tagErotic CouplingsLarry's Big Adventure

Larry's Big Adventure

byJ.Q. Hack©

I'd like to thank my favorite editor Mistress_Joli. Her keen eye made this story that much better.

* * * *

Larry surreptitiously squeezed the growing bulge in his pants. His waitress smiled at him as she leaned across the table to lay down his placemat, silverware and napkins. Larry didn't notice. He was too focused on the set of large, perky tits on display in front of him. Each time she moved her blouse opened slightly allowing him an increasingly better view of her, in his opinion, well-shaped breasts as they jiggled in the confines of her bra. All of this happening within a few feet of the gaze of his beady little eyes.

Every movement and every angle played in a continuous loop in Larry's mind. He soon drifted into thoughts of burying his head between her mountains of flesh. His mouth and tongue exploring every inch of her cleavage, his fingers kneading the soft skin as her breathing quickened with excitement. Her fingers ran through his hair, pulling him closer and moaning for more. For the finale he imagined her kneeling in front of him. Her hair plastered to her forehead by sweat, her breathing short, shallow and excited. He imagined streams of hot come pouring from his swollen prick and landing with a satisfying splatter on her perky tits. He could see the goo mingling with her sweat and sliding between the curves of her breasts only to land on her stomach.

"Excuse me sir," said the perky-titted waitress. "Are you ready to order?"

"Oh yeah," Larry said, snapping out of his reverie. "I'll have a cheeseburger and fries and I'd like a chocolate milkshake, too." If you were to ask Larry later what his waitress' name was he couldn't say. He was pretty sure it was Liza or maybe Leena, quite possibly Sandra, but definitely not Beth. He was pretty sure she was blonde, but not positive. He knew she was thin enough – which he liked. What he could remember with clarity and detail were her breasts. Larry could tell you that there was a small mole by her left bra strap, along with a nearly identical one by the right bra strap – only a little higher. He could also describe how her tits jiggled and moved in her bra and blouse. He would tell you that he only remembered the important details.

Very little of this mattered though. All of this attention to detail translated into no real world experience. Sure he'd seen plenty of boobs in his day, but the vast majority of them belonged to the women on his extensive DVD collection. The rest belonged to dancers at one of three strip clubs he frequented – when his bank account allowed. The two breasts he'd gotten closest to belonged to a girl named Jenny his freshman year of college, nearly six years earlier. Despite the stories of conquest he spun later; that night had ended badly.

Larry had met Jenny at a Friday night dance. The only reason he'd ended up even talking to her was because she was a friend of a friend. She'd snuck in a little bottle of liquor that she drank from all night and by the time the dance ended Larry had convinced an exceedingly drunk Jenny to come back to his room. Once back in his room Larry had managed to get her top and bra off. He fumbled around in the dark for her breasts until they bumped heads with a thud. Jenny started to wail in pain and it took all of Larry's powers of persuasion to convince her not to leave.

On most Friday nights Larry could be found, with four of his friends, slaying dragons and battling orcs and goblins to rescue stolen treasure and to save the fair maidens – who were always appropriately grateful. By the end of the night empty cans of Mountain Dew littered his friend's basement, along with candy bar wrappers and Doritos bags. Larry by any account wouldn't be confused for a lady's man. His dark hair looked like it was in constant need of brushing. He had a large nose that held up equally large and thick glasses. His Adam's apple protruded as much as his chin was receded. When he got nervous his voice had a nasty habit of rising several octaves and then to crack. He felt like a 26 year old man perpetually caught in the grasp of puberty.

Larry got off the bus after work disappointed. The big-titted girl that always wore the skimpy tops wasn't on the bus again. That made three days in a row and Larry was starting to get pissed. She'd been on the bus each day for the previous two weeks. Despite the near freezing temperatures she never failed to disappoint. That made the 30 minute ride home bearable, and if she wasn't on the bus the ride was miserable – nothing but loud-mouthed, flat-chested girls with nothing to look at.

The lack of scenery on the bus was soon forgotten as Larry's mind quickly switched gears. He practically ran the two blocks back to his apartment. He bounded up the two flights of steps and ran to his mailbox.

"Fuck." He thumbed through the stack of envelopes in his hand – two bills, some credit card offers and some coupons for the local Qwik-e-Mart.

