Lariats and Lacrosse Sticks Ch. 03


Tanner and Randy walked into Tanner's room and sat side-by-side on the bed. They remained silent, thinking about what had happened in the stables with Jo walking in on them.

"We need to be more careful," said Tanner.

"I know, babe. We will be," said Randy. Leaning in he kissed Tanner lightly on the cheek, "You just make me so hot. I want you so bad."

Tanner chuckled and pushed his lover back on the bed, straddled his chest, and leaned down to kiss Randy passionately. Breaking the kiss he looked at Randy and grinned. "You'll make it until we're back at our apartment. Its only a few days."

After a few moments, Randy felt Tanner begin to grind his crotch against him. "Hey, stud. You too! No dry humping the boyfriend."

Tanner laughed and rolled off Randy, his hard cock obviously straining inside his jeans. Rolling on his side he leaned over to kiss his boyfriend, and a slight gasp escaped from Tanner. Randy turned to look at his lover, and saw a look of concern on his face.

"What's wrong?"

"Ahh, you might have a hicky," said Tanner.

"What!" said Randy as he jumped off the bed and raced to the mirror on Tanner's wall. Turning his head he saw a quarter sized purple spot on his neck. Turning to Tanner with a look of concern. "What're we going to do? If you don't want them to know then we have a problem."

"Come on, let's see if Jo has any ideas," said Tanner as he pulled Randy to his sister's room. Knocking furiously at her door, he waited impatiently for her to open the door. It opened suddenly and Jo was standing in the doorway, looking slightly irritated at the interruption.


Wordlessly Tanner pointed to the bruise on Randy's neck. After a moment of silence, Jo broke into a giggle. "That's impressive, brother. Dang impressive. I suppose you want me to save your sorry rear-end and do something so Mom and Dad won't notice."

Tanner smiled, knowing Jo was going to help or she wouldn't be teasing. "Yes, Jo. Please."

Jo chuckled and motioned them into her room. She seated Randy in front of her dresser and turned the light so she could see his neck clearly. Looking down she rifled through her makeup and finally found the bottle she was looking for. Turning back to the guys, she looked at Tanner and winked. Going to work, she soon had the spot covered, with only a slight variation in color marking the previously vibrant spot.

Randy turned, looking at his neck and then turned back to Tanner. "Well?"

Tanner stepped closer, turning Randy's head and looking at the mark from a variety of angles. Finally he relaxed. "Yeah, I think it'll be fine."

"Of course it will be fine. I did it!" said Jo indignantly.

Laughing softly, both boys gave Jo a hug and then turned to go back to their room. As they were going out of the door Jo grabbed Randy's arm, stuck the makeup in his hand and winked. Randy paused for a second and realized he would need more cover-up later.

The rest of the day went well, and Jo's makeup job apparently worked since there were no comments about Randy's neck, although Tanner did think his mother shot him a puzzled look at one point, but it was gone in an instant. That evening at dinner the conversation was warm and friendly. Tanner's initial concern about the hicky on Randy was subsiding until he looked up to see a twinkle in Jo's eyes while they were enjoying dessert. He started chewing on his lip as the smile spread across her face.

Jo turned to their dad, "You know, Dad. I thought I heard the studs screaming last night."

Randy started choking on his food, trying to see Jo's face but was unsuccessful. Turning he saw that Tanner was studying his sister with a twisted lip. Their dad gave Jo a puzzled look.

"I don't think so. They aren't even next to each other, I don't see how they could be after each other," said Tanner's dad.

"Oh, it sounded like they were right on top of each other," said Jo innocently.

"No, that's not possible. I checked them this afternoon and there were no bites."

"You sure?" asked Jo innocently, "Because I could of sworn that the bigger one had a big bite on his neck."

Randy and Tanner were both sending searing looks at Tanner's sister, wondering what the hell she was doing.

"Mark, you might want to check them again," said Tanner's mom with a look that said this conversation was not what she wanted at her dinner table.

With a smile from Jo and silent sighs of relief from Tanner and Randy, the conversation shifted to the impending beginning of classes and what was happening with all three youngsters. Soon they were all heading for bed, and another frustrating night of hands-off for Randy and Tanner for fear that they would draw more attention to themselves.


