tagLesbian SexLate Night Coffee Break

Late Night Coffee Break

byLisa Summers©

I felt like I had to get out of there. It was the worst experience of my life.

The problem was, my boyfriend was making love to me at the time. I was spread-eagled in his bed, with him pumping away for what seemed like hours, his dick humping my pussy, and it was just not doing it for me. He'd gotten it into his head that the girl has to cum, or the boy is a bad lover. Well, the truth is, he WAS a bad lover, and no matter how many times he banged me, I wasn't going to see any stars. Just the cracks in his ceiling. And now I was starting to dry up, as he'd worn off all the K-Y I'd applied. I wondered if I'd ever find a guy who could fuck me like I deserved to be fucked.

So I gave him the routine. You know what it is, if you've ever fucked a man. So after he thought I came, he rolled off me, and immediately fell asleep. And snoring. Nice. I just stared at his near lifeless corpse for a few minutes, then shimmied out of bed and cleaned myself up. After wiping out as much of his stuff as I could, I put on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, sandals and car keys, and drove down to the local all-night coffee shop, "The Daily Grind."

Grabbing a decaf caffe mocha, with whipped cream and chocolate syrup (hey, what can I say, I'm all girl), I sat down at a corner table and checked out a dog-eared copy of the newspaper. If someone were to describe me at that point, I think they'd say the following: "21 or so year old blonde, long hair down over her shoulders, nice breasts (D cups), hard to say about the ass since she's sitting down (it's VERY nice), cute face, the kind that looks nice without makeup, but isn't really improved by makeup either, good legs (and 2 of 'em), and a vaguely pissed off look on her face." Yeah, that's what they'd probably say.

Anyway, I was just idly reading about the Milwaukee Dodgers or something, when I heard a soft voice coming out of the photograph of Michael Jordan.

"Hi, mind if I sit here? The place is pretty packed and strangers have to share tables." I looked around, and except for the girl making coffee, the place was devoid of bottoms to sit in the many empty chairs. I looked around Michael Jordan, and saw a 20-ish brunette with really short hair, and an outfit more or less like mine, except a green top to my blue one. And a big, cute, grin.

"Uh, sure, go ahead," I said. She settled herself, and stuck out her hand.

"Hi, I'm Jeanette. Jeanette Royston," she said.

"Uh, I'm Kim, uh, Barlow." I took her hand and shook it. Nice firm grip. And warm, too.

"So, what brings you here?" she asked. "I'm here to get some studying done, can't do it at my apartment, neighbors. Too loud. Know what I mean?"

"Uh, yeah, I know what you mean. I'm just trying to relax a little before sleep," I replied.

"Huh, I would've guessed differently, if you don't mind my saying so," Jeanette said.

"Really, like how?" I said.

"Well, you've got a really pissed off look on your face for one thing. For another, you look like you just got out of bed before you came here. My guess would be that you're pissed off at your boyfriend. Or girlfriend," she continued.

"Boyfriend," I said. "I don't go the other way."

"Too bad," she said. "I do. You wouldn't be leaving my bed pissed off." I guess my face turned really red, because she then said, "There, I've gone and done it again. My big mouth. Look, I'm sorry for butting in…"

"No, it's okay. Yeah, it's a boyfriend problem. He's a crappy lover, and I'm more mad at myself for settling. But, what did you mean about going the other way? Are you a, uh, lesbian?" I had been kind of curious about that whole thing, and I didn't know any gay girls, or at least didn't know any who were openly gay.

"Well, probably, but I have been bi in my recent past, so I guess that's what you'd call me. Bi. But, why don't you call me Jeanie?" She flashed me a lovely smile, and I noticed her light green eyes, turned up nose, and light splash of freckles across her nose. She looked like a nice person, and talking to someone nice, even if gay, was more attractive than reading an almost day old paper.

"If you don't mind my asking, what's it like to be attracted to girls?" I ventured, but even as I asked my face was turning a shade of light scarlet again.

Jeanie didn't seem to notice, and answered my question seriously. "It's not really different than being attracted to guys. Only, you're looking at other things, like breasts, and cute face, cute butt-, no, that applies to guys, too, uh, how she dresses, how she smells, a superior sense of humor-"

"Okay, I get it, I think. Gays aren't really different, just attracted to different people, huh?" I said.

"Yes, I think that's about it," Jeanie replied, with a cute grin. We went on like that for some time, and I was pleased that I'd met someone that I could talk to, who was funny and smart. We exchanged numbers, and I thought that I'd made a new friend, not easy to do in this urban area. I said I had to get back, and said goodbye. She looked a little wistful as I walked out the door.