"When the fuck is it going to come," Larry said to nobody. He opened the front door to the building and scanned the foyer since packages sometimes made their way in there. Nothing. He stamped the snow off of his shoes and headed upstairs.

Once inside he kicked off his shoes and logged onto his e-mail. He found the confirmation e-mail from the mail order company. He looked over it just as carefully as he had when he received it seven days earlier. The statement said his order had been completely filled and mailed in one package. He read over the itemized list: (1) Melon Mania #34, (1) Tittyfuckers #26, (1) Melon Mamas – 20 Hours on 5 DVDs. The last line of the invoice said: "Please allow between 10 and 12 business days for your package to arrive."

That was on the 16th. Today was the 23rd. That was only seven days and two of those had been weekend days. Larry knew damn well it hadn't been 10 days but a package from the Adult Movie Emporium had never taken this long to arrive. He was ready to get on the phone and find out where his videos were. Larry didn't though. He calmed himself down enough to know that packages sometimes take as long to arrive as they say. He would have to wait a few days longer before he could feast his eyes on the surgically enhanced bodies of his favorite pornstars.

Over the next three days Larry's pace from the bus stop quickened until he was jogging home in a full sprint. Each day ended with the same result. Nothing.

Those cocksuckers at the post office were starting to piss him off. He wanted his porn and he wanted it now. Then he was hit with a terrible thought: What if it was lost? Perhaps lying in a snow pile somewhere between here and Des Moines? That was even more horrible to imagine since that would mean another package would have to be assembled and shipped (he would demand express service so those idiots at the post office wouldn't even have a chance to touch it) and another ten days if not longer would go by. By that time it would almost be a month.

Larry forgot about his anxiousness to get home when he got on the bus after work. At lunch he'd bought a new action/adventure novel that featured a brawny sword-wielding brute surrounded by buxom scantily clad babes writhing at his feet. It was from his favorite author and as soon as he took his seat his mind was off in another realm where swords and brute strength along with magic ruled the day. He was so engrossed in it he almost missed her.

Something distracted him for a moment at one of the bus stops. There she was – the big titted girl. She hadn't been on the bus for nearly a week and Larry had given up all hope of ever seeing her again. She was walking purposely to the part of the bus where he sat. Instead of taking the empty seat next to him she stopped right next to it and grabbed the overhead bar. With her free hand she undid some of the buttons on her coat. He couldn't believe it, it was freezing outside and she was unbuttoning her coat. With the release of one final button her coat fell open.

Larry didn't want to stare – not exactly – he didn't want to get caught staring. But there they were. This brunette babe that could've posed for one of the girls on the cover of his book stood less than a foot from him. Her prominent breasts, nicely put on display by a light green blouse, jiggled and swayed with every jolt and shudder of the bus. She struggled to keep her balance as the bus lurched forward at stop after stop. Larry nearly passed out as several times his nameless beauty leaned forward to allow another rider to pass. This caused her top to fall forward exposing her lush bosom to Larry's unhidden lecherous gaze.

"What the fuck are you looking at?"

Larry looked into the piercing gaze of the girl he'd been ogling most of the ride home. Her sharp eyes slapped Larry out of his daydreams.

"Whuh...huh?" Larry mumbled as a reply.

The girl gritted her teeth together and clasped her coat together against her chest and turned to leave.

"That's what I thought. Fucking pervert."

At the front of the bus Larry could see her talking to the bus driver. He leaned out of his seat and looked directly back at him. The girl said something else and the driver shrugged his shoulders. The girl spun on her heels and stormed off the bus.

Put your tits on display like that and then get pissed when somebody looks. Bitch, Larry thought.

A short while later Larry got up to get off the bus. He thought the driver gave him a strange look but he didn't say anything. He couldn't really, after all Larry didn't do anything.

Larry put the bus incident out of his mind; he had more important things to worry about. He was sure today was the day. It had been over ten days and he was positive a DVD-sized box would be waiting for him on the porch of his apartment building.

"Motherfucker," Larry spit. He kicked the snow off his shoes and trudged up the stairs. He swore he'd give them one more day. The more he thought he realized the package could be delayed since the holidays had only been a few weeks earlier and perhaps it had gotten delayed briefly, since it was most likely sent the cheapest possible route.

