tagIncest/TabooLarger Than Life

Larger Than Life

byD. Elbee©

This story is a work of fiction. If incest or sex between family members offends you, please read no further.


When I was fifteen years old I would hear the guys at school talk about their moms and other guys’ moms. They would always use terms like hot or sexy but no one ever talked about my mom. My mom wouldn’t have been considered hot as she was large, a heavy woman, but a woman with an absolutely beautiful face and a personality that kept me and my younger sister always happy.

The changes in both our lives happened the summer after I graduated high school. I was working at Mr. Rumson’s store doing stocking and cleaning. One afternoon he noted that business was a little slow and that I had done the entire stocking so he let me go home early. In fact, it was middle of the afternoon. I entered the house through the backdoor as usual and it was very quiet. I thought to myself that perhaps it was due to the pleasurable fact that my 13-year-old sister was staying with our grandparents for the week. I started toward my room when I heard soft moans coming from my parents’ bedroom.

I moved quickly to the door thinking that maybe Mom could be in some trouble, but what I saw stopped me dead. There she was, naked, lying on the bed. I had many times tried to get a peek at her naked body but hadn’t been successful. But now, here she was. Her stomach was round and seemed to roll down toward her lower body as she lay there. Her breasts were absolutely amazing. They weren’t large but very round and had nipples that seemed puffy, just right for touching or sucking. Her large legs were open wide and I could see her hand moving between them. It took me a few moments to figure out that she was masturbating.

My cock was springing to life just watching her and it ached. I shifted some to let it shift upward until the head was about to escape the waistband of my jeans. I kept watching her, listening to her moan, and then I saw it. She had a large pink dildo that was moving in and out of her cunt. I could her the sounds of her wet pussy as the rubber cock slid in and out. Her other free hand was massaging her nipples and she was getting very near her orgasm.

Her hand was moving faster, sliding the pink pretend cock in and out. Her head tilted back, her eyes were tightly closed, and her mouth was open. “Oh, fuck yes!” Oh, fuck yes!” was about all she said and I knew she was cumming. At that point I became very brave, or stupid, and moved into the room. I stepped quietly around the bed until I had a full view of her cunt and the rubber dildo sliding in and out.

Mom kept moaning, “Oh, fuck yes! Oh, Jesus!” I don’t remember doing it but I soon found my cock in my hand and my jeans around my ankles joined by my briefs. As she stroked the dildo in and out I stroked my cock each time making believe it was me inside her. “Oh yes! Oh yes! Oh yes!” she practically yelled as her back arched and she brought herself to orgasm. At about the same time I shot strings of white cum from my cock onto the bed and onto one of her legs.

Mom opened her eyes and saw me standing here, my cock in my hand with the last bit of cum dripping from it. “Jamie! What are you ----? When did you ----? Oh my God, son!” She pulled the dildo from her wet pussy with a squishing noise and tried to sit up. All the time here eyes were on my now softening cock that I was still holding. “Jamie, you’ve got to get out of here now!”

“Why? I didn’t do anything.”

She pulled some of the bed covers over her and stared at me. I pulled my briefs and jeans up and left, moving to my room. I fell onto my bed thinking about what I had just seen. My Mom naked, her cunt being filled by a rubber dildo, my jerking off. It was too much, I was getting hard again. Since I hadn’t fastened my jeans I pulled everything down and started jerking off again. The vision was right there in front of me, but it was my cock in her pussy, not a dildo. “Oh Mom! Oh shit! Oh, Mom, more, give me more!” I was moaning as my rocket went off and I again shot streams of cum, this time onto my bed and my body.

When I opened my eyes I saw her. Mom was standing in my door and had watched me jerk off. She had a silky robe wrapped around her and she was leaning against the door. Our eyes locked without one word being said we just looked at each other. Finally she said, “We have to talk”, and turned down the hall. I wiped the cum off me with my briefs, pulled on a pair of gym shorts, then followed her to the den.

She was sitting on the sofa with the robe pulled tightly in her grip. “Sit down Jamie, there are some things we need to talk about.”

