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Last Christmas


Driving home for Christmas was always exciting. I had left home eight years ago, first to attend College and then to work. I majored in Finance and had a job that I loved for a large international investment company.

This Christmas was especially exciting because my girlfriend of almost two years, whom I loved dearly, would be there and I planned to propose to her at Christmas dinner.

My mind drifted as I drove. I remembered the first time I saw Catherine as a woman. We had gone to school together but it wasn't until our graduation night that I realised how beautiful she was. She was a statuesque 6' tall, with a muscular body thanks to all the volleyball she played. Her C cup breasts looked small on her but were perfect.

This night she was dressed in a floor length, red gown that was fitted across the top. Strapless, it suited her and she looked stunning. Her long, dark hair cascaded over one shoulder. She almost looked like Jessica Rabbit apart from the hair colour. Dressed up she oozed sensuality.

It seemed to me that she was just realising her own sexuality too and she was easing into the role.

I didn't think I had a chance but at the after-party I asked her to dance. She accepted and we were virtually inseparable from that moment on. She had a wicked sense of humour and I was able to make her laugh. She seemed to know instinctively that the cool people were just obnoxious, as I did. We steered clear from them all night and had a ball together.

Our first night of making love was especially good. It was the first anniversary of our first date. We went out for dinner at the best restaurant in town. Catherine had a few drinks and was really amorous. She couldn't leave me alone in the car on the way home. When we arrived at her place she mentioned that her parents were away. I went in with her and we kissed passionately just inside the front door.

She led me to her bedroom where she quickly took the lead. She unbuttoned my shirt and undid my pants. She pushed me onto my back on her bed and climbed on top of me. She freed my cock from my underwear and lifted her dress to her waist. She then pushed her panties aside and mounted me. She was really wet and moaned loudly as my length penetrated her hot pussy.

She controlled the pace. I came quickly, before she did. She reached down to her clit and rubbed. Soon she was cumming, with my cock still hard inside her. After she came she rolled off me and lay on her back next to me. I nuzzled her neck and played with her tits.

She sat up and undid her dress. She wasn't wearing a bra. She lifted her bum and took the dress and knickers off. I mounted her and we made slow, passionate love. Before too long I was ready to cum again. Again, I came before she did.

I kissed her and she rolled me off her. She closed her eyes and was asleep almost immediately. I went home, euphoric. We'd finally slept together.

When I realised that I was daydreaming I paid attention to my driving. I couldn't remember the last half an hour so I was feeling quite lucky that I didn't crash.

I turned the radio on. Wham came on singing, "Last Christmas." I sang along, 'Last Christmas I gave you my heart ...' I didn't even think anything and the lyrics meant nothing to me at the time.

Finally I arrived home. It was late Christmas Eve. The next day Catherine was coming over for lunch and I was going to her parent's place for dinner. Preparations were well under way for lunch. I noticed that my mother only set three places. When I asked she looked at me as if I had two heads. She told me that Catherine had called her a week ago and said she wouldn't be able to come.

I was surprised. She hadn't said anything to me at all.

We had a nice lunch and then I prepared to go to her place for dinner. She had previously asked me not to come until after 6. I arrived at about 6.15. Catherine looked ravishing. She looked as if she was just out of the shower and was dressed in a tight pencil skirt and pretty red shirt. I went to kiss her and she turned her head at the last minute. We kissed each other's cheeks.

We sat down to eat and the meal was really nice. Conversation was muted which was strange as I knew her family was naturally gregarious.

When the main course had been cleared and everyone was sitting at the table, I asked for everyone's attention. I turned to look at Catherine. I got down on one knee and said, "Catherine I love you with all my heart. My heart belongs to you and I give it to you freely. Will you marry me?"

Dead silence.

I thought it was because everyone was surprised that I had proposed. Catherine looked open mouthed with what I thought was a look of absolute surprise on her face. She got up and ran from the room without saying anything.

I looked around, a little embarrassed. I followed her to her bedroom. She was crying. I thought it was with sheer happiness, but when I looked at her face I realised it wasn't.

"What's going on, Catherine?"

"Oh, Mark, I'm so sorry. I need time to think. Can you go home now? I'll talk to you tomorrow."

Talk about confused. I thought she would say yes straight away. In fact I was so sure that I'd already booked the church and the reception for six months time.

I got home and went straight to bed. I was really confused. Eventually I fell asleep but I slept poorly and woke up feeling awful.

I went for a long walk and arrived back at about lunchtime. I wasn't hungry so I sat around and moped. I couldn't believe that the love of my life had sent me away last night without an answer.

