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Last Day at the Beach


"Right there. That is the best," my wife breathed. She let her hand relax, the split-fingered massage she had been giving herself forgotten as I had finally found just the right angle. As I increased the pace my gaze was distracted from my point of entry to watch as she traced a long fingernail past her navel, across one breast just grazing the nipple, and her left hand joined the right to press on the headboard. I leaned back a little more as she pressed herself against me, urging me deeper.

Her eyes caught me watching her. "You're amazing," she said, half-lidded. I grinned and slammed my pelvis into her as hard as I could, knowing the closer she got the rougher she liked it. Her eyes closed again and she started to breathe heavily and regularly through her nose, timing her exhales with my thrusts.

It was Saturday, the last full day of our beach vacation. We were back at our favorite resort hotel, our annual autumn retreat away from jobs and kids and into each other. I had consumed just the right number of mimosas at brunch and I couldn't have waited one more minute to get off the sand and strip off her "mom bikini" as she called it. She was farther gone than I was, so I was relieved that I might be able to break through the champagne haze and rouse her slumbering orgasm.

Her breasts had begun to bounce and oscillate with my thrusts and I was mesmerised. I was pinning her legs up with my hands on her thighs, bending her almost double as I kneeled and thrust into her. It was our favorite position. My curve and her bent position let me hit her G-spot perfectly, and I got to watch her big breasts and even better than that: I got to see her face as she came.

I let go of one of her thighs and licked my thumb. I reached back down and tugged gently on her nipple, rolling it lightly between my thumb and finger. Her lips parted and she moaned softly. I continued my thrusts and watched her face, anticipating. She extended her tongue halfway and when I still didn't understand, opened her eyes and said "give me your fingers." Feeling a little chagrined to have been so dense, I shifted slightly so I could get my middle and index finger to her extended tongue. She sucked them in immediately and started bobbing her head up and down. I recognized what she was doing with her tongue and lips as she fucked her face with my fingers - I had felt it many times on another part of my body.

I was getting into it now, and slid my fingers in deeper and deeper, not slowing my pace or easing the force with which I was ramming into her below. Finally I shoved my fingers in to the knuckles, as far as they would go. I could feel the base of her tongue as she started to moan loudly around my hand. Her eyes flew open and she froze, her whole body tense, holding her breath and I couldn't hold back any longer. I emptied myself into her as she started to tremble slightly, grunting with the release. Then she screamed, raked her nails down my chest, and had the most intense orgasm I had ever seen.

That was the moment I knew my wife wanted a three-way.

To my great surprise, she didn't want a nap after our exertions. "Let's keep drinking!" she said with a grin. "It's our last day!" I had no argument against that, so we decided to put our suits back on and head to the bar at the pool.

We always take these "mommy and daddy" trips in the early fall, soon after the kids start back to school. Their grandparents are happy to have the time, and the kids are distracted with the new year. Plus, there are two great things about vacation in the fall: there are generally only adults around the pool, and football season has started. I was happy enough to head to the pool bar and catch a game, and I had a feeling my wife was looking for some adult interaction at poolside.

I'm 22 years older than my wife. She's never allowed me to be insecure about it, and I believe her when she tells me doesn't need or want anything else. Today. In the back of my mind I know that I'll be getting older as she's entering her sexual prime and I hope that I can keep up and keep her satisfied. I've been preparing myself for the past eleven years of marriage to look the other way if the time comes that she needs to look outside our wedding bed for release.

I've never been sure that I can handle it. I try to put myself in her position in a few years: done having kids, menopause is still way beyond the horizon, she's fit and has her body back, and she's horny as hell and knows what she's doing. I know she loves me, and I know she won't leave me, but I want and need her to be happy. I know the time may come for her when fucking an old man with a half-hard dick may not satisfy.

I have plenty of opportunities to prepare myself mentally for this possible future because my wife is a huge flirt. She very much enjoys the attention of attractive men, and it doesn't escape my notice that when we're out in a crowd and get separated, there is almost always a young, tan, fit man chatting casually with her within 10 minutes. I never blame either one of them. My wife is an extremely hot mom, with a great fit body and long dark hair, and I'm sure she enjoys the company of a man from her generation from time to time.

Plus it never fails to make her out of her mind horny.

So I was pretty sure that her half-drunk plan that day was for me to get into football at the bar so that she could find a hard young man at the pool who would get her charged and wet for round two later that evening. I was 100% okay with this plan, so I pretended not to notice when she slipped her wedding ring off and fluffed out her hair before we left.

Sure enough, before we were halfway done with our first drink she said "I think I'll catch some more sun by the pool."

"Okay," I said, "but I don't want to get too much sun. I think I'll..."

"Oh, no sweetheart," she interrupted. "I know you want to watch the game. Come find me later?"

I looked her in the eyes and halfway grinned. I could see her blush rising, but I let her off the hook.

