tagChain StoriesLaresa's World Ch. 22: Rutila

Laresa's World Ch. 22: Rutila


Rome – at the height of the Empire

An obviously false smile decorated the fat man's face as he gestured toward the red-haired young woman next to him. He finished with what he hoped would be her high selling point. "She is barren as well, and thus shall present no unwelcome consequences in that area. Shall I have her undress for you, Scaeva?"

Scaeva only acknowledged Lurco on occasion during the long, drawn out description of Rutila's merits. He had eyes only for her soft flesh, so tantalizingly concealed beneath her toga. There was no need for Scaeva to see her unclad, in order to know that the swell of her bosom and hips would paint a remarkable picture when bare. Her face was likewise soft, gentle, and framed in red-gold curls. Her eyes were properly downcast, and she appeared to be in good health.

"I do not believe that shall be necessary, Lurco," Scaeva said, turning back to the fat man. "I am curious as to why you would wish to sell such a fine flower, however."

"There has been some difficulty with my wife, I am afraid. I am truly loathe to part with Rutila, but my wife's mood grows unbearable," Lurco explained.

That explanation satisfied Scaeva. He vaguely remembered that Rutila had been in the household since birth, daughter of another slave. Once Lurco had married, and his wife discovered the corpulent man's trysts with the slave, she had obviously objected.

Turning back to Lurco, Scaeva asked, "Very well, what is your price?"

While the two men bartered over her, Rutila examined the man who would likely soon be her new Master. She kept her eyes downcast as often as possible, while getting a sense of him. Relief washed through her that he was young, and handsome. If she were to serve as his pleasure slave, it would be a far less onerous duty than when she served Lurco in that capacity.

Some small amount of pride swelled within her heart when the negotiations were short, and the price agreed upon was considerable. This was the first time in all her life where some sense of value had been placed upon her. Pride, and hope that her existence would now be less dismal, were two rare emotions for the young slave woman.

Rutila followed her new Master back to his home – looking forward to a change in her dreary existence.


Scaeva opened his eyes and withdrew from Rutila's depths, trailing sticky ropes of his semen and her wetness. Despite the climax that still shook her body, Rutila moved quickly to engulf Scaeva's manhood in her mouth. Cleaning the evidence of their coupling from him, she kept her intimate muscles tightly clenched, so as not to soil the bed with his seed.

Scaeva sighed, and pushed Rutila away from his organ. "Go bathe, and prepare for the evening meal."

"Yes, Master," Rutila replied, bowing to him. She quickly gathered up her clothing, leaving the bedchambers for the bath. The warmth of her orgasm cooled instantly from Scaeva's distant tone, becoming a cold grip of fear on her heart. She had displeased her Master again.

Hurrying to the bath, her mind whirled in worry. Her life here for the last six months was the best she could imagine for her station, but that might soon end, if the whisperings of the other servants and slaves were correct. The gossip amongst the household staff pointed toward Scaeva selling his pleasure slave.

Tears threatening to well up in her eyes, Rutila did her best to push the thoughts away. She did not know why the Master would be so displeased with her, but it was obvious each time he used her body that the act was not all he expected it to be.

Not only was she well provided for, and well treated in Scaeva's household, but he had also given her the gift of her first climax. Always in a room with other servants while in Lurco's service, she had never explored her own body. Likewise, the corpulent man's stamina had been insufficient for her to achieve orgasm either. The first time – and every time – she reached her peak on Scaeva's thrusting manhood or darting tongue were some of her fondest memories.

Rutila's lip quivered, as she realized it might soon end. The Master never spoke of what displeased him, and Rutila's lack of life experience prevented her from discerning it on her own. She crossed the courtyard to the baths, her pace slowing as depression gripped her.

Stepping inside, Rutila removed her sandals and replaced them with the wooden soled ones that would protect her feet from the heat of the baths. This too was a privilege before unknown to her. Rutila had come to enjoy her daily washing in the Master's exquisite baths.

Stepping into an alcove, she removed her clothing and placed it on a shelf. A servant would take it and launder it after her bath. Deciding to forego a steam today, Rutila passed the door to that room and proceeded to the steaming pool beyond.

Kicking off her sandals, Rutila settled into the water to wash. The warmth seeped into her, washing away some of her melancholia even as she rinsed away the grit of the day.