Eventually at about five o'clock she came around to visit. She looked beautiful but nervous. She led me to the back porch and we sat at the table there.

"Daniel, I can't marry you. I've met someone else and I'm going to marry him."

My jaw just about hit the floor. "What...since when?"

"New Year's Eve last year," she said.

"So you met someone a year ago and didn't tell me until now? What the hell...?"

"I'm sorry, Daniel, I didn't mean to fall in love with him. It just sort of happened."

"Bullshit, Catherine. Nobody falls in love by mistake."

"But I never meant to fall for him."

"Yeah, sure. These things don't just happen. You encourage all the little things like the looks and the secret smiles, the little phrases that mean the most to just the two of you. At anytime you could have said 'no' but you chose not to. When he asked you out you could have said no. When he kissed you, you could have said no, when he fucked you, you could have said no. Don't give me this bullshit about not meaning for it to happen. It doesn't happen unless you let it. And you actively let it happen. Am I that poor a boyfriend that you needed to find someone else?"

"No Daniel no. It's not that at all. I loved our time together. That's why I didn't tell you. I thought it wouldn't last, that it was just a fling then I would move on. But I got more and more into him. We seemed to share a lot in common. Then we sort of fell in love. He asked me to marry him last week."

"And when were you going to tell me?"

"Last night after dinner. I was going to talk to you after we had a nice meal together."

"Did your family know?"

"Yes, I told them straight away. They asked about Christmas and I told them not to change anything and that I'd talk to you after dinner."

"So they knew? I suppose that's why there was absolute silence when I popped the question last night."

"That was really awkward for them Daniel. You have no idea."

"It was awkward for them? For them? What about for me? I thought you were the one, that we'd be together forever. I loved you. I gave you my heart and you gave it away. But, of course, it was awkward for them. Sorry if I don't agree with you, Catherine. They were probably laughing to themselves watching me make a fool of myself. I suppose that's why you didn't come to lunch?"

"Yes, I was at his family's Christmas lunch."

"So my parents knew?"

"No, Daniel. I just told them that I couldn't make it. They didn't ask why."

"But you didn't think to tell me. Thanks very much."

We talked for a little more but I finally suggested she go because I was likely to get angry and I didn't want that to happen. As soon as she left the words to 'Last Christmas' came to me. "Last Christmas I gave you my heart But the very next day you gave it away."

It hit me like a freight train. The lyrics certainly meant more to me now than on Christmas Eve.

I eventually went home and got back into work. Somehow I survived, I'm not sure how. Around March I made some investments for a major client that worked out really well for all concerned. The client was so impressed that they asked my firm to let me take over their complete portfolio. This was a major promotion for me and I finally started to see some reason for me being around.

I met with their investment team to discuss strategy. One of the team was a statuesque blond called Taylor. She was stunning. Tall and lean with large boobs she dressed to her own advantage. She was as sexy as hell and in the world of financial investment she stood out like dogs balls.

It turned out that she was the most knowledgeable about the sorts of investments I had in mind for her company so we made an appointment to meet the next day over lunch.

We lunched together that day and she was amazing. Her knowledge of her firm's investments and the direction she saw them going was immense. I had met a woman who was my intellectual equal. That she was gorgeous was an absolute bonus.

Because of our relative positions in our companies we saw a lot of each other over the next few weeks. We got on really well together and enjoyed each other's company, quite apart from the fact that we were making both of our company's some serious money.

The end of the financial year came around. We both received large, seven figure bonuses. That was a surprise but fortunately our respective bosses saw that we were the reason for both companies making money hand over fist.

I decided to celebrate by asking Taylor out to dinner. I was overjoyed when she accepted. We went to a new restaurant that had just been opened by one of those celebrity chefs. The meal was stunning, but not half as stunning as the vision that sat opposite me.

She wore a long white gown that was fitted to her waist. The bodice had a plunging neckline, which showed me that she wasn't wearing a bra. The skirt had slits up to the top of the thigh on both sides. Her make-up looked as if it was barely there but highlighted her high cheekbones and very kissable lips and her hair looked like she had just put it up but I knew enough to realise that she had probably spent a fortune to have it look that way.

When the meal was over I drove her home. She invited me inside for a nightcap. We didn't quite make it for a drink. We kissed as soon as we got in the door. Before I knew it my jacket and shirt were off and we were in Taylor's bedroom.

"Oh, Daniel, I've been waiting for this since we first met."

