tagLoving WivesLate Night Play Date

Late Night Play Date


It was 11:30 pm when I knocked on the door. I listened as a hand turned the knob, butterflies stirring in my tummy as the door cracked open and I saw first his forearm, then his broad bare shoulders, and then his face come into view. He had a wicked grin on his face and a burning lust just behind his eyes.

"I'm glad you finally made it...she's been sleeping near an hour now." His voice emulating his impatience.

"I'm sorry, I got held up for a bit, besides you wanted her to be sleeping," I said coyly.

Taking hold of my left wrist, he pulled me inside impatiently and shoved me hard against the back of the door making it close with a loud thud.

"You'll wake..." I started to say before his mouth covered mine. His lips pressing tightly to mine as he parted my lips lustfully, his hands moving from my shoulders down to my breasts as pushed me tighter into the back of the hard wooden door. I could feel the etched design digging in between my shoulder blades, as he pressed his body into mine; letting his weight rest on me while his hands squeezed my tender mounds of flesh, his teeth pulling at my bottom lip before letting it loose.

I could feel his cock growing hard between us as he said, "You made me wait you fucking slut." I could see the primal instinct in his eyes just before I felt his hand strike my left cheek. His cock throbbed against me as I felt a spasm tingle through my clit.

He kept me held tight to the door as he pushed himself further into me. His forearms pressed against the door on each side of my head. The weight of his body was making it hard for me to breathe as he looked into my eyes, his nose almost touching mine. His breath was hot as it plated against my cleavage and spread out.

"You little fucking cunt, you know I don't like to be kept waiting." I watched his right arm slide from the door to the side of my arm and he reached in and took my left breast harshly, squeezing it hard. I winced and whimpered at the pain as he looked into my eyes as though searching for something. "Tonight you're going to learn some respect you nasty little slut, namely, never to keep me waiting AGAIN." His eyes were on fire as he emphasized his words. His right hand pressed tightly to my chest as he slid it up and then cupped my chin tightly in his palm and fingers, pushing my head back against the etched wood. He leaned his face as close as he could to mine without actually touching and said "Do you understand, you filthy little whore?" his fingers were now curling into my cheek as he tightened his grip. I felt the bulge in his pants forcing itself into my pelvis. I wanted to nod my head but he had me pinned so tightly I could barely breathe.

"Yes," I said, my voice sounding tight and squeaky.

He kissed me harshly, biting at my lips, his tongue probing deeply into my mouth... a husky growl from deep in his throat as he let go of my face and moved his hand to my cleavage. Wrapping his fingers into my blouse, I felt him clench his fist. He yanked so hard on my blouse as I cried out in a lustful moan, turning my head to the side and pulling away from his lips. I watched as the buttons of my top spilled to the floor. He leaned back just enough to admire my flush breasts heaving before tearing my bra open, revealing my pieced nipples.

He took my breasts hard into his hands, lifting them and pressing my upper body tight back to the door with them. His lips went to my neck as his fingers pinched my nipples causing me to moan passionately. I gasped as I felt his teeth sink into the tender flesh of my neck. His mouth was hot and wet, his breath wrapping around my neck and collarbone. He brought his left hand up quickly from my breast to my neck, pressing tightly as his right hand just as quickly moved to my crotch. My clit throbbing at his touch, he clenched hard as he squeezed at my lips through my tight jeans. I felt my wetness smear over the hood of my clit and groaned. He watched the look on my face and then slid his hand from my throat to the back of my head, grabbing my hair tight at the base of my head.

Using just his right hand he popped the button on my pants and ripped them open, as the excitement in his eyes grew. He pressed his lips harshly to mine forcing a sloppy smeared kiss from my lips to my neck. I felt him bite down harshly causing me to flinch.

I heard his zipper rip open and he groaned as if feeling a great relief as he freed his hard cock from the confines of his jeans and briefs. He pulled his face from my neck and looked in admiration of the mark he had left, and then into my eyes as he pulled back more on my hair.

"On your knees bitch" he growled as he pulled me lower and lower by my hair. I could smell the lust as my face got closer and closer to his cock. Never letting go of my hair, he held me kneeling before him as he took hold of his thick, hard and swollen cock. He brushed the swollen purple tip softly over my lips, pulling my head back, so that he could see my face.