When her toe brushed against something beneath the water, Rutila pulled it toward her with her foot. Reaching down, she withdrew it from the water – her eyes opening wide with surprise. The object was a ring, with a golden band and a large amber stone.

Having never worn jewelry, Rutila could not resist slipping the ring on her finger for a moment. She smiled when the ring fit perfectly, and then adjusted it to sit straight upon her finger.

The steam from the pool suddenly appeared to increase in volume, swirling and thickening. Obviously not a natural phenomenon, the sight caused Rutila to back away toward the opposite side of the bathing pool. Her heart beat fast in fear, as the mists swirled together into the form of a woman.

Laresa took in her surroundings, getting a sense of where she was in space and time, and then bowed to her new Master. "My name is Laresa. How may I serve you, Mistress?"

"Who are you? I will call for help. My Master is very fond of me and would not see me come to harm," Rutila warned, backing up against the edge of the bathing pool.

Sensing the thoughts of her new Mistress, Laresa discovered that she was now bound in service to a pleasure slave. The parallels to her own existence were not lost upon Laresa. "You need not fear me, Mistress. I am a genie, summoned from the ring you wear on your finger. It is my duty to serve and protect you. You need only to make a wish, and I will grant it for you."

"I wish you were not frightening me so," Rutila responded in a quavering voice.

"Unfortunately, I cannot tamper with emotions, Mistress. Would that I could calm you heart." Sensing that her clothing, strange to the young woman in the bath, added to Rutila's discomfort, Laresa called upon her power to stand nude before her Mistress. "This is but a small example of the wonders I can bring with my power. Surely there is something that I might do for you, Mistress."

"Do not call me Mistress, should another hear you speaking to me so, I will be punished," Rutila said quietly, awed by the sudden disappearance of Laresa's clothing.

"Very well, Rutila," Laresa responded with a slight bow. "Fear not others hearing me, because I am invisible and silent to any but you, unless you wish it otherwise. Surely you have a wish in your heart – something you desire beyond anything else."

Rutila indeed did desire something, but Laresa was surprised to discover it was not freedom. Beyond anything else, Rutila wanted to please her Master, so that he would not sell her to someone else.

Sensing that her Mistress did not intend to vocalize the wish, Laresa prompted, "I can use my power to grant you knowledge, and I may guide you in pleasing your Master. I know well the ways of lovemaking."

Stunned, but intrigued by the silver-haired woman's offer, Rutila considered the wondrous things she had already beheld since putting on the ring. After a few moments of consideration, she said in a small voice, "I wish to know how to please my Master, in such a way as to be beyond anything he has ever imagined."

Laresa's face broke out into a wide smile. She called up her power, and said, "It is done. Think about going to your Master, and see what knowledge you now possess."

Rutila's eyes widened when her mind was flooded with uncountable little gestures, touches, and techniques she had never before thought of. "This will please my Master?"

"I'm quite sure it will," Laresa responded with a crooked grin. "If you wish me to, I can remain invisible at your side, giving your further guidance, as you satisfy your Master beyond anything he has ever dreamed."

Rutila asked, "Why do you do this for me?"

"I am bound to do so as Djinn, but I like you, and I want to please you as well, Rutila. I'm sure you can understand that desire," Laresa replied.

A slight smile crossed Rutila's features. "I do." Still somewhat frightened, but also filled with hope, even as she was now filled with centuries of lovemaking knowledge, Rutila stepped from the bath. The thought of pleasing her Master overwhelmed all else, giving her confidence like none she had ever experienced.

"Should I go to him now?"

Laresa winked and said, "Men are predictable creatures. I will guide you in arousing his interest. He will be far more pleased if he believes it is his idea. Go about your normal duties, and I will let you know when to entice him."


Rutila felt her cheeks growing warm as she walked toward the table with the wine pitcher. Her hips swayed sensually in the manner Laresa suggested would surely draw her Master's eye. Indeed, his expression was curious when she poured his wine upon reaching the table.

Returning to her place in the room, again letting her hips move in a sinuous dance, Rutila suddenly remembered the ring upon her finger. Oh, no, I must not be seen wearing amber and gold! The Master will surely punish me!

