Last One In


Lauren and Alana smiled at each other, watching the other two embrace and grope. Lauren's tongue slipped out of her mouth and along the rim of Alana's ear making the mermaid shiver. "Now then, dear, where were we?" she breathed. "Ah, yes, I think I remember." Lauren moved, shifting so that she was straddling the mermaid again, leaning over to kiss her lover. Alana's hands began to fondle her breasts again, leaving off after a moment to tug Lauren's hips down onto her tail.

Moaning softly, Lauren ground her hips down against Alana, feeling the rough texture of the scales against her bikini-clad pussy. The feeling of those small, numerous edges tease her body was one of her favorite things about being with her aquatic lover. It was incredibly sensual, and so much different from being with a normal human that it was incredibly arousing. And she knew that Alana loved the feeling of her legs around her as well, so different from being with a merperson, by the way the pretty half-human wriggled beneath her, hands insistently tugging down on her rounded hips.

After a few minutes, Alana's hands went to the ties of Lauren's bikini, undoing the knots easily and pulling the scrap of fabric off and dropping it to one side. Lauren broke their kiss, licking her lips as she moved down slightly. The now-naked girl stretched out over her lover, kissing Alana's neck and down to her breasts. She started to worship the delicate, sensitive mounds, licking and kissing over them gently but with passion, before she began to suckle one of the pink nipples.

"Great gods, Lauren, your mouth always feels so amazing," Alana breathed, arching her back to give Lauren greater access to her chest. Her tail was flipping rhythmically but softly against the rock, giving a tempo to their lovemaking. Her hands tangled in her lover's hair, cradling Lauren's head as she sucked and nuzzled first at one breast, then the other.

Claire vaguely heard Alana praise her sister's mouth, but was too interested in what Eliza's tentacles were doing to worry much about it. The octopus-woman was stroking them over her chest and stomach, letting her feel the slippery, rubbery smoothness of them as well as the firm suction of the pads on the underside. "Mmmmm," the cecaelia cooed against Claire's lips, "you feel like heaven, sweetness. And so responsive." She nipped gently at Claire's neck. "Wait until you see what I can really do."

And with that, Claire could feel the exploring tentacles that had slipped into her shorts move again, powerfully. They gripped the sides of the fabric and pulled, literally shredding the material before she could cry out. As the tentacles discarded the rags that had once been pajamas, she realized that she was totally naked. That should bother her, she was on a rock in plain view of the shore. But as Eliza moved one hand from her breasts to between her legs, all of those thoughts vanished.

Lauren's hand was moving downward as well, sliding her fingers lower down Alana's tight stomach to where the scales and skin met. Knowing that there would be a number of signs when she found the right spot, her fingers trailed over the scales in front, petting and teasing until she heard Alana gasp. "Ohhhh, yes, lover, that's the spot!" Alana moaned, and sure enough, Lauren could feel the scales shifting slightly. They spread open, revealing a tight, wet slit, shimmering pink with moisture. Her pussy itself was encircled by the scales that had parted to open it, and there was a small pink nub at the top.

Lauren pulled her head up, slowly letting go of the breast she'd been feasting on. "I never fucking get tired of seeing that pretty little hole open up for me," she whispered, kissing Alana again. She let one finger circle the mermaid's clit, drawing a moaning sigh from the slender girl. "Or watching you get hot for me." Her mouth went back to tasting Alana's breasts, licking and suckling, while her fingers played in her pussy, slipping around and around her sensitive clit and dipping just barely inside of her cunt, leaving the blonde moaning and whimpering beneath her.

Feeling Claire's hot, eightenn-year-old pussy grow hotter and wetter beneath her touch, Eliza kept stroking, reveling in the slick, sticky honey that coated her fingers. She bent her head down to kiss and nip Claire's nipples, drawing sharp gasps from the teenager. "Ohhhh, darling, I'm going to enjoy every inch of you," she murmured into Claire's breast before plunging one finger into her.

The feeling of that finger spreading her open made Claire moan and arch her back, thrusting her sweet young cunt up to get more of Eliza's digit inside. "Ahhhh! Mmm, yess, that's . . . fucking incredible!" she breathed, her eyes looking at the buxom half-human with a stunned, hungry expression. "Please . . . more, please," Claire pleaded, one of her hands supporting her as she lay back, exposed and open to the lusty octopus-woman's teasing.

Grinning wickedly, Eliza licked one of Claire's nipples as she slipped another finger inside. "As you command, my dear." Her fingers started moving, plunging in and out of that teenage pussy, growing more and more slick with her arousal. "You're so hot, so wet," Eliza whispered, moving to be more fully over Claire's body. "God, if you could only feel yourself, you hot little slut," she whispered, the last word almost lost in a moan as Claire's head lifted to wrap her lips around one of the generous breasts in front of her. "And eager too," she murmured, her free hand gripping into Claire's hair to keep her head where it was.

