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Last Payment

byMr James©

Kat pushed open the door to Andrew's study. The empty chair and the desk seemed to mock her as she scanned the books lining the walls. The laptop computer he used was closed and, she assumed, locked away in one of the drawers, leaving the wooden surface bare of ornament. There was not even a sheet of paper resting on the polished top. She glanced at the clock on the wall and sighed in relief as she calculated that she was exactly three minutes early. Soon after they had agreed on a method for her to pay the interest on the loan he had made her, she had discovered that Andrew considered every minute late making such a 'payment' was added on, in some way.

Only once had Kat been more than five minutes late with her 'interest' and, for that, she had suffered at his hand over a full hour, unable to scream because of a diabolical device that he had found, or had recreated, she was never sure which, called a "Scold's Bridle". This gagged the wearer with a narrow metal plate, in this case spiked, that pressed down upon the victim's tongue and was fastened tightly about her head with leather straps. She hated being gagged, anyway, and this particular gag she hated so much that she had been early for every other of their monthly 'payment sessions'.

Glancing guiltily around, s though she expected him to be stood, watching her from a corner, she reached beneath her skirt and hooked her fingers into the waist of her panties, sliding the silk quickly down her legs, over her shoes and stockings and then stuffing them into her purse. Andrew had often, since entering into his Mastership of her, forbidden her to wear panties to work, insisting that she sat in her office with her cunt shaven and ass plugged where anyone could, simply by bending down, or by following several steps below as she climbed the stairs, feast themselves on the view of her ass, the cheeks parted by the base of the obscenely large, black butt plug, or the sight of her cunt, moistly pink and often dripping onto the tops of her stockings. He had insisted that 'payment days' would invariably be a day where she would be expected not to where panties. That morning she had dressed hurriedly and had, without thinking of the significance of the date, pulled on a pair of tight silk panties. Only when she arrived home from her office, breathless with the rush from the driveway, had she spotted the calendar and realised that this was the day she paid the final instalment of her interest.

The door opened and Andrew appeared, wearing the dark blue robe, of pure polished silk that he reserved for such occasions. The black case that held the cane he used was in his hand and, she knew, the flexible strip of wood was nestled in its velvet cradle. Andrew placed the box gently on the desk and unfastened the lid. Kat just stood and waited, watching his hands as he opened the box and lifted the cane from the velvet bed. The pale, lemon-coloured wood was stained brown where her blood had marked the smooth surface. Just seeing the smudges on the shaft reminded her of the searing agony and she shivered, at the same time feeling the tightening of her cunt that signalled her dark, perverse need.

Andrew gestured to Kat and she began unbuttoning the front of her dress, right from the neck, down to the hem and then slid it from her shoulders, before folding it neatly over the back of a chair. Andrew watched as she straightened up, standing in front of him, wearing her stockings and her garter belt, her breasts almost spilling from the cups of her bra. Slowly, she reached behind her and unfastened the clasp of her bra and then eased the straps down her arms, laying her bra on top of the folded dress. Andrew's eyes narrowed a little and he frowned as he noticed the narrow band across her hips where the elastic of her panties had pressed against her skin. Stepping closer he moved behind her and glanced down, taking note of the narrow line across the small of her back that marked the smooth skin, denoting the elastic of her panties. He slid his hand down Kat's spine, his fingertips closing on the suspender straps that held her stockings up and unfastening one clip and then the other. Kat bit her lip as she felt Andrew running his fingernail along the dip at the base of her spine and then across the red line at her hips.

"Tell me, my dear, had you forgotten that you had to make a payment today?" he murmured into her ear.

Kat blushed and nodded, mutely, accepting that he knew about her transgression. She lifted her head a little; keeping her eyes cast down and waited for him to decide upon her punishment. Kat could feel the clips of her suspenders moving against the skin of her thighs as she breathed, the silvery metal tickling gently. Andrew slid his hand across the taut curve of her buttock, pressing the base of the plug more firmly into her ass and making her breath quaver in her throat. Gently he pressed against the base of her spine, propelling her to the edge of his desk and then pushed on her neck, so that she had to bend at the waist, with the edge of the wood pressing against her thighs. Kat rested her forearms on the smooth, polished wood, her breasts just brushing the desktop, straightened her back and legs, lifting her ass higher. Andrew gripped the base of the black latex plug that was filling her ass and pulled gently, slowly drawing the thick tapered stalk out of her tightly clenched anus. Kat opened her mouth and breathed a long sigh of relief as she bore down to help ease the shaft of the plug out of her back door.