Laresa's calming voice popped into Rutila's head, Don't worry, I'll make the ring invisible to him. He will not notice it.

Laresa guided Rutila to move slightly to the left, where the sunlight streaming into the room brightly lit her. Rutila's thin stola took on a translucence in the bright light, silhouetting her lush curves to good effect.

Rutila could not help but smile as she saw her Master's eyes turning to her frequently throughout the meal. Whenever he called for more wine, he would always reach out to touch her, and Rutila could see the hunger building in his eyes, even as he sated the hunger in his belly.

Upon completing his meal, Scaeva signaled Rutila to follow him. Rutila felt gooseflesh rising all over her body in anticipation. It had been quite some time since the Master had called her to his side more than once in a day.

He is in your net, Rutila. Go show him pleasure like he has never known, Laresa thought to her Mistress.

The Master's hands went to her clothing the moment they entered his bedchamber. Rutila trembled slightly from his touch, and the conspicuous evidence of his arousal tenting the toga wrapped around him.

Laresa's voice sounded within Rutila's mind, Slide your hands down his body, as you kneel in front of him. Look up into his eyes as you undress him. You'll know what to do after that.

Rutila smiled at her Master, and did as Laresa suggested. The sound of pleased surprise from Scaeva sent warmth coursing through Rutila's body. The look of lusty desire in his eyes as she undressed him was one she had rarely seen in recent days. He pulled at his clothing as well, and soon stood nude before her. His considerable manhood twitched in anticipation, as her warm breath kissed it.

Rutila knew exactly what to do. Dozens of new possibilities flitted through her head, the thoughts increasing her own desire. Leaning forward, she wrapped her hand around him, exposing the swollen tip of his cock from its concealing sheath.

Scaeva groaned in delight as Rutila's tongue swirled over the head of his cock. This was something new, not the puppet-like actions his pleasure slave had performed ever since he purchased her. Reaching down, he twined his fingers into her red-gold hair, watching her tongue slide all over him, moistening the hard flesh with delightful skill. His fingers tightened in her hair when her lips closed over the tip of his erection, and a loud gasp burst from him.

The strong, bittersweet taste of his offering caused Rutila to let out a little high-pitched moan around him. Suckling the swollen tip of him, she swirled her tongue through the pre-cum oozing from him. Acting upon her new, magically granted knowledge, she let her tongue slide along the ridge where the head met his shaft. She paused upon reaching the ropy cord at the front, tickling it with quick flicks of her tongue.

Pumping her hand over his turgid flesh, slipping his foreskin over the now wet flesh beneath, Rutila bobbed her head in quick motions over his tip. She let him pop from between her lips with each stroke, but never lost contact with his flesh for even a second. Her Master's sounds of pleasure grew deeper, and louder, as she labored over his manhood.

Scaeva pulled forward on Rutila's head as she engulfed him. A long sigh escaped his wide-open mouth as she took him deeper than ever before – nearly his entire length wrapped in her warm, wet embrace. Her shining curls whipped against his thighs, as she took him in at an ever-quicker pace.

From his sounds, and the swelling of his organ in her mouth, Rutila knew her Master would soon reward her with the fruits of her labors. She marveled at the knowledge that allowed her to take him so deep – pressing even into her throat without undue discomfort. A slow, but steady flow of flavorful juices oozed from him to flood her mouth with pleasurable sensations.

Her Master's hand fisted in her hair, and he pulled her against him with a loud, grunting scream. Thick spurts of his seed erupted into her mouth, nearly choking her, filling her mouth full. She swallowed, only to have him replace the thick pool of semen with another, even as the first slid warmly into her belly.

Rutila continued to suckle him slowly, milking every drop she could from her Master's trembling body. At last, he pushed her away, placing his hands on her shoulders to steady his trembling knees.

Laresa could sense Scaeva's delight from Rutila's new exuberance, and knew she was granting Rutila exactly what she wanted. Her mouth had certainly pleased him, far beyond what he had expected upon calling her to his bedchamber.

Still somewhat wobbly, Scaeva put his hands under Rutila's arms, instructing her to rise. She licked her lips as she stood, causing her Master to smile. He then pulled her toward the bed, silently instructing her to lie down with a slight nod of his head.

Part your legs and stroke your folds for him gently, Laresa instructed.

