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Last Zealot Virgin


Recently I spent time with the British Army in Israel. While there I began to think of the history of that land and the many conflicts that have taken place there. This is my first attempt at fiction, and once again I am grateful for the editing skills of michchick98.


Rachel could not believe her ears. Herod, the false "King of The Jews" had ordered the massacre of all the boys aged two and younger in Bethlehem. She had heard about the strangers from the East, claiming to be following a star. Probably just Zoroastrian superstition, but Herod had taken it seriously.

Disturbed and terrified that a true Son of David would seize his throne, Herod had asked for help from Rome. The Roman Army swept in to Judea to suppress any possible uprising. Thinking back to the days of Judas Maccabeus, Rachel clutched her sword close to her side. There was no going back now; she knew that the very survival of her race was at stake. She could never forgive Herod for the death of her father and now she heard the Romans had surrounded her home town of Sychar, she feared for her mother.

Rachel was twenty five years old now. Battle hardened and experienced in all aspects of fighting. Six foot three inches tall, with strong muscles making up her eleven stone weight. Her dress was practical rather than modest. A leather top just covered her bulging breasts while a short leather skirt covered her feminine areas. In her strong sandals, sword belt, long black hair and almost dark chocolate brown eyes she was an attractive challenge to any man.

Seven years ago, when she was just eighteen, following the raid on her home that killed her father, she had joined the Sisterhood of Zealots. There had been fifteen of them then, each swearing their undying allegiance to Judea. Following the example of Sampson who got his strength from his hair, they got theirs from their virginity.

Each had sworn to retain their virginity until marriage and they would only marry when Herod was dead and the last of his family had left Judean soil. One by one, her sisters in arms had been killed and now she was the last virgin in the Zealots, and out of respect for her position she had her own cave, a minute's walk from the men's quarters. She had built herself a reputation as a fighter, had been trained by the best the resistance could offer, and was now the leader of her own band of men.


Titus set up his camp in Sychar. On his long march, his army had left a forest of crosses in its wake as a warning to all who would dare to defy the authority of Rome, or her allies. Now he was looking forward to a victorious home coming in Rome as he suppressed the enemies of his Emperor's friend. But he wanted one prize above all others.

He knew the Zealots had been harassing Herod's forces for several years, and one group in particular on the outskirts of Sychar, led by a woman named Rachel, had been a particular problem. Has anyone seen her?" he asked his Centurion Gaius. "Has anyone seen or heard of this Jewish vixen, Rachel?" He stopped his horse as he waited for an answer.

"She's just a myth Sir," Gaius replied. "A myth put forward by our enemies, a woman of people's imagination, and we can never capture someone who does not exist."

As the words were on his lips, he slumped to the ground, dead. Struck by a rock from a sling. That first rock was a signal for others to start throwing rocks from their slings as soldier after soldier fell to the ground.

"Long live Judea!"

A woman's voice, definitely a woman's voice. Titus just had time to focus on the source before he felt a sharp pain in his side and he fell from his horse. Immediately the soldiers formed "the turtle", placing their shields around their injured commander, as their archers responded. But it was like chasing shadows as the Zealots escaped into the many caves that honeycombed the hills outside Sychar.

That evening, back in his camp, Titus sat as a slave bathed his side. "She has to be caught, taken prisoner, humiliated and made an example of," he barked to his attendants. Anthony, his trusted tribune looked on in disbelief. "I want her captured before the week is out," he continued. "She will bow before the authority of Rome."

"Before the week is out, you will have her head on a silver plate in this very tent," Anthony replied. He stood, went to the tent entrance and looked out . "After we take her down from the cross."

"No, that is no good. I don't want her harmed, I want her captured," Titus said. "It's the only way. The people of Sychar have made her into a heroine, a role model. She claims she gets her strength from her virginity. Her people must see her humiliated and without honor. If her people see her surrender they will follow."

Anthony coughed and raised his eyebrows. He knew how difficult this would be.


Back in the Zealot camp, Rachel counted the numbers. "There are only twenty nine of us now," she said as she stared into the fire. "Twenty nine! How long can we last? A day? A week? Simon, what do you think we should do? Disperse or stay? Fight or wait?"