Kat could feel the shaft of tapered latex stretching her asshole slowly and beads of sweat broke out on her forehead and upper lip as she felt the thickest part of the plug stretched her anus until the skin around the dark pucker was almost paper-thin. She groaned, very softly, as Andrew eased the plug all of the way out of her asshole and placed it to one side. She could feel his fingers spreading her cheeks and skimming lightly around the rim of her asshole, making her twitch and shiver in anticipation. She heard the rustle of his hand dipping into the pocket of his robe and then felt something cool and slippery being smeared around the rim of her anus. Kat wriggled for a moment and then stopped as the pleasant cool of the substance faded and an intense burning sensation replaced it. Kat heard the click of glass against wood and glanced sideways to see the familiar blue of a 'Vicks' jar on the desktop and smelled the sharp pungency of the menthol and eucalyptus oils.

Andrew stepped out of the study, leaving Kat splayed across the desktop, returning a few seconds later with a bowl of hot water and a couple of face cloths. The burning in Kat's ass was intense now, the menthol and eucalyptus making her writhe against the cold wood. Andrew dipped one of the cloths into the hot water and began wiping the ointment away from her anus. Kat flinched and then sighed, with relief, as Andrew carefully cleaned the translucent goo from around her asshole. At last, when he was sure that he had cleared every last drop of the ointment from Kat's backside, he took the second cloth and gently patted her skin dry.

Kat stayed motionless, her hands clenched around the far edge of the desk, her knuckles white with the strain. She could feel the points of her nipples, pressed hard against the desktop, as she waited. Andrew picked up the cane and held it in front of her face, waiting. Kat knew what he expected her to do and pursed her lips, kissing the polished surface, just where it was stained with her blood. Her tongue flickered against the darker patch, tasting the coppery bitterness. She shifted her feet a little and caressed the wood with her plump, moist lips glancing upwards from under her lashes at her master waiting, hoping for his approval.

Andrew stepped back and lifted the cane in his hand, swinging it horizontally through the air to crack harshly against her taut buttocks. Kat grunted as the thin wooden rod bit into the tender flesh and she straightened her back a little. A scarlet welt rose across the curve of her ass, and puckered Kat's tender skin. The line of the cane burned across her ass and Kat desperately wanted to rub the tender skin, to take the sting away. She heard the evil hiss of the wood through the air as Andrew swung the cane again and felt the burning flash of pain as the wood cut into her skin, an exact finger's width above the first stripe. Her whole body jerked and the welt reddened almost immediately. Kat could feel her cunt tightening and moistening as the burning in her ass subsided and she blushed as she felt the familiar churning of arousal in her womb and belly.

Kat tried to breathe slowly and calmly, to still the burgeoning need welling up in her. She could fee the burning of her face, almost as intense as the burning in her ass, at the perverse pleasure with which she was anticipating the next cut of Andrew's cane. She knew that he had photographed and videotaped earlier sessions and imagined him showing them to other masters, her humiliation and sluttishness displayed to them all. She lifted her ass as high as she could, tightening the muscles of her thighs and waited, trembling, to hear the swish of Andrew's next swing. Kat tensed as she heard the hiss of the cane, cutting through the air, and clenched her teeth, just as the wooden rod slashed downwards to catch her at the very top of her buttocks. Kat gripped the desktop hard as she arched her spine, crushing her breasts against the wood and throwing her head back in a soundless scream of perverse pleasure. With swift, vicious flicks of his wrist, Andrew slashed the cane against her buttocks until he had left ten, equally spaced, welts running down the curve of her ass from her back to her thighs. Kat counted them, silently, tallying the cuts of the cane and trying to block out the rising feelings of arousal that clouded her mind.

