tagBDSMLate Night Sandwich Ch. 01

Late Night Sandwich Ch. 01


The cool breeze of the night air was refreshing. Juliana and I had came back home from dinner at Oui! C'est si bon! which was packed since it is a Saturday night. We usually do not take our showers till we were ready for bed, but tonight is not a typical night. I knew how Julia would be when we watch certain videos together and I have said to her, "Julia, I would like for us to take our showers early tonight."

She had an idea of what may be in stored tonight and did not hesitate to take her shower. Little did she know that when she was showering, I had a friend come into the house. This special friend had followed us home without Julia knowing. We had this planned for some time waiting for the right time to get together. We were a little more than college friends. After college, we had stayed in touch and met up a few times for a drink. My friend lives about a half hour drive away from us. Tonight, we wanted Julia to feel very special.

Before she got out of the shower, I had my friend hide in the closet. When she came into the bedroom, I had turned on the television and pressed play for her to watch a video. I said to her, "I want you to watch this while I take a shower. Don't go any where. Just stay in bed." She gave me this look wondering what I had in mind. She knows I can be full of surprises at times. On the same hand, she has her nice surprises too. I guess part of what keeps our marriage together is that unknown factor. The idea that we can spring a surprise on one another at any given time makes the relationship more exciting.

After I came out of the shower, I could not help to notice that she had the lights turned down low and the sheet covering most of her body with her bare shoulders showing. I know she was ready for some hard attention tonight. Instead of taking my bath robe off and snuggle next to her, I had her turn on her front so that I could massage her. Then asked what she thought of the video.

She replied, "Can't you tell how it made me feel?"

I continued to massage her and asked, "Were you wishing to be that woman in that video?"

There was silence for a moment before she said, "Yes. I must admit that I did wish to be in that position."

I was glad to hear that from her. Then I said, "My dear Julia, I want you to enjoy yourself tonight. Don't hold back your screams or moans. I want you as wet as you can be. The one thing I ask is for you to control your climax. Rest assure that you'll be hitting a lot of high notes. But it will be to your advantage to hold back.

I find it arousing if you can hold back until I let you shake long and hard."

Then I reached into my pocket and pulled out a piece of yellow satin and tied it around her head and covered her eyes. I got up to reach the cuffs that were attached to a chain and had her wrists cuffed into place. Now she is on her knees and her arms in the air. The way it is set, she can not sit on her legs. I could see she was dripping wet all this time. Before I proceeded to indulge on her fruits, I removed the robe and also reached for a slender tool to slide up her back door. This made her whimper and bite her lip.

It was hard to resist her lucious twins. They look helpless and in need of attention. I was ready to feast on those beauties and the rest of her sensitive body. She had curves in all the right places. Before I put my mouth on her blueberries, I had another video playing and the volume down a little. Just enough for her to hear the moans and screams of the actors and actress to make her more aroused. I could see Fern peaking out of the closet as I had my mischievous tongue and wet lips touch every inch of her gorgeous body.

"Mmm... Juliana, my love. Have I told you how delicious you are?"

She moaned and said, "Yes. Oooohh... You make me ache for your hard... OOOHH... Mmmm..."

After spending ten minutes on all her sensual beauty, I stood up in front of her pressing my softness against her lips. She did not waste any time licking and kissing.

"Oooohh... Yes. Indulge on your dessert my lovely Julia. Take it all in. Oooohh... Yes. Keep it in your warm, wet mouth."

I held her head to keep it in place not allowing her to let my softness glide in and out of her.

"Yes. Take it all in. Enjoy it while it's soft for you. Your tongue is amazing. Ooooohhh..."

When I started to become hard, I let my manhood slide in and out of her mouth. She moaned as she kissed away and was very aroused by the time I was fully hard.

"You want this in you, don't you Julia?"

She moaned and said, "Yes. Yes, Sebastian. Fill me with that wide and thick joy stick of yours. Oooohh... Fill me now. I'm dripping wet for you. Mmmm... I want your cream."

The thought of filling her soaking wet spot with my cream made me harder. I got down on my knees to tease her wet mound with the tip of my manhood. It drove her wild as she moaned and begged to be fufilled by my hearty tool. I slowly went all the way into her inch by inch. She moaned all along the way. How good it felt when she makes all those beautiful sounds as I squeeze myself in her tight, little playground.

"I don't want you to climax until I say so. If you do, I will have to widen your back door some more."

She turned her head not wanting that to happen, but I also knew how hard it was for her to hold back. I slid out half way and back in continuously making her scream with excitement. The more she screamed, the harder I would push.

"You like this, don't you Julia? You like all this hard attention to yourself, don't you? You would love the idea of my cream exploding inside your hot, wet tightness, don't you my sweet?"

