tagIncest/TabooLate Night Panty Play

Late Night Panty Play


38 year old Karen Davis was completely riveted by the sight before her as she stood outside the bathroom door in her dark master bedroom peeking through the two inch crack made by the fact that the door had been left ajar. She had been startled awake by a sound coming from the bathroom ten minutes earlier and had seen the bathroom light streaming through her dark bedroom like a beacon. The bathroom was also accessible from the hallway so it was either her 18 year old son Brian or her 19 year old Nephew Jon, who was spending the night. Since it was two am, she was concerned that one of the boys may be ill. She got out of bed and headed for the door. As she got closer she could hear voices and realized that both boys were in the bathroom. She wasn't sure why but she approached the door quietly and slowly peeked around the door to find both boys, in only their boxers, rooting through her dirty clothes hamper each with several pairs of her dirty silky panties clutched in their hands.

So now, here she stood unable to move as she watched her son and her nephew holding the dirty gussets of her panties under their noses and taking long hard sniffs from them. They were passing their treasures back and forth to one another, taking turns sniffing each of the four pairs they had found. Karen should have been mad but what the two boys were doing with her dirty panties was turning her on and making her pussy swell and begin to leak into the yellow Hanes Her Way satin briefs she now wore. As she watched, her right hand slid down the front of her yellow briefs and she began to rub her swollen clit through the silky material.

She watched as her son Brian held the gusset of a pair of aqua blue Vanity Fair briefs up to her nephew's nose. Jon closed his eyes and took a long pull from the dirty cotton lining. She had just worn that pair yesterday and had masturbated in them with her little pocket vibrator before taking them off to get her morning shower. She hadn't even pulled them over she had just held the vibrator against the silky crotch right on her clit and had cum so hard she had literally squirted her juices into the absorbent cotton panel. They were soaked when she had dropped them into the hamper so she knew Jon was getting a nose full of her most feminine scents.

Jon, in turn, held the gusset of a lavender Warner's Shine On brief under her son's sniffing nose. They had been in her hamper for a few days but she had been wearing them when her boss, Mr. Carlson, had called her into his office, bent her over his desk, pulled the gusset to the side and slid his enormous black cock into her in one stroke. She had been supremely wet herself when Mr. Carlson gave her one final thrust and emptied his molten seed deep into her clutching vagina. The load he had planted was huge and dripped from her swollen slickened canal the rest of the day. By the time she had taken them off at home and dropped them in the hamper, they had been completely saturated with both hers and Mr. Carlson's juices. Now her son had his nose completely buried in the nasty cum stained gusset sniffing both scents as his eyes rolled up in his head.

"Wow," exclaimed Brian as he let his breath out, "I think she got fucked in these. I can smell her and somebody's dried cum in them. It's so fucking hot to think she had these on while some big cock was sliding in and out of her! Let me smell the pink ones!"

Jon placed the lavender panties on the counter next to the sink and held the gusset of her bright pink Adonna high cuts up to her son's waiting nose. She had worn them to her spin class three days ago and had fingered herself to a nice orgasm on the way home in the car because she had been so swollen and wet after the workout that she just needed some relief. They too had been a mess when deposited in the hamper.

"God, these smell great too," Brian said as he exhaled from taking a long pull from the stained and pungent gusset. "I want to sniff on these while we do it," he said to Jon and took another long pull from her dirty panties.

"These are so hot too," Jon said as Brian held the still moist gusset of the Vanity Fair panties under his nose. "I'm gonna sniff on these while we do it!"

By the looks of the lumps in the boy's boxers, Karen was sure she knew what "it" was. Her assumption was confirmed as she watched her nephew Jon, still holding the dirty gusset of the Adonna panties under Brian's nose, reach out with the other hand still holding on to a pair of her bright green Joe Boxer bikinis, into her sons fly, fished around and pulled Brian's very erect and hugely swollen cock from its confines now wrapped in the green bikinis. He made sure that Brian's large swollen nuts hung from the open fly also. Then, Jon slowly pumped Brian's turgidness with her dirty green panties and Karen could plainly see a large dollop of her son's teenage pre-cum burble out of his swollen piss slit.

Brian, still holding the Vanity Fair panties under Jon's nose returned the favor and reached with his unoccupied hand into Jon's fly as well and pulled his shorter but fatter cock from his boxer's. Brian reached in again and cupped Jon's large nuts pulling them out into the open. Brian squeezed Jon's cock tight at the base and pumped slowly from the root toward the head and now he too had a large crystal of pre-cum sitting atop his large cock head.

Karen could not stop rubbing her engorged clit through her now soaked yellow panties. She pinched and rubbed the swollen nub through the silken material causing more of her girl juices to run freely from her inflamed pussy. She could feel herself heading toward an incredible orgasm and wanted desperately to time it with her son's and nephew's inevitable nut. She knew it wouldn't take much more and her panties and thighs would be flooded with her sticky love.

