tagBDSMLate Again... Ch. 02

Late Again... Ch. 02


*You might want to read 'Late again...' for a bit of background.*


The next day, I arrive at work at 9.00 wearing stockings and a much fancier set of underwear, with the requested story tucked away in my bag. I wait outside the office building until 9.02, hoping that this will be just late enough to draw your attention, and then stroll in, trying to look casual, walking straight past the open door of your office. As I sit down to begin my work, I hear your voice beside me: "Come and see me in my office at 10.00. And bring last night's assignment." I smile at you over my shoulder, but you are already walking away. I spend the next fifty minutes attempting to concentrate, but distracted by anticipating an enjoyable repeat of yesterday's punishment.

At 10.01, I knock on the door of your office, carrying my typed story with me. You command me to enter, then tell me to lock the door. I stand before you in the centre of your office. You do not stand up as you begin, "I see you were late again this morning. But, I also saw you on the CCTV camera, waiting outside. So not only were you late, but it was obviously a deliberate attempt to try to manipulate the situation. Which means that a more serious punishment will be needed." I begin to grow wetter as I anticipate what this might be. "Do you have any plans for this evening?" I shake my head. "We will go out for dinner after work and then you will come back to mine for the evening so that I can administer your punishment. At lunchtime, go out and buy anything you need so that you can sleep at mine. Leave your story on my desk." I smile slightly, thinking that a meal with you doesn't sound like a very harsh punishment, and you order me to return to my desk.

I am distracted all day, but manage to get an adequate amount of work done. At the end of the day, I linger outside your office, unsure of whether to knock or just to wait for you. My phone vibrates and I see a message from you: 'Inside my office. Now.' I enter and lock the door behind me. "Lift up your skirt," you order, without any preamble. I pull up the hem slightly, but am urged on by your hard stare and soon my skirt is bunched around my waist. I blush in humiliation, partly at the way that I am exposed to you but also partly by the realisation that I am willingly allowing you to command me in this way. "At least you remembered the stockings. Pull your skirt back down and let's go and have dinner," you say.

You have booked a table at a nice restaurant, close to your house. Throughout the meal, you ask me questions about my sexual experiences and fantasies, ensuring that by the end, I am thoroughly aroused and my knickers are wet. Your hand frequently rests on my leg, occasionally creeping higher to stroke the sensitive part of my thighs that are exposed by my stockings.

Arriving at your house, you open the door and usher me in before closing the door. Then you immediately push me against the wall and your mouth pushes against mine, your tongue forcing its way into my mouth. Your hands roam over my body, groping me through my clothes.

You lead me into the bedroom and position me in the middle of the room, while you move over to an armchair and sit down. "Strip. Slowly," you command. You watch me intensely. When I am naked, you open a drawer and pull out a blindfold, which you fasten around my head. Without the use of my sight, I feel even more vulnerable and exposed.

I feel you attaching soft cuffs around each ankle and wrist and a collar around my neck. In between each accessory, your hands roam over my body freely. Then I feel a slight tug at the collar and realise that it has a leash attached. You use the leash to pull me over towards the bed before pushing me back onto it and arranging me so that my arse is raised by a pillow before attaching my wrists and ankles to the corners of the bed. Knowing that I may be there for some time, you leave a little bit more slack that you usually would, but I am still completed exposed to you, vulnerable and helpless. My mind is racing as I try to anticipate what you have planned for me. I feel you kneel on the bed beside me and hear a lid being opened. Moments later, I gasp as I feel something cold pressing against my arse. "Relax," you order, and I do my best to obey you as you push the cold metal plug into my arse. I wince slightly as it reaches the widest point and you pause, allowing me a bit of time to adjust before you push it fully in. The plug is not too large, but enough to remind me of its presence, and I wonder how its size compares to your cock, unsure of whether you are using the plug to prepare my arse for later use and uncertain of whether I want to feel your cock stretching my arse or not.

