I am sitting in our front room when you arrive. You are over an hour later than we agreed we would meet to leave for our weekend away. You had called to say you were meeting a few girl friends after work for a beer. We agreed that we would meet at 5pm and as per our agreement that is when I arrived. It is now, however, well after 6pm.

You enter the room and I look up from my book. You are a vision of loveliness, sultry, sexy with just a hint of wild tramp thrown in for good measure. Looking at you causes my cock to stir, always. You are wearing tight faded jean, low heels and a loose cotton top. Your hair is a tangle of brown curls, falling over your shoulders and face. You look at me with your head slightly bowed, eyes hidden slightly behind your curls. You start to talk and I simply shake my head no.

You stop talking and stand there. I know you are wondering if I am going to yell, wondering how mad I am, waiting for me to react. You know I am disappointed, you know I might punish you, or I might simply ignore the situation, it really depends on my mood. I wonder if you sometimes defy me just so that I will punish you. You love the way I occasionally spank you when you are bad making your ass cheeks burn red with the contact. But you also love the way I make you come afterwards, face buried in your red ass, tongue tickling your asshole, fingers working your clit and nipples until your ass hole spasms around my tongue and your juices soak my hand.

I walk over and stop in front of you. Your eyes are looking down, your face hidden behind your curls. I lift your face softly and kiss your lips.

I whisper in your ear, "You have been bad."

I feel your knees buckle as you slump against me before regaining composure. I know you are instantly aroused by the knowledge you will be punished but are wondering how the act will manifest itself. I grab your hair in my hand and tighten my grip, applying enough pressure to give you a tingle in the scalp and to let you know that struggle is futile. This reminds you that you are mine to do with as I please. I pull your head back so I can see your eyes. I see the lust burning in them. The desire to be taken is almost overwhelming your senses.

I bend down slightly and bite your neck, hard, and you gasp, it has begun. I reach into your top and grab your breast and pull it roughly from your bra and shirt. Your nipple is red and swollen already, I bend down and tongue it and then bite it, and you gasp again.

I lean back and slap your breast, hitting the nipple, a small sharp spank. Each smack bring a gasp from your and a small squeal. Pleasure mixed with pain, a combination that is like a drug to you. I stare in your eyes as I pinch and pull at your nipple, your gasps coming faster now. I pinch it harder, searching for the edge but every action simply arouses you more, sending shocks of pleasure from your nipple to your clit. I pull your other breast from your shirt and give it the same treatment, holding onto your hair to control you motions and ensure you don't move away from the punishment your swollen nipples deserve.

Your hands go to the front of your pants to put pressure on your aching pussy but I push them away.

I pull your hair now forcing you to your knees; you know exactly what I want. You unzip my pants and remove my rock hard cock. You hold it tight as you start to lick and suck the head. I grab your hair with both hands and apply pressure. Just enough pressure so I can control the motion of your mouth on my cock, not too much that I can't feel you resist when you need a slight break.

I slowly begin to fuck your mouth; deeper and deeper into your throat I push. You are passive now, your hands pinching your own nipples. I push my cock deep in your throat and hold it there. I slowly pull it out and you gasp for breath. I wait an instant and then push back into your throat, two or three slow strokes and then you need to breath again. I am in total control of your body; you are my fuck toy, my slutty little slave. I try to decide if I will come in your throat as I feel the pressure building in my balls.

I am close and I know you can taste the come leaking from my cock. Your sucking increases in intensity as you become desperate for me to fill your mouth, desperate for the taste of me. I pull you to standing and spin you around. I grind against your ass as I work both your nipples with one hand.

My other hand has gone to your throat as I pull you against me. I feel the weight of your body as you give in totally to my control. Your breath is deep and rapid. I walk you to the end of the couch and push you over. You bend over at the waist with your belly resting on the arm of the couch, your head buried in the cushions.

I grab your two wrists in my hand and pull your arms behind you. I see you slowly rubbing your exposed nipples on the fabric and I wonder if you are about to have an orgasm.

I bend over and say, "Stop, do not come until I tell you."

Your motions slow but do not stop, I know you are close to the edge and are riding the beginning waves of your impending orgasm, waiting to be allowed to unleash the torrent.

I step back and look at you, you turn around at the lack of contact and I see the horror in your eyes as you realize your ass is facing the large living room window and that there are people walking on the street outside. I see you struggle to stand and I simply shake my head no. You look at me pleading, afraid to speak but totally embarrassed that someone might see you. I know with the light outside that no one can see in but I let you continue to stress. The conflicting emotions of passion and potential discovery always bring your orgasms to higher levels.

I reach around and unbuckle your pants pulling them quickly and roughly to your knees. They are tight and only allow you to spread your legs a small amount. My cock is still rock hard and I desperately need to finish. The sight of your beautiful ass and wet pussy in front of me causes me to lose control. I cover my cock with saliva; I step forward and plunge my hard cock deep into your pussy. You scream at the sudden fullness but I can feel your pussy tightening around my cock. I grab your hips and pound into you. I want to fuck you as hard as I can, wanting to make sure you remember how you disappointed me.

In and out, the entire length of my cock disappearing into your pussy, over and over again. You are soaking wet, juices dripping down your thighs, covering my cock and balls. I raise my hand now and you catch sight of it out of the corner of your eye. I slap you hard on the ass and then continue to fuck you. Every couple strokes another smack on the ass. Both cheeks are glowing red and you are screaming, yelling at me to fuck you, to use you, to take you.

I grab your waist with one hand and your hair with the other, pulling hard. You look back over one shoulder, eyes half closed in lust, watching me fucking you, loving the sight of my cock disappearing again and again into your pussy.

I adjust my angle slightly and I can now feel my cock slamming against your cervix. Each stroke ends in a shock of pleasure for us both. Again and again, I push into you, I can feel you pussy tightening as your orgasm approaches, it is almost uncontrollable but I know you are trying to hold it back. You bend forward even further hoping for deeper penetration exposing your little ass hole at the same time.

I lick both my thumbs and push them into your ass, you gasp and I can feel your ass pulsing as I move my thumbs in and out in time with my penetrations of your pussy. After each stroke I pull my thumbs apart slightly opening you up and increasing the intensity of the sensation.

I piston into you as fast as I can, almost losing my balance but desperate to be as deep inside you as I can, wanting to merge my body with yours to experience a single orgasmic explosion.

I know I can't hold on much longer so I tell you it is ok to come. You let out your breath in a deep gasp. I realize you have been holding your breath trying to hold back your orgasm. I grab your shoulders with both hands as your orgasm sweeps over you. I continue to fuck you as your pussy contracts around my cock. Now I am coming, deep in your pussy, spurt after spurt, as I gasp and try to remain standing.

I slow my strokes as your orgasm subsides and my cock slips out of your pussy. I ask you if you have learned your lesson and you nod yes. I grab your hair, softer this time, and push you down to your knees again. You take my cock in your mouth and gently clean our sex from it. I think about fucking your mouth again but decide we need to leave for our trip.

I pull you to standing, kiss your lips softly and whisper, "I love you."

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