tagToys & MasturbationLate Night Phone Call

Late Night Phone Call


The phone rings, pulling me out of a deep sleep. I glance at the clock as I reach for my cell on my bedside table. One a.m. Who would be calling me at this hour? My mind whirls with possibilities as I fumble my phone while trying to answer it. My husband is away on business, could there have been an emergency? Did someone I know die? I finally push the answer button and mumble a slightly coherent, "Um, hello?" without even bothering to look at the caller I.D.

"Did I wake you?"

Your familiar voice is in my ear, both comforting and confusing me at the same time. We never call each other out of the blue like this. It's always pre-arranged, at times when I am sure my husband will never accidentally come home to find me masturbating to the sound of your voice.

"Why did you call?" My words are somewhat slurred as I try to push away the sleepiness and confusion that clouds my brain. "Is everything ok?"

A low chuckle reverberates in my ear. "I just thought I should call and make sure you have sweet dreams tonight, since you are sleeping alone."

My mind struggles to work, trying to remember how you knew I'd be alone today. In a flash I remember our emails a few days before when I had tried to set something up for earlier today. You had a dinner to attend tonight, and told me you wouldn't be home until very late. I had dropped it, assuming that meant you'd be busy and couldn't make a "date" with me. I had no clue you meant to call me when you returned home.

You're quiet as I process this. You understand me better than anyone else, and instinctively know I'm piecing the puzzle together. When I finally utter a breathy, "Oh..." you take this as a signal to start.

"What are you wearing?"

From anyone else, it would sound cheesy, but from you those four words are a turn on. Mostly because I know you want to visualize what I look like as I lie back in bed, half asleep still but becoming aroused. Had I realized you were going to call me, I would have worn something silky to bed or even nothing at all. Instead I threw on my P.J.'s when I climbed into bed, expecting no more than a good night's sleep.

It occurred to me for two seconds to say I was wearing something sexy. But I've never been able to lie to you, a trait that you tend to exploit from time to time. Instead I tell the truth.

"Thin black cotton tank top and black plaid boxer shorts."

"Any underwear?"

"No." That wasn't a lie. I never wear a bra to bed, and my panties were riding up on me today something fierce so it was a relief to rip them off as I was changing for bed tonight.

A noise somewhere between a purr and growl escapes your lips. Apparently you like the fact that I'm going commando under my P.J.'s. The next thing you say makes me catch my breath.

"Play with your nipples through your tank for me."

Without hesitation, my left hand runs up the side of my body, over the swell of my full breast and to its most sensitive point. With my right I'm reaching for my Bluetooth on the bedside table, cradling the phone between my ear and shoulder while I switch it on. Once I'm completely hands free I pinch my right nipple too, feeling both getting hard through the thin fabric of my top. My quick inhale tells you I'm obeying your commands.

After a few minutes of listening to me breathe heavy as I rub my nipples I hear the unzipping of your pants. I know you are starting to stoke yourself, which means a new instruction is coming next.

"Lift your top up but don't stop playing."

Instantly I do, switching to rubbing my knuckles over each hard exposed nipple, enjoying the way the hard bones against the soft, silky skin feels. My breaths quicken from my action, a signal to you to issue a new command.

"Pinch your nipples."

As I do I moan. This reminds me of the nipple clamps you made me buy last month. My fingers try to pinch as hard as the clamps do, and I feel myself getting wet. Somehow you know this.

"Slip your hand under your boxers and tell me how wet you are."

Still pinching my right nipple, I move my left hand down my belly and under my waistband. I desperately want to touch my clit, but know that will come later. I plunge two fingers into the wet opening of my puss, amazed at how much of my juices there are already. As I tell you this I begin moving my fingers in and out, moaning as I do.

"I didn't say to do that yet."

Disappointed, I stop. Reluctantly I pull my fingers out, trying not to drip any of my juice on my sheets. As my hand comes out of my boxers I wonder where I can wipe off my slick fingers. You have other ideas.

"Put your fingers in your mouth and tell me how you taste."

Opening my mouth I insert them and suck off my fingers. You can hear my soft licking sounds as I clean them, moaning about how good I taste. I can tell this excites you, but I wish it was your cock in my mouth instead of my fingers. I mention this, but you just laugh and tell me maybe someday. There is still a little humor in your voice as you speak again.

"I want you completely naked."

Like a flash I whip off my P.J.'s and tell you that I am. You chuckle at my eagerness but it obviously pleases you. You instruct me to reach under my bed and pull out my box of toys. You know every one that is in there, but you have your favorite.

"Take out your butt plug. I want to hear you put it in."

With a smile I grab the requested toy and my lube. I narrate my actions, knowing you are imagining me lubing it up and placing it at my tight backdoor. As I roll over on my side to push it in I can hear you rubbing yourself. This always is your favorite part.

I groan as my toy enters. I slowly work it in, pushing in further each time after I pull it out slightly. I can feel my asshole widening while I work, my groans and moans becoming louder as the toy stretches me. I finally am at the largest part of the toy, trying to ignore the pain. I give one last push and anchor the toy firmly in my ass, which is already pulsing from my ministrations. I lay back down, panting lightly as the pain recedes and I feel that fantastic full feeling from using my plug. You know before I even can tell you that I'm completely plugged and ready for what's next.

"Now you can rub your clit."

Before the words are even out of your mouth, my right hand finds its way to my swollen nub. I move my fingers quickly over it, too hot to take my time tonight. From my loud moans you know I'm closer than I normally would be at this time. My muscles clench already, causing my ass to tighten around the plug. I yelp but don't slow down.

Your own frantic stoking matches the pace of mine and you tell me you need to hear me come. I'm getting closer by the second, feeling my orgasm build. Your words keep coaching me to my climax, and my own moans are so loud I can barely hear what you are saying.

Suddenly it breaks, and I scream as my pussy snaps rhythmically and everything goes white for a split second. I'm vaguely aware of your moans as you come at the same time I do. I keep rubbing myself, feeling the pleasure wash over me while my body shakes from the intensity while I come down. I rub until I can no longer move. Panting, I lay on my bed as my pussy and ass spasms sporadically as a reminder of what I just did.

You catch your breath first and tell me to pull out my plug. I do, and with that comes out all the tension I had before you called. I smile and tell you how good I feel. You laugh and tell me I'm welcome. I feel like saying something sassy back to you, but am too loose and relaxed to put up a fight. You tell me to have sweet dreams, and give me one last instruction for the night.

"I want you to sleep naked so when you wake in the morning it reminds you what we did tonight."

As if I could ever forget.

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