"Let's blow it in these," Brian said. Brian let go of Jon's cock long enough to grab the lavender Warner's from the counter, turn them inside out and lay them, dirty gusset up, back to their place next to the sink. Karen flicked her clit faster and moved one step closer to her building orgasm when she realized that they were going to use the lavender panties as a cum rag for their lavicious little tryst.

Brian reached for Jon's cock again and sped up his pumping aiming his big fact cock head right at the wasted gusset. Jon also began to jack Brian's cock with more fervor, he too trying to aim Brian's steely cock toward her abused panty crotch. Both boys still held the pair of dirty panties under each other's nose and both boys were still taking long hard pulls from the ruined gussets. Karen watched as their cocks seemed to get harder with each sniff of her dirty panties. She loved the fact that they were getting off on the naughty smells she left behind in her panties and knew she would cum in the panties she wore now at any minute. Her hand was a blur as she worked herself closer and closer to her own orgasm.

"Damn, Aunt Karen's panties smell so good," Jon said. "They smell so good, they make me wanna cum. Keep pumpin' Bri, keep pumpin', your hand feels good. You gonna make me blow! You're gonna make me blow all over your mom's dirty panty crotch." Jon's pre-cum was flowing freely from his piss slit and a large drop had strung from his cock head and now attached itself to the dirty lavender gusset of Karen's panties.

"Dude, I know, Mom's panties are gonna make me lose it too! The smell is too much for me. I'm sniffin' right where her hot pussy has been. Press 'em tighter to my nose. Make me sniff Mom's panties."

Brian was giving out so much pre-cum that the green little bikinis that Jon was stroking him with had turned a darker green as they soaked up his nut. Every time Jon would pump her son's cock on the down stroke, she could see her son's cock head, angry and swollen, sticking out from the slick green satin. She watched as he too had a large dollop of pre-cum drip from his cock head and land in the mess of her ruined gusset attaching him with a gossamer umbilical to her dirty panties.

Seeing the two sparkling strands of pre-cum cross one another and then join together was way too much for Karen. With one final pinch of her overly distended clit, Karen bit her lip and came harder than she had in a long time. Her legs were shaking and she could feel the intensity in the pit of her stomach. She flicked her clit several times and felt her juices running down her quivering thighs. She held on to the wall and tried to be as quiet as possible. When her clit became too sensitive to touch, she cupped her swollen panty cover mound and watched the boys as she tried to catch her breath.

They were pumping each other furiously, each taking long pulls from the dirty gussets held under their noses. Jon moved closer to the counter as Brian long stroked his shiny steely pipe. He looked right into Brian's eyes. "Stop pumping and just squeeze it," he said through clenched teeth. Brian did just that and pushed the dirty gusset even tighter to Jon's nose. Jon took a final pull of the pungent girl juice infused in his Aunt's panties and began to unload his pent up teen age sperm. Brian pulsed his fist around his cousin's stiff cock feeling Jon's huge balls give up the nut that had been building in them since earlier tonight as they were watching panty porn in his room. Every time Brian squeezed, a long rope of viscous stringy sperm would shoot from the head of Jon's cock. Brian made sure that as much as possible landed in the abused crotch of the silky lavender panties as they lay on the counter. Brian counted ten, eleven, twelve healthy shots of potent boy seed filled his mother's dirty panties.

During his mind numbing orgasm, Jon never stopped stroking his cousin's long monstrous cock. He could feel his cousin climbing to the brink. Karen watched as Jon pulled her son closer to the ruined panties on the counter and then sucked in her breath as Jon dipped the head of her son's cock into the cummy pool of his own spent nut now filling her panties. As soon as Brian's cock head touched the mess his cousin had left in his mom's panties, he too took a final pull from the bright pink panties Jon held tight to is nose and let loose with his own volley of thick pungent boy cum into his mother's destroyed panties. Jon kept up his insistent pumping rubbing his cousin's cock head through all the spermy mess that had been deposited in those poor lavender panties.

When Brian had finally finished emptying his teenage nuts into his mother's panties he stood still for a minute and caught his breath. Jon squeezed one final drop from his cousin and released his cock. Brian let go of his cousin as well and they stepped back to look at their "handy" work. The lavender Adonna panties were a total dripping mess. With one final sniff each of the panties that had fueled their cum assault, they tossed them back into the hamper. Jon threw the sticky green Joe Boxers in on top of the ones they had been sniffing and then Brian picked up the lavender pair from the counter. Karen could see the heaviness of their combined loads pooling in the overworked gusset. Seemingly without regard, he then tossed them, load and all, back into the hamper with the others not thinking anything of the fact that they were now totally destroyed. There was now a pair of fresh cum filled panties in her hamper. The thought gave her ideas that made her juices begin to flow.

Karen stood back from the spear of light so as not to be noticed by either boy as they cleaned up their mess. Both boys tucked their now spent and shrinking cocks back into their boxers and headed for the hall door. As Brian reached for the light switch he cocked his head toward the door leading to her room.

"Goodnight mom," he said and turned out the light.

"Goodnight Aunt Karen, " Jon said and the door closed leaving her in total blackness.

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