tagNonConsent/ReluctanceLast Train Home

Last Train Home


Phew! Louise thought to herself as she slid onto the train, just as the doors slid shut behind her; missing the last train would have meant about a £50 taxi fair home. She had been out for a few drinks in the city with some friends and was looking forward to bed; she just hated the hour long train journey home. Settling into the first seat she could find, she laid her head back and prepared to relax. There were no more than 50 people on the train and she had managed to get a booth with two rows of chairs facing each other all to herself.

She slipped her shoes off, put her headphones on and closed her eyes.

She awoke with a sensation that someone had joined her on the seats. She kept her eyes closed as she took a moment to recall where she was. Realizing that the train doors had opened, she briefly opened her eyes to look out of the window. Recognising the name, she realised that it was the last stop before her own. She didn't get too excited though, because she knew that it was still another half an hour's journey. She adjusted her position on the chair, leaning back so that she could peep from under hey eyelid to see who had joined her at her seat.

Her heart skipped a couple of beats when she realised that it was not just one person that had joined her, but a group of 3 men; one next to her and 2 opposite.

She couldn't really risk opening her eyes more to look around the carriage for fear they would realise she was awake, but she got the feeling that the train was considerably quieter than it had been when she had first gotten on. Why had this group decided to sit with her? Surely there were plenty of free seats?

Luckily, the album she had been listening to had reached the end, so she was able to listen in to their conversation, while the men had probably assumed the music was still playing. A bearded man with mid-length, flicky hair was speaking.

'I'm telling you dude, she's definitely asleep.'

Louise couldn't see the man next to her, but heard his gruff reply, 'she's fucking sexy dude; and with that tight top she's wearing, she's just asking for trouble.'

Louise suddenly felt very conscious of eyes, staring at her pert tits, straining against her low cut black vest top; but she couldn't do anything to cover up without giving up the fact that she was awake and could hear the men. Suddenly a bright light flashed near to her; she involuntarily clenched her eyes shut to shield from the light, she knew instantly what was going on.

'Dude,' the man next to her said, 'this photo shows pretty much all the way down her top, 'check it out.'

Louise peeped again and saw a phone being passed across the small plastic table which separated the seats.

'Fucking sweet,' said the short haired blonde man opposite, 'imagine fucking blowing your load over those bad boys!'

'Imagine it?' Asked the bearded man next to him, 'fuck dude... why just imagine it?'

Louise's heart was pounding in her chest now. What could she do? She was trapped. She begged for something...anything to help her. Her luck was in.

'Hey fellas...' she heard a voice from across the aisle somewhere. Oh thank God, a saviour, she thought, 'I really don't think it's appropriate to talk like that. There's plenty of room on the train, why not let the lady sleep?' Louise could have kissed him. Surely now they would move away and that would be the end of it. Surely?

'Fuck you, you fucking loser.' Came the reply from the man next to her. She felt him swivel to face the voice that had confronted them. 'What the fuck are you going to do? There's nobody else on the train; you think you could take all three of us? Go right the fuck ahead!'

A long, awkward silence followed. Louise begged for the man to reply; anything that could save her. Threaten them with the police or something. But the silence was all she could hear.

Carl knew that the pussy who had spoken up was not going to come to the girl's rescue. Just looking at him as he had spoken the threat had been enough to confirm to him that he was no have a go hero. He felt his cock throbbing in his jeans as the thoughts of what he wanted to do to this sexy sleeping little slut coursed through his mind. He stared hard at those perky tits and longed to mash and maul them with his hands. He unzipped his jeans and allowed his thick, throbbing member to spring free.

'Dude, Carl! No way!' Adam, the bearded dude exclaimed as he realised what Carl had done.

'Sick dude!' Came Jim, the blonde's response.

'Watch this,' Louise heard Carl's gruff voice speak, just before she felt her hand being grabbed and yanked down and across to come into contact with his hot, thick muscle.

She sat bolt upright at the realisation of what was going on. 'What the fuck?' She cried as her headphones slid off.

