Last Saturday


Last Friday, I came home early from the hotel where I work as a receptionist. When I opened the door my boyfriend was drinking watching a porn movie on the VCR, with our babysitter stroking his penis.

"What are you doing here?," he growled, as he fumbled to close his zipper.

"They let me go early today. What the fuck do you think you're doing?," I replied, annoyed and embarassed.

"You should have called me, then you wouldn't have stumbled in on me like this you stupid bitch," he barked.

"Fuck you, asshole," I exclaimed as I went upstairs, leaving him to his drink and the babysitter

Saturday morning I woke up alone. My boyfriend had stayed downstairs all night. I could smell food being cooked and before I knew it, he brought me breakfast in bed.

"I'm sorry, I was drunk last night," he said softly.

I smiled at him as I sipped the OJ he so thoughtfully poured for me.

"You don't have to get up yet honey, I've done all the chores for today. I've got a picnic basket made up already, and I'm taking you somewhere nice this afternoon to make it up to you," he said with a smile.

I got up around 4 o'clock, showered and got dressed in my knee length skirt, stockings and boots, with the tight babydoll shirt he likes so much. It was a hot day so I left my panties off and the only clean bra I had was black and showed through my shirt, so I decided to leave it off, much to Bobby's amusement.

"I hope for your sake it doesn't get cold out," he joked. I smiled at him and told him I wasn't wearing panties either. "Good girl," he responded with a grin, before giving me a small love slap accross my behind.

He opened the door of the car for me, and we drove for about an hour into the countryside.

"Here we are," he said, pulling in to a field.

There was no one in sight, just rolling fields and woodland.

"It's beautiful," I acknowledged.

"You haven't seen anything yet," Bobby remarked coyly. Taking the basket from the trunk, he took my hand and led me in the woods. He took out a blanket and laid it down next to a stream surrounded by trees.

"This looks perfect," he said, as I leaned over and kissed his cheek.

"Sit here, I'll go get some wood and we'll light a fire."

I sat down waiting for Bobby to return. Half an hour later I saw him walking towards me with two other men through the dim light of the trees. As they drew closer I could see his brother Drew, and Tom his boss from work.

"What are you doing here?," i asked

"We're here sightseeing," said Drew

"And what a pretty sight you are," said Tom, laughing

Bobby looked over at Tom and said "She's even prettier if she stands up."

He leaned over me, taking my hand as I started to rise from the blanket.

"What do you mean, Bobby?," asked Drew

"Well, you can see a lot more when she's standing up," Bobby replied, as he tried to lift my skirt. My hand pressed down over his to stop him.

"What are you doing, Bobby?," I asked

"Come on, they think you're beautiful. The least you could do is show them just how pretty you are," he responded, as he pulled up at my skirt again forcefully.

"Why are you so shy? I've seen you before you know," he laughed

"But they haven't, and I don't want them to," I objected.

Bobby motioned to the men, while he looked into my eyes and said

"The way I see it, you don't have much of a choice."

The two men approached me from either side, grabbing my arms and holding them to my sides. I tried to let out a scream, but before I could make a sound Bobby slapped my face, saying "Honey, don't make it worse".

Shaking, I dared not make a sound.

"Kick her legs apart, guys," he asked Tom and Drew, as they each put a foot on the inside of each heel and pulled my legs slightly apart. Bobby then reached for my skirt again and pulled it straight down, letting it fall around my ankles. Laughing, Bobby said "See her nipples? She likes it!"

"I don't see much nipple," laughed Drew

"We'll have to fix that then," he responded

Drew took a knife from his belt and handed it to Bobby. He immediately pulled my shirt and cut it from bottom to top, and after circling each exposed nipple with the knife, he cut over the shoulders so that it fell off, leaving me totally exposed.

The two held on to me while Bobby got a rope from the basket, and tied my wrists behind my back, wrapping the rope around my arms up to my elbows.

"You can let her go now, guys," he said, as he fastened the other end of the rope to a tree behind me and then around my ankles. Lifting one foot at a time, Bobby took off my shoes and pulled off my socks. "Now we can see how beautiful you are from head to toe," he laughed.

Drew asked Bobby if he could touch me, and he told them he just wanted to teach me a lesson and nothing more. Suddenly I wasn't so scared of Tom and Drew, but I was a lot more scared of Bobby. I'd never seen this side of him.

Tom smiled at me and said "Honey, you're lucky. My lesson would be to teach you to have my baby," as he laughingly cracked open a beer.

"If she doesn't learn, you might get that wish. Besides, I think she'd feel wonderful carrying a black baby inside of her. Come sit down guys, enjoy the view before the sun goes down. We've got food and beer and a free show as well," Bobby laughed as they sat down.

Moments later Tom stood up and exclaimed "Fuck! Look at all these ants!"

