tagExhibitionist & VoyeurLate Night Changes Ch. 03

Late Night Changes Ch. 03


Jim held Helen firmly by the hands and pulled her up from her chair until she was standing up in front of him. He lifted her arms above her head until she was stretching up so as not to have to get on her tip toes.

Her raised arms were pulling her shirt tight, and her breasts were pressing against the thin tshirt. Her excitement was plain to see as the outlines of her nipples were visible through the fabric. He looked down at her and smiled.

"It must be cold in here! Let me see if i can't warm you up."

Helen closed her eyes and tilted her head slightly, as he leaned forward and pressed his lips gently to hers. His lips were warm and soft, and she opened her mouth slightly as he gave her a long slow kiss. He ran his tongue teasingly over her lips and she returned the favor, entwining their tongues together.

His hands ran down the length of her arms and along her sides, brushing the fullness of her breast. Down they continued until he reached her waist and encircled her hips, pulling her closer to him. They kissed passionately for a minute or two, their heartbeats racing together. Helen could feel the renewed hardness pressing against her jeans. Grabbing the hem of her shirt, he began to slowly lift her shirt up, exposing her skin to the cool office air. Helen started to lower her arms...

"Ah Ah Ah!" he said with a smile. "Simon didn't say so."

She opened her eyes and looked at him.

"What if someone sees?" she asked looking around the office.

"We have well over an hour before anyone is here you said. And besides, you didn't seem worried about it a minute ago when you were sucking my cock." he said with a wink.

"Trust me" he said, and stepped out of his jeans to stand before her, only in his t-shirt, his cock standing at attention already.

He reached for her again, and pulled her arms up straight again, going back to her shirt, he again lifted it up her body, slowly revealing her lacy white bra until it was over her head. Her pale globes were nestled in the cups of her bra, the lace not quite covering the pink of her areolas. Her nipples were pointing straight out in the cold, and Jim leaned forward and put his mouth over one of them through the cotton. Helen made a small noise as she felt the heat of his breath and mouth on the cool skin of her breast.

He reached around her body and undid the clasp of her bra and it fell to the floor between them. Jim took a moment to admire her full breasts, her pink nipples standing at attention from the cold, but mostly from the attention he was giving them. He leaned forward again and touched the tip of her nib with his tongue, flicking it gently. He sucked her nipple fully into his mouth, his lips covering the textured skin of her areolas. Helen moaned louder this time and pushed her body towards him as he circled her nipple with his agile tongue. Gently biting and tugging at her flesh with his teeth he ran his fingertips up and down her back causing her to shiver with pleasure.

His hands ran along the waistband of her jeans, sliding between the fabric and her skin. He undid the top button of her jeans and pushed them down over her hips. They fell to her ankles, and Helen, no longer caring who saw, stepped out of them, standing completely naked in the middle of her office cube. She gave a tiny shiver as the cool breeze of the air conditioning raised goosebumps on her skin.

"My god you're beautiful," Jim said, his roving eyes taking in everything about her.

Her pale skin was flawless. Her smooth skin had faint tan lines from a summer spent in the back garden, framing her most intimate areas. Her breasts full and firm, with pink nipples. Wandering further down, he admired her toned body, with a tiny birthmark just above her navel.. She wasn't skinny like some women who starved themselves, but subtly muscled like a woman to liked to keep fit and wasn't afraid to eat either.

He admired her full hips and long legs. At her center he saw that she was completely shaved, her skin of her mound was silky smooth. Her lips were slightly parted, and he could see the darker pink of her innermost secrets.

"Hels, I do believe I'm the luckiest man alive." as he pulled her close.

The warmth of his skin against hers caused the chill of the room to disappear. Her nipples rubbed against his chest, sending small shivers up her spine. He ran his fingers up and down her spine, kissing her deeply. He reached down and cupped his hands underneath her bottom and straightened up, lifting her off the ground.

Helen immediately wrapped her legs around his waist as he walked towards the desk. She could feel his rock hard cock as she rested on it, her spread lips parting at the pressure. She wiggled her hips with a moan, trying to capture his elusive rod between them.

"Ah Ah.. Simon didn't say!" he said as he lifted her up higher, frustrating her efforts. "You're not nearly wet enough yet. It is my turn to have a taste of something yummy."

He lowered her gently to the cool surface of the desk, pushing her back so that she was laying across the top of it, her hips just at the edge. Reluctantly, she untangled her legs from his waist, letting him retreat.

He stepped back, he grabbed both of her ankles, and brought both of her feet together. He brought them up to his lips and placed a gentle kiss on the bottoms of her feet. The next kiss touched her Achilles heel, the kiss after that her calves. With each kiss he would lift her legs higher. When he had kissed his way down past her calves, he ran his tongue across the backs of her knees. Helen jerked as little shock waves from that surprisingly sensitive spot rippled through her body.