Then you push something into my pussy and I feel you pulling my pussy lips apart, stretching them around the object, which I work out must be a labia spreader. You position yourself between my legs, which are stretched apart by the restraints and I moan as I feel your tongue running gently over my clit. It feels more sensitive than normal because of the way that my lips are pulled apart and the additional sensations from the plug in my arse and the base of the spreader in my pussy. So I am worried when I hear you tell me that I am forbidden to cum until you give me permission. You threaten that if I cum before then, you will make sure that my nipples are swollen and erect before attaching clothes pegs to them. "In fact," you continue, "I think I'll make sure that they are swelling up while I go down on you, so they're ready in case I need to punish you..." I realise that this means that you are unlikely to be generous with your permission and then feel your weight shifting on the bed before you place something over my nipple. As your hand moves away, I feel it sucking my nipple firmly upwards, exerting a constant pressure and a slight sting. You place another suction cup over my other nipple before returning your attention to my clit.

I am now being stimulated on my nipples and clit and in my arse and pussy and I know that it won't be long before I approach orgasm. Your tongue dances over my clit, beginning gently and then increasing its pressure. I remember your threat of punishment, wondering how swollen my nipples are becoming, how sensitive they will be and how much the pegs might hurt. But these fears seem to arouse me further and I can feel my orgasm building. "Sir, please may I cum soon?" I ask.

You lift your head to reply, "No. And if you ask me again, I'll stop what I'm doing." As my orgasm builds again and my breathing becomes ragged, I realise the depth of my conflict - do I risk having an orgasm and the ensuing punishment or do I ask again, thereby stopping the main stimulation and preventing what might be my only chance of an orgasm this evening? While I am carrying out this internal debate, my orgasm suddenly takes over, crashing over me in powerful waves of pleasure. I cry out as the sensations overwhelm me, pushing all thoughts from my mind. You continue to apply gentle pressure to my clit until you feel the muscular pulsations subside.

You pinch my nipples through the suction cup and I become aware of how swollen they must be, having enlarged to fill the available space. Then you release the suction and pull off one of the cups. You run your finger lightly over my nipple and I realise how sensitive it is to even this light touch. I whimper when you pinch the nipple between your fingers and then cry out in pain as you place the clothes peg around it and slowly release the ends. I can hear the concern in your voice as you ask me, "Green or amber?"

"Green, Sir," I reply, feeling the pain send jolts of pleasure towards my pussy.

"Good girl," you tell me as you repeat the process on my other nipple. "Still green?" I nod in reply. I feel you fiddling with each peg in turn and then cry out as my nipples are pulled away from my body. I then find that the tug on my swollen nipples remains constant and quickly becomes painful. Since I cannot see, you describe my predicament for me, telling me about the cord that is attached to each peg and hung from a hook on the ceiling. I arch my back to try to relieve the pressure but find myself unable to hold this uncomfortable posture for too long and soon have to lower myself towards the bed, increasing the tug back to painful levels. I feel a vibrator being pressed against my clit, which is still overly sensitive from my recent orgasm. You then further increase my predicament by telling me that if either of the pegs comes off my nipples then you will move them to my labia in addition to adding some additional pegs on my labia. I cannot imagine how painful this might be, but also cannot imagine how the pegs could possibly release their firm grip on my nipples. My mind is soon jolted from these thoughts by the intense vibrations on my clit. I begin to wonder if I have got myself in over my head and whether I can endure this punishment, which is much harsher than the gentle spanking that I was hoping to earn by my deliberate lateness. I am now squirming as much as I can within my restraints, trying to back away from the vibrator as well as arch my back to relieve the pressure on my nipples. "Your nipples are a wonderful shade of red," you tell me, "and your breasts look delightfully stretched." This description helps to reassure me that you are keeping an eye on the state of my nipples, checking on them to ensure that you are not inflicting any lasting damage.

As I continue to wriggle, I feel one of the pegs slipping towards the tip of my nipple. I arch my back higher, but you add yet another element of torture by running your fingers over a ticklish spot on my side. As I move sideways to try to escape your hand, the peg pops off, scraping my nipple as it moves. My squeal is a mixture of pain and fear of what might be to come. You remove the remaining peg from my nipple and I moan as blood begins to rush back into it. You pinch my nipples and roll them between your finger and thumbs, cruelly increasing the pain. Then I feel you tracing the peg down my stomach and over my clit, building up my anticipation and fear. Positioning it over one of my labia, you take your time releasing it, allowing the pressure to build slowly. I am surprised to find that, although it is definitely causing some pain, it isn't as intense as I had feared. With the second peg, you place it over the other lip and then release it quickly, creating a much sharper, more sudden pain than the first.

