tagBDSMLate Again...

Late Again...


"I need to see you in my office, now," my boss growled as he walked past my desk. He kept on walking, leaving me to follow behind him. By the time I got to his office, he was already sat down behind his large desk. "Lock the door," he ordered. I closed the door behind me, turned the lock and stood in front of his desk silently, waiting for him to explain why he needed to see me.

"You were late again this morning," he said. "In the last two weeks, you have arrived late on seven days."

"But..." I protested, "Yesterday I got here at..."

"One minute past nine," he interrupted. "Late. You know the company policy on timekeeping. I think maybe we will have to let you go."

My heart sank. "No, please," I pleaded. "I need this job. Please don't fire me."

He said nothing for a few minutes, watching me with an intense scrutiny while I continued to babble and plead.

"Please," I concluded, "I'll do anything. Just please let me keep my job."

"Anything...? I don't think you mean 'anything'. For example, if I asked you to strip naked for me... or to allow me to punish you privately for your lateness...?" He was slightly more hesitant now, watching me carefully for my reaction.

I lowered my head. "I would do it," I replied, almost in a whisper.

There was a long pause before he replied. "Prove it to me. Give me a reason not to fire you... Undo your blouse."

I glanced up at him and then looked down at the floor again as I began to undo the top button of my crisp, white blouse.

"Look at me," he ordered.

I obeyed and undid the next few buttons, revealing a glimpse of my white cotton bra. He maintained eye contact with me while I undid the final buttons. "Take it off," he continued. Hesitating slightly, I took a deep breath, pulled the hem of the blouse free from my skirt and slid it off my shoulders. As I removed it, my arms instinctively moved in front of me to cover the exposed skin. He shook his head and ordered me to keep my hands by my sides and to stand up straight.

As I stood in front of him, watching his eyes roam over my body, my trepidation began to mix with the beginnings of arousal. I enjoyed reading stories about dominant men and I had secretly fantasised about my attractive boss using his position to force me to submit. But I hadn't expected him, usually so good-natured and laid back, to be quite this naturally dominant and I had a slightly worrying feeling that I would obey anything he asked of me if he ordered it in the tone of voice that I had heard him use for the first time today.

My thoughts were interrupted by that voice again. "Take off your skirt." I quickly undid the button and zip at the side of my knee-length black skirt and let it drop to the floor before stepping out of it. He frowned in disapproval at the sight of my black tights. "From now on, you will only wear stockings." The implications of this statement made my heart race and my breathing even shallower. Did this mean that I would keep my job? And that he might do this again? I hoped that the answer to both questions was yes.

"Remove your bra," he continued. I paused for a moment, but was soon lost again in the spell woven by his dark eyes and his authoritative voice. I reached behind me to undo the clasp and slid the straps off my shoulders. I could feel his eyes roaming over my breasts, as if he was assessing them, before he ordered me to remove my shoes and tights. I saw him grimace again as I revealed my sensible cotton knickers and I decided that I might have to improve my choice of underwear if there was a chance of this happening again. Finally, he told me to remove them and I stood before him, completely naked. I felt exposed and vulnerable, but the dampness between my legs and my erect nipples betrayed how aroused I was by this situation.

After appraising me with his eyes for a few more moments, he stood up and walked around his desk to stand in front of me. Without speaking, he took my arms and guided them behind me, admiring how this improved my posture and pushed my breasts out. I shivered slightly under his firm touch. Then he placed one finger on my collar bone, slowly tracing downwards over my breast to my nipple. He traced a circle around my nipple before grasping it gently between his finger and thumb. The soft moan that this elicited turned to a gentle whimper as he increased the pressure on my nipple and I felt a jolt of pleasure shoot downwards to my pussy.

"Since you have been obedient so far," he said, "Maybe I can administer a punishment and allow you to keep your job. I will explore your body properly later." I shivered in anticipation of this 'exploration' and of the punishment that he was promising. Why did I want this so much? Why was I standing in front of him, naked, allowing him to touch me in any way he chose? Why was this making me so wet?

My thoughts were interrupted by his next command. "Stand facing the desk." I walked a few steps over to the wooden desk and then felt him behind me. "Spread your legs." I moved my feet apart. "Wider." I moved them further apart, feeling a renewed sense of vulnerability as this position began to expose my pussy to him. He gently pushed my shoulders down until I was bent over the desk and I blushed as I imagined the view that he now had. Then I felt his finger briefly probing between the lips of my pussy. "You're soaked," he commented, "It seems that you are enjoying exposing yourself to me. Are you?"

