tagLoving WivesLarry's Birthday Ch. 3

Larry's Birthday Ch. 3

byBlue Rose©

Larry finally left Mistress Jill's domain, after having spent nearly the whole night there. And what an experience that had been. He had never thought that Jill had it in her. It had definitely been exciting to watch Becky in such a situation. But, now it was on to better, or at least, other adventures.

He was barely out the door when a sexy brunette nymphet grabbed him. She pressed her voluptuous nude body up against him, and rubbed her crotch against his cock. The motion caused his dick to flutter in anticipation.

"Hello there, Birthday Boy," she breathed in his ear. "Are you looking for trouble?"

"As a matter of fact, I am," he said, roving his hands over her body.

"Well, you found me," she said. "Let's go make some noise." She wrapped her slender fingers around his semi-hard shaft and gently pulled him toward the kitchen. She stopped in front of the breakfast bar and moved the stools out of the way.

"This looks like a good place for you to get into Trouble," she said, patting the smooth surface of the breakfast bar.

"Look's great to me," Larry agreed. "Up you go, Trouble." He lifted her up onto the bar, and gently pushed apart her knees until her cunt was exposed. He took in the sight of her curly black pubic hair trying to hide the moist folds of her damp pussy. He sighed and looked back into her eyes. "Beautiful!" He told her, just before he plunged his face in her love nest.

She squirmed on the bar as his tongue found her clit. Her hands grabbed his hair and pushed his head down tighter.

"That's it, honey, suck my clit. Eat my pussy really good. Make me cum," she moaned. He released her clit, and moved his mouth down further, to the dripping wet opening. He inserted his tongue into her cunt, and probed around with it.

"Yeah, fuck me with your tongue. It feels so good. Eat my nasty cunt out! That's it, Baby. Yeah, that's the way to do it." Larry was delighted by her reactions to his cunt lapping.

Larry lifted her ass off of the bar and exposed her tiny little puckered asshole. He licked her inner ass cheeks, and rubbed his lips to her brownie hole. When her body shuddered in response, he nibbled at the tender flesh of her ass. Then he licked around her hole, and inserted his tongue.

"Oh, yeah baby! Ream me out! Fuck, that feels so good!" She cried, thrashing around on the bar. Larry felt like a rodeo rider on a bucking bronc.

He shoved his tongue in her ass, sucking and thrusting wildly. She yelled and screamed in her enjoyment. When Larry returned to her pussy, she sighed in disappointment. But she soon got over it as he tongue fucked her, while frigging her clit at the same time.

With one hand he reached up and fondled her breasts, while his mouth explored her pussy. She screamed as he brought her to orgasm, almost knocking them both off of the bar with her wild gyrations. He sucked every last drop of her cum from her pussy and smacked his lips, looking for more.

He slowly made his way up her body, licking and sucking every inch of her beautiful flesh. She twisted and turned under him, but he held her in position. He finally reached her tits with his mouth and sucked in one rosy red nipple. He felt it harden instantly in his mouth. He bit the hard nub between his teeth, and pulled his head back a little, stretching it out. She cried out and thrashed under him.

"Fuck me now, Larry. Please," she begged. He drew it out a little longer, suckling at her tits like a starving baby. He pinched one nipple between his thumb and forefinger while he sucked the other.

Finally, unable to tease her any longer, he put his hands behind her ass cheeks, and pulled her forward on the bar. When she was just barely sitting on the edge, he moved forward until his cock lightly brushed against her opening. She moaned and tried to pull him in closer, but he resisted for just one more moment.

"How bad do you want it, Baby?" He asked.

"Real bad," she whispered.

"I want to hear you beg for it," he told her. "Tell me how much you want me to fuck you."

"I want you to fuck me so bad! My pussy is dripping wet, just waiting for that hard cock of yours. Please fuck me now! I don't think I could stand it if you didn't. I want to feel your cock inside my pussy. I'm so horny for you, it's making me fucking crazy," she pleaded. "Please fuck me! Fuck me hard! Slam it into me!"

It made Larry so hot to hear that she wasn't embarrassed to beg for what she wanted. He obliged by sticking the head of his cock into her pussy. But he stopped there, wanting to hear her beg some more. She tried to raise her hips to move it in further, but his hands held her down. She whimpered in her frustration.

