tagIncest/TabooLate Back Ch. 05

Late Back Ch. 05


This is the final instalment. Thanks for the encouragement, hope this last chapter pleases those who have stayed with it thus far.


Linda awoke when she heard her phone buzzing distantly downstairs. She ached pleasurably all over, and she smiled to herself as she remembered why.

When I came, she thought, I think every muscle in my body joined the party.

There was a delicious warmth all along her back and lower body. Without turning she could smell him, and she wriggled slightly with pleasure.

He's still there, she thought. Of course he is. He promised.

She gloatingly replayed the night before in her mind. The slight shambles with Art seemed a distant, unimportant memory now. I've got the man I really want, she thought. He's lying behind me asleep and I can still taste traces of his come in my mouth.

She liked the taste, faint though it was. I could turn around, she thought, and suck him. I bet his cock is still coated with dry come and I can lick it all clean for him.

Except... they'd promised they wouldn't do that.

Or had they?

What, exactly, had they promised?

They could be close to each other, they could touch other a little bit, they could talk to each other - god, she'd loved whispering in his ear last night, that was almost as exciting as her own intense orgasm - they could watch each other get off, encourage each other... was that it?

She wrinkled her nose and thought about it. It had seemed a perfectly sensible agreement last night. Now, as the cool sunlight made its way across the room, it seemed perfectly impossible.

She wriggled again. His cock, she could feel, was still nestled against her. It was semi-erect, she thought, certainly quite firm and not insubstantial from the feel of it, but nothing like it had been the night before.

We'll have to see about that, she thought.

Her phone buzzed again from downstairs. Another text message. Almost certainly Angie, wanting to know how things had gone last night. Well now, what to tell Angie, that was another thing to ponder.

("Pretty great actually Ang, I sucked Art off and that was fine but then he was a bit slow with his recovery times and his parents came home so I headed back here all horny and Dad and I shared a bed and he watched while I got myself off and then I watched while he did the same and he's in my bed now asleep with a bit of a hard-on. Want to meet for a burger later?")

Angie would want to know, of course, if Linda was still a virgin. To which the annoying answer was, technically, yes.

She wriggled her hips for a third time and her father's cock twitched again, hardening slightly.

I could take care of that quite quickly, she thought. I could reach down and push it into me - god knows I'm still wet enough - and that would be the Deed Done. Daddy wouldn't even know.

She knew she wouldn't do that, though her breath caught slightly at the idea. It wouldn't be fair to use him like that, it would upset him if he found out, and it felt a bit too... sneaky.

I want my first time to be better than that, she thought. I want another orgasm like the one I had last night. Jesus H Christ. Orgasm? More like half a dozen, packed together like a cluster bomb in her groin.

Her muscles twinged in enthusiastic memory of that drawn-out, juddery tidal wave of pleasure. I wonder if being on drugs is like that, she thought. If so, no wonder some people become junkies. I could spend my life trying to get that kind of high again.

Her father made a quiet sleepy noise in his throat behind her and nestled up closer to her. She could tell from his relaxed breathing he was still asleep. His cock was digging into her now, more insistent.

Well, hello there, she thought. Wanna play?

She rearranged herself slightly, moving up so that her father's hips were below the base of her spine. Then she slowly pushed herself back with her legs apart. She reached down and carefully took hold of the tip of his cock, guiding it through her legs and out the other side so its length rested along the mouth of her slit.

(Good job there's plenty of it. With a smaller dick This Just Would Not Work.)

My pussy lips are on the side of his cock, she thought, and gently pushed his penis upwards to add to the wonderful slight pressure she felt there.

Oh god, she thought. How are we ever going to make it through the next twenty minutes, let alone the next twenty years, without fucking each other senseless at every opportunity?

But maybe Dad would feel differently when he woke up. Maybe he would be like he was earlier in the night, anxious and worried and disgusted and swearing that they must never do anything like this again.

She didn't think so. She thought her Dad loved her - and loved this - every bit as much as she did him.

But they'd said no sex. Or had they? They'd made a deal. Sort of. And that presumably meant no oral sex too. Probably meant no hand jobs. Hand jobs were sex. But then, what they'd done last night had definitely also been sex. What she was doing now, rubbing her cunt opening against his cock, whatever it was called, was pretty damn close to sex.

