tagErotic HorrorLate Night Rendevous

Late Night Rendevous


Laurel walked into the cemetery where she usually met her fuck buddy and looked around. She didn’t see him yet which concerned her because he was never late and right now she was. If he wasn’t around it was possible his wife had finally found out about her and put a stop to some of the best sex she had ever had in her life. She frowned as she walked into the shadows that were cast by the light of the full moon overhead. She was wearing a long black velvet dress that helped her disappear into the darkness, her long flowing jet black hair only accentuated the effect. It was also possible, she mused that because she was late he had left which meant she would be paying dearly for her tardiness the next time they met. She looked forward to the pain and agony that awaited her if she was right.

Pain was her number one turn on and the more the better. Her liaison whom she hoped was hidden somewhere in the graveyard was very, very good at delivering it night after night. His wife was a stuck up little bitch so Laurel let him take his anger out on her whenever they met up, he beat her, cut her, tied her to a grave stone, raped her and left her for “dead” sometimes strangling her before leaving. It was exquisite and she always wanted more no matter how badly beaten or injured she left the graveyard. Her nipples perked erect and her pussy dampened as she tried to imagine what he would do to her when he finally caught up with her. She pulled her dress down off her shoulders and exposed her tits playing with her pierced nipples as she thought about herself screaming in agony. She slid her dress down around her waist and stopped just at the top of the crack of her ass tying the long sleeves around her to hold the dress in place as she wandered through the graveyard. Her bare, pale flesh gleamed in the moonlight darkened only by the large tattoo on her back which displayed the bust of a woman being fed upon by a grotesque vampire. Her and her lover both shared a love of the undead bloodsuckers but his went far beyond rational thought to the point of believing that a recent serial killing was the work of a vampire.

Lately it was all he would talk about and it was getting rather annoying. She was convinced that was why he wanted to meet in graveyards now because he was hoping to catch the bloodsucker and convince it to turn him. Yeah right, was what usually went through her mind as he went on and on about it between sessions. Her attempts to change the subject usually failed until finally she just gave up and stared at the gorgeous mausoleums saying “Uh-huh” and “yeah sure.”

She lit a cigarette and blew the white smoke lazily from her mouth while caressing some of the cold headstones she passed on her slow seductive walk through the grounds. Her body was a canvass and many works of art adorned it from top to bottom, most if not all she was more than happy to put on display for anyone to witness. Along with the huge back piece she also had smaller pictures of snakes, demons and other naked women here and there placed perfectly on certain parts of her body turning her into a walking art gallery. Along with tattoos several piercings were prominently displayed as well, two in her nipples glinted in the soft light of the moon and were joined by another in her lip, nose and eyebrow. She thought about forgoing the dress altogether and enjoying the lonely night nude but decided against it out of laziness, she didn’t feel like carrying the dress around as she explored the cemetery.

Her lover’s absence was beginning to irritate her, they didn’t have many chances to meet and to let one go to waste like this was a sure fire way to piss her off. Although she would definitely enjoy the next session, assuming there ever was one at least, she wanted to get laid tonight and patience was not one of her virtues. Maybe she would get lucky and the grounds keeper would catch her, he was not very good looking but right now she was horny and didn't really care, her hunger only needed a human with a dick to make her happy, temporarily at least. She leaned against one of the mausoleums and finished her cigarette then began to massage her tits, if he didn’t show soon she was just going to have to satisfy herself, however boring that may be. She would never get the chance, however, a sound of rustling leaves on the far side of the mausoleum brought her back to reality and she stopped playing with her tit and looked for the source of the sound.

Her night vision was near perfect but she couldn’t see anything, no birds or squirrels trying to catch up on late night food hunting and the wind was still. Course if a slight gust had blown she would have felt it on the exposed sensitive skin of her chest, so what made the noise? A few minutes searching came up empty and stopping to listen revealed no more sounds other than the night, she sighed, leaned back against the mausoleum and slid her dress down far enough to play with her pussy with one hand while tweaking an erect nipple with the other. Again she barely got the chance to start when another rustling sound arose from the opposite side of the mausoleum. She dashed for the side opposite the sound and again found nothing. Her dress scraped the fallen leaves and her feet crunched them into dust but aside from that there was no noise, no other beings, nothing. Irritation replaced horniness as she scanned the graveyard desperately trying to catch a glimpse of the source of whatever had made the rustling. The timing was too perfect, someone was out there she was sure of it but whoever it was was no where to be found.

