch. You will pay for defying me. Do not doubt that.

Laresa's lips twitched slightly toward a smile as she granted the wish. As far as she was concerned, defying Aaron was well worth any torment he might decide to visit on her, even in something as small as this. Her amusement lasted only a moment, as she knew what was to come. Aaron pushed the young woman's head down and violently shoved his large cock through her maidenhead. The woman screamed in pain as Aaron held her hair tightly fisted in his hand, pounding his cock into her relentlessly.

Her pain is your doing, Laresa. She will pay for your defiance, as well as her father's.

Laresa gasped upon hearing Aaron's thoughts. She knew it likely to be only a half-truth, as he probably would have done exactly the same even if she had not defied him. His goal was accomplished, however, because she felt regret flood her, knowing that in a way she was responsible for the woman's screams of pain. It was through her power that he was able to be here, to take whatever he desired from these people. As his power grew, so did Aaron's cruelty. This was but the strongest example yet, and boded ill for what Laresa would see in days to come.

The headman struggled, but could not break the grip of his own neighbors who held him down. He had no choice but to watch as his daughter was taken, the blood of her maidenhead's sundering and her lubrication dripping into his face, even as choked screams emerged from her throat.

Aaron filled her with his seed a few moments later, and then jerked free of her, a ruddy-tinged stream dripping from her to splatter on her father's face. He turned the sobbing woman toward him and asked, "Are you not pleased to serve your god's needs?"

Thoughts of saving her father flitted through the woman's mind, and she stifled her sobs, ignoring the pain shooting through her. She assumed an expression of servile admiration, replying, "Of course, My Lord."

The woman cringed when Aaron said, "You lie." He turned then to Laresa and said, "You will cause them to forget all that they have seen here, save that I came amongst them with power, and that I am truly their god made flesh. All except him." Aaron pointed at the headman to indicate of whom he was speaking.

Sickened and hating this man, hating her powers that served him, Laresa granted his wish. The terror on the faces of the people changed to fearful admiration instantly. The women assumed the same expressions his harem in the temple wore, reverent worship and anticipation of having their god impregnate them with his divine seed.

Aaron selected five from the gathered women, including the headman's daughter. He then turned to the still prostrate people and called out, "This man doubts my divinity, and sought to defy my will. I give you leave to atone for your sins by cleansing this world of the source of that sin."

Laresa averted her eyes as the villagers brutally butchered their headman with whatever weapons they could lay their hands on, while Aaron stood smiling. "Know I am pleased with your penance. Choose another to lead you, one who will show proper reverence to his god."

To Laresa he thought, His blood is on your hands, Djinn.

Laresa's will quivered, already weakened by her doubts. At this moment, she wished for the earth to swallow up her ring, destroying her, so that these people would suffer no more from her power serving a demon such as Aaron.

Seeing her shoulders slump and her eyes close, Aaron laughed. She barely heard his command to transport them back to the city through the sound of her own heart beating in her ears.


Laresa once again wore the pendant, relieved by the calming effect it had on her. Aaron slept with his five new brides, though he had not taken one of the women this night. He was too addled by the Inca beer for his manhood to rise. Now that her mind was ordered, thanks to the pendant, Laresa lamented a few occasions where her Master had given her opportunities to twist his words while in a drunken state.

He was making mistakes, growing over confident as he gained power over the people of this land. Laresa decided she would wait, and take advantage of him only when she saw an opportunity that could lead to her freedom from him. Unfortunately, as long as he still possessed Nathifa, he could bring her back to his side at any time if he chose.

She prayed he would choose another if that happened.

She sighed, thinking that there was little hope she could likewise help Nathifa, even if she escaped servitude to Aaron. Despite the emotional distress Laresa felt, she could tell that Nathifa was in worse shape. She wished the other genie would talk to her, let her offer her experience and perhaps aid her sister Djinn in coping with her problems.

She knew now that she could never return to her old way of thinking. The tastes of humanity recent Masters had offered her were impossible to ignore. She might find joy with a pleasant Master, but always now, there would be the ache in her heart to be free.

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