She sighed. They would work it out, she supposed. In the meantime, she could just enjoy his arms around her and her pussy nestling contentedly on his shaft.

He muttered again in his sleep, then yawned. She sensed the change in his breathing and the seeping in of consciousness. She thought she almost heard his eyes open. Without thinking she tightened her legs to secure their grasp on his cock. He swallowed hard.

"Morning Daddy," she said quietly.

"Morning sweetheart."

His arms were still around her and now they gently cupped her breasts. Her nipples immediately responded and she let out a heartfelt soft moan.

"Sorry," he said, and moved his hands slightly away.

"You're kidding," she said. "I love that. Stroke them daddy. Please."

"You know... we said last night..."

"Just stroke them Daddy, can't you feel I need you to stroke them? Everything else can wait, can't it... please just hold me like this."

His hands moved back to her breasts and his fingers gently massaged around the nipples, occasionally flicking gently over them. A warm, delicious wave of pleasure tingled from her breasts right down the length of her body.

She reached down and stroked the tip of his cock. He jolted, realising for the first time exactly how he was positioned underneath her.

"You like me doing that Daddy?"

Silence, just some heavy breathing. She took a firmer grip, forming an o with her fingers and encircling him with it. He can fuck my hand, she thought. That's not really sex.

To encourage him she gently moved her hand up and down, dragging his foreskin back and forth. He hardened even more. It felt huge in her hand.

I'm doing that, she thought smugly. I made him hard like that.

She worked her hand back and forth a little more. Come along Daddy, she thought. You get the idea, don't you?

After a moment of hesitation her father started to move against her. Good boy, she thought.

He pushed against her and back out again, thrusting his penis in and out of her grip. Her pussy moistened further and opened up in response to the friction, coating his cock as it slid back and forth.

He suddenly stopped.

"God," he said. "I'm not... I'm not inside you, am I?"

(Not yet Daddy, but I really want you inside me soon.)

"It's just my hand, Daddy. It's ok."

After another moment he resumed again, thrusting back and forth against her, all the while kneading her nipples with his hands, harder now, almost brutal, but she loved it.

"That feels so good, doesn't it?"

He mumbled something incoherent, clearly lost in a haze of lust. My Dad still hasn't got laid either, she thought. Jerking yourself off is all great and everything, but it's not the same as really getting fucked.

(At least, I hope it isn't.)

His cock was really wet from her now and her pussy lips felt puffy and swollen. I could just push him into me and he wouldn't stop, she thought. He'd still think he was fucking my hand. I don't think he knows what he's doing.

Her phone from downstairs buzzed again. FUCK OFF ANGIE.

He stopped. "What's that?"

"It's just my phone, Dad, don't stop."

He resumed, but with less conviction than before. The Real World had intruded, breaking the spell.

"We shouldn't do this," he said.

(God I fucking hate you Angie and the person who invented the mobile phone and everybody at Apple YOU HAVE RUINED MY LIFE.)

"Why don't you come Daddy, you came so beautifully last night, I want to see that again, please?"

He hesitated.

"I don't think that's a good idea."

But he was wavering, she could tell, she knew him so well. She needed to take advantage while she could.

She edged away and then turned around to face him, pushing him gently back into the pillows.

"Just lie back Dad, close your eyes. Just relax. I'm going to take care of you."

She reached up and covered his eyes with her hand.

"You really don't need to do anything for me, Lyn, I should really..."

"Shush," she said. "You don't know when to stop talking, do you?"

Her other hand moved up to reclaim his cock. It was still rock hard - she had no idea men could get this hard.

If I had a dick like this I would play with it non-stop, all day, every day, she thought.

(Now, that is a seriously weird idea. Just focus on the dick you've got.)

She began to stroke his cock gently up and down with her right hand. She remembered the motion he'd used on himself last night.

He groaned and writhed. "Jesus..." he muttered.

"Is that good?" She spoke quietly, but with a genuine undercurrent of concern. She wanted to make this as good as she possibly could, but it wasn't like she was working with a whole lot of prior experience.

(I've only ever had two cocks in my hand and both of them in the last twelve hours. Talk about making up for lost time. You'll be ahead of Angie soon if you keep up this rate of new cock grabbing.)

