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Larry's New Neighbor


Readers, this is a fictitious story, written in the first person, based very loosely about someone I knew growing up.


"Happy Birthday, Larry!" was the greeting when I got home from school and work on my 19th birthday. My parents, my older sister Pam, as well as a couple of cousins and two close friends of mine since high school were there to surprise me and enjoy some pizza, cake, and ice cream on that September day in 1979. The people that I probably cherished the most were all in that room. A good birthday, indeed.

Ours was a close family, although by many standards some people would say it was strange. Both parents grew up in nudist homes, in fact, they had known each other since they were young kids since their parents were friends.

My parents never participated in any social nudist activities, other than a nude beach on the Central California coast and a natural hot springs going up the canyon road about 20 miles from our home. They never belonged to any resorts or had a desire to do so.

At home, we were very casual with our nudity. That's not to say that we were naked 100 percent of the time, it's just that there was never any effort to cover up or look for privacy when we were undressed. We took showers with the doors open, we changed clothes with our bedroom doors open, and we never considered it strange. If Mom and Dad had their bedroom door shut, we knew what was going on and we also knew not to bother them. They were monogamous and the only privacy that they ever requested was when they'd make love. They also expected us to behave responsibly in our own sex lives as adults.

My sister, Pam, had just graduated from college and was engaged to be married the following April. Her fiancé, Beau, had already become a big part of our lives and bought in to our unique clothing-optional lifestyle.

Beau had also just finished college, in fact, that's where he and Pam met. He still lived with his parents, although he had spent many nights in Pam's room and I know Pam had spent many nights at his house. Still, I liked him. He treated my sister like a queen and as I stated, really fit in with our family.

I had been a good student and in fact, had earned a few partial scholarships to help me with books and tuition. My parents had sacrificed a lot, including both working extra jobs, to fund our way through college. We didn't live like kings, but we had a lot of love. We did have a 15 feet diameter x 4 feet deep Doughboy pool in our backyard that we enjoyed during the summer months. That was probably the biggest luxury we ever had. My parents surprised us one Christmas morning with that gift. Summer couldn't get here fast enough!

Up to that point, the extent of our skinny dipping was the hot springs and walking in the Pacific Ocean. Again, summer couldn't get here fast enough for Pam and I to enjoy our pool au natural! Dad had set up our back yard to guarantee complete privacy.

Once I got to college, I made some mistakes that I'm not too proud of. One of them, I still hate myself for doing.

A neighbor that lived three houses down from us, Evelyn Walker, often would have me come over and help her with odd jobs. I've always been kind of handy. Her husband, Jon, worked a lot in the banking industry and was probably lucky if he knew how to change a light bulb.

Evelyn was always friendly. At the time, she was 42 years old, and her only child had just left home two years ago to go to college on a football scholarship in North Dakota. I never interpreted her friendliness for anything other than just being neighborly and showing appreciation for my help. She would often slip 5 dollars in my hand for a job done, or sometimes 10 dollars, depending on the difficulty and time needed for the job.

She wanted to replace the faucets on her kitchen sink and asked me to come over on a Saturday to do that job for her. I knew it would probably be an easy job, maybe an hour at the most, so I readily agreed to it.

Evelyn was still a very attractive lady with long, dark hair that she often wore in a ponytail or sometimes she'd take the time to braid it. She was thin and not too large up top, although it seemed about proportionate for her overall build.

Yes, I had noticed her physical attributes, but never did I consider her to be available for anything else. She was married plus I kind of had a girlfriend, Heather, that I had just met in college. Heather had been my first sexual partner ever. I didn't seem to have much in common with her, but she did put out once a couple of weeks ago and I was hoping for a repeat soon. To be honest, she was never really my girlfriend, but at the time I didn't really see it that way. Sex = love to me at that age.

Although it was a typically overcast and cool December day, Evelyn was wearing a tight-fitting tank top with no bra underneath. She also had on very short pants which complimented the shape of her ass quite nicely. I had dressed appropriately with a long sleeve flannel shirt and blue jeans. I may have been a nudist at home, but away from home, I was a very conservative dresser, as was the rest of my family. Pam was a very sexy young lady in her day, but publicly she never made much of an effort to stay fashionable or to wear clothes that would accentuate her fine figure.