"Please, fuck me!" She screamed.

Hearing her scream that was the final straw for Larry. He could hold back no longer. He jammed his cock into her cunt with such force that her ass slid back on the bar. He pulled her back to the edge and thrust again, slowly. He was trying to hold back, making her beg some more. She rotated her hips on the bar; causing unbelievable sensations to travel up his cock. He was forced to increase his speed.

He gave her what she had begged for. He fucked her hard. He pounded his cock into her cunt again and again. She moaned and panted as he stroked deeper. Her hands wrapped around his shoulders and he felt her nails dig into the tender flesh there.

He leaned over and put his lips around her cherry red nipple, and pinched it between his teeth. He was encouraged when she moaned and arched her back. He bit down harder on the nipple, and jammed his cock in to the hilt. She screamed as her cunt began contracting with her orgasm. With his cock being squeezed by her cunt muscles, Larry found his own orgasm creeping up on him.

He pounded his cock deeper and deeper into her cunt, feeling it stiffen even more with the power of his cum. He threw his head back and groaned as he felt his cream explode out of his cock head. She grabbed his hips and helped him to thrust as he came. Spent, he collapsed over her body. He found his head snuggled between her ample breasts.

"That was great," he sighed.

"Yeah, we'll have to try it again before the party's over," she suggested.

"Maybe," Larry gasped. "What's your name, anyway?"

"You can call me Trouble," she said.

"No, I meant your real name."

"If you insist, it's Allison."

"It's been great meeting you, Allison," Larry said, with a mock bow.

"The pleasure has been mutual, I'm sure," she said, laughing at the irony of introducing yourself after a great fuck like that, instead of before.

This time, Larry made it all the way into the living room, without being accosted by another horny woman. He stood in the doorway, looking around at all the action. There were people fucking everywhere, and in every possible way imaginable.

There was a chain of cunt-lappers and cock-suckers winding it's way around the floor. Larry noticed that the last person on the chain was a cute little black haired beauty. She had her hands busy playing with her own pussy. She had three fingers of her left hand jammed up her twat, and was rubbing her clit with her thumb. Her hips were working in time to the rhythm she created with her head bobbing expertly on the cock in her mouth.

As he watched, she brought herself to orgasm, the oily fluids washing over her hand. Her body spasmed wildly as she came, and she moaned around the cock in her mouth.

Larry decided to give her a helping tongue, if she wanted it. Stepping around a couple screwing in the doorway, he carefully made his way over to her. He stood and watched her hand action for a moment longer. She was working her clit with a furor, and fucking her fingers madly. She noticed him watching, and looked up from the rock hard cock she was sucking.

"Don't just stand there, get your tongue down here," she ordered.

"Are you sure you want me to?" He teased, while he lowered his lanky frame to the carpet. "You seem to be doing a good job."

"Oh, but you could do so much better," she said.

"I promise that I'll give it my best." Larry sucked her swollen clit between his lips and gently bit. She gasped as she took the hard cock back into her mouth.

Larry sucked her clit, while he fingered her pussy. He thrust two fingers as far as they could go up her twat, and probed around for her hot spot. He knew when he hit it because she clamped her pussy muscles down on his fingers.

"That's it, Baby," she released the cock long enough to say. "That's the spot."

Larry probed her hot spot until he had her squirming under him. Then he moved his fingers and put his tongue inside her. He thrust it in and out like a miniature cock. She moaned around her mouthful of cock and wiggled her hips. He hungrily sucked her pussy, moving his hands up her body to caress her ample tits. She arched her back up like a cat, to allow him easier access to her sensitive mams. He pinched the nipples between his thumb and forefingers, and she jerked under him.

"Feels so good," she moaned. "Don't stop, Larry." It wasn't long before Larry felt a hot mouth on his cock, bringing him to arousal again. He shifted position so that his cock was better exposed to receive attention. He moaned as he felt the furtive tongue teasing his most sensitive cock head. He felt teeth gently nibbling at the tip of his prick, sending sharp bursts of pleasure into his groin. The wet mouth moved to his balls, and licked all around each one.

When his hairy testicles were sucked into the hot, wet mouth, he gasped in blissful agony. He felt a vacuum pulling at his nuts. It seemed like they would be sucked right down that talented throat.