I thought this was to be the lecture of lectures, the big one. “Why did you come in my room? No, no, never mind that isn’t important. What is important is what you saw and what you did while you were there”. She shifted on the sofa and I could see up her robe, across her large thighs, it didn’t look like she had anything on beneath it. “I was ---, well I was, uh,---“

“Jerking off?” I knew right when I said it that it wasn’t a good choice of words, but Mom surprised me.

“Yes. That’s exactly what I was doing. Jerking off. Just like you do all the time. Only, it isn’t very lady like to be caught by your teenage son while you are pleasuring yourself. Do you understand?”

I nodded my head. So far, so good. I wasn’t being chastised yet.

“Honey, when you’re a teenager masturbation is a part of developing your sexuality. It can also be a means to relieve tension, particularly tension from messing with girls. It’s about the same for adults, except for developing sexuality. Married couples, like your Dad and I, have intercourse and that intercourse brings pleasure. Sometimes one partner either becomes, er, well, non-responsive or unable to bring the pleasure to the other. Then the partner, uh, um, has to find their own pleasure. Am I making sense?

I wasn’t sure where she was headed with this conversation but I thought now was the time to be blunt, either win or lose. “Yeah. So in other words Dad isn’t bringing you off and you have to do it yourself.”

“Well, yes, that is -----“

“Maybe you need someone to help, that is to help bring you off, to help you find that pleasure.”

“Jamie! I’m not going to go out and let some man fu--, uh, have sex with me! I’m not a tramp and I won’t be a whore.”

I moved to the sofa beside her so I could be very close. “That’s not what I meant, Mom. You don’t have to go out and look for a fuck, you have one right here. Me.”

“Oh, Jamie! I can’t believe you said that! Do you know what you are suggesting? My God, Jamie, it’s –“

Before she could finish I pressed my lips to hers, kissing her like I had kissed girls on dates. At first she squirmed to resist, but I could feel her lips responding to mine. It was second before her lips were melded to mine and our tongues were playing a sexy dance. She pressed her body into me, as her kisses became more urgent.

I put my hand inside her robe and she was naked. My hand was resting on one of her voluptuous breast. I could feel the nipple growing beneath my palm. I squeezed it gently, rolling the nipple between my fingers, crushing her breast beneath my palm.

“Oh, God! Jamie! No, we can’t do this!” She sputtered around my kiss, but her body was pressing against me still. “Oh, Jamie! Please!”

I practically tore the robe open so her body was open to me. I moved from her lips to her inviting breasts and began to suck on the hard nipple. She responded as I hoped. “Oh, yes. Darling yes. Suck it, suck it!”

I did. First one then the other. I let my hand move down her belly until I could feel the thick patch of hair beneath. I slid further as her legs opened to give me entry. Her pussy was wet, sopping wet. “Oh, God! Jamie! We’ve got to stop! Oh, please, Jamie touch me, Oh yes!” I wasn’t stopping and I believed she didn’t want me to.

I pulled on the tie around her robe then flung the robe completely open. I amazed at her large but beautiful body. I had to have her. “Mom. I’m going to fuck you right her unless you would rather move to the bed.”

“Oh my darling. This is so wrong, but I need you so badly.” She led me to her bedroom, on the bed I had just seen her pleasuring herself. She dropped the robe to the floor and I saw her large beautiful ass. I made plans. I tugged my gym shorts down and my cock sprang out in all its hard glory. She turned and looked down at my hard cock and reached out to hold it. “Oh baby. It’s so beautifully big. So big.” She sat down on the bed and leaned over putting her lips around my cock head then devouring my 7 inches. My first blow job and I new it was going to end soon.

“Mom, I’m coming!” I shouted as I shot my jism down her throat.

She pulled me onto the bed with her and over the next few hours taught me about making love to a woman. I tasted my first pussy and drank her cum as I brought her off. I put my rejuvenated cock into her wet tunnel and got my first fuck. I brought her off with that dildo then took her from behind, holding that great large ass as I plowed into her pussy. We fucked a third time with her on top and quickly showered before Dad got home.

The rest of the summer was just as interesting and more so as I watched Mom maneuver Dad and my sister so that we would have a few hours alone. I’m wondering how far she wants to take this. My sister just turned fourteen and is a doll.

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