tagBDSMLate from Work

Late from Work


I'm waiting for you at home and I'm getting impatient.

Waiting for you to come home from work, I wore my black three-piece suit. The shirt is red, but the tie and vest were black. It is hidden under the vest, but the tie showed a subtle bondage scene, with a woman bound by chains and holding a whip-defiantly or submissively?

I got home from work about an hour before you. Everything had been set up and ready for three quarters of an hour. I had been sitting in an easy chair, facing the door, waiting, that entire time. I was getting rather annoyed. What could be taking so long?

Finally, you arrive.

"Hello!" you sing, cheerfully, glad to be home. "What a day!" you add, kicking off your shoes.

"Where have you been?" is my retort.

For a moment you are shocked; stunned that I could be upset. You try to question the situation, look for an answer.

"I have so many things for you to do!" I say sternly. "And you have been dilly-dallying. Well, young lady, this is not appropriate." Then come the words you are secretly hoping I would say; the only possible explanation for my seemingly foul mood, but one you could not dare to suggest aloud. "You will have to be punished."

I can see your face blush as you drop your purse and lower your eyes. Your hands fold behind your back submissively. My heart leaps with desire.

"Come over here," I order. You walk into the room and stand in front of the chair.

"Take off all of your clothes."

Your jacket drops to the floor. I can see your fingers trembling as they work the buttons of your blouse free. You wiggle out of the denim skirt, then pull your tights off, leaving you in just your matching white lace bra and panties. Delicious.

"Now the bra."

You slowly reach behind your back and unfasten the bra. It drops to the floor revealing your luscious breasts. I can almost see your heart beating in your chest.


The panties slide off leaving you naked. Your bush instantly captivates me. It is a black forest offering scant protection of your treasures from my eyes. I reach out and run the back of my forefinger through it. I smile as you sigh. My smile turns devilish as I remember how badly you need to be punished.

I let my eyes wander over your exposed skin. Your nipples begin to harden under my stare. I examine every curve of your body, loving it all.

"Turn around," I say, continuing the inspection. You obey, on trembling legs.

Your ass has always captured my heart. I love the perfect curve of the flesh. I love the way it will redden when I've had my way with it. I allow myself the indulgence of a brief caress of your cheeks. I touch so lightly that I can feel the hairs brushing my fingertips. Gooseflesh erupts over your arms and legs.

"Bend over my knee," I command. "It's time for your punishment."

"Yes master," you answer. I nearly come.

You fold your body over my knee, your ass perched teasingly in the air.

"You've been bad," I admonish, delivering the first blow. It's a swat, lightly stinging your left cheek. I hear you whimper. I caress the cheek for a moment before slapping it again. I rain a series of stinging blows on your ass, alternating cheeks. You are panting, now, and I can feel you grinding your mound against my thigh.

"I expect you home on time, young lady," I say, spanking you again. "Do you understand?"

"Yes… oh, yes master," you stammer, fighting for breath.

The spankings stop. Your ass is red and I can almost feel the buzzing that must be running through the skin. I drag my fingers up and down your inner thighs, bringing a new series of moans from you. You're anticipating my touch. Your legs part and you crouch down, hoping for contact from my fingers against your dripping and sensitive cunt, but you only find more teasing as my fingertips dance along the flesh of your thighs.

Then, just the tips of my fingers find your cunt, at first brushing through the wispy hairs, then lightly dragging across your outer lips. Your moan at that moment is a sound I will always remember. You are in heaven, but you want more. If only I'd touch your clit. Instead, my fingers massage your labia majora gently, loving the way your hips rock in rhythm to my caresses.

I find your inner lips and I find them sopping wet. I've only just spanked you a little and you're already dripping? You are going to go insane before I'm done! I stroke your lips until they are swollen and you are moaning solidly. Then I stop.

"I have too much work for you to do," I say, giving your ass a wet caress.

"Oooh! Please don't stop."

I can't believe you're begging already. What are you going to do when you're really teased? I can't wait to find out.

I slap your ass in punishment.

"Get to work, or you'll be punished again."

"Yes, master," you say, the resignation in your voice heartbreaking.

"Stand up. Good. Now go to the bookshelf. Now re-alphabetize all the books into chronological order, by original publication date."

"Yes, master."

I stand and watch. My eyes are on your body as you begin this impossible task. I crane my head for a better angle when you bend over to find a book on the bottom shelf. I'm watching you closely, waiting for you to make a mistake. Your juices drip down your thighs. You want to touch yourself so badly, but you don't dare. You squeeze your thighs, flooding your clit with pleasure. It does not go unnoticed.