As I was putting my tools away, Evelyn went down her hallway. It was probably to just get me a little cash for my work. That's usually what it meant. Not this time.

She came out wearing a one-piece white, lacy teddy. I could see her dark nipples through the thin and flimsy material as well as her even darker bush through the material below.

"Tell me, Larry. Do you think I'm attractive? Be honest."

I had no clue what to say. I was shocked to see her dressed like this in front of me. Although I had seen plenty of naked female bodies in my life, her body did catch my attention. A perfect set of B cup tits that stood out proudly were easy to distinguish underneath her garment. The shape of her ass and dark pubic region were also difficult to ignore.

"What am I supposed to say, Evelyn?"

"Just be honest. Do you think I'm attractive and desirable?"

"Of course, you are. "I'm sure Jon must appreciate that."

Silence. I knew of nothing else to say and she seemed hesitant to say anything else. I was not comfortable at all with this. She's my mother's age, for God's sake.

Finally, she broke her silence.

"Larry, Jon doesn't seem to agree. I can't hardly get him to look at me when I dress like this. I can stand right in front of him completely naked and he seems more annoyed than pleased."

"I'm not sure what to say, Evelyn. I'm not sure why you're telling me this...or dressed like this in front of me. I like what I see, but I also know that you belong to Jon and telling an 18- year old kid these problems while half naked doesn't seem appropriate."

"Fuck appropriate, Larry. I don't give a shit about appropriate anymore. I'm only 42 years old and I still want to get laid. It hasn't happened in over 3 months. If Jon isn't going to do it, then someone else will. I like you a lot Larry. You're kind, attractive, and I don't care if you're well hung or not. Jon sure isn't, but I'm tired of waiting for him."

I knew from plenty of experience that I was probably average below, although slightly above average in girth. I had learned to accept my body, so it didn't really matter if a woman liked it or not. Heather seemed to enjoy it, in fact, she complimented me on its girth.

I just wanted to get out. My cock was getting hard and I didn't want to do something that I'd regret. I didn't know Jon that well, but I did know that he was her husband and what she was doing was wrong. Evelyn noticed a bulge in my jeans and reached over and grabbed me right there.

She had my shaft, covered by my jeans and underwear, in her right hand. I should have pulled away from her, but I enjoyed the feel of it. She unbuckled my belt, pulled down my zipper, and put her hand down inside of my underwear.

Despite everything I knew that I should do, all of my thinking was being done with the brain between my legs. She reached her lips towards mine and began to feverishly kiss me. There was no going back, now. She was an excellent kisser, and the passion in her lips and tongue as well as the work of her hand, had me rock hard.

"Are you a virgin. Larry?"

"No, ma'am."

"Cut out that ma'am shit. I have your thick cock in my hand, I'm half naked, and I practically pulled out your tonsils with my tongue. I think we can go back to a first name basis, don't you think?"

"Yeah," I agreed, laughing at myself for what now seemed so foolish. We had always been on a first name basis and suddenly I'm referring to her as "ma'am". I'm sure it was because of our age difference, but it was kind of foolish.

She immediately, with one motion, removed her teddy and revealed her full naked body to me. Again, thinking only with the brain encased inside of my genitals, I removed my pants and pulled my cock up against her belly as I resumed our kissing.

Evelyn was impatient. She took me by my hand and took me to her bedroom. She was on her back with her knees bent and legs apart. "Do me, now, Larry. Shove that dick of yours inside of me and then come on my titties. I want that hot juice of yours on my nipples!"

Being so young, I hadn't yet tried to master the art of delaying my pleasure, but this time it didn't matter. I pumped my cock in and out of her tight, wet, and hairy hole and when I was ready to explode, I pulled out of her and did as I was told, shooting several strong streams of cum onto each of her tits.

She laid back, staring at her ceiling. She was quiet for several seconds, yet looked so content.

"Thank you, Larry. The way you looked at my body today, the way you reacted to it, the way that you fucked me just now, it's everything I needed. Please, baby, come over again. I want to do this again...soon."