Once in his apartment he changed into his favorite pair of flannel lounging pants and a comfortable long-sleeved shirt. With a hot cup of tea beside him he curled up on the couch and re-immersed himself into the sword and sorcery world of his new novel. So far his favorite writer, Jack Reynolds, was out doing himself. Larry loved the way he described his characters, from the heroes to the villains he lavished detail on everything. This came in particularly handy when Reynolds turned his attention to the cast of beautiful women that either tried to destroy the hero or came to his aid. Larry thought this Reynolds fellow sure knew a thing or two about describing tits.

Larry had just put his book down to rest his bleary eyes. He was thinking it might be time to troll the net for his favorite busty babe sites. Larry didn't have time to really act on this thought when he heard a light knock at the door. He got up and answered the door.

"Hello," Larry said as he opened his door.

He wasn't prepared for what he saw next. There was a stunning brunette at his door that looked like she was carrying grapefruit under her sweater. It was a few seconds before Larry could peal his gaze away from her breasts and focus on her eyes. She didn't seem to notice, or if she did – care.

"Uh ... hi, I'm Rebecca. I live in the upstairs apartment," the woman said. She motioned upstairs with her hand.

"Oh, hi," Larry said. "It's nice to meet you." What Larry meant to say was it's nice you're standing still long enough so I can get a good look at your titties. He'd seen her around the building on several occasions but he'd never had a chance to talk to her or even really get a good look at her, not that he would've talked to her.

"Are you Lawrence?" Rebecca said.

Larry noticed she was holding a large padded envelope in her hand.

"I'm sorry," Larry said, "I'm Lawrence, but everybody calls me Larry."

"Oh, Larry," Rebecca said. "I got this package in the mail the other day." She held the package up and waved it before Larry's face. "I was expecting a package too and I just opened it up without realizing it wasn't addressed to me." Larry could see the rip that ran the full width of the envelope. "I can be such a ditz," Rebecca said, "you'd think I was a blonde the way I act sometimes."

She handed the package to Larry. Rebecca blushed a deep dark red as Larry took the package and looked at the AVE emblazoned on the label, Larry knew immediately what it stood for and he knew what was in the package. I guess those idiots didn't lose the package after all, Larry thought.

"Thanks for dropping this off," Larry said, "I was waiting for this." Shit, now it was Larry's turn to blush. Rebecca had to know what was in the package – his big tit stroke flicks – what sort of pervert did she think he was. If she thought anything about Larry she was hiding it well.

"Listen, I'm really sorry for opening that package," Rebecca said. She turned to go upstairs.

"That's okay, I'm sure it was a mistake," Larry said. Larry watched her go up the steps. For all his obsessing on boobs Larry enjoyed the shape of a woman's well formed ass. After all what good were a nice set of knockers if there wasn't a nice ass to go with them?

As soon as his apartment door closed Larry's hands started to tremble. His embarrassment disappeared just as quickly as it took a raging hard on to form in his pants. Finally, the dvds he'd waited for had arrived. He surveyed the shrink-wrapped covers to decide which one to enjoy first.

It was neither a long, nor particularly difficult decision. Melon Mania #34 it would be. Within a minute Larry was on his couch with his hand wrapped tightly around his prick. This shit was worth the wait, he thought. A big-titted blonde student was being disciplined by an impossibly muscular teacher. Larry fast forwarded through the preliminary blow job and pussy licking until he got to the good stuff. The muscle bound teacher was laying across an empty desk as the blonde rode his cock.

Larry pumped away quicker as the blonde's tits picked up more and more momentum. Her boobs bounced up and down and side to side the longer she jumped up and down on the guy's cock. Her screams and moans only increased. Damn these videos were made for me, Larry thought.

"Fuck," Larry said. He cupped his free hand under the tip of his cock as he exploded into his hand. He pumped his prick a few final times until he was satisfied he'd wrung every last bit of jizz from his pecker.

After he'd cleaned up he collapsed on his couch content and satisfied. He knew he wouldn't have to wait too much longer until he was ready for round two – after all he had three brand new dvds to explore.

* * * *

"I got some of my neighbor's mail the other day," Rebecca said. She took a sip of her coffee and sat the cup down.

"So," Rebecca's friend, Julie, said.

"It wasn't just any mail," Rebecca said. She leaned across the table and whispered, "It was in a package."

