tagFetishLate Night Shift Pt. 01

Late Night Shift Pt. 01


Warning Futa


The constant monotonous clicking of a keyboard filled her head. It was 9:00 at the financial firm, and she was stuck with filing expense spreadsheets overnight. Her name was Helen Strong. She was a twenty seven year old hottie working a dead end job. Her body was somewhat wide yet still athletic with large curves and toned muscles. She had large 34 H cup breasts which hung from her in a large and rounded shape. Her hair was curly blonde with brunette accents coming to about shoulder length. She wore a grey dress skirt that was knee length, and a white blouse with pantyhose and black high heeled shoes. Said shoes were discarded at the moment and her blouse was slightly unbuttoned near the top with the sleeves rolled up. Helen was the only one still here at this hour save for the security officer Janet and the janitor Sarah, who were not people she associated with and even if she did they were ten floors down.

She hated working this late. She would rather be out partying with her friends and hitting the clubs than be here. Unfortunately her boss asked her to stay over and she needed the money. She clicked and entered figures into some more cells on the spreadsheet before yawning loudly. Her voice echoed through the office space accenting the fact that she was alone. Annoyed she groaned and got up from her desk to head to the kitchen making sure to save her work just in case. She went into the kitchen to get some coffee from the old brewer. It wasn't a k-cup brewer unfortunately as that cost money and according to her boss if it ain't broke don't fix it.

Looking at the brewer, Helen thought the thing must be older than her as she pulled out the coffee pot to dump the old swill in there and brew a fresh batch. After replacing the old coffee grounds and filter she started up the machine as it whirred to life and started brewing the coffee. Little did she know that near the nozzle a small amount of mold had built up there and as the coffee spilled out it mixed with the strange glowing mold as it poured into the pot.

A nick at the kitchen door made Helen nearly jump out of her skin as she spun about. She let out a sigh of relief as she saw the security guard Janet standing there.

"Jesus, you scared the hell out of me," Helen sighed in both relief and annoyance.

"Sorry, sorry, didn't mean to scare you like that," Janet said apologetically, " just doing my rounds, checking in on ya since you're the only one here, and... came to get some coffee."

Janet was certainly not what you'd expect from a female security guard. Normally they were larger butcher women who looked either like they had been in a fight or were just overweight and under qualified. Janet on the other hand had the body of a super model, much to Helen's annoyance. Janet was skinnier than her with a very curvy body. She had a firm butt, and monstrous 34 J cup breasts. Her uniform hugged her body tightly, and Helen thought the clothes looked ridiculous on Janet, as they made her look like she belonged in a porno and not a professional work environment. Her black hair with blonde highlights and the fact that the upper part of her blouse was unbuttoned slightly showing off her massive breasts. The fact that Helen thought Janet looked like a slut was ironic as she too looked a little risqué (with her blouse slightly unbuttoned showing off her breasts, her brunette accents, and her dress clothes being a bit on the sexy side while also being professional). This irony didn't hit Helen as in her mind she was perfect.

"You came all the way up to the tenth floor to get coffee?" She asked in a condescending tone.

"I mean, I'm just doing my rounds so I figured I'd just get the coffee while I'm up here."

"Couldn't you have gotten it while you were on the lower levels?"

"I'd have to disengage the alarms there if I did which can be a little bit of a hassle to do," she replied in a polite tone though she clearly picked up on the hostility in Helen's voice, "since those doors are locked I don't bother disturbing those floors because they're already secure."

"Wait, you don't check the other floors?"

"I mean those floors are already secure."

"And how do you really know that?"

Seeing where things were going, Janet simply nodded her head with a polite smile, "okay then. I'll just get some coffee and get out of your hair then."

The coffee had just finished brewing as neither woman realized that the coffee was contaminated by the strange mold. Janet poured a cup of coffee and left as quickly as she could finishing her sweep of the floor and heading back downstairs. Helen grabbed her cup of coffee and returned to her desk further annoyed as she went back to work. She made sure to sip at her coffee more than a few times taking down the hot dark caffeine, and at the same time unknowingly taking in the strange mold at the same time.

Approximately, ten minutes passed as she kept typing away, and she started to feel the caffeine kick in, as well as something else. She felt a dull itching sensation in her crotch, right above her pussy. She scratched it a few times, but it started to grow in intensity as she tried to work. She felt a gurgle and rumble in her stomach, and she groaned somewhat in pain as her stomach twisted up. Maybe it wasn't a good idea to have brewed coffee in that machine. She slid her chair back slightly looking out from her cubicle to see if anyone was around. She knew nobody was, but still better to be safe than sorry. Thinking that her skirt was perhaps hugging her waist to tightly, she pulled her skirt off and placed in on her desk revealing pink frilly panties under her pantyhose. She instantly started to feel some relief and she leaned back into her chair with a sigh, taking a moment to let the discomfort subside before going back to work. The discomfort certainly subsided, but she then started feeling a different sensation. She started to rapidly feel aroused as her pussy moistened up quickly. Helen shuttered her eyes close in a gasp and a moan as her finger nails dug into her arm rest. The arousal grew so quickly in her, that it was like a rocket blast, quickly rising up until. There was a wet splash as an inhumane amount of pussy juice burst out of her pussy. Her panties and pantyhose were soaked through, yet that did not draw Helen's immediate attention.

