tagSci-Fi & FantasyLasombra’s Embrace Ch. 01

Lasombra’s Embrace Ch. 01


I met him for the first time the day my father gave me to him as a prize, as a bribe and as payment for a debt.

My father took me aside and explained that he owed a powerful man, a vampire, a great deal, worse that vampire was the Lasombra lord who ruled our territory with an iron grip. He went on to tell me that he had made a deal with the lord to give me to his favored "child" as a gift, that it had been 50 years since Lord De Alombro had embraced his own great-grand-nephew and he wanted to give him a pure woman as a toy.

My father had protected my innocence like a watch dog with a bone, at that time in the mid 12oo's a woman's virtue was a commodity even more so than her appearance and manners. I had seldom left my father's small castle and then only surrounded by guards and a retinue of governesses and handmaidens all of who were charged with making sure I stayed both innocent and untouched. I had in fact never been alone with a single person, male or female in my life.

I had only recently turned 18, an absolutely ancient age for a woman to be unmarried in my time but when I was 14 my mother had died and it was expected that I spend two years in mourning for her even though I had seldom seen her.

At 16 I was engaged to a much older man who my father had only allowed me to meet twice and who I had never even touched except once to have my hand kissed. One month before the wedding he died of a heart attack and again I was expected to go into mourning though only for a year this time. When I came out of mourning at 17 it was to find that rumors had started that I was cursed and was bad luck for any man who would marry me.

So when the Lord of our land had offered to excuse some of my father's debt in exchange for me father jumped at the chance since I had become a liability in his mind.

My father prepared a great feast and sent a dress of silk with spun gold threads in it to my room along with a group of handmaidens who washed and prepared me for my future lord. I had seen Lord De Alombro once at a feast and thought him to be quite horrible, he looked three times my age though I knew that he could easily be hundreds of years old and had a cruel look that matched the scar that ran down one side of his face. He was a large hulking man who somehow managed to look civilized at all time but who you could tell would be vicious without even a thought.

The handmaidens began to tell me how they were sure his nephew has just as awful as he was and to hint at how badly I would suffer. We all knew that both of them were vampires, in our region of the world at that time it was simply accepted, so they told me how I would most likely be sucked dry and tossed aside. They told me how the Lasombra vampires controlled shadows completely and how I would be swallowed up by one and never come out of it alive.

I was shocked, not by the thought of being killed by a vampire, I had thought of that the moment my father told me that he was giving me to our Lord but by the sheer viciousness of the women who had always served me so quietly and respectfully, I had never realized how jealous of me they were until that moment. Now they seemed determined to punish me, scrubbing my skin to a red glow, pinching me to stand up strait, telling me to put out my chest even more and yanking at my nearly knee length black hair as they combed and styled it.

Only my governess abstained from this hateful behavior and as the women left she told me not to worry, "they will get theirs my dear."

Finally I was dressed and brought down to the feast, 40 people sat at tables around the room, and on the dais my father sat next to Lord de Alombro and on the other side of the lord was the most beautiful man I had ever seen. I could tell by the way he sat that he was tall, even taller than Lord de Alombro and unlike the lord this man was well built, obviously muscular and had the most stunningly handsome face under a fall of perfect black hair.

For a moment I could only see the man to the left of Lord de Alombro and missed the fact that there was an empty chair next to him to which I was being lead.

Lord de Alombro spoke as I was being escorted to the dais and even over the noise I could hear every word, "You see Alonzo my boy, I have found the most beautiful and innocent of girls, she has never been touched by a man and she is yours to do with as you please."

As I reached the dais my father introduced me to Lord de Alombro and then to his nephew Lord Alonzo Di Mercurio, who took my hand and seated me next to him. I was so surprised that his hand was not much colder and so dazed by his appearance so that it took me a while to realize that the room was filled with a mix of people I had never met before. Watching them I realized that many of them were also vampires and that most of the people beside them were either what I would come to know as ghouls or thralls and the other were simply a supply of food.

My father had food brought to the ghouls and thralls and I was served both wine and food while the vampires laughed and talked until my father clapped his hands and told them that he had arranged for them to feast as well. The door opened and a group of 26 young adults came in to the room, they were all basically attractive and healthy and I realized that I had seem all of them working around the castle and that now all of them looked very drugged and barely dressed.

They were lead in pairs to the various vampires who sat them next to their chairs, I expected that a blood bath would ensue, that these young people would be ripped from limb to limb and was then shocked to realize that the vampires were careful in their feeding. I was even more shocked to realize that many of them were stroking the young servants and that as they feed off of the obviously deeply drugged men and women they seemed to become happily drugged themselves.

