tagBDSMLate Night Lessons

Late Night Lessons


The phone rang.

"Hey baby, what are you doing?"

"Not much, love...just waiting for your call." Talking to David was the high point in Jennifer’s day. She knew that he would call every night between 9 and 10 and she spent the latter part of every evening anxiously awaiting the voice of her long distance lover.

Living 200 miles apart made things stressful for Jennifer. They only got to see each other every few weeks and even though she loved his phone conversations, she found herself in a constant state of wanting more.

On this particular night, her head was filled with daydreams about their upcoming date at the end of the week. She missed him so very much, both emotionally and physically. She wanted to hold him, to look into his eyes, to make love to him.

That last one was the kicker. She was so sexually frustrated she was going nuts. It wasn’t that she didn’t enjoy the phone sex. She did. It was great and David never failed to guide her into mind shattering orgasms. But right now it just wasn’t enough. It didn’t help matters that he had forbidden her to even masturbate for a week before their planned date this weekend.

Every night that week he had teased her with soft whisperings of the things he was going to do with her. He had promised that this weekend they would delve further into her dark desires to submit to him.

Although Jennifer hated to admit it, she was terribly turned on by the idea of being a sex slave to a handsome, dominating master. One night she had hesitantly told this to David, expecting him to be at the very least disturbed by the idea.

His reaction had amazed her. "I always wanted to explore that realm of sexuality myself, but I was never with a woman who was interested. I would love to play the role of your master. Hmm. I would make you be my slave all day. You’d have to wait on me hand and foot, totally nude except for your collar and leash. You’d have to address me as Master or Sir, and do everything I told you, or else I would punish you. Would you enjoy that sort of thing?"

Well from then on it was decided. Although they had no interest in a 24/7 d/s relationship, it was definitely a game they enjoyed playing. Sometimes when they were on the phone having a totally innocent conversation, the dynamics would subtly change until they found themselves in role.

On this particular night, the conversation started innocently enough. They discussed their day, their plans for tomorrow, etc. It was the normal small chit chat they usually engaged in. After about an hour and a half, David said, "Well its getting late baby, and you have to work tomorrow, so get you some sleep, ok?"

"No, I’m not tired. I’m going to go play on the internet for a while and then maybe I’ll go to sleep." There was silence on his end of the phone.

After a moment she heard, "Are you naked?" She was taken aback...their conversation this night had not been sexual in the least.

"Well, no, I have my night shirt on."

"Take it off." She bemusedly complied.

"Are you laying down?"


"Good...I want you to start touching yourself....reach down and start rubbing your clit with your fingers for me..." Jennifer was curious as to where this sudden change of mood had come, but as she loved having phone sex with David she eagerly agreed. She reached down and started rubbing lazy little circles around her clit. It didn’t take long for her to become wet and she ran her finger up and down her moist little slit as her breath became more labored in David’s ear.

"Does that feel good, baby?"

"Umm...yes..feels very good."

"Ok, I want you to stop for a moment." She groaned but obeyed. "I want you to get on your hands and knees for me." She rolled over and pulled herself to her hands and knees. "Now I want you give yourself a nice hard spank on that pretty little ass of yours." She was somewhat reluctant, but she enjoyed obeying David, so she reached back and gave herself a nice little spank on the ass. She gasped a bit.

"Do it again. That wasn’t hard enough. I didn’t hear it." Jennifer braced herself and spanked her ass very loudly. "Good. That was better. Again."


" Again." She knew better than to argue with him when she heard that steely tone in his deep sexy voice, and as much as dreaded spanking herself, she also realized that doing this was making her very, very wet. She could feel the moisture running down her inner thighs.

She slapped her ass hard again. "Again," David said. "Keep going and don’t stop until I tell you to." Jennifer released a quick volley of sharp spanks to her now reddening ass. It was beginning to ache and become sore.

"Please..." she implored.

"Please what? Don’t stop, I didn’t give you permission."

"Please let me stop, David, it hurts."

"I don’t answer to that name...You’re my little slave and you should address me properly." She knew what he wanted to hear, and she knew he realized how much this was turning her on.

"Please, Master. Please let me stop, its stinging so bad."

"Not yet slave...I’m enjoying this." She wanted so badly to stop, but knew that she had to obey him or he would only punish her worse. She increased the strength of her spanking, making sure to hit her ass where it would make the nice loud sound that she knew her master loved to hear. With every painful slap she gasped and whimpered. It hurt so much. She knew she couldn’t handle it much longer.

"Ok, you may stop now. Turn over and lay on your back again." She joyfully complied, though laying with her burning ass to the bed was less than comfortable.

"Now, do you know what you did wrong?" She searched her mind but couldn’t understand what he was referring to.

