tagGay MaleLasso with a Rainbow: Men's Panties

Lasso with a Rainbow: Men's Panties


George knocked on his boyfriend's door, "Tommy, are you there?" George could see Tommy's young wife's car was not there.

Tommy opened the door wide and let the bright sunlight in. "How do I look?" Tommy was completely naked and in public view if anyone was around.

"Awesome," George replied as he hugged Tommy in the doorway, reaching around to hold Tommy's butt. George licked the small neck hairs behind Tommy's ears and could feel Tommy getting hotter. As they hugged they turned around and Tommy's ass was now in the open door and sunlight. George pulled Tommy's butt cheeks forcing an arched back, and he spread them apart while they hugged. George nibbled and licked Tommy's ear and whispered, "Besides milk and wheat germ to thicken it up, I had citrus and tropical fruit this week to sweeten up my cum for you."

Across the street Samuel was zooming in his telephoto lens high definition camera. At first he thought the ass in the doorway was Tommy's wife. While zooming in, he found the ass actually belonged to Tommy. Samuel could see right down the ass crack to the brown wrinkles fanning out from the dark open asshole. "This is disgusting!" Samuel feigned to turn off his camera and turn it away, but he was fascinated by the perfect circle of Tommy's anus and that he was able to look right in it. He could see the anal walls were a little more than a half an inch deep. He watched as George fondled Tommy's butt cheeks. "Why couldn't this be his wife," Samuel asked himself. "Pretty nice butt though," he thought to himself.

George and Tommy turned around again and George was saying, "Do you want to see what I am wearing?"

Tommy said, "Yes, I do!" Tommy reached down and started unfastening George's pants.

Samuel had not turned away yet. "Oh my god," he thought, as his eyes remained transfixed.

Tommy shucked down George's pants revealing a sheer see-through stretch silk G-string lasso thong with cock ring and jockey bulge pouch. The panties waist band, lasso, and strap up the butt crack were rainbow colored.

"Good God!" Samuel exclaimed out loud for no one to hear.

Nuzzling his face up and down George's cock and balls, Tommy exclaimed, "Nice!"

Across the street with the telephoto lens, Samuel could plainly see the shapely cock and balls through the sheer silk mesh thong. He could see how Tommy's face was pushing around the cock and balls. Tommy pulled out the pouch like lifting the hood of a car, revealing the cock ring lasso, and pulled the lasso outward and off. Tommy slowly tasted the skin and licked from between the balls to the top of the cockhead. He sucked and licked the cockhead getting it hard, plunging the cock slowly into his throat all the way, deep throating as George watched. Samuel was red in the face as if publicly embarrassed, and he looked to make sure no one saw him watching. As George turned around for Tommy, Samuel got a nice view of George's firm ass, and saw Tommy affectionately lick it. Tommy passionately looked at Georges asshole and ass crack, then kissed and licked the asshole pulling it open to an oval and sticking his tongue in. Samuel felt a drop of sweat trickle down his face.

Closing the door, George said to Tommy, "Let's go over to the couch," and watched Tommy's nude ass as he walked over there. George guided Tommy to, "put one knee on the carpet, and cock one knee up on the couch," laying his head down on the arm pillow, and arching his back. "You look great," George said of Tommy's ass. He reached down and felt of the bottom of the ass cheeks, and firmness of the ass crack sides as he let his hand get squeezed in between the cheeks. He took a tube of anal lube, spread the cheeks apart opening the anus a little, and squirted directly in.

Working the lube in with one finger then another he got Tommy ready. Then he put some lube on his cockhead and started to work his cock into Tommy's hole gently. Sexy grunts and moans of ecstasy and pleasure were coming from Tommy's mouth. This turned on George even more. Feeling his balls smacking on Tommy's ass, George was in a world of pleasure.

Pulling out George said, "Let's go in there," nodding toward the master bedroom.

George led Tommy to the wife's side of the bed. "Lay on your back and pull your knees to your shoulders, with your ass pointing out this way."

George grabbed Tommy's legs and pushed them down as Tommy held his knees close to his shoulders with an arm around each leg at the knee. Starting his cock into the hole again, George bent down sharply and plunged his mouth onto Tommy's cock past the head and a little down the shaft.

"That feels so good," Tommy exclaimed.

George was fucking and sucking Tommy at the same time. He watched as his cock slid its way into the asshole and back out, watching Tommy's body adjust to it both ways. George was getting a firm cock massage pushing in and pulling out.

Tommy watched as his shaft went in and out of George's lips hearing a smacking sound.

George could feel Tommy start to tense up, and at the same time he was about to cum.

Tommy said, "I'm cumming!"

George let it squirt up into his mouth naturally at first and then started to suck the cum up into his throat. Using his tongue he lovingly tasted then moved the cum around in his mouth and back over the cockhead. Then he started sucking the cock clean of cum and swallowing it all. He loved the taste of Tommy's cock.

George pulled his cock out and crawled over Tommy. "Open!"

Tommy opened his mouth wide and George shot his load directly in. Tasting and swallowing Tommy said, "That was sweet."

Samuel had long since pulled the camera back in the window. "I wonder what they are doing inside," he mused. He laid the camera and telephoto lens down on the side table and stepped in front of the full length mirror as he rubbed his cock through the mens sheer cotton French lace panties he had stolen off the clothes line put up when Tommy's young wife was not there.

Silently Samuel visualized the dark open hole of Tommy's ass with brown wrinkles, and the exotic oval shape of George's. He kept rubbing his cock and balls through the panties, imagining Tommy licking his asshole and sticking his tongue around in it.

Samuel discovered he had a slick wet spot in the front of his panties. Sticking a hand in his panties, Samuel captured a drip of precum on a finger and brought it to his mouth. Tasting it, he said out loud, "Mmm, that tastes good, no wonder why they like it." He turned and arched his back so he could see the access hole in the back of the panties with frills around the hole. "I wonder if they ever used this," he thought to himself. "I wonder what it's like."

Samuel was thinking, "Maybe they would be interested in having some sexy pictures taken."


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