Simon looked up from the fire. He had always been a fighter and he wanted to continue. "I think we should make a last stand, confront them and fight until the last of us falls." He looked up and smiled at Rachel. "But before that we should consummate our love. It might be our last chance."

Rachel glared at him. "Yes we were promised to each other, but I am under a solemn virginity vow. No man will touch me until we have removed Herod and defeated the Romans." Simon tried to protest but Rachel held her hand up for silence. "Do you think I don't want to? Of course I want to be fulfilled, but we can't do it. Not now, not ever. We will have each other for eternity in paradise, we'll be together there soon enough."

Simon shook his head. "What if there is no paradise?" he asked. "What if this is all there is? What if we are just food for worms?" Tears were filling his eyes. "I've waited so long to have you, to possess you, to join our bodies together. What would be so terrible if we just had one night together?"

"It would be a betrayal of my vows, God would be angry!" Rachel shouted.

"Oh I can see how much you being a virgin has pleased him so far! With his help we are about to be annihilated!" Simon retorted.

Rachel stood and slapped him round the face. Simon grabbed her and they wrestled. In the close contact, she could feel the excitement in Simon's loins, the bulge that showed his desire and need. For one moment, she was tempted to give in and lead him to her cave.

Perhaps he was right! Maybe there was no God, surely one night of pleasure would not make any difference whatsoever, not now surely. She was about to weaken, to give in, when she reminded herself of her vow. She raised her knee and delivered a telling thrust into Simon's manhood. He yelped like a puppy and limped into the corner.

"Now get some sleep. Tomorrow we need all our wits about us." Looking round at her men she said, "we all need each other."


The next day Titus was up early, he could never sleep in Judea, too much noise. He was reminded by the pain in his side of his need to get revenge and confront Rachel. He called his close aids together and they decided it was time to take Sychar. Forming his foot soldiers into columns, the signal was given to begin the attack.

The battle raged most of the day, and Titus had to admire the courage of the enemy. But by nightfall Sychar was taken and Titus and his army were victorious. He called his advisors and decided the leading men of the town would be crucified and the others enslaved. The women would be taken for domestic slaves or used as bed slaves for the army.

The children would be his weapon. Titus was a fighting man, he did not and would not willingly murder children and did not intend to do so now. He obeyed his Emperor, but he despised Herod and all he stood for. Yet he could threaten to kill the children unless Rachel surrendered to him personally. She wouldn't know that he would not carry out his threat. She would have heard of the taking of Sychar, now she would also hear of his demands. Demands that she surrender in exchange for the lives of the children.

While the mercenary elements of the Roman army, those Titus considered scum, took their reward in the rape of the women, the children were gathered together and Titus set up a camp in the remains of the town centre and waited.


"You will never guess what that bastard Titus has done now," Simon said as he burst into Rachel's cave. "He's sacked Sychar and taken the children hostage! Now he's set up a camp there."

"That's not the Roman way." Rachel said. "The scum that make up his army might decide to do this but not Titus. He must have something in mind." She and Simon went to the main cave where she looked round and observed her men. "We must send a scouting party. Reuben, go with Saul and see what is happening and get back before night fall." The two scouts took some food and water and made their way down the hill.


Titus was relaxing in his chair when his concentration was disturbed. "My Lord Titus, forgive me, but this man just pushed his way through," a centurion said, "he says he has something important to tell you." The centurion pushed the grubby looking slave to the ground.

Titus got up and approached the man. "Well speak!" he barked. "If you have forced your way in here for no reason you'll go to the cross!" The man trembled.

"Sir..." he hesitated, "I've just seen two of Rachel's men searching round." Titus looked curiously pleased and beckoned the man to continue. "If … if I show your guard where I saw them, will you spare my family?" The centurion kicked the man back onto the ground.

"We make no deals with slaves! But if your information results in me getting my hands on Rachel, I'll think about it! No promises, but I will think it over." He turned to the centurion. "Now, take as many men as you need and arrest the two spies. Arrest them, do not harm a hair of their heads. Understood?" The centurion saluted, turned and left the tent.