"I’m sorry, Master, but I don’t know what I’ve done wrong..."

"Raise your legs up and give yourself another good spank on your ass." She groaned her frustration as she lifted up her legs and swatted her lower butt cheeks. She replayed their earlier conversation still looking for her transgression.

"Now do you remember what you did, slave?"

"I didn’t mind you when you told me to get some sleep?"

"Very good. I knew you would figure it out. Have you learned your lesson?"

"Oh yes, Master."

"Are you going to obey me better than that in the future?"

"Yes, Master."

"Good. Now make yourself comfortable on the bed. Set the phone right beside your ear on your pillow." She did as he requested. "Spread those pretty legs open for me. Now I want you to take one hand and softly tickle your inner thighs for me. With the other hand I want to you start rubbing your breasts." She did as instructed, lightly brushing her hand across the creamy flesh of her inner thighs. Her other hand massaged her aching breasts, gently tweaking her hard nipples. She moaned as her pussy clenched in anticipation.

"Does that feel nice, slave?"

"Umm...yes Master."

"Now I want you to start rubbing your clit again for me. Squeeze it between your fingers. Are you all nice and wet for me?"

"I’m absolutely dripping."

"That’s nice...I like that...Imagine me being there to lick up all that sweet wetness...You’d like to have me with my head between your legs eating that wet little pussy, wouldn’t you slave?" The mental picture he painted only turned her on more as she increased the speed and pressure on her clit.

"Yes, I would love for my master to eat my pussy."

"Do you have one of your vibrators handy?" She reached over to the bedside table and removed the thick 7 inch vibe.

"Yes, Sir."

"I want you to turn it on low and start rubbing it up and down your juicy pussy lips for me." At the feel of the vibration against her she gasped and moaned.

"Oh god, that feels good.."

"Does it? Now I want you to slowly start to push it into your pussy. With your other hand rub your clit some more." She could feel her body trembling as she massaged her swollen clit and began to penetrate herself with the vibrator. It was very thick and her pussy clenched and spasmed at the wonderful intrusion. She felt like she could cum at any minute.

"Is it all the way inside you now?’

"Uh-huh." She couldn’t compose herself to actually answer with anything more elaborate than that. It felt so fucking good to have that big vibe in her pussy while rubbing her clit and listening to her master’s voice.

"Go ahead and start fucking yourself with it...but not too fast yet." She wanted so badly to ram it into her pussy as hard as possible, but she held back and began to slowly push it in and out. She whimpered and moaned at the sensation of her burning pussy.

"Oh please, Master, let me have more, please.."

"Does my slave want to fuck herself hard?"

"Oh yes, please, Master."

"Have you been a very good girl for me? Have you done everything Master has told you to?"

"Oh yes, I’ve been very, very good."

"Ok slave, you may fuck yourself as hard as your please, but keep rubbing that clit."

"Oh god.." She pounded her pussy, feeling the hard vibe crash against her G-spot. That along with the feeling of her finger rubbing her clit was quickly pushing her to the edge of orgasm. She was breathing very hard and her moans escalated to loud cries and screams. "Oh god, oh yes, oh god Master, please let me cum, oh please.."

"Are you very close to coming?" She was indeed. She knew she had to have his permission but she also knew she couldn’t hold it much longer.

"I’ve very close master, oh please let your slave cum for you." She hated the desperate begging but she needed to cum so very badly and her pussy was burning with desire.

"Not yet..." His voice was hard as rocks.

"Master, please...I can’t wait much longer." She slowed down with the vibe to keep from crashing right over the edge.

"Did I tell you to stop, slave? Keep going. Keep ramming it into your tight little pussy for me."

"Oh god, Master, oh I’m so close,oh please, please,please, I can’t handle it any more. Oh Master please let me cum." She knew she was nearing the brink. Oh why wouldn’t he just give her permission?

"No. You do not have Master’s permission to cum, slave. Hold it. Do you hear me?"

But it was too late. An earth shaking orgasm exploded through her body as she screamed out in ecstasy. As it subsided, she lay there trembling and knowing that she was in very big trouble indeed.

"Slave, did I give you permission to cum?" She could hear the displeasure in her master’s voice and she felt horrible for having disobeyed him.

"No Master. I’m so sorry. I tried to hold it, really I did. I’m so sorry."

"Not as sorry as your about to be, slave. I hope you enjoyed that orgasm because it’s about to cost you dearly. I want you to go get your leather belt out of your closet."

She trembled at the idea of the belt but quickly ran to the closet and grabbed the thick leather belt.

"I have the belt, Master." She could hear the shiver of fear in her own voice, but even as she was scared, she was becoming aroused again. Her lover knew how much she liked a little pain with her pleasure.