I was beside my car, looking for my car keys in my jeans pocket, when I suddenly saw a bright light in the back of my eyes, followed by a sharp pain in my scalp. I half turned around, and saw a dirty, unshaven man, maybe 40 years old, holding a stick and getting ready to hit me with it again. He was mumbling something I couldn't make out, when I saw a flash of light green flying across the parking lot, then the man going flying. I slumped down against my car, and the next thing I knew, Jeanie was holding my hand, and gently patting my cheek.

"Hey, Kim, are you okay? Did that guy hurt you?" The look in her eyes was one of concern, tempered with anger. "I'll call 911, just sit tight." The paramedics and police came, and took our stories, though I don't think I was much help. Apparently, this vagrant had been haunting the neighborhood, and bashing women and stealing their purses. I had no idea what he thought he'd get from me. The ambulance took me to the hospital, where they pronounced my injury "not serious." Jeanie had come along, for which I was grateful.

After I was discharged after one hour's observation, I was at a loss as to what to do. I felt like I should go back to my boyfriend's, but didn't feel like explaining how I came to be somewhere other than his bed. My only other option was to go back to my place, and make up some story tomorrow for him.

Jeanie must have read my mind, because she said, "Wondering where to go now? The doctor doesn't want you to be alone. If you'd like, you could come over to my place." She looked so shy saying that, that I recalled the wistful expression on her face as I'd left. I guessed there wouldn't be any harm, so I agreed. I left my car at the coffee shop, and rode with her in her jeep to her place, a nice little apartment near the University.

"Are you enrolled in the University?" I asked.

"Yes, I'm a senior, graduating next semester. How about you?" she asked in turn.

"I graduated from Bowdoin last year, returned back here where I grew up. I've got an entry level executive type job at the gas utility," I said. She got out, and ran around and helped me out of the jeep. For the first time I noticed her body, since it was the first time I saw her standing next to me. She was a little taller than me, 5'8" I'd guess, to my 5'6". Her body was slim, but her butt looked very feminine, full, firm and round. Her breasts were smaller than mine, B cups, but nicely shaped through her t shirt. I noticed that her nipples were hard and pointy through the fabric.

She held my arm when I almost fell getting out of the jeep. My arm brushed against her breast, and it felt warm and soft to me. I felt a little tingle at that.

We went into her ground floor apartment, which was decorated in early K-Mart.

"Make yourself at home," Jeanie said. "The couch is probably the most comfortable. Would you like some coffee?" She giggled when she saw the expression on my face.

"Uck, no. How about some tea, if you have any?" I said.

"Apple cinnamon okay?" Jeanie yelled out of the kitchen. "Sure," I replied.

Soon we were both sipping our tea, and talking quietly, just as we had been in the coffee shop. I don't know if it was the excitement of the evening, or a little residual injury, but my back got really tight, and started hurting. I told Jeanie, and she asked me if I thought a back rub would help. I said that I guessed it wouldn't hurt, and she arranged herself behind me on the couch. I felt her hands on my shoulders, and she started slowly kneading my muscles down my back. It was clear that she knew what she was doing.

"Wow, where'd you learn how to do that?" I asked.

"Ohh, I'm an assistant trainer for the girls' basketball team here at the college. I'm pretty good at massaging all kinds of muscles." I'm sure that was a double entendre, but I didn't care. It felt SO good. In fact, I felt better than I ever had before, under any circumstances.

"Jeanie, that feels very good," I cooed. She laughed, and her head came forward towards me as I lolled mine back. We found ourselves looking at each other, and she gently pecked at my cheek. Her lips felt warm and soft against my skin, and I held my head there so she wouldn't stop. She held her kiss momentarily, and I found my hand coming around the back of her head, to hold her there.

She slid her mouth further around toward mine, and paused with her lips less than an inch away. I impulsively moved my mouth forward, so that our lips were making contact, and it was as though I had unleashed a torrent of emotions in both of us. She pressed her lips hard against mine, and I could feel her tongue toying with my lips. I also surprisingly, felt my pussy getting wet. I had never felt it get wet with any boy friend, and thought I was just deficient in that area. But now, I could actually feel liquid trickling out of my cleft onto the fabric of my jeans.