Titus returned to his bed where his bed slave was waiting, but he did not want sex today. He lay back feeding on meat, drinking warm wine and being massaged with oils by his Egyptian eunuch. He must have drifted off to sleep because the next he knew he was being woken by his centurion dragging two prisoners with him.

"They put up a fight sir, but we obeyed your instructions, not a hair was touched." With that the centurion brought Reuben and Saul to into Titus' quarters.

Titus arose and walked towards his prey. "Well done, Centurion." He turned to the captives. "One of you two is going to the cross. You are going to play pitch and toss and the loser will be crucified!" He could sense the fear in their eyes. "But the winner could still save the loser, it's up to him."

The instruments of pitch and toss were brought in, the rules explained and the game proceeded. Within a short a time Saul was the winner. "Put the loser in chains to await crucifixion," the centurion ordered three soldiers. "What do we do with the other, sir?"

"We set him free. We return him to his mistress. He can tell her that his colleague, her scout, is to die on the cross at the ninth hour of tomorrow. He can tell her that six innocents from Sychar will die with him. The next day another six will die, and another six the day after, and so on. Unless she surrenders herself to me by the sixth hour tomorrow. Now Go!" he shouted. The soldiers mocked as they saw Saul scurrying away, sensing victory at last.


Saul made his way back to the hill country, entered the main cave and found Rachel, Simon and the others. He told them what had happened. "Well, you can't go," Simon said coldly. "You know what they will do to you!" Rachel sat back on her heels, tears welling in her eyes.

"I don't have a choice," she said. "Too many lives are at stake." She turned and faced the others. "My life is nothing. I cannot let those monsters murder innocents just to save my life. I don't think he will do it. He's a soldier, he's no Herod, but I cannot take that chance. I'm going to surrender myself." Simon went to grab his sword, but Rachel motioned with her eyes. "Don't think you will change my mind by fighting me. None of you have ever defeated me in combat!"

"Well now is the time to taste your first defeat, because I'm not letting you do this. They will crucify you, don't you know that?" Simon said as he stepped forward. "Now stop being foolish!"

Rachel drew her sword as Simon lunged forward and she parried, then they clashed swords as sparks flew. Rachel knew Simon did not want her to surrender, but she also knew she had no choice. She swung her arm upwards and then brought her sword down onto Simon's shoulder, making a superficial cut below his left ear. She then disarmed him with a swift upward stroke and pointed the sword towards his throat.

"I'm flattered you think so highly of me," Rachel said as she motioned for Simon's surrender. "You always had a romantic heart, but romance does not win battles. It's time you learned that." She signaled to him to sheath his sword and she did the same. They smiled and embraced. "Besides, Titus won't crucify me, he'll plan to cage me and send me to Rome as part of his victory parade where I'll be killed as entertainment for the people. I'll escape before that happens."

The group slept together that night, huddled round a camp fire. In the morning Rachel gathered her sling, some rocks and her bow, arrows and a sword. She made her farewells and started down the hill. She turned and said, "I'm going!" The others tried to follow her, but she signaled them to remain.


It took Rachel all of two hours to reach the outside of the camp. She knew the mind of Titus, knew he would want her alive so she was going to have some fun. She drew an arrow from her pouch, loaded it in her bow and aimed at a Roman walking towards his tent. The man heard the "whoosh", felt the pain and fell to the ground in his death throes.

Rachel then used her sling, taking out two more soldiers with rocks before she was surrounded. Drawing her sword, she engaged in a close fight, killing two more mercenaries and injuring three before she was over powered and bound. She was then dragged into the presence of Titus.

"So, this is the warrior who has been plaguing Herod's armies?" Titus rose from his seat and looked Rachel in the face. She spat at him, hitting his face, and the guard raised his hands to strike her but Titus intervened. "No!" he barked. "That's no way to treat our guests, especially such an honored guest."

"Go to hell!" Rachel responded. "You and your army." She tried to pull against the chains but it was useless. "No true warrior would use innocents to capture an enemy. No true man." She was trying to provoke another response, but none came.