Bobby and Drew stood up and moved the blanket, only to find that Bobby laid it over a small ant hill. "Let's wake them up," said Tom laughing. He picked up a burning stick from the fire and poked it into the mound. Instead of burning the ants, the stick went out and more ants started pouring out. One crawled up Tom's arm and he swatted it "The darn thing bit me," he said, looking at the tiny swelling the ant left on him. I errupted in uncontrollable laughter, which made him notice me again.

"I've got an idea," said Bobby, pointing at me. "Go get her."

His friends approached me and untied my legs first, then the rope that was anchoring me to the tree. They dragged me to the ant hill, face down over the leafs and twigs on the ground. I could feel the ground scraping against my skin, tiny twigs scratching into me, chaffing at my nipples.

"What do you want us to do?," asked Drew

Pointing to the firewood, he said "Simple. Bang four of those pieces of wood in the ground, tie her hands and feet to them like tent pegs and lets see how she feels being bitten by an ant."

Drew dragged me over the mound and sat me down on it while Bobby pushed me down so I was laying on my back, and pulled my body slightly backwards. Bobby didn't notice that my slit was so close to the mound. Tom steaked the ground and cut four pieces of rope to tie my hands and feet.

"Let's wake them up again," chucked Bobby, as he pushed the stick in the mound, noticing how close my opening was, and correcting his thrusts so that the stick rubbed against my clitoris with each poke. He pulled the stick away and my writhing placed my lips almost directly over the hole in the mound.

I could feel the ants crawling over my skin, darting around the opening of my pussy as I begged them to let me go.

"Not till you've learned your lesson!," Chided Bobby.

The ants started crawling in my opening and I could feel their tiny stings making my pussy tingle. With each bite I could feel myself squirm, and with each squirm I could feel more and more ants crawling and biting.

Bobby laughed, "This isn't punishment, look at her, she's getting off on it!" He knelt down, and picked up some a leafy twig and started thrashing my breast with it. First the left, then the right, then both together, as he swiped accross both my nipples. The twig made me squirm more and more which made the cycle evermore intense. The men watched as I helplessly squirmed over the mound, laughing at what looked like me fucking the ant hill while bobby thrashed at my breasts with his twig. Gyrating wildly, I started to orgasm. Ashamed, exposed, excited, crying.

Drew pulled his dick out and started to masturbate, followed by Tom and Bobby. The three started jerking harder and harder with each gyration of my hips against the mound, harder and faster, until Tom came over my face, some of his saltiness leaking into my partially opened mouth. Next was Drew, who came over my left breast, the fluid strangly soothing my nipple. Bobby came over my mouth as I came to a climax myself.

My pussy throbbing and visibly swollen, Bobby untied me from the steaks and dragged me to the edge of the stream, where Tom and Drew rubbed the water over my body, and their hands over my skin. Drew paying extra attention rubbing at my swollen pussy, Tom rubbing and tweaking my nipples. My body shocked and excited, in pleasure and pain, I begged them to fuck me.

"Fuck me, fuck my shit up. Bobby, let them fuck me, please?," I pleaded

Bobby laughed, saying "You heard her guys. Give it to her good!"

Drew started to suck my right nipple, tweaking, pulling at the left, while Tom started darting his finger in and out of my swollen mound. In, out, in, out, suck, tweak, continued. I could feel their dicks pressing agsinst my legs and Bobby finally untied my hands so I could return the favor. I took a dick in each hand and started stroking from the base to the tip, up and down, up and down again, feeling them throb in my wet hands. I pulled Drew towards my front and Bobby shouted

"What the hell are you doing? You know Tom wants to make you pregnant. You begged for it, so I hope you took your pill today," he laughed

I started to back away, and Drew grabbed my arms. Tom pulled my hips towards him and laughed as he thrust himself into me with one stroke and started to pound. Drew let go and I could feel myself bucking against Tom's thrusts helplessly, drawn towards his throbbing dick inside me. I started to play with Drew again, and he pushed himself in my mouth and I started to suck. With each thrust in my pussy, I started sucking harder and harder.

"You heard her, Drew. Fuck her shit up! Fuck her ass," Bobby joked.

Drew pulled out of my mouth and Tom rolled me on my side. Drew started to finger my asshole while Tom fucked me, till he eventually thrust his dick in ever so slowly at first, moving faster and faster as I bucked uncontrollably against Tom, pumping his semen into me stroke by stroke. Drew pulled out of my ass and came around my front and said

"You almost swollowed my cum earlier, so do it now, bitch!"

I started to suck him again while Tom sucked and nibbled at my chaffed nipples. I could feel Drew throbbing against my lips, as he pulled my hair back and thrust deeper into my mouth, almost choking me with his load. They both got off of me, as I lay there feeling a cruel, bitter pleasure.

Bobby gave me a towel

"Here, clean yourself off. There's clothes in the basket. Next time call if you're coming home early, got it?," he asked.

"Yes, Bobby," I responded.

With a wave, he dismissed Tom and Drew, and drove me home.

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