Looking around the room I could not bring myself to touch my food but it seemed as if my wine glass was always in my hand and kept being refilled as I watched the ghouls and thralls begin to touch one another and the servants. It seemed no time at all that a young servant had her slip ripped off of her and was lifted to the now empty table.

I wanted to look away, I felt myself blush furiously and yet I could not keep from staring as the vampire's ghoul began to ravish her body, licking and biting her all over as she writhed in ecstasy. Finally just as servant seemed to lose control the vampire, a tall striking woman, bit the her neck and began to drink from her. This seemed to push the servant girl over the edge and she moaned and howled like a wild thing as the ghoul pushed himself between her legs and impaled her on his cock.

I was astounded to realize I had now seen a man's member in real life and was surprised by the size of it, it seemed as if the ghoul's member would rip the servant apart but she seemed to enjoy it. This is when I saw that the vampire was on her knees on the table by the servant and had her dress hiked up around her waist, behind her another attractive ghoul was slamming himself into her as she sucked on the cock of the male servant who had been brought to her. Finally as he neared his own climax I realized she had her teeth out and had gently bitten his cock and was sucking both blood and his seed at the same time. I thought surely he would scream in pain but he seemed to be crying in pleasure as his cock stayed hard even as he came. The male servant then grabbed the serving wench and thrust his still hard cock into her obviously greedy mouth as the ghoul continued to fuck her.

Mind you I was confused about many of the things I was seeing, I had only known that a man was built different from a woman because of the conversation my governess had had with me when I was first engaged to be married before my fiancée died. It was not until later that I would learn the terms of what was going on around me and to understand the pleasure they seemed to be having.

I then noticed that the room was full of noises of pleasure, that all around us on the floor and tables vampires fed while the humans around them had sex. I was shocked to see a woman on her knees like the vampire I was watching had been with a man in her mouth and one between her legs and that the two men were passionately kissing over her and stroking each other's bare chests. I did not know such things happened and so when I noticed a pile of bodies writhing on the floor I was not nearly so shocked to realize all 4 of the people worshiping at the body of a dainty young looking female vampire were also women. The women were licking and kissing every inch of the vampire's body and finally the tiny vampire grabbed one of the sturdy young women and pushed her between her legs. I couldn't look away as the wench began to lap at the vampires bare pussy, devouring it as if it was the finest fruit. Two servant wenches who looked as if they might be sisters were suckling the breasts of the petite vampire who was feeding off of the breast of the forth woman. All of them seemed to be enraptured and as the one being fed off of changed places with one of the sisters I realized I had seen these girls dusting rooms before and always looking very proper and fully dressed. To see their bodies naked and glistening with sweat while their faces were contorted with a pleasure I had never known made me very confused about the feelings that were flowing through my body.

I sipped on my wine as my father announced that he had a special present for our honored guests and also for me. I looked up as the doors opened and the three handmaidens who had so tormented me earlier were brought in.

Unlike the other servants who were obviously well drugged the handmaidens looked terrified and only mildly dazed as they struggled against the guards who were dragging them in the room. Each of the handmaidens were stripped bare of their tops and I saw that their bodies where full and ripe, covered with a blush from face to bare chest and for the first time I wondered if I would look that way when stripped bare as well.

As they were brought to the dais my father looked at them and said, "So you think you have the right to terrify my daughter? That you are somehow worthy of inflicting pain on someone so much higher in standing then you? You enjoyed telling her what it would be like to be fed upon so now you will see what it is like."

My father offered the girls to the two lords and for the first time I heard lord Di Mercurio speak. "I have already eaten and have other plans for this evening but please uncle I know how you enjoy such ripe young women, do have your way with them, the Lady Marie and I shall watch before retiring for the night." His voice seemed to touch my soul and made my body hum.

I raised the glass to my lips and felt him touch my hand, "No more my dear, I do not wish either of us to be intoxicated." I put the goblet down and listened to him as he began to whisper into my ear while pointing out things in the room.

"Watch my uncle, he loves chubby little women like your handmaidens and more than anything he prefers them to be somewhat unwilling." I watched as one of the handmaidens was pushed over the end of the dais and the rest of her clothes were ripped off of her body as she cried and begged for mercy. This was when I realized my father had left the room and I was truly all alone in what had become a strange, terrifying and oddly exciting world.