"Oh that?" Titus mocked. "I'm a soldier. I don't murder children, they will all be released. I was never going to harm them." As Rachel glared at him, he made a gesture and a centurion saluted and ran off in the direction of the children's tent. "But there is one captive we are keeping." Titus clapped his hands twice and a woman was brought into the tent and made to stand.

"Recognize her do you?" he mocked, taking his seat again. "Recognize your mother, Rachel?"

Rachel gasped and for the first time in a long time she was speechless. As tears welled in her eyes, she gasped through the sobs. "You …you bastards! You bastards! If you've harmed her I'll …."

Titus didn't give her the chance to finish. "You'll what? Kill me? Drive us out?" He burst into uncontrollable laughter. "Your days of fighting us are over young lady. But, we are not the tyrants you think we are. While we have you, your mother will come to no harm." Pointing to the guard who was holding her mother he barked, "Take her away! And make sure she's well cared for. We wouldn't want any accidents would we?"

Rachel struggled against the chains, trying to get to her mother. "Okay, you win. Put me in your cage, take me to Rome, and execute me for sport in front of the crowd. But please, please don't hurt my mother!"

"What's this?" asked Titus. "You, begging me? I promise you, no harm will come to your mother if you obey me." He stood and walked towards her. "Not so strong now, are you? I recon we could do away with your chains and you would still obey." He gave a signal and the chains were removed. "You see, my dear, I know you better than you know yourself!" He stared in her eyes, tempting her to respond, knowing that she wanted to, but common sense would stop her.

For the first time in her life, Rachel felt fear. As she returned the stare in Titus' eyes, she wanted to wipe that smile off his face, but she dared not try or her mother would die. "Okay, I'll go. I surrender. Take me to your prison and prepare me for Rome. But know this Titus, there are others out there who will fight you and you will be defeated. When the Messiah, our warrior king comes, the Roman Eagle will fall!"

"We'll worry about that when it happens, but don't be in such a hurry. I'm not sending you to Rome. I've got other plans for you!"

Rachel froze, stunned. What could he mean? Crucifixion? Beheading? No not that, she wasn't a Roman citizen. What then? Surely her public execution in Rome would be his stamp of authority.

Titus clapped his hands. "Leave us!" he shouted. "I'm safe alone with her now." He turned to Rachel. "Aren't I?" Rachel lowered her eyes and nodded.

One by one, the guard and his slaves exited the tent leaving Titus alone with his prey. He drew his sword and, with one sweep, cut the leather top concealing Rachel's breasts. He moved forward and grabbed one, feeling the nipple harden. Suddenly, the penny dropped for Rachel. He was going to rape her. Her so carefully preserved virginity was going to be ripped from her by a Roman pig.

"No, I won't!" she screamed. "I've taken vows! you can't! You won't!"

But it was already becoming too late. She felt her nipples harden as a new sensation, one she had never felt before, stirred in her breast and in her sex. Next, her small skirt protecting her modesty was cut away and Titus dragged her to his bed and threw her on top. Rachel was angry with herself as she felt her body betraying her mind.

"I've promised myself I'd have you," Titus said. The words and the thoughts they generated cut like a knife through Rachel, sharper than the sword that had taken her clothes. She knew what was about to happen and she felt both repulsed and excited.

Titus looked down at the beautiful woman in front of him and knew that he had to make her swell with his child, but that would come later. He would have some fun first.

"See what you have done to me?" he asked, motioning to the growing bulge between his legs. Rachel could see the swelling in his crotch, and the thought of that made her both excited and disgusted. She felt her nipples harden further as her heart began to beat faster.

"Please don't!" she begged. "Don't make me, please don't. I'm a virgin, untouched by man, please, I beg you!"

Titus joined Rachel on the bed. Rachel knew that for her mother's sake she dare not fight back as he held her to him and she could feel his hard cock against her leg.

"Please … no!"

But Titus grabbed her head and kissed her hungrily, forcing his tongue into her mouth. She spluttered but did not fight. Next his hands moved down towards her naked breasts, making the hard pink nipples stand to attention. Rachel tried to say "no" but couldn't. Her nipples leapt as Titus felt them, making her breasts swell as though they were about to burst. He held her down on the bed and began nibbling and sucking at her nipples and teasing with his tongue.

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