"You're right. I do want to watch the game," I said.

"I'll just be over there by the pool," she said.

I smiled, kissed her, then watched her walk out to the poolside. As the sun hit her back she pulled her beach wrap from her legs and I know I was not the only man there who was admiring her large firm backside. She parked on a lounge in a deserted corner of the pool area and I watched as she ordered another drink from the poolside waiter.

I finished my drink and let my attention return to the game for a while. When the bartender delivered my next margarita at the start of the second half, I glanced over to the pool. It had only been twenty minutes, but there was a dark haired modestly muscular man sitting on the lounge next to my wife, facing her and in what looked like a jovial conversation. He had a smooth hairless body, very tan, probably only in his mid-twenties. He laughed at something, and she leaned forward and touched his forearm lightly, continuing the joke.

I grinned wryly, turned back to the game and thought about how wet and lustful she would be for me.

It turned out to be a great game, going to double overtime. I didn't really care who won, but found myself totally focused on the action on-screen. The final whistle sounded and I realized I hadn't even glanced in my wife's direction for ... an hour? more? When I looked over to the corner where she had been entertaining her tan suitor neither of them were there. My heart fell a little: she must have gotten tired after all and gone back to the room for a rest.

I signed our ticket at the bar and noticed that she'd had not two, but three more drinks. She was no doubt nearly wasted then. She'd also apparently bought Mr. Muscle some rounds because there were also three Lite beers on our bill. I guessed they'd hit it off all right.

I walked around the pool on my way out just to make sure she hadn't relocated somewhere. I didn't find either one of them. Looking back it's hard to believe, but even at this point I still had no clue what was about to happen.

I made my way back to our room, pleasantly buzzed and wondering whether I would be able to wake her up at least enough for a quickie. I'd been distracted by the game, but still the anticipation of how horny she must have been getting had me truly worked up again. She typically is insatiable in bed after she's spent any length of time in flirtation mode, especially when she's drinking. Maybe she hadn't passed out after all, I thought.

I scanned the card and opened the door as quietly as I could in case she was asleep. As I entered the foyer my heart started to race. I could hear her unmistakable soft moans coming from around the closet corner where the king bed was in our suite. She'd started without me! I listened for the buzz of the vibrator, but all I could hear was her throaty moaning. I gently let the door close, trying to stay silent and hoping I could just watch her please herself while I was getting undressed and hard. As I crept up toward the corner her moans were punctuated by a wet meaty slurp, but still what I saw caught me completely flat-footed.

I rounded the corner facing the foot of the bed to see her muscled tan pool friend lying spread-eagle on our bed, totally naked. My wife was crouched between his spread legs, one hand cradling his balls, the other digging into his chest with her long nails. Her head moved up and down slowly as she took his slender but long cock deep into her throat. She was naked too. I could see her nipple grazing his thigh as she reached up for his chest. She was perched with her knees together but she was bent over so far that I could easily see her shaved lips protruding from between her thighs.

I was confounded. My mind raced. There was hurt, betrayal, a flash of anger, a quick fantasy of throwing the prick off our balcony. There was a kind of weird vindication, since I'd been afraid this day would come - just not so soon - but she'd always denied that she would ever need anyone but me. I'd always told myself I would try to accept it when the time came, but my emotions warred with my mental preparation. Should I just leave and accept my fate so that she could be happy? Should I erupt in anger to demonstrate how much I loved her?

Then I realized that mixed in with this soup of emotion was something else. It could have been partly from my anticipation over the course of the afternoon, but I had to admit to myself that this was possibly the sexiest thing I had ever seen in person. Neither of them had apparently noticed me entering. I tried to detach from the personal nature of what was happening and appreciate the scene on a carnal level.

I could see his thighs flexing as he elevated his hips to meet her smooth mouth. His head was all the way back on the mattress and he was clutching the sheets in his outstretched hands. He was obviously enjoying my wife's work and I knew exactly how it was feeling to him. She was a vision, and also very much into the task at hand. Her breasts quivered slightly on each downstroke, nudging against his tanned inner thighs. Her bikini tan line only emphasized how perfectly round and firm her ass was as she arched her back. I then had visual evidence of her arousal to add to her moaning. I could see that her pussy was very wet, a fat drop of nectar about to run down past her clit to her closed thighs.

I didn't consciously decide to be okay with what I was seeing, but the oozing from between her inner lips pushed all of my turmoil down for the moment. I slowly lowered my suit the rest of the way and marvelled that my cock was rock hard in spite my recent shock. The head was already shiny with pre-cum. I slowly started to stroke while waiting a little nervously for whatever would come next. I knew I wasn't prepared to watch her fuck this guy, but I felt trapped by my own admission that I was aroused watching them together.