Her hands, so talented at caressing and massaging my tense back, were even more talented at bringing sensation to my breasts. Both of her hands came around to cup my full breasts, and tease my erect nipples. I couldn't believe the delicious sensations shooting through me every time she'd lightly pinch a nipple. My boyfriends had hardly ever paid attention to making my breasts feel nice, they just liked to stare at them. This was something completely different, and welcome! Jeanie continued kissing me, and as I became intoxicated by her talented fingers on me, I moaned into her open mouth, and opened mine wide to welcome her tongue against mine.

We kissed like that for some time, and I could feel that delicious tension rising in my pussy. But this time, I knew I'd get relief. I brought my hand down between my legs, and pressed it against my erect clit, through the fabric. I knew I shouldn't do such a thing in front of another woman, but I was so hot, I didn't care! I was very surprised to feel her right hand leave my breast, and make its was down to join mine between my legs.

Jeanie's hand intertwined with mine, and our fingers interlocked, with us both pressing my clit. It felt very different to me, to know that a woman had her hand between my legs, touching my clit, if only through fabric, because she wanted to bring me pleasure. I'd never had anyone touch me who wanted to do just that. We rapidly rubbed my clit, and the rough fabric of the denim against my defenseless clit, soon had me bucking in a massive orgasm.

"Oh, god, ohh, ohh, yes, that feels SO nice, press, there, there, ohh, yes, oh, please, yes Jeanie, yes! Oh, god, I'm cumming, ohh!" I held myself rigid for moments, while the electricity ran through my body, then I slowly slumped against Jeanie. I felt her let go of my hand, then her hand went to the button of my jeans, loosening it, and pulling down the zipper.

I didn't feel like I could stop her. I didn't WANT to stop her. I wanted her to feel how wet I was down there. No one had ever made me feel like that, except for sometimes when I'd played with myself. I lifted up my butt slightly, and sucked in my tummy so that Jeanie's hand could reach my pussy unimpeded. She took advantage of the opening I'd given her, and I could feel her gentle touch on my feminine mound. Her fingers briefly toyed with the thick pubic hair above my pussy, then traced the outline of my vaginal lips, circling around and around, and picking up my moisture that was abundantly flowing over her fingers.

Her index finger gently scraped over my erect clitoris, the moisture allowing it to slide over without rubbing too hard. Her touch there brought me to an immediate second orgasm, and I pulled her face to mine, so that she could kiss me while she was finger fucking me so tenderly. Her lips covered mine, and her tongue thrust into my eager mouth, just as her middle finger thrust into my eager pussy. My hips rose to meet her hand, and I reflexively pushed her hand deeper into my cunt. "OH! JEANIE, YOUR TOUCH IS SO GOOD! FUCK ME WITH YOUR FINGERS! YES, FUCK! IT'S GOO-" I came again and again, gasping into her warm and wet mouth.

I collapsed, again, and smiled up at her beautiful face. "God, Jeanie, no one's ever done that for me before," I whispered.

"You liked it," she said, half question, half statement.

"Oh, yes, sweetheart, I loved it! I want you to touch me again. And I want to touch you, and make you feel like that!" I gushed.

"Well, if you really want to be serious, we've GOT to find a more comfortable location. Hmm, let's see, where could we possibly go to be more-"

"Come on, where is it?" I cried, standing up and taking Jeanie's hand. My pants falling down, I can't imagine what I looked like. But Jeanie didn't seem to mind, and she half led, half carried me to her bedroom. We lurched through the door, and I was quite impressed by its gracefulness and beauty. While the rest of Jeanie's apartment reflected the usual student lack of funds, her bedroom reflected Jeanie's feminine soul.

From the lovely window treatments, to the sumptuous quilt covering on her queen sized bed, and the bewitching fragrance of the potpourris and candles she had artfully placed, it was clear that this bedroom was Jeanie's pride and joy. I told her that it was the most beautiful bedroom that I'd ever seen, and the happiness on Jeanie's adorable face filled me with warmth.

She stood before me, at the foot of her four poster bed, and gently kissed the tip of my nose.

"Do you trust me?" she said.

"Yes," I replied. Jeanie embraced me, and putting her arms around me, her hands slid down inside my jeans, against my naked ass. The touch of her delicate fingers on so intimate an area thrilled me, and I was anxious to feel more. As though reading my mind, Jeanie's fingers slipped into the crack of my ass, and brushed up against the sensitive flesh of my puckered hole. She felt my slight shudder, and continued playing with me. Her finger circled round my tight ass opening, gently poking inside, but only just. Then she pulled that hand out of my pants, and brought it up to my nose. The musky scent on her finger was strangely attractive, and when she gently, but insistently placed her finger between my lips, I opened my mouth slightly to allow her access. She slid her finger into my mouth, and I sucked on it like it was a dick.