I unzipped her dress and it fell away from her perfect breasts. I kissed one nipple then the other. She shivered with lust. Her dress dropped to the floor. She stood there is a tiny G-string and five inch heels.

I undid my pants and dropped my boxers. I was naked. I eased her onto the bed kissing her all the while. I kissed her neck and she shivered. I moved onto her breasts and kissed and sucked her nipples, first one, and then the other. I worked my way down her stomach. I spent some time at her belly button then continued my journey.

I got to her thong and pushed it aside. The most beautiful hairless pussy I'd seen confronted me. I licked along the slit then kissed her clit. She moaned. I attacked! I kissed and sucked her clit. I licked her slit. I pushed my tongue inside her and repeated all three actions. I licked her perineum and touched her asshole. She jumped and I did it again. Her moaning got louder. I went back to her clit and sucked. It wasn't long before she was bucking under my mouth.

She cried out with joy as she came. I didn't stop. I kept sucking and licking. Her orgasm kept going and reached another crescendo. When this one stopped she pulled me away from her. I worked my way back up her body. She grabbed my cock and stuffed it inside her. It felt marvellous. We fucked like rabbits. She was close again. I slowed almost to a stop. She urged me on. I slowly pumped in and out. She was verging on another orgasm. I let loose. I pumped hard. Her orgasm was just about at its peak when I came inside her. That was all she needed to get her over the top.

We lay there in post orgasmic bliss. She gave me little kisses all over my mouth and the rest of my face.

"That was amazing. I've never cum three times before. Where did you learn to do that? No don't tell me. I don't care. But we've got to do this again."

And we did, later that night, and again in the morning. I went home absolutely spent. When I arrived I sat down and contemplated my life. Six months ago I was devastated because the woman I thought I was destined to marry dumped me for someone else. I then worked pretty hard and made some good decisions at work. This resulted in a promotion and I met this lovely vision, Taylor. I didn't want to get my hopes up but I was looking forward to getting to know her better.

For the next few months Taylor and I found that we were more than compatible. We had similar outlooks on life. Politically we could discuss almost anything. Our views weren't exactly the same but didn't differ enough to cause any lasting problems.

Socially we liked similar things. We preferred a good meal to a nightclub. We both enjoyed dancing but preferred traditional ballroom dancing to the more modern dance. We both felt really fortunate that we made enough money that we could make a difference to some of those less fortunate than us. We both gave generously to charity and both believed that it was important that we do.

Christmas came around again and I was going home. We had a lovely meal with Taylor's parents on Christmas Eve and I drove home that night.

The next day I was surprised that there was an extra place set at the table. Imagine my shock when Catherine walked through the door. My parents disappeared into the kitchen so we were alone.

"How are you Catherine?"

"Not so good, really. Tim and I have separated."

"What happened?"

"He hit me. Everything was going well. We got married in April and for the next six months everything was great. Then we had an argument over something really trivial. He got really angry and punched me. He broke my nose."

"Oh, Catherine, I'm really sorry to hear that. That's awful."

We were quiet for a while. Then she looked at me and said, "I know I hurt you last year."

"Ripped my heart out, actually."

"Yeah, well, I know I hurt you but I was wondering...hoping...that I could see you again."

I was amazed at her attitude and I let her have it.

"Why would you even think that I would want to see you again? You broke my heart, ripped it out, jumped up and down on it and left me for dead. Do you have any idea how that felt? How humiliated I was that night? And you think you can just waltz back into my life and go back to where we were? No, no way, never, no chance, not ever. Catherine I loved you and you shit on me. How on earth can you think I want that again?"

"But I thought..."

"No, Catherine, you didn't think. Again. You thought last year that I'd be OK with your treachery and now you think I'll take you back. Never in a million years, Catherine. Never in a million years."

She looked about to cry.

"Remember the Wham song? 'Last Christmas I gave you my heart, the very next day you gave it away.' Remember that? Well, that's what happened. Do you remember the next line? 'This year, to save me from tears, I'll give it to someone special.' Well, my dear, this year there is someone special. It's my turn to have someone else. So sorry, but there's no way I'll give her up for you. You blew it last year."

Tears were falling from her face. She got up and, without a word, left. I never saw her again. I returned home and Taylor and I decided to move in together. We are seriously happy and loving our life together.

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Wham,Bam,Fuck Off Ma'am!

How about Queen's "Another One Bites the Dust" as the title for a sequel? ~ Seriously though,I really liked this short,but full story. Nice to see the good guy come out on top! Well done!

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