"Aghag...," he groaned, with his mouth full of juicy pussy.

Just when he thought he couldn't stand it any longer, his balls were released. The hot mouth traveled up the length of his cock, licking every bit of his rubbery shaft. Larry plunged his tongue into the dripping pussy in his face, his frenzied pace reflecting the need he was feeling to blow his load. She squirmed under his relentless tongue. Her pussy contracted around his tongue as she began to have her second orgasm. She stiffened as she came, and rubbed her cunt into his face. Larry lapped up every drop of her cum, and slowed his tongue as he felt her relax.

Larry shuddered as he felt his entire cock being engulfed in a hot mouth. The mouth was pounding onto his cock at an incredible speed, taking his entire length at every downward thrust. He couldn't contain himself at such a fevered pace. His cock shuddered, and he shot his wad straight into the back of that hot throat. He groaned in agony and his body spasmed uncontrollably as he came. The mouth didn't release his as he came, it swallowed every last drop of his jism. He felt the hot tongue licking his entire shaft as if looking for more.

Larry looked back after he had recovered to see who had made his cock cum so explosively, and was surprised to see Melissa, his neighbor's wife. She smiled lazily at him.

"Happy Birthday, Larry," she murmured, as she collapsed in a heap to the floor. She lay there panting as she tried to catch her breath.

"Melissa, you surprise me. I had no idea you had such a talented mouth."

"Why, thank you. I practice a lot. Jerry likes it when I give him head." "I bet he does. Your practice has definitely paid off. You are one of the best cock suckers I know."

"Maybe so, but right now I need something more substantial to eat. Let's go into the kitchen and see what we can dig up."

Larry felt his own stomach rumble at the thought of food, and realized that he hadn't had any dinner. He had gotten straight into the fun when he got home from work. He glanced at the clock on the wall, and was surprised to see that the entire night, and most of the morning had gone by. It was nearly noon. It was surprising how time could pass without notice.

"I think that might be a good idea." He followed her pert naked ass into the kitchen, and stopped in surprise at the sight that greeted them. People were engaged in various acts of sex all over the kitchen. "Is there any room for food in here?"

"Sure there is. Just not room to sit down and eat," Melissa told him. "We have to eat on the run."

They raided the buffet style meal set up, and stood watching the action as they satisfied their more basic hunger. Larry watched the couple on the dining table.

Toby had Gina tied spread-eagle on the table. He had used velvet ribbons to tie her wrists and ankles to the legs of the oak table. She looked very excited and hot. Larry could see little droplets of cunt juice slipping out from between her swollen pussy lips. Toby was teasing her, tickling her with a large purple feather, that Larry recognized from Becky's collection. She was squirming all over, but she was unable to get away. Suddenly Toby threw aside the feather, and lowered his mouth to her breast. Sucking on the nipple, he used his hand to massage the other. He pinched the nipple hard, twisting it at the same time. He bit the other nipple, and twisted that one between his teeth. Gina cried out, begging him to fuck her.

Toby worked his way slowly down her body, nibbling and sucking every square inch of her. She moaned and arched her back, and thrust her hips out. Toby teased around her cunt, sucking and nibbling at the sensitive skin to either side, but not touching her quivering cunt.

"Please, Toby," she begged.

"What do you want, Gina?" Toby asked, raising his head and looking her in the eyes.

"I want you to eat me, Toby. Please," she begged.

"You want me to take your little clittie into my mouth?"

"Yes, Toby, please!"

"Like this?" Toby sucked in her swollen clit, and nibbled on it, making her lift herself off the table as far as the ribbons would allow.

"Oh, yes, just like that," she panted.

"Do you want me to put my tongue in your nasty little pussy?" Toby asked, looking up.

"Yes, fuck me with your tongue."

"You are a nasty little slut, aren't you?"

"Yes, oh yes, I'm a nasty slut," she agreed.

"You would let me put my tongue into your nasty wet pussy. I bet that would make you spew your nasty juices into my mouth."

"Yes, oh please, Toby, eat my nasty pussy," she screamed. "Please fuck me with your hot tongue."