I hesitated before replying quietly, "Yes". There was no point denying it with my leaking pussy betraying me.

"When we are alone together, you will address me as Sir. Do you understand?"

"Yes... Sir," I replied, noticing how speaking this word aloud made me feel even more submissive and compliant.

"When was the last time you were spanked?" he asked.

"It... it was a few years ago, Sir," I stammered. "An ex-boyfriend spanked me playfully. He didn't hit me very hard...". I was aware that I was babbling, my mind racing with imagining what it might be like to be spanked hard. I enjoyed reading about it and fantasing about it, but would the reality just be painful rather than erotic? I guessed that I was about to find out.

He moved my hands in front of me and ordered me to keep them on the desk. Then I felt his hand stroke gently over my arse and rest there for what seemed like a long time before he raised his hand and brought it down in a sharp blow. I cried out, in surprise more than pain, before I remembered that we were in his office. I certainly didn't want my colleagues to work out what was going on in here. "It's okay," he told me, guessing what I was thinking, "I've checked, and everyone has gone to lunch. They won't be back for at least half an hour, so you can make as much noise as you need to... this time."

I shuddered slightly at this promise of more to come, but was soon distracted from that thought by the next blow, which was harder. It stung, and I felt the warmth radiate over my arse. Another blow landed, followed quickly by another. I was surprised by how much it hurt, but there was also something very arousing mixed in with the pain. After about ten spanks, he paused and his hand probed between my legs again. Still finding me very wet, he gently rubbed over my clit, causing me to moan in pleasure. But all too quickly, his hand moved away. "We're not done yet," he told me. "Those spanks just about make up for this morning's lateness, if I'm being generous. We still have the other occasions from the last fortnight to deal with...". From his tone, I could sense the wicked grin spreading across his face. I realised that I was turned on by the fact that he was enjoying this.

My arse tensed, waiting for the next blow. The next few spanks were even harder and my cries grew louder before I pleaded, "Please, stop."

He paused and quickly moved around his desk to sit down, looking at me as I remained still, not moving from my position on the desk. "We can stop," he told me. "Your safe word is 'red'. Do you know what a safe word means?" I nodded. "If you use your safe word, I will stop what we are doing, you can get dressed and you can return to your desk. You'll keep your job and we'll pretend this never happened. But I don't think you want this to stop. You're still laying over my desk. I think you're a natural submissive. Don't be scared to admit your desires. I think, deep down, you want me to continue, to push your boundaries, to introduce you to things that you've only fantasised about... and things that you don't yet know about. So, are you using your safe word?"

"No," I replied, knowing that what he said was true. He raised his eyebrows questioningly. "No, Sir," I said quickly.

He smiled. "Good girl. You learn quickly. This time, I won't punish you for forgetting to address me correctly. But I will in future."

My stomach somersaulted in response to his praise as my mind began to whirl with imagining the possibilities of what he was suggesting. Was this what I really wanted? Was I getting in over my head?

But he seemed to sense my overthinking and interrupted with, "Now, shall we continue your punishment?"

"Yes... Sir." He stood up and moved behind me again. I squirmed as his hand stroked down my ticklish rib cage and over my hip. And then he spanked me again, driving all thoughts out of my mind. His blows never settled into a pattern - sometimes he would land several in quick succession, causing staccato waves of pain; then he would pause, leaving me tensing and panting as I tried to prepare myself for the next blow.

Eventually, he stopped and stood back to admire my red arse, with several handprints visible. "Well done," he told me, "You took that very well. I'm proud of you." His praise caused a deep sense of satisfaction and pride to build within me. Then he guided me to stand up and turned me around. With his thumb, he gently wiped away a stray tear that had escaped my eye. And then he bent his head down to kiss me, wrapping his arms around me and pulling me towards him.

"I've wanted you for so long," he told me, his voice now much gentler. "I've watched every subtle sign, identifying your submissive tendencies, fantasising about what I might do to you..."

"I've fantasised about you, too," I admitted.

"Oh, really...? Well, then tonight's homework is to write me a story about one of your fantasies. Print it out and bring it to work with you tomorrow." He smirked, clearly pleased by my revelation.