Andrew wound his fingers in her hair and pulled Kat, roughly, upright. Her eyes watered as she felt the tugging on her scalp and she straightened, her hands dropping by her sides. Then Andrew spun her around and pushed her back against the desk, his hands on her shoulders, bending her backwards until he had her spread across the desktop, her plump, swollen breasts in the air and her erect nipples pointing to the ceiling. Kat just waited, compliant and obedient, as Andrew raised the cane again and brought it down in a vicious cut across her breasts. The pale wooden rod struck squarely against the points of her hard nipples and pain exploded through her body, sending sparks fizzing along her nerves, directly to her clit. The hard pearl of her clit throbbed and Kat wished that he would allow her to touch herself and release the building tide of frustration that threatened to overwhelm her. Andrew raised the cane again and slashed it against her nipples again. Kat gasped as the wood slapped against the points of her bruised and swollen nipples and then gasped again as the aftershocks from the pain reached her clit and she began to cum, her cunt convulsing and each spasm squirting hot, fragrant fluids over her thighs and the tops of her stockings. Her legs trembled and her back arched as her heels drummed against the side of the desk, then she flopped back against the wood, gasping for breath.

Andrew watched Kat lying across the desk, panting and waiting for permission to move. He knew that the welts across her tender ass must be pressing uncomfortably against the cold, hard wood, and that she was burning up with her need to cum, but he just watched and waited. His imagination was busy, conjuring up ways to punish her for breaking his edict that she must go without any panties on those days when she was due to make a 'payment'. Kat knew that the narrow line around her waist had given away her transgression and she waited for his decision.

At first, Kat had dreaded theses extra punishments, imagining all sorts of painful and degrading sessions but now she found herself almost eager to push the limits of her master's patience. She had arrived a few minutes late and eagerly accepted extra cuts with the cane, her suffering a perverse bond and attraction between them. Today she had covered her ass and cunt, something she had never done without her master's permission before, and wondered how he would punish her for such a transgression. She lay still, spread across his desktop and wondered what dark thoughts were in her master's mind. Without speaking, Andrew left the office and closed the door, softly, behind him. Kat was alone with her thoughts and the metronomic tick of the clock.

Kat sprawled across the desk, waiting for her master to return, imagining the fiendish and diabolical punishments he might choose. Sometimes, she knew, the torment was in her mind and she was released from her punishment, untouched and frustrated. This time, though, she was sure that he would find a way to ensure that she paid for her transgression. The door opened and Andrew came into the room, the case for his computer in one hand and two black bags, about the size of small rucksacks in the other. He gestured for Kat to stand up and move to the leather chair, next to his desk and then plugged the laptop into the power and broadband connections. The computer whirred and chimed as it warmed up, then Andrew opened one of the black bags and took out a camera, set on a tripod and aimed it at her, sprawled in the chair. Kat watched as he connected a lead from the camera to the laptop and then opened the other bag, emptying the contents onto the desk, so that they were in view of the camera. Kat glanced across and then blushed at the array of dildos and vibrators, ranging from long narrow ones in silver, to thick black latex ones. Kat knew that Andrew had used all of them, sometimes more than one at a time, to tease and torment her, and now, she wondered what he intended to do. The last item from the bag was one of the gags that she hated so much. This was made of black leather, with a dildo fastened securely to the straps, so that once she was wearing it , it would be like having a thick, greasy cock thrust between her lips and over her tongue. Part of her wanted to say know, even as another part of her was anxious to surrender to his punishment. She knew that she could easily take the dildo in her mouth and she smiled secretly to herself, thinking that this would be one of his more enjoyable punishments. She took the dildo in her mouth almost eagerly without flinching, even when he tightened the straps around her head. Then she watched, puzzled as he logged the laptop into an internet site.

In one corner of the screen, a small window appeared, showing the image that the camera was recording. The rest of the screen looked like a blank page from a chat room. Andrew began to type:

"This slut has disobeyed my instruction. As her punishment, she is to be online here for the next four hours and will have to do anything you, dear viewers, tell her to. Please inform all of your friends. She will neither be allowed to refuse, nor to answer you, other than by following your instructions," he typed.