"It feels amazing... You're amazing," he said.

She was pleased, but still not entirely convinced. Perhaps he was just being nice. She remembered how rough he'd been with himself last night as he masturbated. Perhaps she should be firmer.

She increased the strength of her grip slightly and upped the pace at the same time.

"Oh, fuck yes," he said. The sound of him swearing like that made her catch her breath. She was doing that. She was reducing him to this lusting, sweaty, beautiful, sexy animal.

But god, men must have wrists and arms of steel. Her hand was getting tired already. Was it bad form to switch hands? She didn't think she could do it as well with her other hand. This is when being ambidextrous would be really useful, she thought.

She kept going. Stroking up and down, with a little twist of her wrist at the end of each movement that Angie had shown her.

With her other hand she reached down and touched herself. She was soaking wet and she easily pushed a finger inside herself without even having to prise her lips apart. She mirrored the rhythm between her hands, imagining with each stroke that he was thrusting in and out of her.

Her wetness gave her another idea. She pushed two fingers into herself and then brought them out and then used both hands on her father's cock, the moisture helping with the relentless sliding, up and down, up and down.

Until I can get that inside me, she thought, at least I can get some of my juices on it.

Her father reached down a hand. She was worried for a split second that he was going to push her away, perhaps because she was giving him the worst hand job in the history of hand jobs (no certificate on the fridge for that) but it reached for her chest and cupped her breast and nipple. She shuffled forward to make it easier for him to reach her.

"Yes," she said encouragingly. "You can touch me Daddy, touch me anywhere you want. It's all for you, Daddy."

His fingers tweaked her nipples hard but she could see he barely knew what he was doing and she didn't make a sound. Then his hand dropped and lay on her thigh, stroking and squeezing her upper leg.

She adjusted her position slightly, moving forward and opening her legs to encourage him.

Touch me there, she willed him, you know I want to feel you there.

His hand slowly moved towards her pussy. Then his fingers were on her, teasing her apart, one finger sliding deliciously into her while the other stroked and teased her lips.

"God, that feels good, Daddy, please don't stop."

He started to finger fuck her harder. He's getting ready to come, she thought. He's imagining his cock is inside me, just like I am, and he's losing control and his finger is fucking me and it's so good and I wish he had two fingers, three fingers, inside me, then it really would feel like his big beautiful cock is stretching me out and making me come...

"Daddy you're making me come oh god..."

She shuddered and orgasmed violently on his fingers. For a brief moment she had to stop working his cock, she was just too oblivious to everything apart from the amazing spasms of pleasure that were once again exploding through her. But through the delirium she remembered she had to look after him, she had to repay him for that wonderful feeling, and the best way to do that was to make him come just as hard, and the best way to do that would be to do something new and bad that took him over the edge...

She reached out and took hold of his cock again. Then, as she began to work it up and down, she bent and took it into her mouth. He jolted and began to rock his hips, whether to try escape her mouth or to push deeper into it she couldn't be sure, but she matched his movement, her head rising and falling with his thrusts, and all the while her hand continued its firm, steady, movements.

"Oh fuck Linda I'm going to come I'm sorry I'm going to come..."

(Yes! Come! Please come in my mouth, come all over me, wherever you want...)

This time there was no surprise, and no hesitation. She gulped greedily and gratefully as he exploded into her mouth. He was sweeter than Art, and thicker, and she thought she could never get tired of it. I'd like to cover my face in it, she thought. I'd like to bathe in it.

Three, four, five swallows and then it was gone. Her father collapsed back down into the bed and she went with him, her mouth still engulfing him. She could have sworn she could almost feel the frantic beating of his heart through the tip of his cock.

Then, slowly, she withdrew her mouth and began to gently lick him clean, from the base of his shift to the top, then down again, round each side and then lifting it gently with a finger so she could thoroughly clean him underneath. A gentle caress of his testicle with her tongue.

She felt utterly at peace and happy. I have made my man come, she thought. He's the man I love most in the world, and he has pleasured me and I have pleasured him and there is no better feeling.

Well, she thought, maybe there is one better feeling. But that will have to wait. For a little while.