A long finger slipped into Lauren's pussy as she leaned forward, lapping at Alana's pussy. The sound of fingers squishing into wet cunts was audible over the sound of the ocean, from all sides. As Lauren lifted her head for a breath, she caught sight of her sister, getting fingered with her face buried in Eliza's breasts, and felt herself get even wetter. Her little sister was so hot, and the fact that they were both getting fucked inches from each other was only making it hotter. Alana blew lightly over her pussy. "Get back to work, land-whore," she teased, running a finger over Lauren's slit to make her shiver. "If you do a good job, I'll give you a play-by-play of what's happening over there." She dipped a finger inside Lauren's pussy before pulling it out and flicking her clit. "At least, until I start eating this gorgeous little hole."

Lauren moaned. "Yes, ma'am," she said, looking over her shoulder with a wink, before putting her mouth over Alana's clit, sucking gently on it before she started to lash it with her tongue. The taste of mermaid pussy was something she'd never get tired of, something she thought about even when she was in class. Salty, fresh, a little like miso soup but with a hint of sweetness to it; the taste was addictive. And given how wet Alana was, the view of Claire and Eliza was getting her even more aroused than usual.

"Mmmm, fuck, Eliza's got two fingers inside your sister, and her hand is flying," Alana said, her finger slipping up and down Lauren's slit a few times before teasing her asshole briefly. "Claire is really going to town on her tits, by the way; sucking and stroking like she's in love with them." Her voice became huskier. "Ohhh, three fingers now, and I think your baby sister may cream soon." Lauren heard the sound of Claire moaning and gasping, and turned her head to the side to look.

"Don't stop, fucking hell, don't stop!" Claire's eyes were closed as she begged, hands clenching on the rock as her hips thrust up towards Eliza's hand. "Please, so close . . . so . . . godddddd!" Her head went back as she screamed her pleasure to the sky. Eliza moved quickly, covering Claire's mouth with her own before the sound had too much chance to carry; her fingers kept moving, however, finger-fucking that tight teen snatch as fast and hard as she could to make the climax last as long as possible.

As she came down from it, Claire's breathing was labored, and she stared up at the starry sky in wonderment. "That was . . . the most amazing thing ever," she breathed, turning her head to look at Eliza.

The cecaelia had a smug expression on her face, tempered by genuine pleasure. "I'm glad you liked it. And you looked so sexy when you came, sweetheart." She stretched out next to Claire, one hand almost idly stroking one of the petite teen's breasts. "And you still haven't seen all I can do." One of her tentacles stroked up and down Claire's leg, and Claire looked at Eliza a little doubtfully.

"I mean, I've heard about tentacle sex, but . . . is it really good for you?" she asked a little dubiously. "It isn't really a sex organ, and I . . ." the pretty teenager blushed. "I really want you to feel good too."

Eliza kissed her. "Of course it's good for me, Claire. If it wasn't, you wouldn't hear as many stories about it. There are other things we'll do besides that, of course, but . . . yes. I will love it." The tentacle slipped farther up her leg, caressing her thigh now. "And so will you."

There was a muffled groaning sound from next to them, and they both looked over to see Alana and Lauren with their faces buried in each other's pussies, licking and slurping as though it were the last thing they'd ever eat. Lauren's hips were grinding down on Alana's face, encouraging the sea maiden to suck her cunt to get all of the wetness that was gathering there. Alana, in turn, was bucking her hips as well as she could, getting Lauren's fingers and tongue deeper inside of her. The motion was making the rhythm of their lovemaking even more metered as her tail thrashed against the rock faster and faster.

As Alana came, her body tensing and thrashing even harder on the rock, Eliza leaned close to Claire's ear and whispered, "I have an idea." The tip of her roaming tentacle reached the petals of Claire's sex, delicately probing before slipping past them to tease her a little. "I have more than enough of these for us all to share. What do you think?"

Claire was almost past having a coherent thought, but that sounded like the best idea ever. She and her sister would get to be tentacle fucked at the same time! "Yesss," she moaned, spreading her legs wider. "God, that's an amazing idea!"

In a moment, her pussy was being spread open again, this time by something smoother, more supple and powerful than fingers. It was like the best cock she'd ever had, and it didn't stop coming. She closed her eyes and felt herself cum a little, a small tremor compared to what had come before and would likely come after. "That's . . . fuck, that's incredible! Never felt anything like this!" Claire gasped, turning to face Eliza.

"Oh, pretty, wait til we get going," the busty woman responded, leaning forward to kiss and suck Claire's neck hard enough to leave a mark. As she did so, another of her tentacles slipped forward, stroking its way up Claire's other leg and wrapping around. The one embedded in that sweet pussy started to move in and out, fucking its way further into her.

Alana's orgasm had subsided, but she was still lapping and sucking furiously at Lauren's pussy, and the girl in question was moaning louder and longer, her hips working in a circle before she finally cried out her pleasure to the summer night sky. Her back arched powerfully, her pussy gushing wetness all over her lover's face, Lauren's fingers clutched at the rock beneath them.

Lauren came down from her high, panting and lightly covered in sweat. "F-fuck, that's amazing," she whispered, resting her head on Alana's scaled hip. Her eyes caught what was happening with the other two, and blinked sleepily. "Oh, my . . . oh!" she said as one of the questing tentacles reached her leg, slipping up the smooth skin.