Their week on the ranch was coming to a close. Randy had several days of lacrosse practice and Tanner needed to do some prep work for his classes this semester since the professor had given them assignments that were due the first day of class. They were leaving in a few hours, but had agreed they wanted to take a last horseback ride before they left. So, with everything packed and ready to go, Randy found himself in one of the more remote parts of the ranch, following Tanner on a ride he'd insisted they take.

Randy watched as Tanner's tight ass and meaty thighs moved in time with his mount. The more he was with Tanner, the more things he found attractive. But it didn't hurt that he was a nice guy, someone Randy could see spending the rest of his life with. Randy was startled out of his revelry when his horse came to a sudden stop. Looking up he saw Tanner grinning back at him.

"What's up?" said Randy.

"Come up here, I wanna show you something."

Randy guided his horse beside Tanner's until he was looking at the tableau before them. It was a vignette overlooking a small valley. It was similar to a hundred other spots, but Randy could see this was somehow special. The thickets of trees formed islands of sculptural abstraction with their bare winter branches playing against the tan dormant grasses. At the bottom, Randy could just make out a small creek. As his horse settled next to Tanner's he reached over and ran his hands over Tanner's back.

"This is a cool place," said Randy with a smile.

"Yeah, I don't know why but this has always been my favorite spot on the place. I'd love to build my house up here someday. The creek has water even in the summer, it comes from a spring a little ways up the ravine," said Tanner with a smile.

Randy surveyed the area and grinned back at him. "Yup, I could live here."

Tanner leaned over, meeting Randy half way as their lips pressed against each other. Randy let his hand trail up the back of Tanner's head, cupping it in his hand as he leaned in to kiss Tanner again. Their lips were separated by a fraction of an inch when they heard the rhythmic sound of a horse galloping toward them. They quickly moved apart, turning to see who had discovered them.

When Jo's grinning face topped the hill, Randy quietly whispered to Tanner, "Your sister is a cock blocker if ever there was one."

Tanner laughed softly as he watched Jo barreling toward them on her horse. He didn't need to think about it too much to realize he was in complete agreement with Randy about Jo, he was ready for some private time too.


Classes had started, meaning Tanner and Randy's time was completely consumed. But they made an effort to at least spend some time together each day even if it was a few quiet minutes while they were both in bed, because between Randy's lacrosse practice and Tanner's heavy course load, they were stretched thin.

Tanner was enjoying what had somehow become their cuddling station, both of them wedged into the big overstuffed chair. The close personal contact seemed to work for both of them. If either of them needed to do more than reading assignments, then they separated. But both young men enjoyed the closeness, and the ability to lean in for a kiss whenever the mood struck.

Randy stretched, letting one hand alight on Tanner's neck and started rubbing. "I think it's break time, don't you agree it's break time, babe? Yeah, definitely time for a little break. Yup, I think we need—" Randy was silenced when Tanner slapped his hand over Randy's mouth.

Tanner grinned at Randy, enjoying the twinkle in his eyes and knowing he was in a playful mood. "Ok, but you have to let me finish this page. Then we can get a snack, or whatever," said Tanner with a grin.

"What are you reading?" asked Randy.

"The reading assignment for the second biology class, it's more mitosis stuff. Not hard, just a review mostly."

Randy nestled against Tanner and got a serious look on his face. "I've been thinking . . ."

"Did it hurt?" said Tanner with a grin, but when he turned to look at Randy he saw this was a serious conversation. "Ok babe, what about."

"My major. I've been thinking about changing to Animal Science," said Randy.

Tanner pushed himself upward so they were not so physically entangled when they had this conversation. "Ok, but they don't offer it here. State has the Animal Science program."

"Yeah, I know." Randy paused for what seemed to be a very long time before he continued. "I was thinking I could go to State with you."

Emotions whirled through Tanner at the thought. This was a major commitment. Were they really a long-term couple? He knew what he thought, but he wasn't sure about Randy. Randy had proposed it though. Also, what would happen to Randy's lacrosse? Tanner knew how important it was to him. With all these questions and more whirling around his head he realized that Randy was watching and waiting for a response.

"I would love that, Randy. But what about your scholarships and lacrosse."

"Well I'd have to find a job. But if you're in vet school I'd need to wait anyway so slowing down wouldn't be bad. And yeah, State's lacrosse is division 2, but I could still play. Playing college lacrosse is the important part for me," said Randy.

