tagIncest/TabooLate Night Pickup

Late Night Pickup


I slowly came awake as the phone rang and reached over to answer it, glancing at the clock to see that it was nearly four in the morning. “Hello,” I said groggily into the receiver.

“Hey, Chad it’s me,” my sister’s voice came through the haze bringing me around.

“So what’s up that you need to call at four in the morning sis?”

“I’m stuck over here at Brittany’s,” she said sheepishly.

“And what exactly do you want me to do about it honey, your only ten minutes from home.”

“Can you come get me I want to stay over there tonight,” she asked.

“I suppose honey, give me about five minutes to change and piss and I’ll be right there.”

I got up and got dressed and headed over to pick her up, pulling up the front driveway I saw her sitting out on the step waiting patiently for me. She got up and into the car without saying a word, I could see she had dressed seductively for her night out clubbing and I was a bit surprised at how my cock stirred down below. Apparently her mode of dress had managed the desired affect at least on me.

We drove back to my house in silence and then exited the car and went in. Going up the stairs I got a good look at her thong covered ass from behind her, and beneath her short skirt. “Honey, you really shouldn’t dress like that it will give guys the idea that your easy,” I teased.

“Well good that was the look I was hoping for tonight and Damon has been acting like a real dick lately so I wouldn’t have minded bringing a new guy back to Brittany’s if one had been what I was looking for.”

As we talked she went to the refrigerator and pulled out a bottle of beer for the both of us. I could tell she was a little tipsy but she didn’t appear fall down drunk which she knew I wasn’t a big fan of. She sat down as she handed me the beer and I watched her short skirt slide up and the bottom of her little red thong become exposed. She made no effort to cover up and as I could only sit and watch she curled her stocking clad feet up beneath her exposing yet even more skin and fabric.

“Watch are you looking at Chad, see something you like?” she teased.

“Well, I um...I damn I don’t know Dana, I guess it’s all that flesh you’re exposing.”

“Hey, let’s play a little game of truth or dare right now,” Dana demanded.

“Fine, but there’s not much to dare around here.” I interjected.

“We’ll see Chad, we’ll see, truth or dare?”

“I guess I will go with truth to start things off,” I offered.

“Alright, when was the last time you got laid?” Dana giggled, taking a long sip from her bottle.

“A few weeks ago before Angie left to go visit her parents.”

“Wow that’s a long time for you isn’t it honey?”

“Yes, you know it is, I hate going this long but she needed to go see the parental units for the holiday. Now it’s my turn truth or dare?”

“I’ll be the bold one first honey, I’ll take the dare.”

“Alright remove that damn skirt it’s doing nothing more than frustrating me,” I told her.

Dana slowly stood up and sat her beer bottle down and then turned her back to me and unzipped her skirt and slowly pushed it down as she bent over and smiled as she turned her head to me. “Is this what you wanted to see Chad,” she asked as her ass became exposed and I could plainly see the thin little strip of material on her thong that barely covered her asshole and had managed to sink itself between the backside of her pussy.

“I um...well I’m not sure what I want right now Dana,” I said knowing I was lying as my cock was growing even harder in my pants.

“My turn now Chad, truth or dare,” she ventured.

“Fine, I guess a little reciprocation is in order here, dare.”

“Take off everything below your waist big brother,” she ordered.

I hesitated and she reminded me I had said dare so I stood up and turned around and unbuckled my belt and pushed down my jeans leaving my boxers on. “Everything!” she reminded me. I slipped my fingers in the elastic waistband and pushed them all the way to the floor, there was no hiding my erection as I turned around.

“Oh my god Chad, how could you have kept that thing hidden from me all these years, I wouldn’t have been able to be around you as often as I have and kept my hands off you for this long if I had only known.”

As she said those last words she reached out and grabbed my erection, looking up she smiled and whispered, “I’ll take a dare and I’ll dare myself this time to suck your big meaty cock.”

And with that she wrapped her bright lipstick pink colored lips around the head of my cock and sucked the spongy head. Her tongue was flicking like crazy over the head and she was pushing her tongue into the slit that was oozing precum as her hands found and fondled my balls. She lowered her mouth slowly down the inches until she managed to almost get it all in her mouth.

“Dana, oh god, this feels so good but is wrong,” I mumbled.

Dana’s simple response was to just hum uh huh as she bobbed her head and rolled my balls in her hands. Her tongue slipped down the base of my shaft and too the round nuts in her hand. She was trying to coax my cum from inside and damn if I was going to disappoint her. Dana slowly backed away just enough to take a deep breath and then slid her mouth all the way back to the base and swallowed hard a few times. As the head of my cock contracted and started to spew it’s load she pulled back and jerked me hard a few times aiming right at her open mouth and outstretched tongue.

“Fuck Dana, that was amazing,” I said as I started to recover a few minutes later.

I looked down only to see that she had her hand in her panties and was fingering herself wildly. Suddenly she pushed herself up to her feet and pushed down her panties and slid over the edge of our couch. She wiggled that cute ass back at me invitingly and there was nothing more I wanted to do right then than to drop down to my knees and taste my sister’s wet little pussy.

My tongue must have immediately found the most sensitive spots along the lips and her clit before plunging inside her as far as it would go. She was moaning and bucking back when I reached up and spread her asscheeks and slid my tongue along the crack of her ass and pushed against the little puckered hole that was right in front of my face.

“Do it Chad, lick my nasty little asshole and pussy,” she whimpered, “I’m all yours tonight.”

I gave her a few more good licks and then stood up running my cock back and forth between her asshole and pussy, rubbing and teasing her until she would beg me to stick it in.

“Don’t tease me brother I need that big hard cock of yours filling me up pick a hole and fuck it you perverted bastard.”

I stood back and opened the lips of her pussy with my hand as I reached around her and then slid my cock against the pink hole of her pussy. She didn’t wait for me to be gentle she thrust her hips back and pulled me into her. As my stomach hit her ass she clenched the pillow on the couch in her hands and started to shake uncontrollably.

“Yes!, that’s it brother, fuck your little sister’s pussy hard and fast.”

I complied by slapping her ass and then holding her hips and pounding her as hard as I had ever done to another woman before. She seemed to be in constant orgasmic bliss as I slid in and out of her. I felt her pussy spasming and with all the erotic smells and feeling welling up around and in me I knew I had to let go another load and soon.

“I’m going to cum again Dana you slut,” I told her.

“Yes, in me on me, hell I don’t care just cum for your sister honey.”

I let go and slammed her hard and fast and slipped a wet finger right up her tight ass as I started to cum. Apparently the finger in her bum started another round of strong orgasms and she pumped back as I started filling her pussy with my spunk. I pulled out after a spurt or two and shoved my cock in her tight ass and finished shooting there as she screamed out in pleasure.

A few minutes later as we jumped in the shower she knelt down and said, “Truth or dare Chad?”

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