'Dude, she's awake!' Came Adam's voice.

'You like that you sexy slut?' Carl said, as her gripped her hand around his cock and began to work it up and down; her resistance only adding to his pleasure.

'Get off of me!' She yelled, trying, in vain, to pull her hand free of his firm grip; she felt the heat of his cock in her hand.

'Yeah,' Carl growled, as he used her hand to pump his shaft up and down.

'This fucking rocks!' Adam exclaimed as he felt his own cock throbbing in excitement.

'Yeah it does.' Jim agreed as he released his own cock from its confines and grabbed at the pretty brunette's ankles as she flailed her feet about in panic. He firmly and easily pulled them to his crotch and slid his pulsing member in between the soles of her bare feet.

She continued to wail in protest as the two strong men used her hands and feet to pleasure themselves; her cries only seeming to add to their twisted delight.

'About time you shut up I think pretty lady.' Carl said as he leant forward and grabbed her head firmly in his big hand. She took a deep, shocked breath as her mind tried to comprehend what was happening. Before she could even react, her shocked, open mouth was being forced down and around his thick cock. He pushed himself all the way to the back of her throat, gausing her to gag and choke as the head of his prick banged up inside her. It came back out with a thick, oozing glob of saliva, which he used to lubricate his member on subsequent thrusts.

The harder she resisted, the harder and deeper he went; all the while, her attempts to kick free of Jim sitting opposite were proving futile. He continued to slide his length up and down her arched soles; providing running commentary on how good her sexy feet felt wrapped around his cock.

Adam sat wanking his cock up and down watching the debasement of this sexy little brunette slut; he loved the way that it looked so right for her full red lips to be wrapped around the shaft of a cock. She was born to do this kind of shit; her body was the perfect fucking machine and he and his two buddies were sent to service that machine.

Carl decided that it was time to move the show forward. Releasing her head and allowing her to come up, gasping and spluttering for air, he wasted no time in sliding his hands around her petite frame and hoisting her up and out of the seat.

Her feet finally free, she kicked and wriggled for all her worth as Carl picked her up; but she quickly realised it was pointless. He was far too big and well built to be affected by anything she could do. She felt completely powerless as he plonked her down on the table and instructed Jim to pin her hands down behind her head.

'Adam, this is yours buddy;' she saw Carl beckon to the bearded dude as he slid back down onto the seat. He looked at her laying on the table and spoke, with a wink. 'This dude licks a mean fucking pussy.

Adam jumped to his feet and quickly and expertly unbuttoned the fly of her mini skirt. Paying no heed to her frail kicks, he hooked his thumb around two belt loops and whisked down her skirt and red lace thong in one swift movement. She fought to free her hands in an attempt to cover her modesty, but Jim held her easily and Carl had begun to massage her firm tits through her top.

But Carl's hand was the last thing on her mind as she felt her legs pushed roughly apart and a hot, wet tongue pressing firmly against the lips of her shaven pussy.

'Ohh fuck,' she wailed as his tongue parted her lips and pushed deep inside; the length and thickness of her tongue surprising her as he came into contact with her g-spot.

'Sexy slut tastes fucking sweet.' Adam said as he came for air, licking his lips with a relish. He wasted no time in going back down, easily keeping her protesting thighs parted with the palms of his hands.

Louise couldn't help the feelings of pure pleasure that coursed through her body as his expert tongue worked magic inside of her throbbing pussy. She flushed deep with shame and fought to keep herself from moaning as Adam continued to tongue fuck her.

Jim wanted in on the action, so used just one hand to restrain her hands. With his free one, he grabbed at Louise's head and pulled her towards the end of the table and his waiting cock.

Her gasp was once again taken advantage of as she felt Jim's thick, throbbing cock invade her throat. He bobbed her head up and down on his cock as Adam continued to tongue fuck her. Despite her most fierce resistance a fire was beginning to smoulder in the pit of her stomach. She felt an orgasm slowly building and the feeling of her tits being pulled free and the feeling of Carl's thick, hot cock pressing up against her bare flesh only made things worse.