Tanner was afraid. This was a first test of their newborn relationship, and he wasn't very comfortable with the implications. Not that he didn't think he and Randy were made for each other, but it was all so new. As a couple they were new; living their sexuality was new; having more people know, that would be a huge step when they took it.

Randy could tell his announcement had shook Tanner. He was so in love with Tanner than it never occurred to him that they wouldn't spend the rest of their lives together. They'd known each other for two years, he knew straight couples who were married and had known each other for a lot less time. He scolded himself for dropping this bomb on Tanner without more explanation.

He pulled Tanner from his perch on the arm of the chair and held him in his arms. "Sorry, babe. I didn't mean to freak you out. I was just thinking out loud."

"I want to, Randy. I want the whole white picket fence and two point five kids that's the dream. I guess I'm just scared."

Randy kissed Tanner on the forehead, squeezed him tight and then pulled back so he was looking directly into Tanner's eyes. "I love you, Tanner. And I'll do whatever it takes to convince you of that."

He snuggled against Randy with a contented smile, knowing that Randy wasn't expecting a reply and suddenly felt much better about everything.

Randy kissed Tanner just along the hairline and then burrowed his nose into his boyfriend's hair.

"Besides," started Randy with a chuckle, "Dad will be happy to hear he was right."

Tanner popped up with a look of concern across his face. "What'da you mean?"

"Nothing, just that Dad said I should give you time to get use to things before I sprung anything new on you. But, of course, I didn't listen."

"Your dad knows? When did you tell him? Why did you do that without talking to me?" asked Tanner, panic starting to build.

"Tanner, he's happy for us. It was no big deal."

"But what if he tells my parents? I don't want to think what might happen. What if they yanked me back home? They help support me!"

"Tanner, calm down. He lives a thousand miles from here, and even if they were neighbors, Dad is good with secrets."

"Randy, I just can't let my parents find out. Not now anyway. I just can't. Jo's already figured it out, but I can't . . ."

"Don't worry, babe. No one's going to out you. We can do all this at your speed, I promise," said Randy.

"Ok, yeah. Sorry, I just—," stammered Tanner.

"Tanner, relax. It's all good. We're good," said Randy.

Tanner shuddered slightly, his arms wrapped around his chest. "I know you want more, but so much stuff could go wrong. I know you keep saying it will be ok, but what if it doesn't? What if they throw me out?"

Randy trapped Tanner's face between his rough hands, "Tanner, I'm sorry I've upset you. It wasn't intentional. And when you want to tell your parents is up to you. If it doesn't go well, then just remember we're in this together. If I have to work to get you through school I will. Now come here and cuddle with me. I believe we were about to start making out before I started talking too much."

Tanner paused for a few moments and then let out a soft chuckle and relaxed against Randy. "Yes, we were going to take a little study break, weren't we?"

Tanner leaned in, pressing his lips against Randy's and soon the recent conversation was the furthest thing from either of their minds.


Tanner looked through the information again. It wasn't like this was the first time he'd seen it, but he wanted their first time to be amazing. He had started trying to loosen himself up like the instructions said, but so far the most he could take without pain was one finger. When his fingers started slipping in, his ass just slammed shut. Tanner was hoping that it would be easier if Randy was working on him, instead of doing it to himself.

Tanner didn't think there would be any problem getting Randy to try a little finger play. He practically begged Tanner to rim him every chance he got. Once Tanner had even managed to get Randy to come from just tongue action. But he really wanted to take it a little further. As much as he was a typical 19 year old with surging hormones, Tanner wanted to make sure they were both satisfied. He thought the two of them balanced things pretty well, and Tanner wanted to keep things that way.

He'd made a stop at the drugstore and picked up a few things, just to be prepared. Tanner had felt a little odd, picking up several kinds of lube. But the guy who had checked him out didn't even bat an eye. Tanner looked over the selection of lubricants he'd bought and had to chuckle. He'd been pretty optimistic; they could probably fuck for months with this much stuff. The articles had been pretty clear though, the more lube the better; and the less 'discomfort', although that sounded ominous enough to Tanner.