All she could do was moan and moan. She was very aroused by my words that I felt a slight quiver.

"Don't you dare shake, Julia. You know what happens if you do."

She could not help herself. I was close to my peak, but she beat me by a few seconds letting out a loud and long scream. I could not help to scream with her.

"AAAAHHHHHH!!! AAAHHHH!! Oooohhh..."

We were trying to catch our breaths and I knew Fern was very anxious to join in. But we had agreed that I will signal with my finger when I was ready.

After catching our breaths for a bit, I removed myself from her making her scream lightly.

"Well my love, it appears you couldn't resist shaking for my tool of pleasure. I am good on my word to punish you for shaking without my permission."

Then I slowly removed the slim tool out of her and inserted one that was almost twice as thick. She moaned as I slowly push every inch into her tight passage way.

"No. Please no. Mmmm..."

I can tell she was quite aroused seeing how she was still dripping wet.

"Yes. Yes. Take it all in."

It hurt her a little to widen her back door, but I was doing her a favor. I also turned it on to vibrate while I went to clean myself up for a few minutes. She moaned endlessly and I know Fern was having a hard time sitting still.

When I came back, I turned off the vibration.

"Did you enjoy that, my sweet? Look at you soaking wet. I'm beginning to think you mean yes when you say no."

There was not a word to be said. She only whimpered some more. I then removed the cuffs from her so she can be on her hands and knees.

"Are you ready to indulge on more of my softness, Julia?"

She put her hands on my thighs and started licking my sack of jewels before she covered my softness in warmth. I had my hand on the back of her head to keep her in place making her moan.

"You like having a mouthful, don't you my sweet?"

All she could do was moan even louder.

"Savor my fruit of love. Ooooohh... Sssss... Oooohh..."

She was moving her bottom up and down randomly.

"I see you want to work those hips. Let me help you with that."

Then I signaled for Fern to come out. I held onto Julia's arm so that she could not turn around. Fern quickly put on a condom to cover all seven inches of his slender and hard manhood. It was a beauty. He then slowly removed the tool from her back door and slowly made his way into her. Julia moaned and moaned with a mouthful. She wanted to turn around, but I kept her in place.

"Julia, this is Fernando. We used to be college roommates. It sounds to me that you're enjoying his pleasure tool."

She could not do anything except kiss my tool hard since I still had her blindfolded and arms held in place as Fernando held her soft hips.

Fernando could not help to grab a handful of her beautiful cheeks. "You like them, don't you my friend?"

He gave me a smile and said in a firm voice, "Yes. They're beautiful and round. You're a lucky man, Sebastian."

Fernando was always the type to admire the back cheeks and enjoy the tightness of the back doors. I got up to be closer to him and turned around to show him that a slender tool has been in my back door for some time. He kissed my back cheeks before he made his way to the front. I let his lips admire my hardness for a few minutes. I went to massage his back and kissed my way down to his firm cheeks and noticed he had a thick tool in his back door. He was making sure I would be able to slip into him easily. I quickly put on a condom and played with his the tool for a bit before removing it and then sliding myself in his tight spot.

"Ooooohh... Sebastian. Mmmm..."

Then I told Julia to work those hips slowly for our guest. She did and moaned along the way. I had my hands all over Fern's front body. He enjoyed me pinching his nipples, rubbing his thighs and giving him a hard push randomly.

"Mmmm... Oh, Sebastian. Ooohh... You make me feel really good. Mmmm... What more can I ask for than to be filled in my tight spot and have my manhood squeezed tightly at the same time? Ooooohh..."

I said to him, "I'm glad you're enjoying yourself. Now how would you like me to be relieved?"

He thought about it for a few seconds and said, "I want you to stay where you are and relieve yourself."

I told Julia to stop moving as I pushed hard against Fern's cheeks until my eyes rolled back as I held onto his waist tightly.


This made him very excited and pound Julia hard and swift till he exploded with a long scream. I knew this made Julia even more wet and anxious for relief. I removed myself from Fern and had him stay in place. Then I tied Julia's arms to the head board spread out. I had Fern go clean himself up and inserted the slimmer tool back into Julia's back door.

"We'll be right back, my sweet."

While we were in the bathroom cleaning ourselves up, Fern could not help to kiss my behind some more.

"Oooohh... Fernando. There will be plenty of time for that after we clean up. Control yourself."

He did and I inserted the wide tool back into him making him moan.

"I like it when you're filled with something hard Fernando." This got him all excited, but I had him go back to the bedroom before he could do anything else.

I had Fern position himself to be in between Julia's arms.