Doubting it was her wayward lover she pulled the velvet dress back over her shoulders covering up once more denying the stranger whatever view they had once had of her tits. She wasn’t embarrassed or ashamed she just didn’t feel that they were worthy enough to gaze upon her beauty if they were going to play such childish games. Several minutes passed and no sign of anyone was to be found. Whoever it was they had no doubt left after having been caught, they were sneaky bastards whoever they were and she was going to have to have a chat with the grounds keeper about who usually snuck in here. They were going to pay for their insolence. She found a new mausoleum to rest against and this time she withdrew from the garment altogether laying it on the ground after brushing the dirt away. This mausoleum was open so she walked inside, curious to see the crypt that lay within, her dress now forgotten. The marble stone slab that covered the sarcophagus was a little dusty but smooth, chilling her flesh as she touched it. She didn’t bother reading the carved inscription on the top as she slid her body over the surface of the stone, hissing quietly as the marble sucked what little heat her body had left right from her skin. She lay atop the stone on her back and let her hands roam across her body once more as she mused over her missing lover’s fascination with the fantasy undead. She couldn’t blame him really, the riches, the romantic and seductive nature of the bite and the lust for killing the movie vampires displayed was delicious and she drank it in with every movie, every novel and every short story she found. She, unlike her love, never though that vampires could be that way in reality, too many complications to deal with and she never did figure out how biting holes in someone’s neck could be sexy and seducing, possibly bringing the victim to orgasm as they died. But it was an interesting thought.

She had just returned the wetness to her sex and her nipples to full perk when a shadow passed by out of the corner of her eye. This time she began to become frightened as she realized someone was stalking her, someone other than her lover for he would never play such tricks on her. But who could it be? Her mind recalled the recent news stories and panic began to well inside her, could he have been right? Could the killer be stalking graveyards fulfilling some vampire fantasy? She searched for her dress but it was gone, obviously taken by whoever was out there, her fear grew steadily as she looked around and huddled in the shadows, she still could not see anyone and with any luck right now, they couldn’t see her. She held no illusions, however, the person stalking her outside the mausoleum knew damn well she was in there and would spot her easily if she tried to leave, her pale naked flesh shown like a beacon in the moonlight falling from the night sky. What was she to do? She was effectively trapped, staying would mean eventually being found, assuming she wasn’t already and trying to leave risked certain detection although it did have one merit. If she bolted fast enough her stalker would be unable to catch up to her and she could escape the graveyard to the relative safety of the street. Once outside all she had to do was scream loud enough to wake some of the surrounding neighbors and stay alive long enough for them to help her. She decided that was the best course of action to take and she ran at a sprint from the building towards the front of the graveyard, straight at her stalker who became immediately visible as soon as she moved ten feet. She skidded to a halt and watched the silhouette of her would be assassin stand before her not five feet away. How could she have missed him being so close? More importantly, how could she have thought he wouldn’t have been prepared for her attempt to escape and not set this little trap? Her heart pounded and her mind raced but her would be assailant took off running, her dress firmly in his hands. It took her a second to realize that whoever she was trying to escape from was now trying to escape from her. Smiling she took up pursuit trying to think of a way to run the little fucker down. He was young by the look of him, late teens, maybe seventeen or eighteen. Catching the voyeur wasn’t going to be easy as he had quite a head start on her but she hoped that he would duck into some hiding hole and assume she couldn’t see him in the dim light. Her vision picked him out easily as he did exactly that, hiding behind a large double headstone possibly in hopes of sneaking around it once she had passed and escaping out the back before she could become the wiser. Instead of sprinting by she slowed to a walk and passed the stone slowly stopping when she was about five or ten feet from the front. As she suspected he had ducked around the back but could not run while she was standing so close, the leaves would give him away before he got five feet and she would have him, but she was tired of this game, it was time to finish it.

With lightning reflexes she leaped back around to the back of the headstone and caught her Peeping Tom red-handed, her dress firmly in him hands. Fear filled his face as she approached him and snatched her dress back.

“Stand the fuck up little boy.” He obeyed wordlessly. “What did you think you were doing?”

“I was taking your dress.” He answered nervously.

Laurel fumbled in the pocket for her cigarettes and pulled out the pack and lighter. “Ask a stupid question get a stupid fucking answer. What are you doing here anyway?”

“I was just….hanging around.” He stammered.

“In a graveyard?” It wasn’t like she had room to talk though, he had caught her masturbating in a mausoleum. She lit a cigarette and handed him the pack, he barely seemed to notice the pack instead staring past it at her naked body so she replaced it in the hidden pocket of her dress and took a drag on her smoke blowing the noxious gasses at his face. “Ok, so it isn’t that far-fetched. I was trying to meet someone here myself.”

“For what?” he asked puzzled, the fear in his voice now gone.

“To get laid.” She decided to leave out the finer details.

“Ok.” He stated, not believing her. She decided to change the subject.

“Hey kid, you know anything about a vampire that lives in one of these graveyards? My boyfriend is trying to find it.”

“If there is one I haven’t seen it yet but I know it lives here.”