She stared wide eyed in front of her in semi shock at a large penis head right in front of her. Nervously she looked down the shaft of the massive cock seeing that it was a two foot long erect penis that ended at the base of her own crotch. Quickly she pulled her panties and pantyhose down, and felt her crotch. Down below, her pussy was still there, but on either side of her labia where two large engorged testicles, pulsating with heat. She then traced upwards to she reached the base of her newly formed cock, and she grunted as soon as she touched it. Her hand easily wrapped around the shaft as her other hand grabbed hold of her new member. Slowly she ran her hand up the shaft coming to the tip, which when she touched it, felt like it was on fire. For a moment she studied her new cock, in amazement. Instead of calling for help however, the sudden urge in her body made her react differently. Without another moment of hesitation, Helen opened her mouth and put the penis inside.

She moaned at the sensation, of feeling her own cock in her mouth. She sucked and slurped, as her hands ran up and down her shaft. A small amount of pre-cum squirted into her mouth, and she swallowed hit up with a giggling moan of pleasure. She moved her mouth further down her shaft poking her penis head to the back of her throat. She gagged a few times as she did this, but the feeling of being sucked off was far greater. No wonder guys enjoy blowjobs so much. Her self-blowjob was suddenly interrupted, as she felt a pleasurable pushing sensation just around her belly button. She broke off of her cock with a gasp as she looked down to see her blouse starting to expand about to burst. Desperately she undid her blouse quickly taking it off as quickly as she could, and discarding it on the floor. She was not quick enough for her cammy, as it tore apart. Helen however didn't care at this point, as the growing sensation was too mind bogglingly pleasurable.

She craned her neck back with her eyes shut as she breathlessly gasped over and over again. She fell out of her rolling chair onto her back sprawling out on the floor as her cammy fell away, and she moaned repeatedly. What she couldn't see was that her belly was essentially gone now. It had smoothed over hiding her toned abs as a spinal ridge formed in the center making her belly appear like a lower back. Then further down, this new spin split off as the flesh grew outwards. Each inch it grew was like an orgasm for Helen, a she moaned loudly and repeatedly. Her new cock was so hard it felt like it was going to burst, and her pussy was gushing freely.

The flesh continued to grow branching off into two large blobs of flesh. The blobs then reformed taking shape progressively until they quite clearly took the form of two new hips just like Helen's original. They were inverted slightly on an angle, with the crotches facing towards Helen's original crotch. Two distinct bulbous asses then formed on the two new hips looking like carbon copies of the original, followed by two pussies which instantly splurged out pussy juice all of Helen's throbbing cock. Then two cocks sprouted out just above the new pussies with their own pairs of testicles. These two new cocks were both two foot long stiffies, and as soon as they came into being, they bounced about and started rubbing up against Helen's original cock as well as each other, creating a literal cock sword fight. Once the genitals were formed, legs began to grow from the adjacent ass cheeks. They quickly grew sprouting outwards, in two pairs for the two newly formed waists. Now Helen had three hips in a pseudo Y formation, each with its own pair of legs, ass cheeks, and duel genitalia.

Then the changes started to affect her upper body, as the growth moved upwards creating an upper torso, which continued to have the front half fused to Helen's original torso until it hit her breasts. When the change hit there, this second torso, sprouted out three J cup breasts which pressed into Helen's original H cup breasts. For a brief moment, Helen's original breasts were outnumbered by the new additions facing them, but the originals quickly swelled in size to match the newcomers, as well as sprouting a third breast between them giving Helen six J cup sized breasts pressing into one another. Then this new torso began forming shoulders, as two pairs of arms grew out the sides with one above the other quickly forming four arms, which quickly gained sentience, and pressed into the floor with their hands as if to brace themselves. Helen then screamed in pleasure, as below her own original arms she sprouted a new pair of arms giving the original side of these two fused torsos, two pairs of arms matching the new ones. Without hesitation, Helen wrapped her arms around what passed for the backside of this new torso, which under normal circumstances would have been her front side, but these were not normal circumstances.

Then from the shoulders of the second torso, two elongated stumps emerged, which then started to collect an oval like mass on them which slowly began to take the shape of two heads. Helen managed to watch this through half opened eyes as she moaned. The shapes felt so pleasurable as they formed. The flesh pressing outwards and reshaping was like a cock ramming into her pussy. A slit opened up on each of the formless heads which opened up revealing fully developed mouths in each of the forming heads. These two heads moaned awkwardly in voices that were still being developed within Helen's changing body. Moving more on instinct than sanity, Helen leaned towards the formless head which seemed to be screaming in confused panic and pleasure. She pressed her forehead against it soothing this head. Her breath mingled with the breath of this newly forming head before she decided to insert her tongue into it. It was an awkward kiss at first, as Helen and the formless head slowly made out with one another.