Adam could sense the orgasm building from the way she began to twitch and gyrate her fleshy pussy against his face. He doubled his efforts and received an almost immediate payoff.

Louise felt the waves of shame and embarrassment hit her just as hard as the deep, throbbing orgasm that rocked her body to the core. She moaned and wailed out loud around Jim's throbbing cock and hungrily sucked at his pole as she felt her pussy juices flooding out and coating Adam's face; his tongue continuing to electrify her g-spot as he prolonged and intensified her climax.

'Look at this slut cum,' Carl whooped as he saw her writhing on the table. He had discarded his jeans at this point and so turned to rummage through the pocket. Quickly retrieving his phone, he snapped the camera and quickly began to record the scene before him. He loved how the HD camera picked up all of the contours of her sexy, lithe body as she writhed in ecstasy.

'My turn now,' Carl said as he stood up and quickly tossed the camera to Adam. Gripping Louise's bare feet he pulled them wide apart before stepping in and pressing the bulbous head of his cock against her dripping wet snatch. 'You're gonna fucking love this.'

Louise felt her head spinning as Carl slid his entire length deep inside of her tight, wet pussy. She fought and fought to free her hands, but Jim held firm as he continued to fuck her face. Adam provided commentary as he filmed the whole thing. Carl began to thrust, hard and deep, all the way in and then removing the entire length, before sliding it back in with one, fluid motion.

'Slut's fucking loving this, aren't you?' She heard Adam addressing her. 'Look at you, writhing about on a train table, getting fucked by three perfect strangers; while one shocked fucking moron watches on with a sizeable bulge in his crotch. I bet he'd fucking love to have a little slut like you suck his cock.'

Carl continued, 'I bet he'd much rather do that than stand up for your honour. Isn't that right buddy?' Carl asked him. There was no response. 'If I ask you a question, I expect an answer. Do you want to save her, or have her suck your cock?'

'Dude...' Came a quiet reply. Louise was too busy getting fucked in her pussy and mouth to pick up on much of what was going on; but the camera picked it all up perfectly.

'Dude isn't an answer dick,' Jim waded into the conversation. 'Hero or face fucker?'

'...face fucker...' came the reply eventually.

'Ha! Knew you'd come good buddy!' Carl replied as he pulled himself out of Louise and whisked her from the table. 'Whip it out then dude.' As he spoke he held her up like a rag doll as he quickly whisked off her remaining clothes to leave her standing, fully nude on the train.

In her confused and dazed mind, she realised that at some point, the three men had managed to completely strip off too; so at least she wasn't the only naked one on the train. She took that as some form of strange consolation.

Adam took over and easily forced her to her knees before her hero; who had pulled out his own fair sized member and held it firmly in his hand. She managed a quick look up at his face and at least he had the good grace to look away as her mouth was forced down onto his waiting prick.

'Yeah slut,' came Jim's voice above her as he hovered in with the camera; 'suck your hero's cock.'

Louise's perky little arse was hoisted up into the air and she felt a firm and appreciative slap across her buttock. She flushed as an overwhelming sense of arousal pulsed through her system. 'Fuck me that's a sexy little arse.' She heard Adam say as her positioned herself behind her and quickly slid his length into her cunt. 'Holy shit that's tight,' she heard Adam exclaim as he gripped her slim waist and began to piston his length deep inside of her.

As they continued to fuck her, she felt her arms being pulled to the side and her hands placed onto waiting cocks. She took the hint, now way beyond any form of resistance; she began to pump her hands up and down her abuser's cocks.

'Fuck yeah; she's accepting herself for the lean, mean, fucking machine that she is.' Carl said as he hi-fived Jim and Adam. He looked down to her former hero, his face in pure heaven as he watched this mesmerising beauty suck on his cock; but not just suck it, make fucking love to it. Her tongue caressed the underside of his shaft and each time she applied the suction it was just enough to edge him that little bit closer to heaven. 'Dude,' Carl said, breaking his reverie, 'force her head down; she loves that shit.

