tagNonConsent/ReluctanceLast Mission Ch. 03

Last Mission Ch. 03


Susan was upside down, her legs spread and tied to the ceiling, her hands trapped behind with plastic cuffs. There was no one else in the room except Rocky and Ivan. All the visitors had left. The Dragonhead himself had ordered the party to be broken up.

She was barely conscious and had lost track of time as blood rushed to her head. She faded in and out of consciousness, her foggy memory trying to recall what had happened. All she could remember were the vicious beatings with a leather belt while she was hogtied in a kneeling position.

Rocky was comfortably seated on a La-Z-Boy, his legs crossed and his arms folded behind his head. Ivan was restlessly pacing around her, waiting for the green light from his boss to apply the art of interrogation. He had a beer in one hand and a cigarette in another.

The phone call from Mr. Chan had changed the initial strategy of humiliation before interrogation. Ivan was the acknowledged expert of the black art of making whores from ordinary girls. But Mr. Chan had reversed the order. He was keen to find out who Susan was working for.

"How long more?" Ivan had resisted asking for an hour.

"It'd been just an hour since Joey strangled her until she passed out. Let her mind and body recover. I want her to be fully conscious when we start the interrogation." Rocky had read that stress positions were more productive than violent beatings if the goal was information.

Ivan continued circling her, smoking and drinking continuously, unable to sit down. An hour later, Rocky's phone vibrated. The caller ID showed it was from Mr. Giordano, Rocky's direct boss.

"Rocky, I just got off the phone with Mr. Chan. The rumor in Hong Kong is that the bitch's name is Susan. She has been hired by someone inside our organization. Is Ivan near you now?

"Yes, but he cannot hear you." Rocky walked a few feet away.

"Let Ivan play with her for a while. But keep her alive. Call me back so we can talk privately."

"I understand."

Rocky was shocked at the news, but maintained his poker face as he turned to Ivan. "Mr. Giordano says he appreciates your skill very much. He wants you to start working on her. But make sure she's alive and available for further questioning. Mr. Giordano wants to deal with her personally."

Ivan was glad he finally got approval and grinned. "Don't worry. I always keep my sluts alive. A dead whore is of no use to our business." He pointed to his forehead to signal the wisdom of his thought process.

Through her half-opened eyes, Susan saw Rocky nervously fidgeting with his phone as he left the room. Alone now with Ivan, she shut her eyes to pretend unconsciousness. She could hear him removing his belt. She braced herself.

"I know you're awake, cunt." Ivan walked casually towards her. He knelt down on one knee to gaze directly at her nipples. Taking a long drag of the half-finished cigarette, he continued, "If you wake up and talk, I will go easy on you."

Susan weighed the odds and remained silent. She controlled her breathing, inhaling slowly, holding her breath, and then exhaling slowly. But Ivan was staring directly to one side of her cleavage. He saw her heartbeat jumped when he moved his cigarette so close to her breasts she could feel the heat.

"Last chance," he announced. Susan remained defiant.

Ivan pushed the cigarette into one nipple and pinched the other nipple, twisting the pinched nipple and using it to hold her body in place. Susan's long screams wailed off the walls. Without letting her recover, Ivan slapped her breasts, stood up, and whipped the leather belt between her legs. He was so mad that sometimes he missed, hitting the thighs. But when he hit the target zone, her piercing screams energized him. Droplets of blood formed and drifted down her shaved pubic area.

"Want to talk?" He stopped and was winded after a dozen whips. "This is just the appetizer."

"Look at you, catching your breath." Adrenaline pumped through Susan's veins, making her bold. "Looks like you're not even fit enough to fuck me. Maybe you can't even get your dick up."

Ivan removed his pants and stood over her. Holding his manhood with both hands, he said, "Bet you've never seen such a large one."

"Even my grandpa has a more impressive dick." She snorted.

Enraged, Ivan urinated in her face, walking around her to soak her upside-down hair. Susan closed her eyes and mouth to avoid the warm liquid. But she could not avoid the disgsuting urine in her nose, coughing and choking.

"If you're not going to talk, I'm sealing your mouth." Ivan decided he had enough of her trash talk. When he lighted another cigarette and pressed it against her pussy, her screams were muffled by the industrial-strength duct tape.

Outside, it was a sunny and cloudless day. The heat from the sun was intense, but Rocky was oblivious to it. He held the phone so tightly his ear was beginning to hurt.

"Are you sure nobody else can hear?" Jeff was concerned about security.

"Ivan is the only one here. And he's busy with the third degree." Rocky said.

"This is very important, Rocky. Do not trust anyone, not even Ivan. The contract on you came from within."

"Can you rule out anyone?"

"Sources in Asia say it could be one of the bosses. As for you, nobody knows if Ivan is loyal to you, loyal to another boss, or simply loyal to himself."

"What do you think I should do with Ivan?"

"Don't share everything with him. Vary your routines. Don't be alone with him."

"Who else knows about this?"

"Mr. Chan, you and me. Obviously, don't tell Ivan."

"Should I send Ivan away somewhere?"