Then her lips pressed into it as she and the head moaned together in pleasure. The other formless head leaned against them wanting a bit of the action. Helen obliged leaning her head to the other head, and kissing it as well. Back and forth she went, all the while the heads gained more features, that reminded her of herself. Noses and ears formed, and soon eyes and hair formed as well. The eyes opened and they were the same color as hers, and the hair on both heads was the same coloration as hers even with the brunette accents. However as the head became more like her she was being overwhelmed slowly by these new Helen heads. Then she felt a pulling sensation, followed by a quick snap. Helen's head jolted to the left and right, and she felt different suddenly. She looked to her right and left at the same time and came face to face with herself. On each of the two torsos, were two Helen heads existing on the same mutated body.

They all stopped what they were doing, as the feeling of pleasure suddenly disappeared. The four Helen's stared at one another, drool still hanging on their lips from the make out session. With one unified thought the Helens rose up, awkwardly at first, but they quickly found their footing. Six legs, three hips facing towards one another, three cocks, three pussies, three pairs of ass cheeks, four pairs of arms, two torsos with six massive breasts mashed between them and finally four heads between them. The Helens were speechless for a moment. Then they felt it. The arousal slowly crept back into their bodies. They each gasped silently as they felt each of their three cocks slowly harden. Each Helen was breathing in short breaths looking at one another unsure what to do. A thought flowed between their shared minds. It was a lewd thought, something they wouldn't have thought of until now, with an opportunity like this presented before themselves. Slowly with nervous looks shared between the four of them, they reached down with all eight of their arms under their six legs which quivered in anticipation. They grabbed hold of each of their monster cocks and pointed them to the crotch to their right directly at the pussy there. Then with some slight manipulation of legs for the right angle, they inserted their cocks one at a time into an adjacent pussy. The fat head of each cock swelled as they were inserted, making a juicy slurping sound as they were put in. Each Helen moaned every time they wedged a head into a pussy. When all the cocks were in place, they placed a hand on each of their ass cheeks ready to push in. Each Helen looked at one another, then nodded to go ahead. With a single thrust of their three hips, and a press of their hands, their cocks plunged into their pussies. They all screamed in unison, collapsing on the floor as their legs went ridged. As soon as they hit the ground they began thrusting. Their hips humped in synchronization and perfect harmony, as their three cocks thrusted in and out of one another. Their arms started flailing about groping their shared body all over. They groped their tits their faces, and anything in between. Helen looked at Helen, and locked lips with her as another Helen locked lips with her adjacent Helen.

"MMMMmmm-yes-yes-mmmmmMMM I love-ha-lo-ha-love-ha-you, Helen!" One Helen said to her partner.

"And-I-mmmm-I love- you too, Helen-AAAHHHH!" another Helen squealed.

Heads switched partners going to another Helen, then another, as the make out session became erratic. One Helen started licking Helen who licked another Helen who licked another Helen who in turn licked another Helen. Their tongues met in the middle, with their mouths wide open, as they moaned and drooled together. They pressed their faces as close together as they could, essentially achieving a four-way kiss as they fucked and groped each other senseless.

Their legs kicked about as they thrusted into one another harder and faster. Their pulses were up as they came closer and closer to cumming into one another, building up to a monster orgasm.

"You-better not-get me- pregnant- you hot-sexy cunt!" Helen managed to shout with a moaning laugh as she pressed her face into the Helen pile up.

"Who-fucking-cares," another Helen retorted back, "I want-all-of our hot-steaming sperm-in our moist pussies!"

"We're-about to come, with-everything AHHHH," another Helen gasped as they started to reach the peak.

Their voices then chorused together as one, "AH, AH, AH, AH, FUCK, AH, AH, YES, AHHHHHHHHH!"

All four heads screamed in pleasure as all of their genitals came at once. Their cocks squirted load after load of semen into their pussies, and their stuffed pussies gushed out so much juice. The heads pressed against one another as the Helens slowly but surely calmed down from their shared orgasm. In the sexual afterglow they hugged one another, taking it all in as they came off their high giggling together wickedly.

"I don't know how the hell this happened," one Helen started.

"Or how the hell well explain this to everyone," another Helen continued.

"Or how well get our work done, but damn!" another Helen head continued, before all four heads looked at one another to speak in unison.

"This ladies looks like the beginning of a beautiful relationship."

The mere thought of a relationship made them hard again as their cocks came to life between their legs. The Helens looked at one another with wicked grins. Without another word they closed their heads in on one another hungrily making out, as they reached down to their cocks to start all over again.

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very interesting

was a little confusing in places. Could maybe do with an authors note at the start to explain the premise. But weirdly hot.

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