"Green?" you whisper and I nod in reply, surprised at how bearable I am finding this pain, in fact even having to admit to myself that I am enjoying it somewhat. You remove the blindfold from my eyes, wanting to see my reactions as you continue, and allow a few moments for my eyes to adjust to the light. "Now, where shall I put the rest of these pegs? Your rib cage? The sides of your breasts? Maybe. Nipples? No, they've been there. Where else? More on your labia? Toes? Ear lobes? Tongue? Or nostrils?" You see my eyes widen at each new suggestion as you slowly list them, and you can hear each sudden intake of breath that shows my fear. "I'll let you choose..."

My mind whirls with all of these suggestions as I try to imagine what each might feel like, and I opt to stick with the familiar. "More on my labia, please Sir," I whisper. You pull the labia spreader out of me, causing the existing pegs to shift around. I wince at each sharp pain as you add a further three pegs to each of my labia.

"Now," you tell me, "since you were so desperate to cum earlier, you're going to make yourself cum again before I will remove the pegs. And if any come off, I'll add two to a different part of your body, of my choosing this time." My hand reaches slightly reluctantly between my legs, parting the pegs to gain access to my clit. I am distracted by being able to see you kneeling between my legs and staring intently at my exposed pussy and I clumsily knock off one of the pegs that you had deliberately attached close to the edge of my lip. You retrieve the fallen peg and pick up an additional one. I watch your hand closely as you run the end of the peg over my body, pausing at significant points before pulling up a fold of skin over my rib cage. My eyes widen in fear as you release the peg and I feel it pinching me. To keep things symmetrical, you attach the other peg to the same spot on the other side of my rib cage. These new pegs are definitely uncomfortable and I begin to regret my earlier orgasm and my lateness this morning.

Then you remind me of my task. Luckily, the sensitivity from my earlier orgasm has begun to subside. As I rub my clit, you generously help me along towards my orgasm by leaning over to suck on one nipple and then the other, swirling your tongue around it, sucking it into your mouth and occasionally grazing it with your teeth. Without me noticing, you roll a condom over your cock. Then you shift and with one swift movement, you sink your hard cock into my soaking wet pussy. This knocks another peg and I wonder whether that one counts, since it wasn't me who knocked it off, but I do not dare to question you as you pick up an additional peg and attach a peg to each of my ear lobes.

I discover that the actual sensation is not as bad as I had feared, although still uncomfortable. Each time your cock thrusts into me, the remaining pegs shift and tug at my labia and your balls slap against my arse. I can feel your cock rubbing against the plug in my arse. My body is alive with the mixed sensations of pain and pleasure. This combination of stimuli enables me to eventually reach an orgasm, thankfully without knocking off any further pegs.

You carefully remove each peg in turn. Looking down, I can see the redness that is left behind on my sensitive skin, before you reach around my head to gently replace the blindfold, plunging me back into darkness. "You've had two orgasms now," you tell me, "so I think we'd better cool you off a bit so that you can concentrate for long enough to make me cum. I'll be back in a moment - don't go anywhere," you chuckle. You leave the room, but soon return, standing in the doorway for a moment to admire the sight of me, restrained and flushed, totally exposed to your every whim.

Despite straining for sounds that might indicate your return, I do not know that you have returned until I feel something extremely cold being pressed against my nipple. I gasp in shock. The cold feeling trails around my nipple in increasing circles before dipping down to my stomach briefly and then back up to the other nipple. As you continue to rub it over my warm skin, the ice cube begins to melt and I shiver as the cold water drips down my sides. You keep the ice cube pressed hard against my nipple and the cold turns into a slight sting, eliciting further whimpers. My nipples are hard and erect and still slightly enlarged from the earlier suction cups.