"My uncle still remembers what it was to be human, he taught me to never forget those pleasures, watch the look on the other two's faces as he fucks your handmaiden with his huge cock." I was not sure what the word fuck meant but the way in which he said it made me shiver and want to find out. Lord de Alombro had stripped off his pants and his member was indeed swollen and even larger than the one the ghoul had.

He used his foot to push open the legs of the handmaiden and began to slap her ass with his huge hand and laugh as she cried and tried to struggle out of the grip of the two guards holding her. After her ass was flaming red the lord reached between her legs and plunged himself into her as she screamed and writhed around. The girl begged him to stop as he slammed his massive member into her cunt and I listened the Lord Di Mercurio whisper in my ear.

"You see how her struggles have weakened? He will grow tired of her now and allow her some pleasure, I believe it is his second favorite moment, the moment they go from hating him and his touch to desiring it like nothing else."

Lord de Alombro pounded into her a few more times and finally leaned forward and bit her neck. The first handmaiden suddenly stiffened and stopped crying and began to moan as if in ecstasy, thrusting her ass back against him and grinding her body as if she was a cat in heat. The other two handmaidens looked even more terrified as the first was pushed into the arms of the guards and de Alombro told them to finish her up and have some fun.

The guards who had dragged her to dais pulled her to the ground in front of it and began to roughly touch her all over, pulling at her breasts until one shoved his member in her mouth while the other began to pump into her soaking wet pussy. The entire time she was squirming around and trying to get the guard deeper into her mouth.

Lord de Alombro forced the second one to her knees and shoved his cock into her mouth forcing it down her throat as she cried and squirmed, "Taste that bitches cunt on my cock whore!" he demanded. Finally after what seemed like forever he sat down in the chair my father had vacated and pulled her onto his lap. She howled as his large cock impaled her in that position as he reached around her and began to pull at her swollen nipples without any mercy. Finally she slumped against him and I watched astounded as the same transformation took place as he bit her. She went from barely being able to move to bouncing herself up and down on his throbbing cock.

Again this one was thrown to her guards and as he grabbed the third I heard Lord Di Mercurio whisper in my ear, "Uncle can go on like that all night."

I realized that the third one was the strict and straitlaced handmaiden who had pinched me and told me to stand strait and act like a lady. I was astounded to see that she had huge breasts beneath her prim and proper clothing and that even before she was told to she had dropped to her knees and taken the large vampires cock into her mouth. The vampire lord simply laughed and called her a greedy whore which seemed to inspire her to take him deeper into her mouth.

The handmaiden was lifted onto the table on her back barely feet from me as I watched Lord di Alombro pound into her pussy. She looked up at me with a momentary look of shame on her face before the passion took over her and she began begging for him to fuck her like a whore. It was at this time he sunk his fangs into her breast taking her large swollen nipple into his mouth and she screamed and passed out as orgasm after orgasm struck her.

By this time a line of five guards were waiting to pull her unconscious body out from under their lord and I wondered for a moment what it would be like for her to wake up having her body ravished by all those men.

Lord Di Mercurio laughed as his uncle demanded more "toys" be brought to him then began to point other people out to me and tell me what they were doing.

I saw a dignified looking upper footman being fucked from behind by ghoul who was twice his size while his master shoved his cock in the footman's mouth, if seeing two men kissing had shocked me this did so even more but also it somehow aroused me to see these much larger men taking their pleasure from the snooty footman who always seemed to look down his nose at everyone. Those previously scornful eyes were glazed over with drugs and lust as the footman begged the vampire to put his cock back into his waiting mouth. The ghoul seemed oblivious to what was going on around him as he continued to pound into the ass of a man I had once over heard being called "a tight ass."

Lord Di Mercurio then pointed out a group of people laying on pillows on the floor, arms and legs intertwined and I tried to count bodies and decide who was female and who was male and more to the point what they were doing to one another. I saw body parts intertwined and lost count at about 15 bodies. A woman was riding on the cock of a giant dark skinned thrall as a beautiful vampire held her from behind and twisted her nipples, biting her neck. Another small group of men were passing a young woman between them as she begged them to fuck her but all they would do was tease her with their fingers and slap her ass. It seemed as if the men touched her everywhere before one of them dragged her to the floor and pulled her on top of him. She cried out in joy as his cock slammed into her and began to moan even louder as another of the men approached her from behind and began to slide himself between her ass cheeks. I had never known that many of the things that I saw there before me were even possible or that I would feel such dampness between my legs or this tightening of my nipples as I watched.

"You are aroused by what you see, I can tell by the flush of your skin and the beating of your heart." Di Mercurio whispered to me while stroking the inside of my wrist. "You want to watch this all night but I have other plans for you."


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