"Oh my god!" she thought as her body tingled, "I don't know how he knew to do that!"

Unable to resist, Helen reached up to cup her breasts, kneading them gently. She rolled her nipples between her fingertips, the sensations adding to those caused by Jim's clever tongue, which was now working its way down the backs of her thighs. She felt herself getting very wet as she lay in frustration over how long this was taking!

Jim worked his way down her legs, leaving little swirls on her skin with his tongue. As he got lower and lower, he moved Helen's legs until she was bent into a gentle V. Taking a moment, he gazed upon her sex, feeling heady from the scent of her arousal. Holding her legs together had created a beautiful view. Nestled between her muscular thighs, he could see her slit. Her lips, puffy from arousal, were squeezed together creating a tight seal that he planned to explore further. Even tightly pressed together, he could see that Helen was very wet, the moisture of her passion making her folds glossy in the light.

Helen felt his breath on her thighs and then her sex as his talented tongue moved ever downward. She bucked on the table with a moan as his tongue suddenly slid the length of her closed lips. She felt them part as his tongue continued to work its magic, pushing further between them. Her pussy was getting wetter and wetter as he continued to lick and nibble her skin.

Working lower, she felt his tongue press in deep between her lips. He had found her inner hole, and she began to shiver uncontrollably as ran his tongue around its edge before plunging as far as it would reach. Helen's hips lifted off the desk, trying to get closer to his face, not wanting him to stop. She could feel him licking up and down her slit, plunging inside and repeating over and over again. Losing herself in the sensations, Helen began to twist and tug at her nipples, pulling them hard, adding to the cascade.

Eventually Helen realized that a new sensation had appeared. It was no longer a tongue running up and down between the folds of her lips but something much wider. She could feel her lips part open and then close behind the tip of Jim's rock hard cock as it moved along her slit. When it reached its lowest point, she could feel him lean into her, the mushroom head just sliding into her hole.

She moaned with pleasure as her muscles contracted to hold him tightly as his shaft pushed deeper and deeper into her body. She could feel the entire length of him as his hips pushed against her bottom. He rested there a moment, and Helen could feel the walls of her tunnel contracting in waves as she neared orgasm. His cock was so hot and thick, it filled her completely, stretching her to the limit. The added pressure of her closed legs was making the pleasure unbearable.

"Please," Helen gasped in a whisper. "Fuck me. Hard."

"Are you sure?" he asked teasingly nearly at the end of his control himself, pulling out till his tip was just resting in the entrance to her hole.

"Fuck me! Now!" she cried out into the empty office space.

Not needing any more encouragement, he rammed his cock into her waiting pussy, lifting her hips into the air. Pulling out, he slid back in again quickly going deeper than before. Settling into a rhythm, he continued to pump in and out of her wet pussy, holding her legs tightly over one shoulder.

Helen abandoned herself to the sensations. The friction of his rod sliding in and out, the feeling on her cheeks as his balls slapped against them, the wet sound as their fucking combined their juices, the weight of his body as he leaned forward pushing her legs even further. She could feel her mouth getting dry, and the rippling sensation in her core building and building as Jim's thrusting intensified, causing his shaft to bottom out deep inside her.

"Ahhhh!!!!!" Helen cried out, her body arching up, lifting her almost entirely off the desk as she wrapped her legs around Jim's waist, trying to hold him deep inside.

Wave after wave of sensations rocked her body as she came. She was barely aware as Jim went stiff between her legs with one last deep thrust, his cock pulsing as he shot hot streams of cum inside her. He collapsed on top of her, breathing heavily, shivering in the aftershocks of his orgasm.

Slowly they both came to their senses in each others warm embrace, Helen's muscles still contracting in little aftershocks.

"That was simply amazing!" Jim said, looking into Helen's eyes. Then with a grin, "Thank you for not turning me in to HR."

"Oh god I needed that! You were unbelievable!" she said becoming aware of her surroundings. "I think we should get dressed now though!"

"Good idea!" he said standing up and back. "No telling when someone might arrive!"

Helen felt a little disappointed as she felt his cock slide out of her pussy. She admired him one last time as he stood there putting on his clothes, his half erect shaft bobbing up and down and glistening with her wetness. She could smell the scent of their lovemaking in the air as she put her own clothes back on.

All zipped up, he went to a desk in the same cube area as Helen.

"This is great! We're going to be neighbours!" he said plugging in his laptop.

"Excellent! We're going to have to do that again!" she said with a smile. "That was the best change window I've ever had!"

"Well you never know," he said with a huge grin. "I think we're going to have a LOT of fun!"

Over her shoulder, unbeknownst to either of them, the light on the webcam of the workstation adjacent to Helen's desk clicked off.

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