Once my cock had gone back to its normal size, I laid on the bed with her, wondering what had come over me. I had just helped her cheat on her husband, yet, I really enjoyed being with her. I wanted to do it again, even against my own moral objections.

In retrospect, I knew that I was equivocating. Evelyn and I enjoyed sex 3 more times before I realized that it was time to stop. That didn't go over well with Evelyn. She quit talking to me or my family. I finally admitted to my parents what I had done and why Evelyn had become so distant to us.

As expected, they weren't happy with it. They were disappointed with me, but not angry. They WERE angry with Evelyn. I was an impressionable 18-year old and she was supposed to be the mature and more reasonable adult. They were right, but I was never raped or forced to do her. I enjoyed every minute while it happened. I finally realized how wrong it really was and made that choice on my own. To this day, I do regret it ever happening. Within a year, they were separated and the home put up for sale. I never saw either of them again.

I do know from reading the newspaper obituaries, that Evelyn passed away two years ago at the age of 78. She apparently never remarried. The obituary listed her as being survived by her ex-husband, Jon. I'm not sure he ever knew, or had a clue what had happened between us.

Heather and I got together one more time sexually. I then learned that she got around quite well and that I was another of her array of lovers. I no longer wanted to be part of that. First, I was screwing a married woman, then I became just a boy toy for another. I needed something more meaningful.

Meaningful came in the most unusual way.

Prior to my sophomore year, a young couple had rented the two-bedroom house across from us. I later learned their names were Allie and Josh. Allie was a gorgeous strawberry blonde with long hair always in a ponytail. I couldn't help but notice that she wasn't too well endowed up top and had a very small waist and ass. Still, she had the prettiest face with piercing green eyes and sparse freckles on her face and down to the neckline of her blouses.

They had just got married two weeks before moving in across from us in August 1979.

Josh, however, I couldn't stand. I hated the way he talked to her. I hated the way he bossed her around. I learned that he was 27 and she was just 21. She wasn't allowed to work outside the home. He was insanely jealous of any man giving her attention, including me.

Despite her sexiness, I had no intentions or desires to make a move on her. I promised myself that I would never help a married woman cheat on her husband again. Even a beauty like Aliie couldn't make me renege on that promise.

Most of my interactions with Allie was when she came to our house during the day to visit with my mother. Mom had begun working from home as both a bookkeeper and a medical transcriptionist. This kept her busy between 6-8 hours per day, but never too busy to be a good neighbor and visit with Allie.

Allie was very unhappy in her marriage. Josh was verbally abusive and drank too much. He had never hit her, but he had shoved her onto the couch and had been too forceful during sex. He also took pleasure in making fun of her small breasts.

My mother was a typical mother with strong maternal instincts. She mostly listened, but was there for advice.

Allie admitted that she had a friend that wanted her to visit a natural springs spa where clothing is only optional. She wanted to try it, but the minute Josh heard about it, he blew a gasket and spewed out a diatribe of every foul word he'd ever learned and told her that he wouldn't be married to some whore that would show off her body to any guy that wanted to see it.

She backed off after that, but she learned about our family and our attitudes towards nudity. Not only that, mom shared with her that the five of us, including Beau, had been to that same hot springs before.

One afternoon, I got home from school before 3pm. I didn't have to work delivering pizzas that night, so I was looking forward to ditching my clothes and using that pool for the first time this season. It was late April, and although the water was still cold, it was in the 90s that day and the cold water would feel fine. Besides, the hot sun had beaten down on the water and hopefully warmed it up at least a little.

I was somewhat disappointed when I saw Allie sitting next to my mom at the table. I politely said hello and went to my room, hoping that she'd go home so I could ditch my clothes and get in the pool. Yes, I could have put on some trunks, but I had grown to despise any kind of garments in the pool or spa. I had no problem with Allie seeing me naked, but I was raised to be respectful to those that don't share those values and to never be an exhibitionist. Of course, other than having a shithead for a husband, I would have enjoyed have her join me in the pool.

I had developed somewhat of a crush on Allie. That bothered me because I knew she was off-limits. Still, not only did she have the natural beauty that I admired, she really was a sweet person. How she ended up with an asshole like Josh was beyond me.