"That is a great idea. Tell him I'm impressed with how he handled the bitch at the club. Give him a vacation in Las Vegas, where there're people who can keep an eye on him. Do that before I see you tonight."

Rocky was stunned. Although Ivan was not too intelligent, he had always demonstrated undying loyalty to Rocky. Rocky considered how to break the news to him as he walked down the steps to the basement. When Rocky unlocked the door, Ivan was tormenting Susan with a sharp needle pushed into her breast.

"Boss, this is one hell of a tough chick. I've never seen anyone able to resist more pain." Ivan sounded frustrated.

"You're doing a great job, Ivan. The boss wanted to recognize your effort by rewarding you with a Las Vegas vacation. He gets to eat, drink, and fuck as many women as you want." Rocky handed a suitcase full of cash.

"Thanks, boss. When do I leave?"

"The driver is waiting for you outside."

When Jeffrey Giordano arrived, Susan was tied to a metal chair bolted to the floor. She had been cleaned up, and fed some food and water. Rocky knew that she had to be kept fully conscious for maximum effectiveness. Ivan's tactics might work for the purpose of humiliation and degradation. But interrogation of a stubborn subject required a higher level of skills.

After Ivan left, Rocky was alone with her, with her best chance of escape. But Rocky was very careful. He lowered her from her inverted position, and then used a stunt gun to immobilize her. Secured to the chair, her ankles were tied to the rear legs, with her knees tied to the front legs. Her wrists, forced back between her shoulder blades, were tied to her neck. Susan knew that her futile efforts to resist had almost run its course.

"Rocky, it looks like you're good with ropes." Jeff believes in positive strokes to motivate his team.

"I learned from the best of the best." Rocky was always respectful in front of his boss.

"What shall we do to crack this nut?" They were talk in front of Susan as if she did not exist. Susan tried to concentrate, focusing on memorizing the details of Jeffrey's face and voice. So far nobody had worn a mask to hide their identities. This was not a good sign for Susan.

"She had been thoroughly softened, needles in her breasts, whipped, cigarette burned, and golden showered." Rocky went through the list as if she was a patient in a hospital.

"Has she talked?"

"Not yet. I was saving it for you."

Jeff opened his suitcase and brought out a transformer, alligator clips and some insulated wires. He slowly plugged the cables into the wall socket and moved the transformer box in front of Susan, whistling as he worked.

"We're both professionals here," Jeff coiled his fingers around Susan's hair. "Talk now and avoid the pain, or talk later after suffering the pain. Your choice."

"There is nothing to say because I've signed a non-disclosure agreement. A lawyer like you should know that." Although Susan was completely naked—even her boots had been removed—she spoke in a tone appropriate for a corporate boardroom.

Jeff realized she was playing head games, letting him know she knew he used to be an attorney. Jeff was determined to win in this game. He had all the cards and would not hesitate to use all of them. Stepping forward, Jeff clamped an alligator clip on her left breast, adjusting so the jaws bit on either side of her nipple. He clamped the other end to the sensitive skin around her clit. Susan bit on her own tongue to avoid crying out. She was not going to give him the satisfaction so quickly.

Jeff nodded to Rocky, who pressed a button on the box. Susan jumped as the electrons coursed through. Her muscled and toned body trembled and twisted against the ropes. Rocky pressed another button and her body slumped, her head hanging down. Then Rocky pressed the button again, repeating the cycle at intervals of ten seconds. She screamed repeatedly until she lost her voice.

When Jeff removed the alligator clips, he saw that her bladder had emptied itself, flooding the chair and forming small pools on floor. Waves of spasm continued to wreck her body, even though Jeff had kept his electrical toy. Try as she might, her body simply refused to respond to her mind.

"Ready to talk?" Both men asked at the same time.

She shifted her gaze to Jeff, ignoring Rocky. "I will talk to you alone." Her voice was weak.

"Let's show her she's not in a position to negotiate." Rocky balled his fist to strike her.

But Jeff waved his hand to stop Rocky. "Rocky, please leave us alone for a minute."

Rocky stomped out of the room.

"We're alone now." Jeff offered her some water and pulled a chair to sit near her.

"The cameras," she looked up. "I only want to tell you." Jeff disabled the cameras.

"Let's start by telling me your real name." Jeff spoke as if he was interviewing a new client.

"Come closer so I can whisper it. I've lost my voice." Jeff found Susan's new husky voice surprisingly sexy. When he leaned in, she said, "I'm Susan, pleasure to meet you, Jeffrey."

Jeff was surprised she knew his name. He tried to maintain control when he said, "You've resisted almost an entire day. Bravo. You should be proud of yourself. Now it's time to tell me who hired you to kill Rocky."

"Lean closer so I can spell his name." Susan slurred in her speech, giving the impression she had not fully recovered from the electrical torture.

When Jeff put his ear just an inch from her lips, she suddenly jerked forward and bit off his ear lobe. Jeff ran out of the room screaming and holding his bleeding ear.

"Keep me away from her before I kill her!" he hollered at Rocky. "Ship her to Mr. Chan with the other girls."


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