Trailing down my stomach again, the cube reaches my clit and I gasp loudly as it begins to melt rapidly on this warmer part of my body. I feel another ice cube pressing against my pussy as you melt the edges enough to be able to push it gently inside me. The coldness has the desired effect of taking the edge off my arousal but keeping me fully aware that my body is yours to torment as you wish. As the cube inside me melts, I am embarrassed to feel the water, now warmed, dripping out of me onto the bed. You pick up a cold, wet flannel and use this as an opportunity to clean me up slightly, knowing that I will soon re-lubricate myself. I moan softly as you rub my clit with the flannel, still sensitive after my last orgasm despite the slight numbing from the ice.

"Maybe we'd better warm you up again..." you whisper devilishly, "but that will be easier in a different position...". I feel you unclipping my ankles and wrists from the bed, and you allow me a few moments to wiggle and stretch my slightly stiff limbs. Then you order me to lie on my front, adding an additional pillow beneath my stomach to keep me supported while I am on my hands and knees. Pushing my head down gently, you fasten the wrist cuffs to a hook on my collar, forcing me to keep my head down, which pushes my arse up higher. You pull my legs apart and attach a spreader bar between my ankles, leaving me vulnerable and open to you once more.

Your hands caress my arse cheeks, occasionally playing with the plug that is still inside my arse, pushing it deeper then pulling it out slightly and adding a little more lube before thrusting it back in. You begin spanking me fairly gently, causing my cheeks to become warmer, before you begin hitting my arse gradually harder and harder until I am moaning and yelping with each swat. My arse feels as if it is on fire by the time you finally stop.

Kneeling behind me and quickly putting on a condom, you hold my hips firmly and begin to rub your hard cock against my labia. I try to push backwards to guide you towards my pussy, but you stop me with a very firm "No," digging your hands into my hips until I remain still. Slowly, you edge your cock to the entrance of my pussy. I am desperate to feel you inside me again and it takes all of my self-control not to push back. "Good girl," you say, recognising the efforts that I am making to remain still. You reward me by pushing the tip of your cock into me but then hold still again, tormenting me further. Suddenly, you push the whole of your length into me in one firm thrust and I cry out in pleasure and surprise. You fuck me roughly, your solid cock driving into me deeply. As my body is rocked forwards and back by your movements, I sense that you are taking your pleasure from me, fucking me as if I was no more than a receptacle for your cock, and I wonder briefly why I am enjoying being used in this way. But I am enjoying it, feeling the evidence of your arousal and your urgent need.

You pause before you withdraw your cock from my pussy. Then you pull the plug gently out of my arse, smiling at the sight of my slightly gaping hole. After covering your cock in lube, you press the tip of it against my arsehole, sliding it forwards slowly until you feel me opening up to allow it to enter me, unable to fight against the insistent pressure. I have leant forwards slightly, trying to escape this invasion, but am unable to go far with the pillows beneath me and your hands on my hips. "Now I want you to push back," you tell me. "I want you to take my whole length inside you." Lost under the spell you have woven over me, I begin to push my hips back slowly, wincing and whimpering as I feel my arse stretching to accommodate you. I continue to impale myself on your cock, urged on by your whispered compliments and my desire to please you. You patiently wait, allowing me to pause when I need to in order to adjust to the size of your cock inside me. Eventually I feel my arse cheeks reach your hips and I breath a sigh of relief at finally having reached the base of your cock.

As you begin to gently thrust in and out of my arse, one of your hands reaches underneath me to rub my clit. My arousal begins to build again and you make use of the way that this relaxes my body to begin to thrust harder and faster. Then I feel your cock tighten inside me as you reach your orgasm. Continuing to rub my clit, your other hand reaches to my nipples, gently pinching and pulling them. This is enough to tip me over the edge into another powerful orgasm, my spasms clenching around your semi-hard cock.

You withdraw your cock from me and unfasten the ankle and wrist cuffs before laying down beside me and wrapping me in your arms, gently brushing my dishevelled hair off my face. "Well done," you say, "You endured more than I expected this evening. Do you understand why I had to punish you more harshly than you wanted?"

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