"Stick out your tongue you little fucking cock tease," he said in a low voice as he slowly started to stroke his cock. I looked up into his eyes as I opened my mouth and slowly brought my tongue past my lower lip. He rubbed the head of his cock over my tongue and lips slowly before forcing the head into my mouth. I watched his eyelids flutter just slightly as my warm wet mouth enveloped his purple swollen tip. I swirled my tongue around the head of his cock tasting his pre-cum just as he pulled himself from my lips. His eyes opened and he looked down at me. He repositioned my head, clutching my hair tighter. My face scrunched up as the pain at the base of my skull intensified. He slapped my lips hard with his cock, pulling a whimper from me.

"Get up," he said harshly, pulling straight up on my hair. I squealed in pain, clutching at his arm with both hands as my legs strove to find my balance and stand up. His roughness was beginning to scare me as my head took its previous position against the back of the door with a dull sounding thud. He let go of my hair, took both my nipples into his fingertips, and squeezed them. I drew my breath in, wincing the harder he pinched my flesh around the metal piercings.

I gasped as his mouth covered mine kissing me furiously as he pulled and pinched my hot tender nipples, muffled moans ensuing from my mouth to his. His right hand slid into my open pants, under my panties and down my soft shaved lips. His middle finger parted the way to the slickened wetness waiting in the folds. He groaned deeply into me when he felt my wetness, his finger plunging up into my cunt. I moaned, sliding my hands up his sides.

He pulled quickly from the kiss and moved his left hand from my breast to the door near the side of my head as he leaned in close, pressing his body into mine. His fingers probing harshly into my wet pussy, as I groaned letting my hands slide to his hips. He watched my face imploringly for a few moments before saying "You filthy little slut you... I haven't even got your pants off and you're willing to cum for me aren't you?"

I felt the pressure on my g spot swell, as a ripple of pleasure shuddered through my thighs. I nodded, breathing more heavily as I felt my face flush.

He pulled his hand from the door and backed himself away a little but kept his fingers inside my wet drooling pussy as I leaned back helplessly against the door, my arms slipping from his waist. He curled his fingers inside my cunt putting ample pressure on my g spot. I groaned and started to close my eyes just as his hand slapped my face hard enough to leave a pink embellishment across my cheek. I cried out as the pain spread from my cheeks down the side of my neck, groaning as felt his fingers pull out of my wetness.

He grabbed my shoulders in both hands. "Turn around" he barked as he turned me roughly and pressed my shoulders and upper body into the door. Grabbing my blouse and bra together in the middle of my back, he stripped me of them completely letting them fall to the floor.

He pressed his firm smooth bare chest against my backside as he slid his hands down my sides and took my hands in his, placing them outstretched and slightly above my head against the door. "Keep them there slut," he growled and I felt his cock pulsate against my ass cheeks. He enforced his words by pressing hard against the back of my hands with his while pushing himself off me.

Without hesitation, he stepped back and tore my pants down, the teeth of the zipper grazing my left thigh as it peeled from my flesh causing me to flinch. He grasped my shoulders, using his foot to hold down my pants, "Step out of them you beautiful little slut" he said demandingly into my ear as his grip on my shoulders tightened. Quickly accommodating his request, I stepped out of my pants and felt him kick them aside.

Fully nude expect for my 4 inch studded heels, the full weight of his body consumed and covered my backside as he placed his hands over mine on the door. He bit into my neck as his right hand slid down the length of my arm and to the curve of my breast as he held me firm. My piercings causing a mild discomfort as the unforgiving wood refused to allow them any room.

His right hand left my side and I felt him positioning his swollen tip into the folds of my cunt. His thick head parting my lips and sliding into the wetness, I moaned as he rubbed my clit with it. The fingers on his left hand curled into mine on the door and his lips bit softly at my left ear. "You want this, you greedy little cum slut?" he whispered as he rubbed his cock back and forth at the opening of my wet wanting pussy.

"Yes" I answered eagerly as my clit throbbed. He started to push the head of his cock into me and I moaned longingly. Holding just the head of his cock inside of me, he removed his hand from mine and placed it on the back of my neck. I felt his cock pull out as he spread my legs wider with his left foot.