Kat's eyes widened as he went over to the door, and picked up a chair, then sat down, out of the range of the camera. He watched Kat as she read the words he had typed and then looked back at him. Smiling, Andrew noticed the crimson blush that stained her cheeks as Kat realised that she would have to perform every act that the other members of the chat room demanded. She would have no idea how many people would demand her to perform for them, nor how many would watch as she debased herself. For all she knew, she could be watched by her friends, or family, even her sister.

"Seeing as you have failed to obey me," Andrew said coolly, "your punishment shall be to obey complete strangers."

Kat swallowed, her mouth suddenly full of saliva and her belly roiling in a mixture of revulsion and excitement. She wanted to close her eyes but she knew that, if she did, Andrew would create an even greater humiliation. Reluctantly, she turned her head and fixed her eyes on the screen, waiting for the first instructions to appear.

"Pull the hood back from your clit so I can see it," the first instruction read.

Kat had no hesitation in obeying, even draping her knees over the arms of the chair and spreading her thighs wider, so that the camera could see further into her cunt. Then she placed her fingertips either side of the glistening pearl and pulled back gently, easing the hood over the tip of her clit. Surreptitiously, she stroked the swollen stalk, closing her eyes for a moment as a wave of pleasure washed along her nerves. Spreading her fingertips wide, so that the camera had a good view of her swollen clit and glistening, dripping cunt, she glanced to the side, watching the screen for the next instruction.

"Pick up the biggest vibrator you have and switch it to the fastest setting," someone else added, "And then push it very slowly into your asshole."

Kat reached out for the fat, black latex vibrator and twisted the base until it buzzed in her hand. Nervously, she brought the tip closer and closer to her puckered asshole; touching the tender flesh with it and feeling it throb through her still tender flesh. She groaned around the dildo in her mouth as she pressed the head into her ass, stretching the tightly puckered ring of muscle as she fed the bulbous head into her bowel. The head popped inside, and Kat moaned, sweat beading on her brow and between her breasts. Taking a deep breath, she pushed harder and slid the shaft of the buzzing vibrator inside her ass. She felt so debased as she imagined thousands of people watching her but it excited her and she glanced eagerly at the screen to catch the next command, even as she seated the vibrator firmly in her ass.

"Now finger your dripping cunt, you horny slut," came the next command.

Kat reached down between her spread thighs and slowly ran two fingers along the slit, easing her puffy lips apart with the tips and then working them just inside so that they stretched her tender fuck passage. Gradually she worked them deeper and deeper until her hand was sliding in and out, making wet sloppy, gushing noises with every thrust. The room was heavy with the scent of her cunt and she was dripping onto the leather of the chair when another command, one word this time, appeared.


Kat bunched a third finger alongside the other two and began working them in and out, the slurping noises louder and the fluid gushing over her palm and the tops of her thighs as she rammed the fingers into her aching cunt. Feeling very daring, she bunched her little finger alongside and thrust hard, stretching herself until almost her whole hand disappeared into her cunt. Now the groans were almost audible around her mouthful of dildo and sweat was streaming down her face, smearing her immaculate make-up.

"Fist it bitch!" appeared on the screen.

Kat's eyes widened nervously and she looked toward Andrew, pleading with her eyes for him to release her and end the torment early. Andrew just smiled evilly and shook his head, gesturing to the screen.

"DO IT!" appeared boldly

Do it, or I shall," snapped Andrew.

Sobbing, Kat bunched her fingers and thumb together and pushed. She could feel her cunt stretching, further and further until she thought that she would tear, and then the knuckles slipped past the entrance and her whole hand was inside. Swallowing as best she could with the dildo gagging her, Kat curled her fingers and felt her wrist bone pressed against the nub of her clit. It was enough to make her cum hard and long, screaming into the gag until she thought her throat would bleed, spasms wracking her splayed limbs as the fist and the vibrator combined to force her into a continuous, shattering orgasms.

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