She took a break then from sucking him and started stroking him slowly to keep his motor running. She flipped her hair away from her face and my breath caught in my throat when she turned her head to look right at me. I froze. She'd obviously known I was in the room, but before I could wonder about what that meant her eyes fell to my cock, still rock hard and still in my hand. She made eye contact again, raised one eyebrow, then turned back and took his cock back into her mouth. Suddenly I felt like the one who'd been "caught." What's more, it seemed like she had given me permission to enjoy myself while I watched. Part of my brain knew this would all take some time to untangle emotionally, but for the moment I could not deny my arousal.

It took only a second to decide it was too late to throw a tantrum. I would just stay and enjoy myself and deal with the aftermath later, but in that short time she gave me one more surprise. As soon as he had his cock back in her mouth she began to spread her knees apart on the bed. Within seconds her legs were spread wide, her dripping pussy gaping, and she slowly arched her back even more, presenting herself to me in the lewdest way possible. The implication, and the invitation, was perfectly clear: my wife wanted me to take her from behind while she had a dick in her mouth.

I spent no time considering, and as I knee-walked up onto the bed, Mr.Pool finally noticed I was in the room. His eyes wide in horror, he froze and his mouth dropped open in a silent excuse. The look of unvarnished lust on my face and the fact that she didn't even slow her work on his cock must have reassured him. He smiled faintly, shrugged with his eyes, and laid back down to enjoy himself.

I took up position behind my wife's spread legs and paused. I gripped my cock and a rubbed the head up and down her pussy, spreading her lips and collecting our combined pre-sex juices. I spread the lubrication down the length of my shaft and jacked myself a few times to maximize my girth. Mr. Muscles might be longer than I was, but I knew what an impact the width of my penis could have.

I rammed my cock into her waiting pussy without warning. She stopped moving for a second or two until pulling herself up off of him to gasp for air and I realized that the shock of my entry had made her choke on him. Somehow that made me feel better about the whole weird situation and whatever lingering trepidation I had evaporated.

I waited for her to catch her breath before starting a slow rhythm. As she took him back into her mouth she ground her pussy into me, pushing against him with her palms to match my thrusts. Her hips raised slightly as she moved, pulling me in deeper and deeper. She bent sideways slightly so that I could see one side of her face, her mouth easily accommodating him. She opened her jaw wider, I'm certain so that I could see her tongue working on him in a way that was very familiar.

His buttocks clenched as he raised off the mattress to drive himself deeper into her willing throat. I saw her gag briefly, then lower herself fully onto him. He broke the pose he had been in since I entered the room to wrap his left hand into her hair, pinning her face to his trimmed pubic hair. I entered her fully and held her hips firmly; we were both as deep as we could possibly be and I could feel her orgasm starting as her pelvic muscles began to pulse. As he released her head to let her breathe I heard a simultaneous groan from him and a muffled squeal from my wife and I knew he was cumming into her mouth at that very moment.

Her squeal turned into a guttural throaty sound and I could feel her clench my thrusting cock as her orgasm peaked. I began to slam into her, letting all my lust and rage combine into a cataclysm of domination. I pressed her back down into the mattress. She let her head slip to one side to bounce on his thigh as I thrashed into her from behind. She looked dazed, stunned into ecstasy by the power of her orgasm. His cock fell out of her mouth, spent but still fully erect. Her breath came in throaty pants while she came. His semen, forgotten by her, began to fall out of her open lips in stringy gobs and drip down his shaved balls.

Seeing his cum leak out of her mouth was the last straw for me. I felt my own orgasm build quickly. I slapped her ass as hard as I could and felt the first spurt come as the CRACK! was still echoing around the room. I thrust into her once, twice, then without thinking I withdrew and shot two long ropes of jizz across her ass and into the hair spilling down her back. After I was empty I slowly entered her once more, relishing her shudder as she was filled once again. She moaned one last time as I ground the load I had left deeper into her pussy. Her tongue lapped at his relaxing dick as she worked her way toward the tip. She took his softening cock back into her mouth, sucking him down. I saw him jerk and felt her pussy clench as we all three joined in a simultaneous final spasm of release.

She collapsed forward onto him, leaving me on my knees in what might be the most awkward position of my life. I could see my cum leaking out of her, a bright red handprint where I had slapped her, and his cum still on her lips as her head rested on his taut abdomen. Her tongue flicked out and cleaned her lower lip and she swallowed. Then she pushed herself up, slapped him roughly on the chest and said "Get out."

To his credit he did, and quickly, pulling his shorts on as he stumbled toward the door. She rolled over, sat up, and drew her legs up tight to her chest, hanging her head over her knees.

"We should talk about all of this," she said without looking at me.

"Yeah," I said, my erect cock still throbbing and leaking the remnants of my ejaculate. "Looks like we have a new thing."

There was a delighted twinkle in her eyes as she finally met my stare and grinned.

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well written.

Another unique relationship not so unique anymore.

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