"Back up and stick that hot little ass out there for me slut but keep your hands on the door and your face forward." His fingers gripped threateningly around my neck before he pulled them from me to let me move.

I gave him a beautiful pose as I propped myself against the door, stepping back and letting my stomach sink low until I felt his hand on my ass, rubbing softly just before delivering a hard solid crack to my left ass cheek and then another to follow that on my right cheek. I yelped each time feeling my hands jolted into the wood. His breathing was getting deeper as he polished my ass with his hands before moving them to my hips.

I felt him move behind me, his cock in between my thighs just resting up against my outer lips as he reached for my hair and pulled my head back. Turning it slightly so he could partly see my face, "You cock teasing little whore" he said leaning over my back letting me see his face. "Do you know how badly my cock aches right now because you kept me waiting?" I felt it pulse against my lips as he thrust forward a bit as if emphasizing his words. "You're gonna take it all tonight you little fucking tease" his hand twisted just a little in my hair, causing me to wince and gasp. "You sexy little bitch... I'm going bury my cock in every fucking hole you've got." I felt him grab his cock and force the shaft up tightly to my lips, my previous wetness enveloping his shaft as he forced it between them.

He let go of my hair and pulled his fingers harshly down the middle of my back, causing me to squirm before placing his hand on my hip, clutching firmly. His cock stroking my clit as he coated himself in my wetness, I moaned loudly as my clit started to swell and throb all over again. He pulled it back to the opening of my cunt and thrust himself in deep. I cried out mournfully as his thick cock filled me completely. Holding himself deep in my hot wet pussy as he secured his other hand on my hip, and pushed me forward bracing me tightly between him and the door.

I felt my ass cheeks spread as he dug his thumbs into my soft flesh and pulled them open. I heard him growl as he pulled his cock back slowly, then plunge back in hard, I cried out again. I listened as his breathing became more erratic, as his cock began taking my pussy rhythmically. At first slow deep thrusts and then slightly faster as his grip loosened a little my left ass cheek, his thumb moving towards my puckered little asshole, causing me to moan and tighten my pussy around his cock. His thrusts became harder as he rubbed his thumb in circles and pushed it just barely into my asshole. I gasped, my body jolting forward and back as my juices flowed surrounding his cock.

He pulled his left hand away pausing for a moment as he wet his thumb. His right hand slapped my ass before pulling my ass cheeks apart again, placing his wet thumb on my star shaped little hole as he plunged his cock deep back into my throbbing cunt, forcing his thumb into my tightly puckered hole, ensuing a long moan from me.

"Your ass is so beautiful," he said as he started to thrust his cock back into a rhythm. "I'm going to get you ready to take my thick hard cock deep into that tight little hole. Oh you beautiful little slut you... you could almost make me cum just watching my thumb disappear into your ass." I felt his thumb probe deeper into my ass lubed by his saliva. His cock throbbed deep inside me as my pussy muscles clenched around him. He groaned as he started working his thumb in and out of my ass. I felt his rhythm slow as he leaned forward far enough to deliver more spit for his probing thumb, sticky warmth sliding into my asshole with each thrust of his thumb. His cock thrusting harder and faster in my pussy as his right hand dug into my soft supple flesh gripping harshly as he drove his thumb deeply, holding it there while he pounded my pussy with his cock.

"Oh Fuck!"He said huskily. I could feel his thighs quiver against the back of my ass. "You gorgeous little fucking slut," his grip on my ass cheeks became rigid as he thrust harder and faster, my g spot swelling more and more with each thrust. "Cum for me you little whore, coat my cock with your hot juices so I can lube your asshole with it." I felt him angle his cock upward, pounding my g-spot wildly as his thumb dug deeper into my asshole, making me squeal.

My body felt as if he was trying to push me through the door with each thrust, my pussy aching desperately for release, causing me to moan deeply. I wanted to rip my fingernails through the door as my pussy tightened and clenched involuntarily around his thrusting cock. I started spurting bursts of hot liquid engulfing his shaft as he fucked me harder yet. My thighs quivering as I came, short whimpers and moans filling my ears as my thighs trembled and my arms shook.