Eliza looked over her shoulder at them, a roguish grin on her face. "You get some, too. Alana loves to share." Another of her tentacles slipped along Alana's tail, teasing up along the scales to where the pink slit had opened. "And I do, too."

Claire was writhing on the rock, her body thrusting itself down onto the tentacle inside of her over and over. She barely noticed when the second tentacle slipped up to caress her ass, but she did notice when the slick, smooth tip started to probe and tease her asshole. "What? I've never . . ." she trailed off as Eliza's hands found her breasts, pinching her nipples lightly.

"Maybe not, but there's a first time for everything," the octopus woman breathed, gathering some of the moisture from Claire's pussy with the probing tentacle before moving to the tight, virgin asshole again. "Mmm, and I'm very glad to be your first."

Lauren felt the supple, strong tentacle slip inside of her, and her body responded immediately, pussy growing even wetter; it was almost dripping onto Alana's face. The mermaid's mouth was open in a gasp as her own pussy was spread open by another tentacle. "God, this is . . . the best feeling," Lauren moaned, using the fingers of one hand to spread open Alana's pussy for the invading tentacle.

Eliza pressed her tentacle harder at Claire's asshole, until suddenly it slipped inside. Claire bit back a sound -- she wasn't certain if it was a moan or a scream -- and felt her body adjust to the invader. Eliza gave her a moment to get used to the feeling of fullness and being spread, but soon began to move, thrusting the tentacle deeper and deeper inside of her. As the cecaelia got her tentacles deeper in all three of the other girls, she started to move them in a rhythm, pushing deep into all of them at once.

They were moaning, hips moving, in sync. Eliza could feel their bodies throbbing, twitching with every thrust, and she could feel both of her tentacles rubbing against each other inside of Claire's body. Her own excitement was growing stronger and stronger, her eyes closing to take in the sensation more fully. They were all tight, and so wet and hot, it was amazing to feel!

Claire was almost insensible with the feelings coursing through her. She'd never felt anything like this before, the fullness and slight soreness of having her ass fucked was balanced by the incredible thickness spreading her pussy open. Her moans were growing faster and louder as she bucked her hips onto the two appendages spreading her open.

The other two were moving in concert, grinding against each other as well as the two tentacles inside of them. Lauren gasped when she felt the second tentacle slipping against her asshole, but didn't protest as it slid into her tight pucker. "Ahhhh, fucking hell!" she cried, her head going back in pleasure. "So good, god!"

"That's right," Eliza moaned, "you all feel like heaven!" She picked up her tempo a bit, fucking them faster, and starting to change the rhythm of the thrusts, letting one tentacle go in while the other withdrew. "Can't wait to feel you all cream on my tentacles! Watch you all cum, look so fucking sexy!"

Claire was the first one to explode, her body tensing strongly and then releasing in twitching spasms as she felt her pussy and ass contract around the invading tentacles, starting the chain reaction. "Fuuuuck! God, so good!" On the heels of that, Lauren started to cum as well, her body contorting with pleasure. She was trembling, her pussy gushing wetness onto Alana's face. The taste, combined with the feeling of being fucking, made the mermaid cream as well.

The last thing that Claire remembered was the feeling of something hot and sticky shooting into her pussy and ass, and the thought that she hadn't known octopi could do that. And then everything went black.

~ ~ ~ ~

Claire woke up in bed, with sunlight streaming in through the windows and onto the sheets of the empty bed next to her. "Wha . . . what a fucked up dream," she muttered, swinging her legs over the edge of the bed. She was just wearing a tank top, which was strange, since she remembered putting on shorts before bed last night. She hadn't thought she was that tired.

So she tugged on a pair of pajama pants, and headed out to the front porch. She paused, looking at the table. On the small table, there were two sets of shells, strung together with what looked like string. Her fingers reached out for them, then paused. What . . . did that mean? Had it been real after all?

Claire picked one up, and shook her head. More likely, Lauren was just messing with her. She grabbed the other set of shells and headed out to the porch where her sister sat, a cup of coffee on the railing next to her. "Good morning, sleepyhead."

Draping the shells over the railing, Claire leaned against it and looked at her sister steadily. "What did you leave those on the table for?"

"I didn't. You did, when we got back last night." Lauren sipped her coffee. "Don't you remember?"

There was a moment of silence, and Claire shook her head slowly. "No, I . . . remember getting in to bed. And waking up and you not being in the cabin." She blinked at her sister. "Wait. You're saying that I actually went out to the ocean last night, and got busy with a mermaid and an octopus lady?" Lauren tilted her head. "Yes, fool. That's what I'm saying. And when we left, they gave us those, and told us that if we wanted to visit them, we should put them on and head into the ocean." She set the mug down again, putting her feet up on the railing next to the shells. "What do you want to do with them?"

Claire looked at the shells, gleaming softly in the early morning sunlight. Then she looked up and down the beach, then at her sister. She grinned madly and grabbed one. "Last one in's a rotten egg!"

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