Rutila did so, and the wide smile on Scaeva's face caused a fresh surge of wetness to seep into her depths. He moved between her legs, and Rutila moved her hand to give him unfettered access to her wet heat.

When his lips touched her, Rutila had to fight to stay upon the bed. Her back wanted to arch high, pushing her sex into his lips and tongue. When his tongue parted her labia and slid inside her, she bit her lip hard to stop the cry of ecstasy welling up within her.

Laresa could sense disappointment coming from Scaeva. A moment's concentration revealed the source of that disappointment, and the reason Rutila was causing it.

He wants to see your pleasure, Rutila. That is what has been displeasing him with you. He wants to know that his touch causes your body to stir. I can sense how wonderful he makes you feel. He has no wife to anger when you cry out in bliss. Release your body to enjoy his touch.

For a moment, Laresa could feel Rutila fighting against years of conditioning. Her previous Master had ordered her to be silent and virtually unmoving when he took her. When Laresa's words punched through those controls, the Djinn felt something entirely different.

Laresa leaned back against the wall in surprise as Rutila's ecstasy wash over the genie through the connection with her Mistress. Laresa's sex tingled as a rush of wetness welled up inside her, and her nipples stiffened into turgid points. Rutila moaned loudly in delight as her Master's tongue tantalized her, and Laresa could not suppress a moan of her own as she shared in the sensations.

The sudden change in Rutila's reactions spurred Scaeva to even greater efforts. This, in turn, brought even more cries of pleasure from his slave. Her body now writhed and undulated beneath him, pressing her folds tight against his lips. Her musky scent of arousal filled his lungs, and the tangy taste of her abundant juices flooded his mouth. For so long he had wanted to see her share in his pleasure, and now she did so – far above his expectations.

Laresa caused her clothing to vanish in the blink of an eye. Connected to the couple on the bed before her, her clit throbbed violently, begging to be touched. Reaching down, she stroked her wet folds, as she fell into the overwhelming waves of pleasure crashing against her from her Mistress and the woman's Master.

Rutila pinched her hard nipples, a warbling cry of great volume echoing through the room. Her pleasure was mounting quickly, as Scaeva's lips wrapped around the bud at the apex of her lips. His tongue massaged it, even as his lips suckled it, and Rutila felt as though her body were expanding, on the verge of bursting at any moment from the pleasure.

Scaeva looked up at Rutila's face, watching it tighten as the woman's orgasm approached. Red-gold curls spread out like a halo around her, as her head tilted back, and her body rose up from the bed below.

Laresa's fingers flashed over her sex, her own climax building alongside Rutila's. She closed her eyes against the mounting pleasure, as it was the emotions from the couple driving her ever higher, not the simple sight of their lovemaking.

Both genie and pleasure slave reached their peaks simultaneously. Though only Laresa could hear both their screams of ecstasy, either one alone would have surprised a listener with its volume. Laresa slid down the wall to her knees, and then sat down heavily, continuing to rub her quivering folds in fitful bursts.

Scaeva pulled away when Rutila's breathing began to sound labored. Sitting back, he simply watched her writhe and moan, expressing the feelings shooting through her. He wished now that he had not indulged in filling her mouth with his seed earlier. It would be far too long for his tastes before his manhood could be coaxed to swell once more.

It took Laresa some time to catch her breath as well, but she still recovered more quickly than did her Mistress. She gave Rutila a short while longer to recover, and then sent out her thoughts. He is pleased with you, Rutila. He wants to see you react to his cock deep within you. If you wish, I can use my power to enable his manhood to swell one more.

Rutila's mental voice sounded as breathless as her real voice would have. Oh yes, please!

Tease him with your mouth, and I will release my power, Laresa instructed.

Rutila sat up and leaned over her Master, looking into his eyes with a sweet smile, before lowering her head to his loins. Scaeva leaned back on his hands, wishing that there were some hope her mouth would breathe life back into his manhood so soon. He was surprised to feel blood rushing into his flaccid member almost from the moment her lips touched him.

He was not even yet at full erection when Scaeva lifted Rutila's head from his lap, guiding her to lie down. Rutila required no guidance, quickly rolling over and rising up on her hands and knees. She knew her Master preferred that position, and she loved the depth to which he penetrated her as well.

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