I had never felt so naughty in all my life! Jeanie then brought her wet finger back to my anus, and slipped it deep inside my hole. I had never felt so sexy and hot. I wanted more and more as she slowly slipped that wonderful finger in and out of my hole. I brought my hands around to feel her butt, and for the first time touched another woman's ass. It felt so full and round, and warm. I slipped one hand inside her jeans, and the fabric imprisoned my hand against the cotton of her panties, but the heat of her rear end was exciting.

Jeanie then removed her hands from my ass, as did I from hers, and, stepping back, she looked straight into my eyes, then took the finger that she had so deliciously fucked my ass with, and slid it into her mouth! It was very evident that she enjoyed the taste as she sucked on her own finger. I couldn't believe it!

She then slowly lifted up the bottom of my t shirt over my head, revealing my full breasts with their erect nipples. She pulled my shirt off, and gently laid it on the nearby night table.

"What beautiful pink nipples, Kim," Jeanie whispered, as she lowered her mouth to suck on one. The sensation of her warm, wet mouth on my nipple, gently sucking on it, as would a baby feeding from it, brought intense sensations, centering on my pussy, but radiating throughout my being. I cradled Jeanie's head on my breast, while she sucked. I only regretted that I had no milk for her. Eventually she moved to the other nipple, and repeated the absolute pleasure she was bringing to me.

My jeans, meanwhile, had fallen to the floor. Since I wasn't wearing any panties, I was quite nude in front of her. Jeanie lifted up her head, and seeing that I stood naked, with pants bunched around my feet, knelt before me, as a thrill ran through my body. She gently lifted up one of my feet, removing the pants leg. Than, she lifted the other, and pulled my pants away so that I was fully and completely naked in front of this woman who, just hours ago, had been a complete stranger.

Her hands traced down from the outside of my hips, down my thighs to my knees, caressing my calves and cupping my feet, each in turn. When her hands returned higher between my legs, then higher still, to the inside of my thighs, they stroked my smooth inner thighs, making me shudder. I moved my legs farther apart, to allow her greater access to stroke me, fully aware that my wet pussy was exposed to her view, and was now glistening and open, showing my inner pinkness and excitement.

Jeanie gently brought her nose to my slit, and inhaled my aroma there, as though she were smelling the finest French perfume. I hoped my body odor didn't offend her. Apparently not, as her tongue teased out to lap at my erect clit. She greedily licked up more and more moisture from me there. The more she licked, the more I produced. Soon, her tongue was impaled deep inside my soaking wet pussy, fucking my sweet hole with her tongue.

Yet another time that fateful night, I found myself in the throes of an orgasm brought on by this wonderful woman. "Lick me, there, Jeanie. Lick my wet hole. Yes, that's SO good! I want you inside me! Fuck my hot hole with your wet tongue! LICK ME, BABY. OH, FUCK! YES, THAT'S SO GOOD! FUCK ME! LICK ME! DO ME! OH! OH! YEEEESSSSSSS!!" My hands held Jeanie's face to my pussy, as my hips bucked and rocked under her talented tongue. After I recovered somewhat from this excitement, Jeanie used her hands to turn me around, so that my butt was in front of her face. She said that I should bend over, and I willingly complied. I couldn't believe that I was revealing myself to another person, as I'd never let any man play with my ass hole. Yet here I was, with my ass stuck in another woman's face! And she, and I, were loving it!

I felt her fingers separate my ass cheeks, and I hoped, deep in my heart of hearts, that she would continue to touch me there, as I'd never felt such unbounded pleasure before. Her finger touched my anal ring again, but was quickly replaced by something warm and wet. She was licking my anus with her tongue! I was shocked, yes, but even more so, excited, and my pussy was lubricating madly. Jeanie discovered how wet I was when one of her hands came up between my legs, to finger my hard clit from behind. The sensations I was feeling from having this extremely sexy young woman's tongue deep inside my ass, and her finger gently strumming my erect clit, made me cum again, countless times.

Slowly, I regained awareness of my situation. As I returned to myself, I collapsed onto her bed in front of her. As I gazed at my new found lover, she lifted up her t shirt over her head, exposing her well formed, firm breasts to my gaze. She had large, brown aureoles and nipples that covered a large part of her smallish breasts, and I ached to feel them in my mouth.

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