Toby thrust his tongue in and out of her dripping pussy like it was a small cock. She cried out, and pushed her hips toward him. Toby massaged her clit with his fingers, while he fucked her with his tongue. She screamed when he found her special spot deep inside of her wet hole. He relentlessly drove his tongue into it, sending her into wave after wave of increasing pleasure.

She screamed again as she came, and Toby put both hands on her hips and delved into her pussy violently. Her body jerked uncontrollably with her orgasm, and she strained at the bonds on her wrists, trying to reach his head with her hands. The bonds held, though, and she was forced to lie back. Toby slowed his motions as he felt her body ease.

Gina looked up and saw Larry watching. Toby followed her gaze and smiled. He noticed that Larry's cock was hard as a rock. It was obvious that he was turned on watching the two of them.

"Well, look Gina. Someone else wants you too," Toby said.

"Why not let him join in," Gina suggested.

"My, you are a nasty little slut," Toby told her. "Larry, why don't you climb up on the table and let Gina suck your cock. I'm sure this filthy little cunt would get really turned on by having a hot cock at each end."

"That sounds great," Larry said. He struggled to get in position over Gina. Since his cock pointed up when hard, he had to practically lie over her head.

Gina grabbed at his cock with her lips. She obviously liked the idea of sucking him off while Toby was fucking her. She inhaled Larry's entire cock when Toby plunged his big prong into her dripping cunt. She squirmed all over the table, dragging Larry's cock after her. He grabbed her hair to hold her, before she ripped his dick off. She moaned as he twisted her hair around his hand and pulled. He shoved her face into his groin, forcing her to swallow the entire thing.

Toby slammed his cock into her, rocking the table with the force of his thrusts. Larry grabbed a tit, and twisted it roughly; surprised at the way Gina seemed to enjoy the pain. He yanked her hair back, so he could see her face.

"You like it when it hurts, don't you, Gina?" He asked.

"Yes, oh yes. Please make it hurt!"

"I can make it hurt, the question is, how much can you take?" "I can take more than you can dish out," she answered saucily.

"We'll just have to see about that, won't we?"

Larry bent down and took a nipple between his lips. He sucked gently on it for a second, then got rough. He bit and nibbled on her hard nipple ruthlessly. She screamed in pleasure. Larry grabbed her other tit in his hand and twisted it, while he gnawed on the other. Gina thrashed around as much as her bonds would allow. Larry went further down and sucked on her stomach. He pulled a bit of flesh into his mouth and sucked hard. He bit her when she screamed.

He moved back up to her face and shoved her mouth over his cock. Grasping her hair, he pounded his prong into her mouth. Larry twisted her curly red mane around his fist, and used it to force his cock all the way down her throat. He pounded her face into his crotch, loving the way her chin felt rubbing against his hairy balls. He pulled her mouth off his dick.

"Suck those balls. Take them into your hot, nasty mouth," he ordered.

She sucked his left nut into her mouth, flicking her tongue all around it's tightly pulled skin. She closed her lips around it and sucked, creating a vacuum. After giving similar treatment to the other, she sucked both into her mouth together.

Larry felt the heat building in his groin, and pulled her head back by the hair. He drove his rock hard cock down her throat. When he came, she sucked hard on his cock, as if to milk him dry. He threw his head back and groaned as he shot his load down her throat.

Toby pounded her cunt relentlessly as he neared his own orgasm. Gina screamed and thrashed as her pussy pulsated around his hot cock. Larry, looking back to watch, saw her cunt juice foaming on Toby's giant cock. Toby shuddered and nearly threw them all to the floor as he shot his wad into her cunt. The three of them collapsed on the table in a pile.

Gina looked coyly into Larry's eyes as she said, "I can take a lot more pain than that."

"Well, I can give a lot more too," Larry informed her.

"We still have a little time before the weekend is over, I think we need to experiment with this idea," she said.

"That sounds like an interesting proposition to me."

"I think it sounds so interesting that I'd like to get in on it," Toby said.

"Then we will make it a plan." They made arrangements to meet later, in Larry's bedroom, to carry these thoughts a little further. Out of the two and a half days the party was supposed to last, there was still one day and a night left. Larry figured he would have to take a vacation in order to recover from this weekend. It would be hard to go back to work on Monday.

To Be Continued...

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