The hero did just that; he grabbed handfuls of her long, silky hair and pushed her down hard, thrusting his cock forward to meet her oncoming throat. She gagged and coughed around his cock, so he pulled out and did it again, loving how her thick saliva lubricated his member.

Louise buckled to successive orgasms as first Adam fucked her long and hard and then Jim and Carl took their own turns in fucking her with their powerful tools to countless climaxes. She moaned and wailed around the thick cock which had made its home in her throat and felt her whole body flush with the powerful feelings that were rocking her universe.

After what seemed like an age she sensed a quickening in the men's thrusts; by now her pussy juices had begun to pool on the floor around her knees and her well used cunt was beginning to feel rather raw. So it was something of a relief when she was pulled and twisted away and around, so that now her pussy was at her hero's disposal and she found her mouth confronted by three demanding cocks to service.

'That's it slut, suck them in turn.' Carl encouraged and she needed no further prompts; she merely reached out and began to work her mouth up and down each of the throbbing poles in turn. She began to bounce around as she felt her hero's cock plunge deep inside and his quick and hard thrusts sent further shockwaves of pleasure surging through her body.

'Ohhh fuck,' she moaned and wailed in between cocks as the pulsing and throbbing cock inside her began to twitch. She grabbed the nearest cock and swallowed it, deep and hard; sucking it hungrily as she felt her hero's cock explode deep inside of her spraying wave after wave of his hot spunk. This triggered another explosive orgasm in her and she continued to suck hungrily on Jim's cock, willing him over the edge.

Jim felt his cum rushing to the tip of his cock and pulled his head free just in time. His first wave hit Louise smack in the eyes, causing her to blink hard in shock. But there was no time to react really, as his next wave quickly followed and splashed, hard against her chin. He sprayed his load over her face as her hero emptied himself deep inside of her. The camera caught all the expressions on faces as Carl panned it around the train. Taking his own cock he began to pound it now to climax; looking down upon the sexy little slut beneath him as he took aim at her cheek.

He caught her off guard as she was still face on to Jim as he pumped his cock over her lips. She span, shocked, just in time for the next blast to hit her right nostril and splat up and into her hair. She came again at the vulgarity of it all and felt her pussy walls cramp tight around the shaft of her hero... who was still fucking hard! She quickly began to fuck herself on his cock, milking his entire thick length with her well fucked pussy.

'Holy fuck dude,' Came her hero's voice, 'I think i'm gonna fucking cum again!' This caused Louise to fuck even harder and she turned her mouth to meet her one last cock; determined to swallow his entire load.

She just managed to get Adam's cock into her mouth before she felt the first blast of his hot, salty spunk spurting out from the tip; triggering a huge orgasm inside of her and sending her hero over the edge for the 2nd time in just over a minute. Adam gripped the back of her head and forced his cock to the back of her throat as he unloaded his entire load into her pretty little mouth.

'Holy fuck dudes!' Carl exclaimed after the mayhem had subsided; he gave high fives all around, including to his new friend 'The Hero'.

'Man, we're nearly fucking there!' Jim said as they felt the train slowing. Louise heard movement and shuffling all around but was far too busy coming down from the unbelievably epic fucking she had just received to open her eyes. But she felt the train when it came to a stop and felt her clothes as they were dumped onto her body.

'Sweetheart, you were fucking beautiful!' Adam said as he slapped her hard on her buttock before he stepped over her and left the train.

Louise quickly sat up and dressed; thankfully it was the last stop, so the train wasn't leaving to go anywhere. She stood shakily to her feet and checked to make sure that all of her possessions were still there; they were. As she stumbled out into the cool night air, she felt a buzzing in her pocket.

Taking her phone out she saw she had received a message. It was her friend.

- Had a good nite tonite. Same again nxt wk? -

Louise keyed in the reply.

- Yeh, defo x -

She just knew that she would be on that last train home...

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