They dozed together. Linda was blissfully happy. Not only did she feel completely pleasured, there was also that wonderful, self-satisfied glow of having given pleasure. I don't care if it's wrong, she thought. I would do that all again in a heartbeat.

She kept a gentle grip on his cock as they lay entwined together. It had shrivelled down to a fraction of its smaller size but even that she found endearing and sexy. She knew now that when she needed to, she could get it to change back to its former, wonderful, slightly intimidating glory.

Her father began to stroke her hair and cheek. He was awake but seemed reluctant to say anything.

She lay there, equally mute. She knew he was probably furious with himself for being weak, and she wanted to reassure him - but she also knew better than to speak to soon. Once he was backed into a corner, her father could be as stubborn as a mule. But so can I, Daddy, she thought. And there's no way I'm ever letting go of your cock. Metaphorically, at least. She smiled suddenly at the thought of trailing around behind him at work, her hand down his fly, waving hello to his co-workers with the other hand.

"What are you smirking at?" he asked.

"Nothing," she said. "Silly things."

His hand moved from her cheek down to one of her breasts. He played with it a little, pushing the nipple back and forth and grinding it gently between his fingers. She closed her eyes to relish the feeling.

"Linda," he said.

She opened her eyes. Oh god, here it comes, she thought. The Must We Never Do This Again Speech.

"Yes Daddy?"

"We both need to be sure about this."

Oooh. She wanted to cry with relief.

"I am sure, Daddy. I've never been surer of anything."

His hand moved lower now, stroking her stomach, just a few inches above her groin.

"And you Daddy? Are you sure?"

"Yes," he said. "I never thought I would say this, but I am."

She closed her eyes again to savour that. The implications of what that meant.

"We'll have to be so, so careful," he said.

"We will. I will."

"We can't tell anybody. Anybody. Not Angie, nobody."

"I won't Daddy, I promise."

Even as she spoke she felt his cock twitch again in her hand. I am a Sorceress, she told herself. Behold my magical powers. She squeezed it encouragingly.

"You're so beautiful," said her father. "I'm so lucky."

"I'm lucky too. You can do anything you want to me Daddy, anything at all."

Her hand was firmer on him now, and he was hardening fast under her grip.

"Tell me," he whispered dryly. "Tell me some of the things you'd like me to do."

She slid down his body until her face was at waist level. She gazed lovingly at his cock.

"Well," she said quietly. "First of all I'm going to suck you, and make you hard, and make you all clean and wet."

As a foretaste she put out her tongue and licked him gently on the tip.

"Jesus, yes."

"And then when you're hard, Daddy, I need you to fuck me. I'm so desperate for you to fuck me, if you don't fuck me soon I'm going to go out of my mind."

He moaned again as she took him in her mouth. A slow, soft, teasing sucking. She kept one hand on the base of his shaft while her other hand played and stroked with his balls. She could feel how wet she was becoming. I am going to be fucked very soon, she thought. I am going to have a glorious fuck with this beautiful man.

She lifted her head up and looked at him. "Fuck me please, Daddy."

He reached up and gently rolled her on to her back. With an easy confidence he positioned himself above her. He looked deep into her eyes, wanting a final confirmation.

"Yes, please, please, fuck me, I'm going crazy, push it in me..."

His cock entered her. There was a brief sharp pain that was soon swept aside by the almost instantaneous small orgasm that rippled through her.

"Oh god, that's so good." Him this time.

She would have said the same, but she could barely speak. She wrapped her arms and legs tightly around him, desperate to try and get him deeper into her, to encircle him, keep him captive for ever. He was so deep inside her, he felt so huge, she felt she would burst. And then, just when she thought she couldn't take any more he slid slowly back so his cock almost escaped from her. Then he drove back down into her, the delicious friction almost unbearable. Then again, and again, slightly faster each time, his gentleness slowly changing into something more animal and brutal.

"That's it," she managed to cry out. "Fuck me harder. Please."

Another orgasm was on the horizon, she could sense it coming, moving in fast and so huge that she was torn between desperation for it to arrive with a strange fear that when it did it might overwhelm her and somehow sweep her away. Her senses were almost overloaded, nothing existed except this room, this bed, this sexy, sweating man above her, drilling into her, loving her, consuming her.

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