"That's it you little cum slut, coat my cock with it. I'm about to lube your ass properly bitch." his words were choppy while his body thrust wildly into mine. He pulled his thumb from my ass, gripping my cheeks and hips, thrusting forcefully hard into my dripping wet pussy about five more times before he pulled out quickly and slid his cock to my asshole. The first spurt of his cum landing right on my hole as he quickly pushed just the head of his cock inside. I cried out, clenching my teeth as he stretched my asshole to accommodate the head of his spurting cock as another burst of cum shot into my ass.

I could feel him stroking himself as another and another jet of sticky warm cum spilled into my tightly clenched hole. His body thrusting just a little as his orgasm came to a shuddering end. A low deep growl filled my ears as I felt his grip on my hips relax. His hand slid up my back tenderly and softly as the head of his cock quivered on last time. "You're so beautiful" he said, catching his breath. His hand caressing my hair and pulling it softly threw his fingers. I turned my head back over my shoulder to look at him. He caressed the side of my face tenderly as he pushed his semi hard cock a little deeper into my asshole, making my legs want to buckle.

"We need to lube your ass good for my cock before I take you into the bedroom," he said warmly as he took his cock into his hand and stroked it, working it slowly into my anus, causing me to whimper and wince. His left hand was lovingly caressing my warm flushed body as he worked to spread his load as deeply into my ass as he could. He started to tease my nipples causing me to moan, his cock now more than halfway in my ass pushing back and forth short and slow. I felt his hand in the middle of my back as he slowly pulled his cock out of my ass. "You're getting me hard all over again, it's time to wake her up." his voice was stern as he stepped away from me allowing me to straighten myself upright.

He pulled his pants back up around his hips, but left the flaps open, his briefs snugly under his balls. With his cock jutting out, he motioned me towards the hallway that led to the bedroom. His hands pressed lightly into my back as he nudged me along as if hurrying me to the bedroom door. I tried to walk softly as I listened to my heels clack on his hard wood floors, his cum oozing a little from my ass. He reached past me and opened the door, nudging me into the bedroom. The sticky head of his cock poking at my ass cheeks as I stepped onto the carpeted bedroom floor.

"Shhh..." he said, putting his fingers to his lips and then walked me to a plush chair in the far corner of the dim lit room. "Try not to move around too much until I get the blindfold on her" he whispered as he set me in the chair, then started stripping off his jeans on his way to their bed where his wife lay sleeping peacefully.

I watched his ass unfold as he bent over pulling off his briefs just before getting into the bed with her. He disappeared under the covers and I could no longer see his wife. Just his bare back, shoulders and the back of his head. I tried to be still as I listened to the sound of the television, the soft light flickering, watching him move under the covers as he tenderly aroused his wife.

He pulled her long hair back from her neck and started to kiss her neck tenderly. The blankets moving as his hand presumably made its way to her thighs, and then to her soft, warm, panties and he softly petted her pussy. I moved back and crouched down low in the chair with my fingers toying at my nipples as I listened to her groan pleasurably. He whispered something in her ear and I saw her arm wrap around him as he lowered his face, kissing her passionately.

He slid himself over on top of her as he looked down at her, nestling himself between her thighs as she opened them for him. "I have a surprise for you my love." I heard him say in a soft warm voice as he reached down alongside the bed and retrieved a blindfold. I watched her nod her head as he held it in front of her face. He pulled himself up onto her a little further and carefully tied the blindfold to her face. Then throwing back the blankets, he got off the bed. Her completely nude body lying sprawled out over the bed. Her breasts were large and full, her nipples dark against the contrast of her milky white skin as I watched her breasts rise and fall.

He pulled a leather cuff from under the mattress and placed it on his wife's right wrist, attaching it with a short tether to the post of the bed. His firm rugged body moved to the other side of the bed, repeating the same actions he placed another on her left wrist and secured it to the opposite post. He leaned down and kissed her passionately as he admired her naked body lying before him, his fingertips softly teasing her nipples while I pulled and teased at my own.

He bent down and sucked on each of her nipples. His fingertips trailing down her body as he lightly caressed her soft warm pussy lips. His head moving to her neck planting tender love bites and soft kisses to all her most sensitive spots. I watched her body wreath to his touch. She spread her thighs open wider and moaned softly.

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