"No masturbation," I command with a swat to your ass. "You'll come when I tell you to come, not before."

"Yes, master."

"Good. Stand up. Close your eyes. Arms above your head. Hold still. I like my servants to have hard nipples, darling."

That's when I flick your left nipple with my fingernail-hard. You yelp, but stay still. I flick the other one. They both harden quickly.

"Pinch them," I command. Your fingers pinch and stroke the hard nubs as I watch. "Good. Keep them hard while you're working or you'll be punished."

You nod, then return to the books. I stand over you and watch.

"Are you still wet?" I ask, interrupting your sorting.

"Oh, God, yes. My cunt is dripping."

"Show me. Stand up. Put your foot on the bookcase. Let me see your cunt."

I kneel down and gaze at the beautiful cunt before me. The black hairs are sticky with your juices. The inner lips swell out like the petals of a perfect, pink flower, inviting my kisses and my touch. I rest my hand on your inner thigh and stroke back and forth.

"Keep working," I order, but my fingers continue to touch your skin. You pick up a book and look at the title page for the date. I lick my fingers. As you reach up to put ithe book on the shelf, my slick fingers find your dripping hole. You gasp at the contact, dropping the book.

"Bad girl," I whisper into your ear as my middle finger penetrates you. You moan loudly and grab for the shelves. I lick behind your ear. I bite your earlobe and sink my finger deeper into you. My other hand comes around you from the other side, from your chest, over your belly and onto your mound. Your clit twitches in anticipation.

"Bad, bad bad," I breathe, continuing to nibble your earlobe.

Two fingers zero-in on your clit, gliding quickly over the hood before settling in on either side. They stroke the hood back and forth a couple of times, then stop, leaving you panting.

The finger in your hole slides slowly out, then rests on your ass.

Suddenly, you are slapped. Your body jerks and you cry out, but your clit is rubbed, too. The spankings continue. Every slap to your ass jerks your clit into my frenzied fingers.

You can feel your orgasm building. The stroking to your clit is irresistible. The stinging spanks send you right to the edge.

"Don't come, my dear," I remind you.

You search for control. It's hard to find. Fingers. Spankings. Your clit is humming. You are desperate to hold on. The pleasure builds and builds. The rubbing of your clit becomes agonizingly slow. Stroking in slow, slow circles. Each arc, you are sure you'll lose it and explode. The hand on your ass caressing gently over the buzzing skin. How much can you take?

Suddenly, you feel my body against you. My suit against your naked skin. Your entire skin tingles. It's more than you can bear.

"Please, master," comes your desperate plea. A wet finger taps at your clit. Your body is taut, ready for release, but the teasing continues.

"Please what?"

"Ooooh, please let me come."

"Let a bad girl like you come?"


"Lick my fingers. Get them wet."

I bring the fingers that had been on your clit to your mouth. You suck them eagerly, getting them dripping wet. As you had hoped, they go right back to your clit, stroking the aching bud in quick, slick circles. It's a new level of pleasure you hadn't known was there. You climb higher, loving where your clit is taking you. The fingers bring you to the edge, then back down, then back to the edge again, then they slow down. Again and again, you think you are going to come, but are left floating. Your mind is spinning.

"Are you ready, sweetheart?" I whisper. You can only nod in response. You are ready to end the teasing. "Get ready, then. Because I'm going to tell you to come soon."

Soon! I want now! you think.

My fingers dance over your clit. Your knees are buckled. I have to hold you tight to keep you from falling. You wrap your arms around me and bury your face against my tie. Your clit is getting the works: fingers rubbing it in fast, hard circles. You're quickly back to the edge.

"Oh, please," you whimper. "I'm right there."

Suddenly, your ass is on fire again. I'm slapping your butt hard and fast, alternating cheeks. The fingers on your clit don't let up. All thought of holding back is gone. You are flying over the edge.

"That's it, sweetie, come for me."

Your entire body clenches up. You dig your hands into my vest and hold on for the ride. Then, you release. Your cunt pumps and pulses. Your clit explodes. Fireworks dance before your eyes. Your legs give out. You are coming.

I love the sound of your screams as you come. I rub your clit as fast as I can and slap your ass until I feel you collapse. I gently lay you on the ground. Your thighs close tightly as my fingers withdraw. I lay down with you and you wrap your body around me, drifting into a trance of contentment. I stroke your red, burning cheeks with one hand and hold your head to my chest with the other. I hold you until you return to reality, then we share a kiss, in between giggles.

Upstairs, we go to bed. More kissing, more sucking, more fucking. What a way to spend an evening.

Of course, there are still many more mindless, impossible tasks to be performed, and I'll need a slave to do them all.

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