"Lay down with your legs in the air. I want you to take that belt and give yourself a good smack on your inner thigh for me. Do it hard enough that I can hear the pop."

She slapped the heavy leather belt hard against her inner thigh, crying out as the pain ripped through her body. "Again. Keep doing it and don’t stop until I tell you to, slave."

She mercilessly slapped her thighs with the belt until she was red and aching and dying for the pain to stop. She once begged for mercy, for him to please let her stop.

"No, I want you to keep going." He made her whip herself for what seemed like ages. Just when she thought she was going to collapse with exhaustion, he said, "Have you learned your lesson, slave?"

"Oh yes, Master, I will never, ever cum without your permission ever again."

"Good. Now let’s try this one more time. Lay back down flat and return to fingering your clit and pushing that vibe into your pussy." Her whole body was sore and tired but she knew better than to not obey.

Her pussy was soaking wet from her whipping. She amazed even herself by being turned on so much by his show of dominance and the pain of the belt. Her pussy was throbbing and she knew it wouldn’t’ take a whole lot to cum again, so she began very slowly.

"I want you to keep going until you get close to coming again but don’t you dare cum without my permission slave."

"Yes, Sir." She felt the familiar fire building in her pussy as she rubbed herself and fucked herself with the vibe. She began to softly moan again.

"I want you to take the hand that’s on your clit right now and pinch your nipple with it. Do it hard." She grasped her swollen nipple hard, imagining how it would feel to have a nice set of clamps on and how good it would feel to have that constant pain there. Her pussy throbbed more as she played with her breasts.

"Keep fucking yourself. Do you like that?"

"Yes, Sir. It feels wonderful."

"Stop." She whimpered at having to stop.

"You have another small dildo by your bed, right?" He knew she did. It was quite a bit smaller than the one in her pussy, but she still liked it very much.

"Take the big vibe out of your pussy and put the smaller one in. Fuck yourself with it a little. That feels good, doesn’t it, slave?"

"Ummm..." Now I want you take that dildo and slide it gently into your tight little ass for me." Her body twitched. He knew how much she loved anal. It made her feel terribly naughty and dirty. She slipped it into her ass a little. Her anus tightened at first, sending a sharp jolt of pain through her body. She breathed deep and felt her sphincter relax and allow the dildo to slide further in.

"Do you have it all the way in your ass now, slave?"

"Yes, Master."

"Now put your vibrator back into your pussy and started fucking yourself with both of them." He knew this was her weakness. She adored the feeling of being totally filled like this, both holes stretched and aching. As she slid the two toys in and out of her, she felt her pleasure building up again. It never took her very long to cum this way. As her breathing once again reached fever pitch and her moans became screams, she began to once more beg her master for release.

"No. Not yet." He said it almost nonchalantly, as if he couldn’t care less of the torment she was experiencing.

"Please, Master, I really am very close. I can’t wait much longer." She was whimpering uncontrollably as she fucked herself. She was going crazy.

"I’ll die if I don’t cum, Master. Oh please, I’m so sorry I came without your permission early. I’m so very sorry. Oh please."



"Are you my little slut?"


"My little bitch?"

"Yes, Master, oh please let me cum, oh god please..."

"Do you like fucking your ass and pussy for Master?"

"Yes, Master. I love being your little slut and fucking myself for you. I’ll do anything for you Master, just please let me cum."

"Ok, slave may cum." She thought she had died as the orgasms rolled over her body, one after another as she fucked herself. She screamed out and cried as the pleasure took over her entire body.

"Oh god! Oh thank you, Master! Oh Master. Oh please fuck me! Fuck me, Master. Fuck my pussy and my ass! I want to feel you inside me so fucking bad. OHHH GOD!" The orgasm was unbelievable. She had never cum so hard in her life. She nearly collapsed as her body came down off its high. She was trembling so bad she could hardly breath.

"Oh thank you, Master." She breathlessly whispered.

"You’re welcome, slave. Did you enjoy that?"

"Oh god,yes. That was wonderful."

"Now I want you to realize that I’m going to put you through this same thing when I see you this weekend, only instead of you masturbating, I’m going to be eating out your sweet little pussy and making you beg me to let you cum. I love to hear my slave beg me."

"Are you really going to do that." Silence again. She had said something wrong.

"Slave...turn over again." She knew she was in trouble now, and her ass was aching so much, she knew she couldn’t handle much more pain. "Spank yourself again for me." She gave herself five or six good spanks.

"Ok. Now lay back down. What did you do wrong?"

"I questioned you."

"Yes, I’m going to really do these things. Now get some sleep."

"Yes, Master. I love you."

"I love you too my sweet slave. I’ll talk to you tomorrow." Jennifer could hardly wait.

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