I know that Josh had moved here from Utah 2 years ago. Allie came from a broken home and was living with an alcoholic mother. Maybe she thought Josh was her knight in shining armor? He offered her a home and a way to get away from a miserable home life? If so, she traded one miserable home life for another. She swore up and down that she would never drink. She intended to keep that promise. She had seen enough at home while growing up and now at home with Josh.

I went to my room and shut the door behind me. I would usually get undressed and lay on my bed and read, without bothering to shut the door. Since Allie was there, I believed it to be prudent to shut it, just in case she walked down to the end of the hall for any reason.

Soon afterward, mom walked in on me.

"Allie's gone. Safe to keep the door open now. I do need to talk to you, though."

"Sure, mom. What is it?"

"First, I'm behind on my work and since Pam's not going to be home tonight, could I talk you into making spaghetti for dinner tonight along with a salad? I know you probably wanted to hit the pool today, but I spent so much time with Allie that I got behind."

Yes, I was disappointed, but I didn't dare let mom know. She seldom asked for any big favors, plus she was as good of a mother that a guy could ever want. Of course, I would make dinner.

"Also, Larry...there's something else."

"Okay, sure mom, what is it."

"It's about Allie. I know you're aware of some of her problems."


"Well, not only is Josh verbally berate her, I also learned that he is now scaring her. Threating violence. He doesn't know that she comes over here to talk to me. We've bonded so well because I'm the closest thing to a mother that she has."

"He even admitted to her that he's had two other women. He said that's normal for men to behave that way, but that he'd better never catch her with another guy or he'd beat him up as well as her."

"Larry, now that Pam's room is empty, I'd like to offer it to her. However, she needs to get away from him. Across the street isn't far enough for safety. What do you think?"

I'd been around Josh enough to know that he wasn't nearly as tough as he thought he was. I was 6 feet tall and a solid 180 pounds at the time. I had learned some boxing tips from my dad's older brother, my uncle Ray, over the years. Uncle Ray had boxed professionally many years ago. He had trained both my dad and I over the years.

I had seldom used my skills, but I was confident that I could handle that little 5 foot 8 and 140 weasel named Josh. I knew I could wrestle that scrawny ass to the ground. The ideal thing would be for him to just get the hell out of town. Move back to Utah.

"Mom, I'm not sure it's a good idea yet, but it's something we may have to consider. I'll miss the freedom of being able to keep my clothes off when I want, but it might be worth it."

"Come on, Larry. I'm your mother. You like Allie, don't you?"

"Yeah, she seems very nice."

"Cut out the bullshit, Larry, you like her. You think she's attractive. I see how you look at her."

"Yeah, she is cute, mom, but doesn't mean anything. After what happened with Evelyn, I'm keeping my distance from married women."

"I understand, son. I can see why you'd be hesitant. Let's wait this out and see what happens. Just so you know, Allie is going to keep her blinds to their living room open for a while tonight. She is going to mention marriage counseling to him. If he refuses, she's going to suggest an annulment. I talked to an attorney whose payroll I do. He told me that he'd do it at no cost except the cost of the paperwork fees required by the county."

I figured out the reasoning. The blinds would be open so that we could see inside in case he tried something stupid...like hit her. If so, we would call the police. That would be the end for Josh, at least on our street.

Sure enough, after dinner, we took turns peeking out of our blinds. Although we couldn't hear anything, we could see that Josh was getting very angry. Allie wasn't yelling, in fact, she seemed very calm despite his yelling, and I'm sure his full barrage of profanities.

Then, Josh snapped. Physically, that is. Although he wasn't big, he was big enough to grab Allie by the top of her blouse, pick her up, and throw her down hard on the floor.

"That's enough," dad said. "Larry, call the police right now. Your mother and I are going to go get her. If he has any sense, he'd better not fuck with me."

What happened next was almost unreal. I called the police and I was in shock when they pulled up in front of their house within 10 seconds. Mom and dad had barely reached the front door when an officer was exiting his vehicle. Just a few seconds later, another patrol car with two officers arrived.

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