"Go ahead, my love. Indulge on Fern's softness. You do want to thank our guest for fulfilling your back side, don't you?"

Before she took in his member, she said to me, "Oh, Sebastian. Fill me. Please fill me. I'm aching for your hardness. You don't want to leave me unfulfilled, do you?"

I could leave her unfulfilled longer. This would only make her more anxious for my hard attention.

She was soaking wet and I answered, "You know I wouldn't want you to be left empty. I need you to wait a little longer while I let Fern have a taste of my fruit. You do want me hard in you, don't you?"

She moaned as she kept her mouth around Fern's manhood. It drove me wild to see her enjoy the hardness of someone else other than me. I let Fern take in all he could till it was clear that my thickness was too much for him to take in.

Then I asked him, "Are you ready to slide into me?"

He was more than ready and got up to put on a condom while I positioned myself behind Julia. I was more than ready to force my way into her aching, wet spot.

"My dear, Julia. Shall I push you hard again or make you work for my relief?"

She let out a loud scream as I push myself into her with great force.

Then whimpered and said, "Which ever way you like, my love. Oooohh... Mmmm..."

I could not help to moan as Fern went into my tight place.

"Ooooohh... Fern, you feel so good. Ooohh... Do what ever you like with that hard tool of yours. Oooohhh... Do you like that someone makes me feel good, Julia?"

She bit her lip and moaned in reply. I let Fern slide in and out of me, pound me hard and made me bounce up and down for his amusement. He loved the reaction from me. About 15 minutes later, he made me buck for his relief. I gladly did what I could to relieve him. After he was relieved, he stayed in me wanting me to be relieved. I told Julia to relieve me. She bounced those hips as if it was her specialty. Soon after I reached my peak, Julia followed behind hitting a high note. The sound of her scream made me so good inside.

Fernando removed himself and kissed my back cheeks some more before he went to clean himself up. I removed myself from Julia before I kissed her bouncy cheeks too. Then I turned on the vibration on a low speed.

"You didn't think I would let you get away with shaking out out of turn again, did you my sweet?"

She muffled her moans by putting her mouth over the pillow. The sight of her wet thighs and knelt in such a compromising position made me want to keep my manhood in her. But I was in the mood to kiss Fernando's tool.

After cleaning ourselves up, I turned the vibration off which was almost a relief for Julia. I had my tongue give her ear some attention.

"You like that? It arouses me very much to see you in this position, my love. Do you want me to untie you?"

She is also aroused when I am aroused.

I continue to lick her ear and she said to me, "Sebastian, my love. Oooohh... I love it when you're aroused and hard for me. Do as you please. I want to be wet for you all night and every night."

This got me very excited so I had her back in the original position where her arms would be cuffed and in the air. I had her legs spread out. Then I had her take in my fruit till it was semi-hard before I would slip back into her wet spot. I wanted to expand her tight spot slowly. On my knees and facing her twins, I then kissed all around her face. Fern came in with his manhood to slip between our lips. We were kissing him till he was hard and ready to enter Julia again. It made Julia moan with pleasure when he slipped in. I could not help to be aroused by that. Fern and I took turns pounding Julia slowly. He gave a push then I gave a push.

This went on for about 12 minutes before Julia said, "Mmm... Fernando, I want you to relieve yourself now."

He did as she asked and I knew she was close to shaking, but she held back. Once Fern was relieved, she tried to catch her breath before kissing me.

Then she said, "Fill me with your cream, Sebastian. Fill me up. I love how you fill me with cream. Mmm... I'll try to hold back for you, my love. Please fill me up."

I pushed her hard till my manhood erupted and filled her with a gush of cream. She moaned loudly wanting to shake, but held back. I wanted her to shake because it feels good when ever my manhood is held tightly and feels a shake. But I did not let her shake. Instead, I uncuffed her, had Fern move out the way, forced my way into her as fast as I could while I was still semi-hard and made her bounce for her relief. It did not take long for her to scream and shake again.

"AAAAAHHHHHH!!! AAAAHHHHH!! AAHHHH!! Mmmmm... Sebastian! Ooooohh... Mmm... Ooohh..."

I see that my work here is done.

After all three of us cleaned ourselves, we took a break in the hot tub.

"Did you enjoy that, Julia?"

She replied, "Yes. Yeees. You make me so good, Sebastian."

I gave her a grin and said, "I do, eh? Why don't you sit on my lap while I massage your twins."

Fern could not help himself and got up to let Julia kiss his member some more.

"Go ahead, my love. Show him how thankful you are for his generosity. It drives me crazy to see you feast on another manhood. I love to see Fern stiff."

My fingers could feel her wet already. This night is long from over.

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