"What's your point?" Julie said.

"I accidentally opened the envelope and there were three porno movies in there," Rebecca wrinkled her face in disgust. "They were all these videos featuring girls with giant tits, you know typical male stuff."

"This guy must love you," Julie laughed.

"You should've seen the way the little pervert looked at me. I could feel him undressing me with his eyes."

"Imagine what he thought when he figured out you had to have seen what was in the envelope. He was probably mortified."

"Little pervs like that? Nah, he could care less who knows what he likes to jack off to."

"If he likes tits as much as you say," Julie said, "maybe you could get him to do stuff for you."

Rebecca looked up out the plate glass window behind Julie deep in thought and tapped her coffee cup absent-mindedly with her fingernail.

"I was just kidding," Julie said.

* * * *

It was starting to snow, big wet flakes that quickly coated everything, as Rebecca pulled her car into a spot in front of her building. It had been a long day already, she hadn't eaten dinner yet and her trunk was full of grocery bags. Rebecca opened her trunk and looked at the bags in dismay.

"How the hell am I going to get this up to my apartment without making three trips?" Rebecca sighed.

She looked up at her building, an old house converted into apartments. Her apartment was pitch black, but light poured from the windows on the second floor. "Uh ha, I bet Lawrence is home," Rebecca said, sounding triumphant.

She shut the trunk lid and made it up to the second floor outside Larry's door in a flash. Rebecca unbuttoned her coat and pulled it open. She undid the top three buttons of her blouse; a nice deep V was formed displaying a wide swath of skin from her collar bones down to her ample bosom. Rebecca knocked on the door.

It seemed like forever before she heard the door start to open. The little pervert was probably in there jerking off, Rebecca thought.

"Hi, Lawrence," Rebecca said.

"Uh, hi. Actually you can call me Larry."

"Listen, Larry," Rebecca said. "I really hate to bother you," Rebecca scratched an imaginary itch on her neck; Larry's gaze dropped to her hand. "I was wondering if you could give me a hand?" Rebecca's hand slid down over her collar bone. She tugged at one of her buttons pulling her blouse open a little wider; Larry's gaze followed suit. "I have a car full of groceries and I could really use some help getting them up to my apartment." Larry's gaze was now nestled snuggly in her cleavage, unabashedly leering at her chest, his mouth slightly agape.

Larry was silent for a few seconds, seemingly mesmerized. "Actually I was kinda watching something on TV and you know I'm not dressed for going out. Maybe ...."

"Larry, you'd be a lifesaver if you could give me a hand. I'd be so grateful." Rebecca smiled the biggest smile she could muster and batted her eyelashes a few times.

Grateful like all those wenches I save from orcs and trolls I hope, Larry thought.

"Okay," Larry said, "let me go get my shoes on."

That little fuck was going to tell me no. I practically had my tits shoved in that perv's face and he was still going to say no, Rebecca thought.

Larry sat the last bag on the floor in Rebecca's kitchen. He couldn't believe he was actually in this big-titted goddesses' kitchen. It was much better organized and much cleaner than his kitchen ever hoped to be.

Rebecca was in the other room taking her coat off. She looked down at her chest and saw that the cold had its normal effect. Her nipples were poking through her blouse like two hard erasers. Good, there's no way Larry will miss these, Rebecca thought. She reached in her purse and pulled out a few dollars. She walked back into kitchen where she found Larry absentmindedly looking around.

"Larry, I really appreciate your help," Rebecca held out a $5 bill for Larry.

"No, no, it was no problem at all," Larry said. His gaze immediately dropped down to see her pebble-hard nipples.

Hell, it didn't take long for this perv to find my nipples, Rebecca thought.

"If I can't talk you into the money, then at least let me give you a proper thank you."

Rebecca gave Larry a hug and made sure to press her tits into Larry extra hard. Larry pulled Rebecca closer; he smiled as he could feel her hard nipples press into him. Larry was pleasantly surprised at how good she still smelled after being at work all day.

Those tits feel FANTASTIC, Larry thought. He felt a familiar tingle in his pants.

Larry reluctantly let go of Rebecca.

When's this little perv going to let go? Rebecca thought.

"Thanks so much for your help," Rebecca said. He looks quite happy and properly mollified Rebecca thought, quite satisfied with a job well done.

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