Then the authoritative tone returned to his voice. "Hands behind your back." I obeyed and felt his fingers begin to roam over my body, stroking my neck, tracing circles over my collarbone, moving too quickly around my breasts, stroking my back and hips. I melted under his touch, feeling my juices beginning to escape and trickle down my thigh. His head bent and he began to place gentle kisses down my neck, slowly tracing a path down to my breasts. I gasped in pleasure as his mouth found my nipple, sucking on it, rolling his tongue around it and gently nipping it between his teeth. His hand reached between my legs, which eagerly opened to allow him access, and he cupped my pussy before beginning to rub my clit gently. I whimpered softly, feeling my orgasm beginning to build.

His hand pulled away and he ordered me to lay down on the rug. I winced as my tender arse made contact with the ground, but at least the rug was soft. He pulled my hands above my head, kneeling between my legs and spreading my knees apart with his shoulders. For a few moments, he merely looked at my pussy, spreading my lips. I felt so vulnerable, lying naked and completely exposed, especially when he was still fully dressed. But I also felt more aroused than ever before. Eventually he bent his head to lick my clit and my breathing began to grow ragged. He paused to tell me, "Don't cum until I give you permission."

As he continued, my orgasm continued to build under his skilful tongue. "Please, may I cum, Sir?" He shook his head and I tried to fight the oncoming orgasm, succeeding only for a few moments before I pleaded with him again. Suddenly, I couldn't prevent it any more. A wave of pleasure rolled through my body as I cried out in orgasm. His movements slowed, but he maintained a firm pressure on my clit until the jolts subsided. "I'm sorry, Sir, I couldn't help it..." I began to babble, but he silenced me with a kiss, making me taste my juices on his lips and tongue.

"Don't worry," he told me, "you can make it up to me. And next time, I will gag you so that you can't make so much noise... Now, kneel."

I moved to my knees and he went over to his desk, unlocking a drawer and removing a few items. Standing in front of me, he ordered me to hold out my arms, and then he fastened a leather cuff around each wrist. He then moved behind me, pulling my arms back and fastening my wrists together before coming back in front of me. He unzipped his flies and I got my first glimpse of his long, thick cock. Instinctively, my mouth moved towards it, my tongue searching to get a grip on it, pulling it into my mouth. He sighed in pleasure as I rolled my tongue around the tip before slowly moving my mouth down the shaft. My mouth didn't reach anywhere near the base before I began pulling back, scared of taking it too deeply.

Then he reached his hands around the back of my head, pulling me onto his cock. "As punishment for cumming without permission, I will get to decide how much of my cock you can take," he explained. "If you feel the need to use your safeword, turn your head to the side." With my hands securely fastened behind my back, I had very little way of resisting as he pushed his cock deeper into my mouth, almost reaching my gagging point before allowing me to pull back a little. Then he pushed it deeper again, and again. My attempts to squeak in protest merely came out as muffled noises and vibrations against his cock, which he seemed to enjoy. He pushed his cock deeper still, causing me to almost gag. And yet I wanted to please him. I wanted him to be pleased by me.

He continued to fuck my mouth until my jaw was becoming stiff. Sensing my tired facial muscles, he pulled out reluctantly and ordered me to bend over the desk. I returned to my earlier position, spreading my legs wide. I heard him roll on a condom and then felt him enter my pussy in one quick thrust, taking my breath away. As I adjusted to his size, he began to pound into me harder and harder. All my thoughts became focused on the sensations of his cock inside me, which even overrode my awareness of the hard edge of the desk beneath me. His balls slapped against my thighs and I found myself pushing back against him. Eventually I felt him tense as he finally reached his orgasm.

After removing the condom, he turned me around and pulled me into his arms, kissing me and telling me how pleased he was with me. Then he unfastened the wrist cuffs and sent me into the bathroom adjoining his office to clean myself up. I was flushed, my hair in disarray, but I made myself look almost presentable and returned to his office. Smiling, he ordered me to get dressed and then go and have my lunch break before returning to work. "I hope you'll remember to be more punctual tomorrow."

"Maybe," I replied with a smile, knowing that I wouldn't!

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looking forward to part 2

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Very erotic

It pressed all my buttons, being submissive and bi, I identified as the Secretary.
Could I request a part 2?

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