“So that’s why you were hanging out. Why are you trying to find this thing anyway?” she asked blowing wisps of white smoke from her mouth.

“Because it’s immortal, it’s a noble undead back to claim the land that was taken from it long ago.”

Laurel looked at the boy for a second, he was just about 18 but still living in a fantasy world, she was wasting her time trying to talk to him. “Whatever.” She did notice, however, the bulge in his jeans no doubt spurned by her naked body proudly on display before his hungry eyes. She smiled wickedly as she finished her smoke and touched his cheek he flinched, surprised by the contact.

“Don’t be scared.” She assured him. “I just want to fuck you.” Lifting his mouth to hers she kissed him passionately and pressed their bodies together. He responded, clumsily at first but gradually regaining his composure and allowing the passion of the moment to take over. His hands roamed her body stopping to grab her ass cheeks firmly and then sliding upwards to massage her large breasts. She moaned softly as he caressed her overly sensitive flesh.

“Won’t your boyfriend get pissed?” he asked between breaths.

“Nah, he’s just using me for sex, he’s an ass anyway cheating on his wife.” She kissed the younger man again and slid his shirt off over his head. “No fair being clothed when I’m nude.” She dropped to her knees and unbuckled his jeans dropping them and his underwear in one tug, he stepped from the garments and stood just as naked as she was. She stroked his hard cock standing at attention before her face and slid her lips around the length of its shaft. She was so horny, so eager for his sex she decided to forgo the foreplay and get right down to business. After sucking him for a minute, maybe two she stood up, leaned against the large tombstone they were using for cover, lifted one leg high and guided his cock into her wet throbbing pussy.

It felt larger than it looked and she moaned loudly as he entered her. Grabbing his hair and pulling his head back. He grabbed onto her and held tightly as he fucked her, his thrusts gaining rhythm and force as his passion gained new heights. Her moans grew in volume and length as he fucked her, this kid may have been inexperienced but he was good, she was near orgasm before she realized it. Wanting to prolong the experience she stopped him, pulled him out and turned around so the he could enter her from behind. He did so without complaint and barely skipped a beat pushing her back to the brink in no time flat, Damn this boy is good! She couldn’t help but think to herself. Laurel did her best to hold back, afraid that if she came he would too and cut short the sex she was enjoying so much but she couldn’t help herself, with one scream after another and one violent convulsion after another she came, gushing her love juice all over his cock wetting him. Not letting her down he stayed hard and continued to fuck her, his thrusts rocking her so that she could barely hold onto the tombstone, he slapped her ass hard adding pain to her excitement, exquisite pain that pushed her back to the brink so fast it made her head spin. He maintained a death grip on her ass cheeks as he rode her shaking her entire body and his with each collision of their hips as they fucked. Just as she though she couldn’t take any more he finally pulled from her cunt and shot his white hot jisim onto her ass cheeks, the motion set off another orgasm for her and she squirted the distance from her pussy to his cock soaking him.

The two lovers attempted to catch their breaths as they sat on the grass soaking in the afterglow. She sidled up beside him and wrapped her arm around his shoulder.

“Where’d you learn to fuck like that? You’re good, damn good.”

“Vampires need to know how to have sex, I’ve raped a few girls for practice.” He said matter-of-factly.

She laughed but the look in his eye told her he was dead serious.

“I’m just glad I didn’t have to rape you, you’re gorgeous.” He added as an afterthought. She stared into his eyes in disbelief.

“You really think raping women is going to get you in the good graces of some vampire?”

“He’ll accept me, I know he will. I’ve been studying vampires most of my life I know how they work.”

Laurel sighed and shook her head, this kid was outrageous which made her next choice all the easier.

“Tell me kid, this vampire, how do you know it’s a he?”

He looked at her confused, the looked changed to shock and then was replaced by abject terror as Laurel’s fangs grew from her mouth and her eyes glowed read like fire in the night. She grabbed his hair tugging his head back and sank her fangs into his neck rupturing his jugular vein and gulping the life fluid that gushed from the open wound. He screamed flailing his arms uselessly against her trying to break the grip, she held on tight until she had drank her fill and let go, licking the spilled blood from her lips and wiping her chin. He recoiled and grabbed his neck trying to stop the flow of blood from the open artery.

“You honestly thought we would accept some sorry-ass fantasy crazed jerk like you? Get real kid we’re nothing like the movies never have been.” Laurel let the blood that had soaked her skin become absorbed through the flesh into her body so that she was squeaky clean before re-donning her dress. The boy sputtered as the last of his strength left him. “Since you were such a death worshipper I hope you enjoy dying as much as I’ve enjoyed killing you, ta-ta!” As he collapsed to the ground she turned and left the graveyard fading into the shadows as if she was never there to begin with.

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