Tanner couldn't help but get a little melancholy, spring break was coming in a few weeks, and while neither he nor Randy had obligations for once, they didn't have the money to go skiing in Colorado or to Padre Island with their friends. In his case, if he wasn't going somewhere, then his parents expected him to come home and work. So they wouldn't even get a chance to spend much time together. Tanner refused to get depressed about spring break, they would get plenty of time together later, just not this time.

As he stored away the last of the supplies, he heard Randy's familiar footsteps up the stairs to their apartment. At the simple sounds of his boyfriends approach, Tanner started to smile. They'd been together for months, but he still couldn't believe Randy, hot steamy athletic jock Randy, wanted to be with him. But he did, and Tanner certainly wasn't going to ask why, well not again anyway.

After a few minutes he realized it was taking Randy a really long time to get up the stairs, and he was making an awful racket. Tanner walked over and opened the door to see Randy struggling up the stairs with a duffle bag big enough to hold both of them. Tanner stood looking at the scene before him in disbelief, until Randy snapped him out of it.

"No, no, I've got it. Don't muss your pretty little nails there cowboy," said Randy.

Tanner chuckled and grabbed the end of the bag. Between the two of them they quickly had it into their apartment, where it took up a good portion of the room. Randy tugged the bag to one side, and then let it drop. He stood up and grinned at Tanner as he rotated his aching shoulders.

"There we go! Got it taken care of," said Randy, his smile so large it was infectious.

"We got what taken care of? What the hell is in there? You could hide several bodies in that bag," said Tanner with a chuckle.

"Spring break, dumb ass. This is our spring break trip," said Randy.

"Really?" said Tanner tentatively, "You hiding me in the bag and shipping me to Fuji or something?"

"No! We're going camping! I love to camp, and you've talked about how beautiful the Ouachita Mountains are. So I borrowed this stuff from one of my lacrosse buddies. He said it's got all the stuff we need," said Randy as he beamed at Tanner.

"You know, spring break is in March. It might be pretty cold. You sure you want to spend it in a tent?"

"Absolutely! We're going to have a blast," said Randy enthusiastically.

Tanner knelt beside the bag and started pulling out equipment. After he'd pulled out the third cast-iron skillet, he began to laugh. "Who did you borrow this from? They have way more crap than we need. There's stuff in here that we wouldn't need unless we were trying to furnish a cabin."

"Brad loaned it to me. He said it had everything we would need."

Tanner chuckled as he hauled out a solar shower and showed it to Randy. As they went through the contents, they realized they could narrow it down to the few things they needed, and leave the rest in the garage. But after their amusement at the bottomless bag of camping stuff, Tanner stepped around the bag and grabbed Randy, planting a huge kiss on his lips. "Thanks! I was just getting all cranky because I was going to have to go home and work over the break. I think a week of camping in the mountains sounds great."

Tanner let his hands slide around Randy's neck, his lips started nibbling his musky skin. Randy sighed softly but then pulled back slightly. "It's not like I don't wanna have some fun time, but how did we go from camping to heavy petting in two-point-five seconds?" asked Randy.

Tanner looked down, feeling a little foolish. "Sorry, I guess I was horny thinking about all the stuff I just bought at the store."

"Stuff, what kind of stuff?" said Randy as a smile threatening to break his face.

"Lube . . . "said Tanner quietly, his face flushing.

"Cool! I'm ready to play," said Randy.

Tanner looked up just in time for Randy to kiss him, their lips slid over each other as their excitement grew at the thoughts of a new sexual exploration. Their lust filled systems were racing toward hard passionate lovemaking, but each of them knew they had to take care of their lover. Their hormones dictated the opening moments as their clothes flew to all corners of the room as they frantically pawed each other.

Tanner knelt in front of Randy, pulling down his tight underwear and enjoying the thin trail of wet precum that was trailing down his briefs. As he released Randy's cock, it swung in a long arc and hit Tanner on the cheek with a wet sound. Grinning maniacally, Tanner grabbed Randy's stiff cock and took the head between his lips, gripping Randy's ass tightly as he plunged the hard dick deeper and deeper. Since his first experience, he had learned how to relax more, and usually could take Randy's full length down his throat. This time though, he was happy with less, Randy was horny enough that his cock was swollen to new proportions. As his cock disappeared over and over again, Tanner could feel his lover's body begin to tremble. Pulling back slowly, he released Randy's cock from his mouth with a final lick.

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